Disclaimer: I do not own anything but the plot. All characters and places belong to the Almighty JK Rowling. This story is AU, as most events after Goblet of Fire never happened. JKR's storyline for Harry and Voldemort is brilliant and it would be an insult to her to even attempt to alter it. I am simply borrowing her beloved characters, so with that said... Harry won the Tri-wizard Tournament, Old Voldie was never resurrected, and there was no war. The characters are rather OOC due to JKR's lack of smut, which I have most definitely included. You have been warned. Pictures for the fic can be found at .com/home/FeesleyForDraco/index.

Chapter One: And five, four, three, two...

This chapter was written while listening to the song Breathe Me by Sia.

The sweet smell of honeysuckle flowers floated in and out of her thoughts as she lay there in the sun. Carried on the back of a cool breeze, they brought memories of previous summers, summers before Hogwarts, summers before she knew she had magic coursing through her. Seventeen-year-old Hermione Granger loved the soft scent of honeysuckle, full of warmth and calm. One of her favorite summer past times consisted of lounging on a soft blanket in the neighborhood park, smelling the honeysuckles, completely immersed in whatever book had her attention that day. Pushing her long brown curls out of her face, she barely acknowledged the creeks and groans of the old swing set behind her.

There's really no point in looking up, she thought to herself, straining to focus on the faded pages of one of her many school books. She knew it was only a matter of seconds before she would be interrupted, Becca was incapable of being within 50 yards of someone without speaking to them. And five, four, three, two...

"Are you just going to sit around and read all day?" Becca whined from across the park in which they had spent most of their childhood.

Hermione smiled to herself, then replacing her smile with a look of contempt, she gazed over her shoulder at her best friend. Shielding her eyes from the lowering sun, she watched the petite blonde sway back and forth as the swing set screeched under her.

"It's easier to concentrate when you don't have a overbearing best friend with access to playground equipment interrupting you," Hermione chided, turning back to her text.

"Ha ha," said Becca sarcastically, her long golden hair shimmering in the sun.

"You act like you haven't memorized that book cover to cover."

She has a point, Hermione admitted to herself. She watched as Becca pursed her lips and pouted.

"And I am going to continue to interrupt you until you show the appropriate amount of interest in how last night went."

Rolling her eyes in irritation, Hermione closed A History of Magic and pushed herself up off the very soft and comfortable blanket to join her friend on the rusted swings. After a few seconds, Hermione broke the silence.

"Well? Tell me what happened." said Hermione, thoroughly annoyed.

"I knew you were dying to know!" Becca exclaimed, her face lighting up with excitement. "So there is this club downtown called Heaven and the bouncer is the older brother of this guy I used to date. He's so hot and he always let's me in even though I'm underage."

"Yeah Becs, you said that when you called last night and asked me to come," interrupted Hermione.

"Shush Boring Betty and let me get to the good part! So I was there last night dancing and minding my own business..."

"Sure you were."

"I was! Anyways, I met this guy and he was cute and nice and extra yummy and I promised I would meet him there again tonight." Becca finished happily, but Hermione felt like there was more.

"That's great Becs! Sounds like you had a lot of fun. It's too bad I had so much summer reading to do before I go back to Hogwarts, maybe I could have met a nice guy too," Hermione fibbed.

She was so excited about entering her seventh and final year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry that she had finished her summer assignments during the first week of break. She just didn't feel like getting dragged to another club or party to be Becca's wingman. Hermione knew that Becca brought her along because she genuinely wanted to spend time with her. But, standing next to the beautiful swan that was her best friend, Hermione couldn't help but feel like the ugly duckling. Ever since kindergarten, Becca had gotten the most attention for her looks. Hermione was by no means unattractive. She was lean and muscular, with creamy skin and big chocolate brown doe-eyes. But her hair had a tendency to frizz, her freckled nose turned up at the end, and her breasts, though full for her frame, could never compete with Becca's supple D-cups. Hermione pretended to listen to Becca ramble on about her dream boy, while really she admired her best friend's hourglass figure, bright blue eyes, and glowing just-off-the-beach tan. Growing up, she had always been a little jealous of the attention Becca got from boys.

"So are you in? ...Hermione are you listening to me?"

Jolted out of her daydream, Hermione's eyes glazed for a second before focusing on her friend. "Sorry what did you say?"

"I said that since you are so obviously bummed about not being able to go last night, you should have no problem blowing off stupid summer reading to come with me to Heaven tonight."

Crap, Hermione thought as she watched a smirk appear where Becca's pout used to be. She was trapped. "Alright Becs I'll go," she conceded.

"Great!" Becca exclaimed, "because the guy I'm meeting is bringing a friend."

"Dude!" Blaise whined, sounding exasperated. " Why are you just sitting around doing nothing? It's summer! There are pools to swim in and hot chicks who's reputations need compromising."

Draco Malfoy looked up from his copy of the daily prophet to give his best friend a smirk. "What exactly did you have in mind?"

The two boys lounged in one of the many bedrooms located in Malfoy Manor. This one belonged to Draco, the only son of Lucius and Narcissa Malfoy. He had been reading an article in the wizarding newspaper when he had heard the door knob turn and Blaise had entered the room. Draco now watched as a smile spread across his best friend's face.

"I went to this club last night, and I met a girl. She is meeting me again tonight." Blaise said.

"Sounds riveting," Malfoy sneered off-handedly, turning back to his paper.

"She's sexy as hell and totally into me... and she's bringing a friend."

At this, Draco lifted his head to look curiously at Blaise who was nodding suggestively. "I'm in." He said.

"Glad to hear it." said Blaise as he got up and made his way out of the room. Before shutting the door, he stuck his head back in and added "Oh by the way, this place you agreed to go... is a muggle club."

"I can't believe you set me up. What if this guy is a total whack job?" Hermione griped from her sprawled out position on Becca's bed. She had spent the last four hours coming up with every possible reason why she couldn't go. Becca shot down every one, insisting she needed her best friend for moral support. Hermione watched as Becca put on her best 'pretty-please' face, batting eyelashes and all.

"Fine fine! But if this guy is a Neanderthal, I'm getting in the car and coming straight home!"

"Yay!" Becca exclaimed. Running to hug her best friend then turning towards her overstuffed closet. "Now let's figure out what you're gonna wear."

"What's wrong with what I'm wearing?" asked Hermione, frowning as she looked down at her outfit. She was wearing her favorite pair of jeans cuffed mid-calf, a fitted blue button-up, and a pair of white Keds.

"Miony, you look like a soccer mom." Becca giggled. "We are trying to attracted boys, not bake them cookies."

"Fine but I didn't bring anything to change into," Hermione admitted.

"You can borrow something from me."

Great, Hermione thought. Now I'm going to be miserable and look like a hooker.