Throughout The Night

Chapter 8: What Was That Song Again?

"OW! "

"Sorry! I'm sorry!"

Tohru was fixing up Kyo's hand, which he had used to try and brace himself, but consequently had put it right on top of a cactus. After much plucking, writhing, and cussing from Kyo, Tohru was close to finishing. All she had left to do was bandage it. Kyo, having nothing better to do at the time, was staring intently at the fire. At least, as best as a person could do with cactus needles being pulled out of their hand.






"I'm sorry!"

Every time she pulled out a needle with a makeshift pair of tweezers, Kyo convulsed like he had been given a small electric shock. Katsutoshi kept whinnying and snorting, but to Kyo it was more than that: it was laughter-MOCKING LAUGHTER. And, with Kyo being Kyo, his temper flared up instantly. He swiftly got up on his feet and shook a fist at the animal.

"You got a problem with me, ya friggin donkey-GAH-PAAAIIN~" He crumpled to his knees at the stinging sensation in his clenched, and now throbbing, hand. Tohru hastily got to his side, putting a hand on his arm in an effort to comfort him. After a few more swear words, some profuse apologies from both teens, and some reassurance, Tohru managed to finish pulling the needles out. She then proceeded to bandage his palm for good measure. They said nothing to each other for a while.

Suddenly, he heard her humming that tune she had sung last night. At first he said nothing, and she remained oblivious to the fact he could hear her clear as day. But then...


Tohru stopped and looked up at him. "Hmm?"

"What was that you were singing last night?" he asked. Tohru's face drained itself of color, and her mouth hung open, agape.

"Aba-ba-baba-wha-wha! You-you heard?" she stuttered.

"Yeah..." he said, totally oblivous that the question was embarrassing.

Tohru slumped over in defeat.

"Eh-heh..." she murmured sheepishly. "It's something my mother used to sing to me every night before I fell asleep. It's a habit, I guess."


*insert awkward pause here*


"What was that, Kyo?"

Kyo turned his face away. He mumbled what he had said a little louder, but it was still too quiet to make out.

"I still didn't catch that, Kyo." Tohru murmured. Kyo stiffened as he swallowed his pride (and embarassment) and repeated it loud enough for her to hear.

"Would you sing it again?" he choked out, trying not to pass out from humiliation. Tohru looked like she was doing the same.

"O-oh w-w-well, I mean, that is- er. Yes!" she stuttered. Kyo stared at her. She was really going to do it just because he asked her to?

She calmed herself down, and then began.

There's a song that's inside of my soul

It's the one that I've tried to write over and over again.

I'm awake in the infinite cold,

but you sing to me over and over again.

So I lay my head back down,

and I lift my hands and pray:

to be only yours I pray to be only yours.

I know now your my only hope.

Sing to me the song of the stars.

Of your galaxy dancing and laughing and laughing again.

When it feels like my dreams are so far,

sing to me of the plans that you have for me over again.

So I lay my head back down,

and I lift my hands and pray:

to be only yours I pray to be only yours.

I know now your my only hope.

She started humming, like she had the night before, and Kyo figured out (yes, he IS capable of that, believe it or not,) that she hadn't forgotten the words; she was leaving them out.

So I lay my head back down,

and I lift my hands and pray

to be only yours I pray to be only yours I pray

to be only yours I know now, your my only hope.

She hummed one more time.



Tohru finished, then turned her head to look at Kyo. He looked like he had fallen asleep with his eyes open. Oh no! Had she bored him so much to the point he fell asleep?

Well, no. For Kyo, it was like a sailor listening to a siren's song. He wasn't sleeping, he was ENTRANCED. But modest Tohru didn't know that. She was worriedly waving her hand in front of his face. Kyo flinched, and his mouth felt dry (his mouth had been hanging open.) And he responded to her with an intelligent reply.


"I'm sorry, Kyo. I didn't mean to bore you-" Tohru stammered, but Kyo cut her off, grabbing Tohru's waving hand.

"You didn't. Why did you leave out one part?"


"I said, 'You didn't bore me.' and 'Why did you leave out one part,'?" he repeated. He still held fast to her hand.

"Leave out what?" she asked gently.

"A..part of that lullaby." he muttered, not even quite sure why he was asking in the first place. He looked her in the eye, not blinking when a small breeze rustled his orange bangs. Tohru's eyes went half-lidded.

"It's... hard to explain." she whispered. There was a pause.

"I've got time." he mumbled, averting his gaze again. She looked at him for a minute, and then began.

11 years earlier...


"Good night, Tohru." Queen Kyoko said softly, planting a kiss on her small daughter's forehead. She was about to stand up to leave when Tohru grasped her mother's hand.


"Yes, Tohru?"

"Why do you leave words out? Are they too grown-up for me?" Kyoko chuckled at her daughter's innocent reasoning. She sat back down on Tohru's bed.

"No, Tohru. They're not too grown-up for you." she assured, squeezing the princess's hand.

"Then, why?" Tohru persisted, silently desperate to know. Kyoko smiled.

"Promise you won't tell?" she whispered playfully. Tohru's head bobbed up and down. Kyoko smiled again, and bent over to whisper the words into Tohru's ear.

"I leave them out because those words are saved for your someone. I can't sing them, but you can." Now Tohru was confused.

"But if you can't tell me, then how am I supposed to know?" Tohru sighed. Kyoko tapped her daughter 's lips, and reached into one of her pockets.

"Ssh Tohru. I said I couldn't sing it. I didn't say anything about writing it down." She handed Tohru a small, folded-over slip of paper. She stood up again and headed for the door. She put a hand on the doorframe, pausing under it to look back over her shoulder at Tohru.

"Good night, Tohru." She bent over to blow out the candle lighting up the room. She gave Tohru one last smile, then closed the door.

Tohru stared after her mother, then at the paper. She held it higher so that the moonlight shone on it through the window right above her bed frame.

"Good night, Mama." she whispered quietly, more to herself than anyone.

Kyo stared once more at the princess, even after she finished. He didn't quite understand it completely, but at least he knew that she left the words out intentionally. He looked at the grass underneath them.

But what in the hell is a 'your someone?' he muttered mentally. He looked at Tohru when she shifted slightly. There was also one tiny detail he had totally forgotten until Tohru said:

"Uh, Kyo. You're still holding my hand."

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