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Paul sat at his desk quietly writing down his report, only pausing to take a sip of coffee. Unlike most agents Paul didn't type his information first he preferred to sit down and write away in his neat legible handwriting. Few in his office understood why Paul went through such tedious work, and when he was asked why he did, all he would do is give you an annoyed look and continued working.

In the office he would usually be seen with his brother, Reggie, which too many, was a great mystery. No one could deny that they weren't related, they both looked so much alike which sent many people's theory's that Paul was switched at birth out the window. They just couldn't really understand how the overly optimistic Reggie could be able withstand Paul's cold demeanor. It was surprising enough that they were both working in the very same agency. The agency didn't allow brothers to be together in the same division but Paul and Reggie did and no one really questioned it. They were after all busy with their own problems.

Paul paused from writing his report when Reggie appeared unexpectedly.

"Paul, how are you doing?" He said peering over Paul's shoulder. "I see you're hard at work as always."

Without turning his back, Paul said, "Shouldn't you be doing the same." He had long grown accustomed to Reggie's surprise visits.

"I'm on break and besides I wanted to see my favorite little brother."

"I'm your only little brother."

Reggie took a seat next to Paul's and gave him a large smile. "It doesn't change the fact that you are."

Paul continues to work.

"So, I heard your last mission was a success."

"That's correct."

"Well, tell me about it. Anything exciting happen, did you meet a girl, kiss her under the stars on a rooftop while bombs exploded in the background?" He exaggerated grabbing Paul's coffee, taking a drink only to retract his mouth and give it a look of distaste. "This is way too bitter, how can you drink this Paul?"

"I like my coffee bitter; it also serves me the purpose of keeping unwanted people from drinking my coffee."

"That's very 'benevolent' of you.

Reggie placed the coffee back giving it a disgruntled look. "So," he drawled pushing his chair closer to Paul's. "How was your mission"?

"If you're so curious read my report." He wrote down a few more words and placed his pencil down, turning on his computer.

"Paul is it really too much trouble to tell me something. I didn't even know even know you had a mission until someone told me. It's quite depressing that I'm the last one to know what's going on with you." Reggie gave a small teasing smile.

Paul sighed turning his back so he would easily be facing Reggie. "The mission was a success no altercations of any kind."

"Is that it?"

Paul turned around and started his work on the computer. "We found the culprit, arrested him and I wrote my report, that's all."

The older brother gave a small sigh, edging his chair a little further away from Paul's. He watched as Paul's hands danced across the keyboard, as letters appeared on the computers screen in tune with the clicking sounds that Paul made.

"Remind Cynthia to never let you be a recruitment spokesperson."

A grunt was the only reply Paul gave, continuing with his work.

Reggie was about to say something more when Cynthia, their supervisor arrived. Cynthia Shirona was a very tall woman which most men found intimidating. She had long blonde hair that reached to her waist and a very beautiful face with a pleasant smile. But most agents weren't fooled. Behind that beautiful face was a clever, calculating woman and with her experience in the field many were surprised that she became the head of the department. She was known to hate politics and it still hasn't become apparent why she took the position nor has she explained, which was unusually because she was usually open about a lot of things even personal matters. It was one of the biggest story around the office that almost everyone participated in some way, well everyone except Paul, he didn't care about the personal lives of others, or about his supervisor in general.

"Paul I need to see you in my office right now." She said taking a moment to look at Paul before departing.

"What does Cynthia want with you Paul?" Reggie asked to no avail. His brother was already standing following Cynthia. It wasn't a common occurrence for Paul to be brought to Cynthia's office, the only times agents weren't to her office were when they were in trouble or were being briefed on a very important assignment. Paul honestly doubted he was in trouble which meant he was being called for an important assignment.

The trip to her office was brisk and short; soon Paul was standing in the middle of the room plastered with prestigious awards all across the room. Most agents entered the room in awe, Paul walked in unimpressed with the decorations. Paul's wonder was more focused on his supervisor who was fiddling with a toy in her hands more than the bureaucratic achievements. The toy was a plushy of some kind, with the animal seeming to be a figure of a dinosaur combined with a dragon. It was a peculiar thing, and odder still was the fact that his supervisor had it.

There was a vacant seat waiting in front of Cynthia's desk, but Paul didn't sit until Cynthia had found the time to take her eyes off the toy.

She said a simple "sit" and continued to be captivated by the unusual item.

Paul took his seat and waited quietly for Cynthia to speak.

"Do you know anything about the Rockets Mr. Shinji?" Cynthia asked suddenly, placing the toy on her desk.

"They're a mafia organization that integrated from Japan here a few years ago. They've been assumed to forge documents, paintings and are the biggest drug distributors on the eastern side of the country."

The girl nodded her head silently to herself leaning into her desk. Her hands intertwined together her chin resting on them. "You know your information. Good, that makes things a lot easier." With one of her fingers, she gestured to some files that were in front of Paul.

Immediately, Paul grabbed the files flipping through the pages with practiced agility.

"Recently they've had a sudden interest in the Ketchum family."

Paul looked from his files to his supervisor. "Why is the agency interested in the well being of just a single family?" Paul said narrowing his eyes.

"We do when they have contributed a lot in the scientific community. Ashton Ketchum was a great asset to this country."

"Was?" Paul asked, putting the files back on the table. Paul had heard about Ashton Ketchum, he contributed a lot in bioengineering, but that was all he knew.

"Ashton Ketchum has been dead since five years ago, car accident; it's being reinvestigated because of the suspicious activities that have been occurring around the family. Such as breaking and entering, harassing letters, ect, just little thing so far but at this rate it will start to get worse." Cynthia stood grabbing the odd dinosaur. Turning it around a few times to get a good look at its tail, and the extra appendages attached to its arms. They looked to be wings but they seemed to be too slender and long to be able to fly anywhere if it being a toy wasn't enough of a limitation. "I want you to keep an eye out for the family, get information."

"With all due respect Ms. Shirona, I don't think I signed up for babysitting duty."

A small laugh escaped the blond as she placed the toy for the last time on her desk. "You are now, besides there's more to this mission then just 'babysitting' as you so flimsily put it."

Paul remained silent and immobile in his seat, his hands on his lap. He didn't like the idea of having a mission where he had to look out for a family however it did peak his interest as to why he was getting this information from Cynthia.

Cynthia continued, "Mr. Ketchum was working on a project of unimaginable proportions along with his colleague professor Oak who also died in the crash. She sighed, sitting back down on her seat. "Whatever they were working on The Rockets seems to be interested want you to not only keep an eye on the family but also for the potential clues that they have of Mr. Ketchum's research. Is that understood Mr. Shinji?"

"Why didn't Mr. Ketchum disclose his research to someone in the government?"

"He might have worked with us Mr. Shinji, but he never really trusted the government enough to give them any information if he thought it was important."

Paul nodded, standing up, straightening his tie thoughtfully. Making his way to the door he turned around to face his supervisor. "What is the relevance of that toy, Ms. Shirona? You were toying with it during the entire meeting; you were obviously trying to make some point."

Cynthia smiled tracing the edges of the toy slowly. "It's just a toy Mr. Shinji, a gift from a friend. He always finds the most unusual of things to give me. I was just trying to figure out what it was." Her eyes wondered into Paul's. "A dragon, a dinosaur perhaps, I'm sorry if I gave you the wrong impression Mr. Shinji. "

Paul nodded, exiting the office in contemplation. He knew there was more to the story then his supervisor let on. Whatever she seemed to be hiding intrigued Paul slightly, Cynthia normally didn't hide any details about cases from her co-workers. She believed that starving people of the truth would do more than good. It was a mystery to Paul how Cynthia lasted so long in the FBI with this belief.

A small smirk crossed Paul's face. It would be interesting to know what could have made her break that rule. He thought walking back to his desk.

Reggie was patiently waiting for Paul, sitting quietly in his seat reading the report Paul finished before leaving to Cynthia's office.

"I still need to turn that in Reggie. Can you get out of my seat?"

Reggie raised a finger for silence. Reading the last sentence of the report before standing up, handing it back to Paul. Who took it wordlessly, taking his seat ignoring the disappointed look that Reggie threw him. In silence, Reggie ruffled Paul's hair comfortingly as he left.

"He'll be okay." Reggie whispered to himself as he made his way to his own desk.

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