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The phone started vibrating continuously signaling that there was an incoming call. Paul answered the phone. He was exasperated by the constant phone calls and texts Reggie had been sending him and decided to finally give in to his brothers demands and answer the phone. He didn't want him to be calling while he was at Mrs. Ketchum's house.

"Hello." Paul answered calmly. He didn't want to show how much Reggie's calls and texts irritated him. It was a waste of time he knew, because there was no one who knew Paul better than his brother. Reggie was possible the longest standing relationship he had, being that they grew up together. Their parents were never in the house much, usually too busy at their jobs. It never bothered Paul he understood that his parents had to work had to pay bills. Paul did his absolute best never to hinder the natural order of things. He only talked to his parents when he absolutely had to; his brother understood that and talked to Paul.

He talked to him when no one else would. It didn't matter how much Paul detested the conversations he still would. Paul couldn't say he didn't feel grateful to his brother for that.

"My magnificent brother that I love so much, it's good to hear your wondrous voice."

"What is it Reggie."

There was an audible sound of crunching on the other line. Paul gritted his teeth. He hated when people ate on the phone. It was one of his biggest pet peeves, a pet peeve that Reggie of course knew about. Reggie unfortunately understood how to use Paul's pet peeves against him, a tactic that Reggie had adopted whenever Paul didn't talk to him.

"Would you kindly stop Reggie and get to the point o this conversation."

"You know the 'would you kindly' only works on Bioshock." There was a more pronounced crunch this time as the chewing intensified. "Though that was a good game, I mean could you have ever believed-"

"Please get to the point Reggie; you already know I hate video games."

"Don't remind me, sometimes I have to wonder about you, I mean you never did appreciate my Modern warfare achievement on when I shot all those chickens. "

"Reggie." Paul said with an edge to his voice.

"Alright, alright, just came, geez I just called to check up on you. I mean you never call and-"

Paul hung up his phone, already understanding where the conversation was headed. Reggie wanted to talk about his last assignment. It wasn't that big of a case but it seemed Reggie thought it was. He hadn't asked about the case and Paul knew that he would ask about it eventually. The case wasn't big and it didn't get that much press coverage. The Hearthome police department had asked for the FBI's help on a case concerning a terrorist threat on a local school. Given the gravity of the situation they sent in a few agents Paul being one of them.

Paul, noticing the song that was playing on the radio raised the volume.

The song wasn't a personal favorite of his, more nostalgic and it held a familiarity that set him at ease. 'A Perfect Circle' always seemed to have that effect on him. He was surprised that the radio station in pallet town had them at all. They're songs were softer than most rock bands and their lyrics were usually confusing and hard to understand. They were an uncommon band to listen since they were usually overshadowed by bands such as 'Disturbed', 'System of a Down' or 'Three Days Grace'.

The song that was currently playing was one of their louder songs, 'The Outsider'. It was already nearing its end and as it turned out so was the car ride to Mrs. Ketchum's house.

Paul cut the engine but left the radio on until the song finished, when it was done he turned off the car completely. He sat there a moment, relaxing, relishing in the silence before an owl hooted. He turned toward the sound of the noise, seeing the owl. It was an odd little thing with unnaturally large eyes that looked like spectacles.

It looked back and hooted once more before turning back into the trees hallow. Paul shook his head before exiting the car. He could take the owl as a bad omen, as most people did. A sign of death, bad luck or even the devil depending on which owl it was, not that Paul would go through the trouble to try to figure out the species of a particular just to figure out if it was 'bad luck'. He could take the owl like his brother usually did and say it was a sign of his wisdom, or Paul could take for what it was, an owl.

Paul started walking up the steps. The house wasn't large, it was simple but the property around it was immense. The Ketchum family lived in the outskirts of town. 'The setting of every horror film' Reggie had commented when he had snatched Paul's file and read it.

He rang the doorbell and waited briefly until the door opened revealing Mrs. Ketchum. Paul couldn't remember a time he didn't feel as unsettled as he did at that moment. Mrs. Ketchum's smiling was blinding to say the least. His brother was the same way but it was different. He could easily ignore his brothers Cheshire smile. Unfortunately, in this occasion he had to pull through, he couldn't ignore Mrs. Ketchum it would be counterproductive to the assignment.

"Paul, it's so good to see you again." Before Paul could stop her, she had enveloped him in a hug, effectively trapping him in her embrace. He stiffened, not enjoying the physical proximity, though it seemed Mrs. Ketchum was oblivious to his discomfort and continued hugging him.

It wasn't until after twelve grueling seconds that she finally did let go.

"Likewise, Mrs. Delia." Paul stated simple his uneasiness intensifying

"Oh, dear so formal, it Delia just Delia. Adding the Mrs. Just makes me sound so old."

"Alright….Delia." Paul amended hiding his flinch when he said her name.

"There you go, now that wasn't so hard was it?" She said patting Paul on the shoulder; a large smile adorning her face. "Now let's get inside, foods ready."

She took Paul inside the house decorated with odd knickknacks, family photos and toys, to be more specific plushies. Paul narrowed his eyes at the toys. In total there were about five all across the room, three of the toys seemed to be modeled after some type of animal; a bear cub, a snake, and finally and purple rat. Though the animals were brightly colored the ones that caught his attention the most was the mime that sat at a counter. The doll was smiling brightly at him giving him some sort of salute.

Mrs. Ketchum continued to smile brightly, the smile growing larger, rivaling the famous Cheshire smile. "That's Mr. Mime, the official mascot of this house." She said brightly." Isn't it just the cutest thing you've ever seen?"

Paul at a complete loss of words only nodded, not wanting to disrespect his host no matter how much it pained him.

"My husband made it for me; he knows that I just absolutely love mimes. I tried to convince him to take us to France and see a real one, but he told me we didn't have the money for it." She looked saddened for a moment then it disappeared replaced with the same smile from before. Paul wished it would have just disappeared. "Then he made me this, it' not France but it's the thought that counts right."

Paul nodded looking at the plushie suspiciously. "Your husband made this?"

"That's right; he was talented with a needle, better than me and I was the wife." She laughed, before she turned and gave the toy a soft smile. "He was a good man."

"I'm sure he was." Paul said quietly staring at the toy. "Did he ever make them for his friends?"

Mrs. Ketchum broke form her reverie to look at Paul. "Yes, he made them for people who asked. He always made the oddest of toys. I guess that's why people liked them because they were so unique. Why ask?"

"I've seen them around town." Paul answered truthfully. "I was just curious."

The file never mentioned Ashtons hobbies of making toys. It should have been mentioned if it domineered this much into his life not to mention the toy Cynthia had. She knew about it and obviously she thought they were important, but why didn't she say anything about it?

Paul's irritation started growing, he never liked being out of the loop concerning assignments, but he couldn't do much about it other than continue on with the new angle. The plushies were important not to mention that principal Elm had one too.

"Well, come on, the kitchen is this way." She said walking toward what Paul presumed to be the Kitchen. He looked at the counter one more time, noticing a yellow plushie that had two electrical plugs sticking out of its head.

Paul shook his head, not even trying to comprehend how anyone could come up with something like that.


"But Jesse-"James whined hiding behind the couch so he wouldn't get hit by whatever Jesse could get a hold of. She was not happy, wasn't that the understatement of the century.

"How many times have I told you to never open things from the boss without me?" She threw a pot at James, which luckily for him missed, landing on the ground with a loud crash. James groaned know it would be hell to pick up all the dirt and find a suitable replacement home for Jr. leaf, and that why they didn't have any pets.

"To never do it, but Jesse you were taking too long and I didn't want to bother you when you-"James was never able to finish his statement as he was hit with a pillow. It seemed Jesse had used up all the tough items. Well at least that was one blessing.

"Exactly, to never do it, now since I'm feeling generous today James I'll let it slide."

James smiled brightly; he couldn't believe it Jesse was actually going to let it go. "You mean it Jesse?" He said small tears forming in his eyes from happiness.

"Of course," She said walking closer to James until she was standing right in front of him. " not."

James was on the ground stars appearing as the knowledge of Jesse punching him settled in. He should have seen this coming. How many times had Jesse done this to him ten thirty fifty times? Who knows?

"Now you're forgiven."

"Thanks Jesse." James sullenly, rubbing his cheek.

"Now let's get down to business." She said grabbing the stuffed kitten that the boss had sent them. James followed her gaze toward the cat. It was cute; James admitted to himself, the whiskers, the paws, and the tail everything, even the plastic little coin at the top. It was the type of toy you would give to a little girl or even a girlfriend on Valentine's Day, if that girlfriend likes cats anyway. It wasn't the type of thing you would send your employees. Unless you were lonely, creepy old soul anyway, which he doubted, hoped was boss wasn't.

"Why do you think the boss sent us this thing?"

"I don't know Jessie, maybe it's a present for Veterans Day or something."

"You don't give presents on Veterans Day you idiot, and we aren't in the military. Why don't you ever use that head of yours James?"

James shook his head, continuously rubbing his cheek, which did nothing to soothe it and continued to make it ache.

She shrugged throwing the toy at James, who, noticing that she threw it got hit with the head.

"You're giving it to me?" James asked incredulously. Jesse had an odd adoration for their boss, they both did, but she would b=never willingly give up something the boss gave them.

"It's a cat, I don't like cats especially that one. It's like the golden cat, and its creepy I mean look at its eyes."

James looked into the cats stitched on eyes. They weren't scary, not James anyway, as much anyway. Ok, the eyes were somewhat creepy but it wasn't that bad. James turned the plushie so that it wouldn't be staring at him anymore.

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