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An unexpected way to beat a dragon

When I turned to Hiccup, all I saw was a chicken there, laying in his seat. I went to the stairways, and saw him running down. I shook my head, maybe off to go to his house; I walked back to the others, they were finishing up their meals.

"So, um, Astrid, I'm still open for that offer." Snotlout started, I glared at him, and he got the message kind of.

"Right, with dragon training and all, maybe that'll be for later." I just rolled my eyes, he will never get it, I don't have interest in him at all, or anybody for that matter. Just focusing on killing dragons, and beating Hiccup.

"So, how are you gonna beat Hiccup? I mean, it seems like a tie between you guys. Except, he already slain dragons down already…." Fishlegs stated, while chewing on his turkey.

"Yeah, well that tie is gonna get broken by me. And it doesn't matter if he did, I can do it better, and cleaner." Like seriously, I may have not gotten traumatized when he came back completely soaked in blood, but the others considered not becoming Vikings until their parents finally toughened them back.

"It's true, I mean, why do guys always have to get the glory?" Ruffnut exclaimed, and we high fived each other. The guys just made a face at Ruff, but they were too wimpy to make one at me. Idiots, oh well time to hit bed.

I woke up pretty early in the morning, and the first thing I saw was a faint figure walking down to the forest, holding a basket to hold the fishes, and something else that I couldn't quite make out. But it seems like a veteran Viking just out to hunt, I suppose.

Doing the usual routine, but this time more intense, I started jogging around our village for a few laps. I did some combat training with some of the Vikings, they were around their 20's, and they all got their butts kicked. Finally, it was time to go to dragon training, and of course, Hiccup and I were having our usual death glare battle.

Gober handed to each of us a bucket full of water, we were so used to holding them to douse out fire, but I have a feeling that it'll be more than that. He left to open up the gate, but instead, the dragon blasted it open for him without having to open it completely.

"Today is about teamwork," He finally started explaining, "Now a wet dragons head can't light its fire. The hideous Zippleback is extra tricky, one head breathes gas, the other head lights it." Gas was pouring out like crazy, and Gober already stepped out of its way.

"Your job is to know which is which."

I was backing up, looking at every direction along with Ruff, she was my partner. I heard Fishlegs started talking to Hiccup, but he told Fishlegs to shut up.

I was now back to back with Ruffnut, looking out for any sign of the Zippleback, I could hear growling around us, and unfortunately, Snotlout.

"If that dragon shows either of its faces, I'm gonna- there!" And instantly, we got splashed and wet. We both yelped.

"Hey! It's us idiots!" Ruff angrily shouted, getting their attention. Of course, what her twin said didn't make things any better.

"Your butts are getting bigger, we thought you were a dragon." He started chuckling, and add Snotlout, then that pretty much summed up two angry teenage girls.

"Not that there's anything wrong with a dragonesque figure." I punched him in the face, while Ruff threw the bucket of water into her twin's face. But something grabbed him, and he started panicking, it slid him deeper into the smoke. I put a hand in front of Ruff, to stop her from walking any further.

"Wait." I breathed out, pulling up my bucket. Tuffnuts voice can be heard, and without even noticing, the tail swept us off our feet, while Tuff ran out screaming.

"Oh, oh! I'm hurt, I am very much hurt!" While I couldn't see anything, I heard Fish started talking in a very pessimistic mood.

"Chances of survival are dwindling down to single digits now." He said, nervously. I got up, and walked away from the smoke, obviously defeated.

Fishlegs started stammering when he saw one of the Zippleback heads emerged from the smoke, he splashed water into it, but it was the wrong head. It started spurting out gas from its mouth. He laughed nervously.

"Oh, wrong head." The dragon completely let off a stream of gas into him, and Fishlegs ran away screaming like a girl.

"Fishlegs!" Gober started to panic. Hiccup was left, but he looked unsure, looks like he's not much.

"Now Hiccup!" Hiccup threw the bucket of water into the dragons face, but it just made it madder. The dragon started snarling, and advancing towards him. Hiccup fell down as he took a step back, Gober was now getting worried.

"Hiccup!" Then strangely enough, the monster started taking a step back, and Hiccup slowly raised himself up, holding his hands in the air, as if he was forcing it with his mind.

"Back, back, back!" This was weird, I thought he would jump on top of it for sure, but clearly, he decided to take a neutral mode. Though I was too busy watching in shock, I couldn't even comprehend that part till later that evening.

"Now, don't you make me tell you again!" The dragon slowly backed up into its cage, with Hiccup still forcing them in there.

"That's right, back into your cage." Then he muttered something that we all couldn't hear. And with that, he closed the gate, and we all stared at him in shock, wondering how he got that Zippleback to listen to his commands. Fishlegs dropped his bucket after hugging it too tightly.

"Ok, are we done? Cause I got some things to, uh, yup, see ya tomorrow!" He said, looking like he was in a rush. My eyes followed him in shock, not that he was able to get the dragon back into its cage, but about the way he did it. No surprise he beat the dragon, but not in that kind of method. That's number one in my suspicion list.

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