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Berk, a rowdy yet organized village. It snows 9 months a year, hails in the other three; the food that grows here, well tough and tasteless. The people are more so. Like most villages, we have our own pest. And, your first thought of that would be, "oh mosquitoes, wasps, and bee swarms", nope. Our pests are dragons.

You'd think that we packed up our stuff and leave, pfft, yeah right. We're vikings, it's an occupational hazard for us to stay and fight them. Anyways, enough about Berk, let's go back to all the way back when I first slayed my dragon…..well sort of. (Not a happy memory, mind you)

6 years ago

Another morning, another dragon raid. My mom and dad, as usual, told me to stay next to good ol' Uncle Gober. The other kids my age were just sitting there, bored as usual. What? You'd think they'd be worried about their parents or the village? They weren't of the age yet to even help against the raid. I was itching to go outside, and wanted to help them. With luck, I would even get to slay a dragon. (Can you blame me? I was 10) Apparently, I wasn't the only with anticipation either.

This girl, Astrid, with blonde hair, she was pretty thin, but was already proving herself to be a true viking. When I first saw her, I was like "wow, she's so pretty" and what did I get for thinking that out loud? A smack in my head.

Anyways, excuse me for getting offguard again. My parents were fighting outside, and I wanted to do something to help them so badly. Unfortunately, I couldn't, because they said it was for my protection. I don't get it, whenever they say if I wanted to be a viking, I have to stop being, well they just gesture to all of me. Ok, so it's true that I don't exactly have the build, even for my age, and I can't even hold up a hammer, but still.

I couldn't take it anymore, I opened the window just a crack to see what was going on out there. Uncle Gober was trying to enlighten the mood by telling the others a story of how he lost his leg and arm, trying to make him seem all heroic and stuff. But what I saw made that "enlightening" mood drain all the way down.

A monstrous nightmare was fighting against my mom, and it seems apparent that the dragon was winning. She-she-she lost arm, and her face was in pain, I felt sick. Finally, the dragon blasted fire to her, and she didn't even dad, I couldn't find him anywhere near the gruesome battle. I was shocked, then angered, without even thinking a second thought, I grabbed the nearest weapon to me, which turned out to be a hammer….I can lift things when I'm really angry ok. Everyone looked at me, especially Astrid, who was surprise to see me lifting a hammer.(It weighed about 50 pounds, I couldn't really tell at the time) Uncle Gober looked confused, then he saw a glimpse of what was going out there, and realized my intention.

"No, Hiccup, you can't go out there!" he said. But at the point, my blood was boiling, I didn't care, that dragon killed my mother. I leapt out of the window before Uncle Gober could try and hold me back, I heard many of the kids exclaimed "Is he really going to be able to kill that dragon?" "What a total doofus"

I threw the hammer at its head with as much force as I can, unfortunately, it wasn't enough to knock it unconscious. It looked at me, and started growling. I was frozen, I couldn't move, time seemed to stop. It was only me and the dragon, but this is life and death here, so I had to do something. I slowly inched back to my hammer, which amazingly flew back from its head. I grabbed it, although this time it felt heavier, maybe because of fear, I wasn't sure.

It made it's move, and so did I, apparently, it didn't of me as a big threat, so he didn't go all fire-power on me. Although, I threw the hammer again, this time with more force, and the dragon was knocked out.

"HICCUP! WHAT ARE YER DOIN? GO BACK INSIDE!" I heard a voice, it was my dad. No, not until I made sure this dragon was dead. I picked up a sword, that someone must have lost their grip, and slowly walked to the dragon. Now, I thought, this is for you mom.

I slowly cut its wings, and the dragon although unconscious, started roaring in agony. At first, I stepped back, then smiled. Good, now feel my pain. Blood was dripping in the floor, and a little onto me, but I didn't care.

My dad just stood there and watched, unsure whether he should be proud, or if he should be horrified. Even viking parents can't expect their 10 year old children to do something so horrible at a young age. Arms wrapped around me, and I started kicking and screaming, but to no avail, it didn't work.

Someone knocked me unconscious, and that was the last thing I remembered before I saw my father personally finished the dragon. If I could have, I would've smiled, because dad will realize soon enough that he avenged mom too.

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