This is a slash story. Maybe a two shot.

Credit goes to Stephanie Meyer. Twisting it up is all mine to blame.

"Goodbye honey, go save the world, I love you." I nuzzled into his ear as Carlisle kissed my cheek just like he had every morning before he left for work. I rolled back over and pulled the fluffy comforter over my head. I wasn't sleeping of course; I just didn't want to face my day. It would only mean more of the same old things I had become so bored with. Don't get me wrong, I have a grand life, all I ever wanted, more than I deserve and more than most could ever dream of. But the mundane routine had begun to wear on me. The kids were bickering and banging down the hall on their way to school. Sure, that was repetitive for them, too, but at least they had the spontaneity of young hormones running around them in their classes. I was faced with what? Laundry? More dusting a house that never got dust? There was only so much satisfaction in getting out animal blood out of denim for the thousandth time.

I shuffled over to my desk that looked out on to the hills and opened my laptop instead seeing what distractions I might find. I remembered I needed to list some free furniture we were replacing but kept my cursor hovering over the personal ad section of the online newspaper. In a moment of curiosity, I clicked on it. I began browsing through the pathetic lust and tried to find something legitimate. This one sounded like such a fun one. Real mother, lonely, looking for friend with benefits. Sounds promising. I let the rebellion build up in me a little too much as I quickly typed a reply and hit the send button without another glance. Satisfied for the moment, I closed my laptop and began my mental chore list.

It was midday when my pocket buzzed notifying me of the waiting email. I checked the email from my phone, probably a little too eagerly. But no one was here to see me do it. She stated,

"Thanks for the reply. Sounds like we have some things in common. I'd like to hear more if you would. Exchange pics please? ~ S"

I smiled to myself as I typed a response and included a pic of my face showing a partial silhouette draped by my hair. I was glad to get another email from her before the family was home. I audibly giggled at how she pointed out how opposite we were based on the comments we shared about our daily lives and past experiences. She loved to be outside, I loved to be indoors. She worked with handicapped children, I worked with books. She enjoyed racing her quad; I enjoyed riding my vampire husband. She included her pic at the end and I concluded that we must meet.

We continued to exchange through texting and instant messaging over the next few days and agreed to meet on her lunch break later in the week for coffee in town. She was a little nervous having not been with many women. I teased her that I had and not to worry, I wouldn't chicken out on her. No woman deserves to be stood up. I picked up some sushi on the way thinking she wouldn't have much time to eat if she was meeting with me, which resulted in her having to send me a text as I was parking the car.

"You're late." I juggled the things in my hands and replied.

"But oh so well worth it."

We smiled warmly as our eyes met for the first time in person. But when she stepped in front of me to pay for our orders and I got the full texture of her voice, I knew it was pretty much sealed that I had found a new friend to take away the loneliness and boredom of my life. I played with the chopsticks at my teeth to keep my mouth from saying more than I should, but the conversation went very well and was over entirely too quickly. I stood to hug her as she made her way back to work. Nice. So soft. Genuine.

It wasn't until I sat down with a big sigh that I realized what I could be in for. My stomach seemed to be full of butterflies or caffeine and it took me a while to calm down. I replayed the things she had said in my mind. She said, "…cozy up on the couch and curl up with Coach. I'll make it all better." And my tired heart almost squeezed in my chest at the thought of how we were more alike than we thought and both needed each other more than ever. "Coach", I liked the sound of it in my mind. Perhaps it was a fantasy I had once upon a time after watching a movie about a Girls' Gym Coach. It just seemed more intimate than the public name everyone else would have known her by, Sue Clearwater.

We began to suggest our interest in having more to our new friendship as the weekend came, and we continued texting to the complete cluelessness of our families around us. It wasn't until late one night we got to flirting and my boldness took over that I wondered if I had gotten out of hand. Carlisle was already sated and had returned to his paperwork. I laid there in the night air and wrote her a story sentence by sentence of what it would be like if she had a dream about me and her riding her quad, getting muddy and having a shower together. She urged me on in her responses and when I was finished, she replied simply.

"When can I see you again?"