Ciel wasn't entirely sure when he had agreed to this, or even if he had, but with the power and warmth of two demons surrounding him, sending sparks of pleasure through his body with every press of a finger, stroke of a hand, or lap of a tongue, he found that he didn't want to fight it, either. He felt as if he was weightless, as if his body had melted and was held together only by the two demons currently exchanging a biting kiss over his head, their hands running over his skin, pausing now and again to tease an erogenous zone, nails scraping lightly over his ribs and chest so that he groaned with the overwhelming pleasure of it.

Fingers were held up to his mouth – he didn't know whose they were, and didn't care – and he parted his lips willingly enough, allowing them to slip inside, where they bent and pressed downwards, keeping his mouth open even as his head was maneuvered backwards, so that a dark head could lean down and latch onto his throat, lightly sinking fangs into the cord on his neck before sucking strongly, leaving a bruising mark in its wake.

When the demon – Sebastian – pulled back from his throat, Ciel felt the warm trickle of blood dribbling down his neck and sighed. He had asked Sebastian once if he had to feed between souls, and his butler had admitted that he sometimes fed on blood in between contracts. It wasn't as fulfilling, and he didn't much care for being lumped in with vampires and their ilk, but it was sufficient for his needs. Besides, he rarely ever went without a contractor, so his need for blood as a substitute had never been an absolute requirement, and was mostly done for pleasure.

The bright spark of pain as Sebastian moved lower, biting into his chest just above his left nipple made Ciel gasp, his head snapping back even as his body arched forward, into Sebastian's cunning hands, which were bare now, the constant gloves having been removed at some point in the midst of their activities. Sebastian purred, and one of his hands swept downwards, petting Ciel's thighs for a moment before grasping his arousal, pulling and stroking in a leisurely rhythm that kept Ciel interested, but not close enough to spill over the edge just yet.

Ciel growled, thrusting forward into the slick channel made by Sebastian's hand and his own fluids, and Caerwyn chuckled behind him. "He is an impatient little thing, isn't he?" the demon asked, obviously amused. Ciel nipped at the fingers in his mouth in retaliation, and Caerwyn laughed, delighted. "Oh, he's a treasure, Sebastian! However did you manage to capture such a pretty young thing?"

Sebastian smiled and replied cryptically, "I wasn't the one who did the capturing." Ciel could practically feel Caerwyn's interest, and knew that if he asked, Sebastian would be only too happy to tell him what he knew of Ciel's past. The butler really was an insolent servant. Feeling the finger that had been circling his entrance for quite some time now, Ciel intentionally shifted, and the finger slipped inside, up to the first knuckled.

There was no lubricant on the slender digit, so it burned a little with the friction, but overall, it was a rather pleasant sensation and Ciel opened his mouth, gasping. Slick fingers slipped out of his mouth and trailed down his chin and throat, leaving a wet path as they stroked downwards. Sebastian blew gently across the glistening trail, and Ciel shuddered as the saliva cooled and dried on his skin, raising goose bumps and peaking his nipples.

The demons were sufficiently distracted now, and had gone back to pleasuring him. The finger that had been inside of him slipped back out, then returned moments later, covered with lube. This time, the digit slipped the whole way inside of him, so that Ciel could feel Caerwyn's knuckles pressing against his backside as the finger crooked inside of him, the sensation odd and uncomfortable, but not painful.

Sebastian grasped his chin in one hand and pulled him into a rough kiss, plundering his mouth when Ciel opened his lips, his tongue doing the most wicked things inside Ciel's mouth, distracting him as a second finger was added, the fit tighter and a little more painful. Ciel shifted uncomfortably, but the hand around his arousal tightened, another hand going down and pressing against his scrotum, making Ciel gasp again, this time in pleasure.

Breaking abruptly from the kiss, Sebastian smiled down at the wide-eyed boy on the bed, well aware that this was all knew to him. They were breaking him rather abruptly, and while Sebastian couldn't bring himself to regret their actions, he could at least try to make it pleasurable for all of them.

"Watch, Bocchan," he murmured, his fingers caressing Ciel's cheek, brushing a few stray strands of hair off of his forehead as he slid down, and then off the bed, kneeling once more on the floor. Caerwyn, well aware of what Sebastian was doing, scooted himself and Ciel forward, so that Ciel's legs dangled off the side of the bed. Reaching out, Sebastian used both hands to open Ciel up to him, spreading his legs as he moved forward, so that he was settled comfortably between his young master's knees.

Tipping his head forward, Sebastian flicked a tongue out across the head of Ciel's erection, collecting the fluid that was gathering there. Ciel cried out for him, and Sebastian smiled as the boy stared down at him, the sigil glowing brightly in his right eye, his face flushed and his lips bruised as he swallowed, his small chest heaving with arousal and his body covered in a thin sheen of sweat. Ah, his master might be young in body, but mentally and emotionally, he was much, much older. Perhaps Sebastian had waited too long to try his young master in such a manner.

Still, that was currently being remedied, and in the most delightful way, Sebastian smiled to himself. Ciel was seated halfway in the incubus Caerwyn's lap, two of the other demon's slender fingers working themselves in and out of him, and his erection was hard and eager and swollen, his balls drawn tight to his body. Just a little more, Sebastian thought eagerly, anticipation strumming through him. Then Ciel would be his, if only for this night.

Moving forward, Sebastian opened his mouth and took his master's arousal between his lips, sliding sensuously down over the tight flesh. Once his nose was buried in the young boy's pubic hair, he swallowed, tightening his throat and sucking strongly, his tongue curling around the erection in his mouth. Above him, Ciel bucked and cried out, before releasing into Sebastian's waiting mouth. Swallowing carefully, Sebastian made sure not to spill any.

Ciel was limp above him, his body moved only by the fingers – three now – that were rocking and twisting inside of him. He moaned softly as Sebastian pulled back, licking lightly to clean his young master, and he started to harden again, breathing heavily. "More?" he asked, his voice plaintive and tired, and both demons laughed at him, their eyes dark with lust and amusement.

Removing his fingers, Caerwyn pulled out of Ciel, who groaned at the loss. The two demons shared a look over his head, eager now. When Caerwyn gripped the boy's hips, lifting and turning him so that was on all fours facing the head of the bed, Ciel went eagerly enough.

Crawling back onto the bed, Sebastian fitted himself against Ciel's slick back, pressing firmly against the small of his back, so that Ciel was forced to arch his spine, his legs splayed enticingly on the bed. "Ready, Bocchan?" Sebastian purred in his young master's ear, and Ceil shuddered, his shoulder hunching as his head dropped to the bed.

Ciel felt overwhelmed with the arousal that coursed through him. He felt hollow, emptied of every emotion except the ones directly linked to his body and the sensations that were coursing through it. He couldn't breathe, couldn't think, couldn't struggle, couldn't do anything but nod and accept what he knew was coming, both dreading and anticipating it.

He felt a small nudge against his tiny opening, and then Sebastian was pushing himself inside, an inch at a time, slipping past the first ring and pressing hard into his sphincter. Ciel cried out, his body tightening in response, automatically trying to expel the intruder. "Good boy," Sebastian groaned as he slid further inside, and Ciel writhed under him. Sebastian was so big. There was no possible way that he should fit inside of Ciel's body, but he was doing it, and Ciel could do nothing to escape the impalement.

It took several long, agonizing moments before Sebastian stopped moving, giving Ciel time to adjust. The young Phantomhive could feel the tears that rested on his lashes, but he refused to let them fall, biting back the whimpers that fought to escape through clenched teeth. Hands soothed along his back, rubbing calming circles across his spine and shoulders. A third hand stroked along his stomach, and the last one reached for his wilted erection, stroking it firmly and bringing it slowly back to life.

By the time Sebastian started moving, the intrusion had become easier to bear, and Ciel was able to breathe again, his chest expanding and contracting rapidly as he panted past the pain, concentrating instead on the pleasure to be had in the hands that were touching him, easing him past the hurt. Soon, movement became easier for Sebastian, and he stroked across a spot that left Ciel crying out, arching up into his thrusts as he keened, pleasure shooting across his body in bright sparks.

The hands that had been stroking his arousal were removed, and Ciel moaned in disappointment at the loss, but soon another hand grabbed his erection, pulling and stroking in time with Sebastian's strokes in and out of him. Feeling pressure behind him, and hearing Sebastian grunt lightly, Ciel twisted, turning so that he could see behind him, his eyes growing wide as he found out where Caerwyn had gone.

The incubus was smirking wickedly as he bit lightly into the back of Sebastian's neck, one hand pressing against Ciel's opening, so that Sebastian pushed in and out of his fingers with ever thrust. His other hand had disappeared behind Sebastian, his arm twitching as he moved his fingers inside the other demon.

Ciel shuddered at the image that conjured, of Caerwyn inside Sebastian while his demon was inside of him. Apparently, the same thought had come to Caerwyn, because suddenly, Sebastian was shoved forward into Ciel, forcing him forward on the bed as he was slammed into roughly, Sebastian's cock pushed as far inside of him as it could go. Ciel cried out, more in surprise than pain, his body having adjusted to Sebastian's larger size.

Caerwyn set up a brutal pace, thrusting into Sebastian, who was shoved into Ciel, and pulling back, taking the other demon with him. Ciel groaned as Sebastian's hand was forced to leave his erection in favor of supporting the combined weight of the two demons, so as to not crush his young master. Still, with Sebastian pressing almost constantly across his prostrate, Ciel didn't need the extra stimulation, and he wailed as he came, his body spasming around Sebastian.

Sebastian grunted, but kept moving, Caerwyn's thrusts behind him forcing him to keep up the pace, even as Ciel's head and shoulders slumped to the bed, his hips and ass held up only by Sebastian's grip on his waist. Ciel experimented a little, deliberately tightening around Sebastian, and got a strangled groan of appreciation for his trouble. One more squeeze, and Sebastian came inside of him, his fangs sinking deeply into Ciel's shoulder.

As Sebastian bucked, Caerwyn thrust faster, nearly knocking Ciel into the headboard. Sebastian released Ciel, who had gathered enough energy to clamber back up onto all fours, and instead set his hands against the headboard, riding out Caerwyn's thrusts. Ciel turned his head and met the incubus' eyes, and Caerwyn growled, thrusting a final time into Sebastian as his own orgasm washed over him.

Caerwyn was the first one to pull out, followed by Sebastian, and Ciel winced as the soreness in his ass and shoulder finally made itself known. Too tired now to look behind him, Ciel moaned lightly as Sebastian's tongue ran over and inside him, cleaning him of all traces of the demon's seed. Finished with that chore, Sebastian turned Ciel over, lifting him easily and settling him away from the wet patch on the covers before doing the same for his flaccid cock, licking up the liquid that hadn't landed on the bed.

In a flash, Caerwyn was back and the sheets were changed. Sebastian dressed Ciel quickly, and the boy remained limp and complacent, allowing his butler to move his body as necessary, his exhaustion evident. He just wanted to sleep for the next week.

Sebastian and Caerwyn spoke briefly over his head, but Ciel really didn't care to pay attention. He had been well-loved, and had no complaints…yet. It wasn't until he heard something about "erasing his memory" that Ciel forced his eyes opened and glared at Caerwyn. But it was Sebastian who came to his rescue first.

"There is no need for that, Caerwyn," Sebastian rumbled, cradling Ciel firmly in his arms. "Once things are explained to him and he understands, he will make his decision, and I will follow his orders." Ciel smiled; Sebastian was still his demon, even if he and Caerwyn had once been something more than friends.

Caerwyn frowned, but nodded his understanding, turning his mismatched gaze to Ciel. "This is my home, Earle Phantomhive," he said, his words clear and honest. "It is rumored to be haunted because people appear to be spirited away, and are left with no memories of the events that occurred while they were missing." He fell silent, seemingly debating with himself how much more to reveal, but Ciel's quick mind quickly put the pieces together.

"You take them and feed off of them, and then release them after erasing their memories," he frowned. Caerwyn nodded. "Is it a contract that you form?" Ciel asked, curious.

At this, Caerwyn shook his head. "Not exactly. I feed from them, yes, and erase their memories. The only contract that is formed is their desire to have me for a night, or a week, or a month. I won't allow it to go any further than that." And with that, Ciel understood. Spiriting away, haunted houses, missing people showing back up but with no memories of the past. Still, there was one more question.

"And the rumors about it being haunted by the people who died here?" he asked. At that, Caerwyn and Sebastian both snorted. Ciel turned to look up at them, frowning as they exchanged an amused glance with each other. Narrowing his eyes, Ciel glared at his servant. "You knew what was going on before we even came here!" he accused.

Sebastian nodded. "I suspected, Bocchan, but I was not absolutely certain. Caerwyn and I have been lovers for many ages, parting when one of us accepts a contract, and coming together again when we feel like it, or when the urge strikes. The people who died here held a contract with Caerwyn and myself, and when our part of the contract was fulfilled, we took their souls in payment. By then, rumors of the crazy family and crazier servants that lived in this mansion had already begun, and so Caerwyn decided to settle down here for a short while."

A short while, of course, meaning anything from a few years to a few centuries, Ciel suspected, but he nodded nonetheless. "Then haunted it shall remain," he decided. Caerwyn looked at him in astonishment, obviously not expecting it to be that easy. "This was not a mission given by the Queen, but merely a request by the townsfolk. I shall simply tell them that the mansion cannot be exorcised or cleansed, and that tearing it down will rain a terrible curse upon the townspeople. I'm certain they'll be more than happy to leave it alone. The question is, where will you find food, then?"

Caerwyn smiled. "Finding prey is not difficult. Just because I choose to reside here, in this place, does not mean that I cannot leave the town to find a lover. It was simply easier to take those stray humans that were brave enough to venture into a haunted mansion."

Nodding in acceptance, Ciel turned to look up at his butler. "Sebastian," he ordered, "let's tell the townspeople what we need to tell them and go home." Turning back to stare at Caerwyn, Ciel debated with himself for a moment before issuing his second order. "Caerwyn, if you have…difficulty finding a lover for a night, feel free to drop by the Phantomhive estate. We will welcome you with all the hospitality expected of the Phantomhive household."

It was both an invitation and an order, and Caerwyn accepted it readily. "Of course, Earle. I should be honored to accept your hospitality on a lonely night." Ciel just snorted, and Sebastian smiled as shadows wrapped around them, pulling them through the floor in a dizzying spin.

When they were finished, they found themselves back in the servants' quarters, and Ciel sighed. He'd almost think everything had just been a dream, except that his backside still hurt, he had fang marks where Sebastian had bitten him, and he was being held firmly in his butler's arms, which only ever happened after he'd had a particularly rough evening.

"Let's go, Sebastian," he ordered tiredly, his eyes already falling shut as he relaxed against the demon's strong body, their original mission forgotten for the moment. "We can talk to the villagers in the morning."

The last words he heard before passing out were, "Yes, My Lord."