Oliver's Nightmare

It was a cold and stormy night in the old shack where Oliver now lived with his best friend Dodger and the rest of the gang. He was happy, he had a family and good friends, he remembered his life before he met Dodger, he sighed remembering how lonley he was and he was thankful that he had Dodger.

That night, Oliver slept in his usual spot, right beside Dodger, snuggling up as close as he could next to the dog he began to tremble and wimper.


Oliver stood out in the rain, shivering cold he gasped in fear as thunder crashed.

D..Dodger? w..where are you?

Suddenly big mean dogs began to chase him, Oliver gasped and ran as fast as his little legs could carry him, then he saw a human he smiled and ran towards it and meowed.

The man frowned at Oliver and kicked him.

"Get away from me, you nasty little rat!"

Oliver gasped and ran away he found himself some shelter from the rain.

He sat down and began to cry softly, he felt so lonely he wished Dodger was there, he called his name.

"Dodger! Where are you?"

Nothing, Oliver cried harder his best friend was not there he needed a friend, he needed someone to comfort him and guide him, what if Dodger was just a dream? Was he really all alone? Oliver cried

"Someone please help" he choked.

Suddenly he saw two feirce dogs, he quickly ran away and found himself falling into darkness.

"Dodger! Dodger help" He screamed. but he just kept falling.

(Normal POV)

Oliver trembled and wimpered in his sleep and started yelling.


Oliver tossed and turned in his sleep, and quickly Dodger stirred awake noticing his friend trembling next to him. Dodger nuzzled him with his nose.

"Hey hey hey Kid" he said "wake up it's ok"

Oliver trembled and awoke looking into Dodger's eyes he gasped and lunged toward him hugging him as tightly as ever.

"Ohh Dodger" he said "I was so scared I didn't know what to do I thought you had left me"

Dodger hugged him back.

"Now, now it's ok Kid Ol Dodger's not leaving ya" he said.

Oliver looked up at him, tears streamed down his cheeks he trembled and wimpered softly, while he still hung on to Dodger.

Dodger just wrapped his paws around him and pulled him close.

"Hey, it's ok I'm here" he soothed Oliver softly "it was just a nightmare", he said, and hugged him closely.

Oliver looked up at him and half smiled. and nuzzled up to him even closer.

Dodger spoke softly, "Ya wanna tell me you're bad dream?" he asked.

Oliver's smile faded,

"I..I was all alone in the rain, cold and wet." he began, "I couldn't find you and I started to cry and this guy called me a nasty rat and I was chased by dogs and soon I started falling into darkness I called for you but nothing happened. I was so scared! It was awful" He wailed, and began to cry all over again.

Dodger rubbed his back, with his paw. "Hey hey hey it's ok now Kid, you're safe I gotcha," he said softly.

Oliver looked up at him and his smile returned, Dodger smiled back at him,

"Why don't you try to get back to sleep" he said softly. Oliver smiled and nuzzled close to Dodger and soon fell fast asleep

Dodger smiled at Oliver, he was just like a little brother to him.

"Don't worry Little Bro I won't ever leave ya, not even if my life depened on it." he wispered softly and soon fell asleep himself.

the end

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