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Chapter 22 – Epilogue (Ten Years Later)

In a tangle of thrashing limbs, three young boys rolled onto the floor of the Burrow, covered in soot and followed closely by their father. Draco Malfoy sighed, dusting the soot off his jeans and giving his sons a smile before making his face look stern.

"Liam, quit starting fights with Scorpius while we are in the Floo! Your gonna end up in Timbuk Tu one of these days if you're not careful, and I'm not going to come looking for you!" Draco tried to sound angry even though he knew it was an empty threat. He stepped over the 'dog-pile' and moved toward the kitchen, laughing when seven-year-old Liam ran past and out the back door, being chased by Draco's oldest son, Scorpius, who was now nine. Suddenly, Draco felt a tug on his pant leg. He looked down to see his youngest son, Parker, with worry in his eyes.

"Daddy, would you really leave Scor and Li in timbut stew?" Draco bent to kneel in front of the six-year-old, gently pushing the white-blond curls out of his cherub-like face so he could look into Parker's chocolate eyes, eyes just like Hermione's.

"What do you think?" He asked the young boy, his voice soft and deep.

"I think you and Mommy would miss them, and I would have no one to play with." Parker stated thoughtfully. "But if you wanted to leave them, you and Mommy could get me a little brother to play with instead."

"I don't know if Mommy can handle any more Malfoy men in her life." Draco said more to himself, then smiled as his son pouted.

"But it's not fair! I'm the only one who isn't a big brother, I don't wanna be the baby anymore!" Draco hugged his son, who now had tears running down his small face. Pulling Parker into his comforting arms, Draco carried him into the kitchen to find Hermione. Pushing open the screen door, Draco placed Parker back on his feet.

"Daddy, can you not tell them I cried?" The boy asked quietly.

"Sure. Now go play with your cousins."

Hermione couldn't help but smile as she saw Draco holding Parker in his strong arms. She loved the look her husband gave their sons when he thought she wasn't paying attention. She watched affectionately as her youngest son ran to join his brothers and the other six children playing with toy brooms in the yard. Draco walked towards his wife as she sat in the usual circle of family that invaded the Burrow almost every Sunday evening. She marveled at how good looking he was at the age of twenty-seven, she found he was even more irresistible than when they were first dating. She reached up from her lawn chair as Draco bent, letting him place a chaste kiss on the corner of her mouth before taking a seat next to her. Glancing around the circle, Hermione let her mind wander to her family. Ginny was sitting to her left, the youngest of her five crimson haired children sleeping against her chest. Her husband, Harry was out in the yard helping the older children ride the toy brooms. They had married about a year after Draco and herself, and started reproducing fast. Pansy and Ron had moved a little slower. They waited almost six years before getting married, and were excitedly awaiting the arrival of their first child any day now. Hermione giggled when she watched Ron fuss over the hormonal brunette. He was standing behind her chair, softly rubbing her shoulders. Hermione's eyes moved over to Becca and Blaise, they were laughing and joking as they watched their only daughter knock Scorpius off his broom. Hermione's attention was pulled away as Mrs. Weasley stuck her head out of the door to announce that dinner would be ready in about fifteen minutes.

"Sorry we were so late Molly." Draco called after the matriarch as she disappeared back into the house. "It took me forever to pick up the boys from Hermione's parents'." Draco complained to the group. "It's like walking straight into a Venomous Tentacula plant when you visit the 'In-laws'... you're never gonna get away."

"Draco Malfoy, I am so going to tell my mother you said that! You act like they are so awful to you. My parents like you more than they like me." Hermione exclaimed, turning to the rest of the circle. "You guys should have seen them the night he proposed... thought my mother was never going to let us leave, she was so busy doting on Draco. Even my father was excited. I couldn't believe it. I thought for sure that he would be unhappy about us getting married so young, but he practically begged Draco to be his son."

"Now you're exaggerating." Draco smirked at his wife.

"They love you, and I don't remember you complaining about them very much last night. If I remember correctly, you were praising my mother's name when she offered to take the boys for an entire weekend." Hermione chided.

"Hmf." Draco pouted stubbornly when his wife suddenly stole the upper-hand in their spat, just like always.

"Besides, if anyone has the right to complain about in-laws, it's me." Hermione stated.

"I hope you're not referring to me." They were interrupted as Narcissa Malfoy entered the back yard from the house.

"Nana Cissy!" Parker called, running to hug his grandmother. The older woman embraced him tightly, a large smile shining brightly from her porcelain face. Hermione had grown to love the fact that Draco's mother spoiled her children endlessly, knowing it was only going to get worse...

"Of course not, Cissy. You know as well as I that as-far-as in-laws go, you're pretty amazing."

"So you were talking about Lucius then." Narcissa raised an eyebrow at her daughter-in-law.

"Are you ever going to tell us how you coerced my father into giving up his wife and leaving us all alone with only one visit from you?" Draco questioned.

"I don't think so." Hermione couldn't hide the knowing smirk that stretched across her lips.

"Come on babe, it's been ten years! I have to know!" Draco sounded completely exasperated. This made Hermione smile. She could count on one hand the number of secrets she had kept from her husband over the decade they had been married, but her visit to Malfoy Manor was one of them.

Hermione shivered as she walk down one of the many dark and ridiculously terrifying hallways that make up Malfoy Manor. Following the small white orb that was leading her to person she was seeking. Upon arrival, she had realized that it would take her months to find anyone in a house this big, and had cast Hominum Revelio, emitting a small white orb that bounced along, beckoning her to follow. When she reached the end of the hallway, the orb bumped against a door, before disappearing back into the end of her wand. Quietly, she turned the knob and pushed open the door. Lucius Malfoy was seated in his study, leaning back in his leather chair with his feet propped up on his large carved mahogany desk. There was a large bottle of what looked to be firewhiskey on the desk in front of him, and she could tell by his deep breathing that he was asleep.

"Hello Lucius." Hermione said loudly, startling the man out of his slumber. She smirked as her almost fell out of his chair before catching himself.

"Mudblood. How did you get in here, no one can get through the Manor's wards." Lucius sneered after he had collected himself.

"Did you know that the library at Hogwarts contains a great many books regarding pureblooded wizarding families? One in particular, states that the wards protecting Malfoy Manor are so strong, that anyone who dares to enter will disintegrate on the spot. Anyone other than direct descendants to the Malfoy line and their spouses... or those whom they intend to make their spouses." Hermione watched as the mans eyes moved from her face to the ring on her left hand. His face was contorted with fury.

"You will never be a Malfoy! You are not worthy of my name! You dirty blooded bitch." He shouted at her.

"Ouch, your word hurt, Dad." Hermione joked, knowing that this man would go over the edge any moment. That's what she was waiting for.

"Why did you come here?" Lucius asked calmly, obviously trying to distract her from the fact that he was drawing his wand to point at her from under the desk.

"I want you to leave us alone Lucius, leave Draco and I alone." She stated plainly.

"How dare you give me orders, you filthy Mudblood! You may have poisoned my sons mind, but after tonight, you won't be around to control him. I will dispose of you and then I will punish him for his weakness and disobedience."

"I am not controlling your son, he chose to love me of his own free will. He is not weak, he has more strength than you could ever hope to possess, as do I." Hermione felt herself begin to shake as her heart filled with anger for this man. She glanced down for a moment, knowing Lucius would not be able to resist the opportunity to disarm her. She laughed inside as she felt her wand fly out of her hand and come to a clattering halt on the stone floor across the room. Putting on a shocked expression, she lifted her face to look at her 'attacker'.

"It is very convenient that you would deliver yourself right into the serpents clutches. Tell me Mudblood, what did you think was going to happen when you came here tonight? Did you truly think that you would be able to best me, a Pureblood who was chosen by the Dark Lord himself?" Lucius looked exceedingly smug at the mention of his fallen master. Hermione opened her mouth to deliver a rebuke about living in the past, but found she was unable to speak. Lucius had silenced her as well. This made Hermione smile. Lucius seemed slightly taken aback by her reaction, but brushed it off. "What will you do now, little girl? Now that you are completely defenseless. You have no hope of being rescued. I know that you didn't tell Draco of your plan to confront me, since my son would never have allowed you to come here. You have made this very easy for me, and when me son finds your body, mangled and bloody at his doorstep, his heart will fill with hate and he will embrace the dark once more at my side." Hermione knew that now was the time to let Lucius in on just how powerful she really was. Allowing her magic to manifest, she felt sparks dance on her finger tips and pressure in her eyes, telling her that their chocolate depths had faded into black. With a wave of her hand, she had the platinum-haired man wandless and pinned to the wall of his study. Pushing at his mental wards, Hermione allowed her voice to enter his mind.

'You are a foolish old man, Lucius Malfoy.' She didn't hid the hateful sneer that laced her thoughts. From the shocked look on his face, she knew her heard her. 'It was very stupid of you to assume that because you would be helpless without a wand, that the same would be true of me. I don't need my wand or my voice to best you, you despicable coward. You have no idea of what I am capable, of the power I possess.' Hermione let the magic that had Lucius pressed against the wall tighten around his neck. 'I could dispose of you, as you so eloquently put it, without even a glance. From anywhere, all I have to do is think it, and you would fall, gasping for air, choking, your lungs shriveling in excruciating pain.' She watched as the man clutched at his neck, gasping and trying in vain to pull the invisible hand away from his throat.'And no one could save you, no one would help you Lucius, because you have no one. Do you know where your lovely wife is right now? I saw her in Diagon Alley this afternoon, she was meeting with her lawyers, drawing up divorce papers. She is leaving you, you will be alone forever because of you hate.' The look in his cold eyes told Hermione she had done enough. Slowly, she released his throat, but kept him bound to the study wall. 'Listen carefully, Lucius. You will be completely cooperative with all of your wife's demands as far as your divorce is concerned. You will never contact, threaten, or harm Draco, myself or our future children. You will stay here, miserable and alone. Do I make myself clear?' The old man nodded, his eyes full of fear of the pint-sized witch...

"Mione... hello?" Pansy's voice broke Hermione away from her thoughts.

"Huh, what?" Hermione said, realizing all eyes were on her. "I'm sorry, what did you say?"

"I said that you have to tell us! Come on, how did you do it? Did you sleep with him?" Pansy asked incredulously. Ginny gasped, covering the ears of the small redheaded girl snoozing in her lap. Draco looked scandalized and Ron was laughing, his hand tracing lazy circles over his wife's swollen belly.

"No Pansy, I did not trade my body for Draco's safety, but thanks for insinuating that I'm easy." Blaise and Becca both laughed at this statement while Hermione gave them a wry smile.

Later that night, as Draco lay in bed, he couldn't help but think about his conversation with Parker. He had been wanting another child for awhile now, but wasn't sure how to broach the topic with Hermione yet. I guess now is as good a time as any...

"Hey babe. You won't believe what Parker said today." Draco called to his wife. She stuck her head out of the bathroom before turning off the light and making her way to their bed.

"What did he say?" She asked.

"He asked if we could get him a little brother. He said he was tired of being the baby." Draco answered with a chuckle.

"I think he is upset about his brothers teasing him all the time. I'll talk to him tomorrow." His wife said as she crawled under the covers and pressed herself against his torso.

"It wouldn't be that bad, you know. Having another, I mean. We've got to at least try to catch up to Potter. He never lets me live down the fact that he is two ahead of me."


"No babe.. they have five and we have three. Remember?" He asked sarcastically.

"Draco, you're not listening. They are only one ahead." Hermione said, slowly punctuating her words. I took him a moment before Draco realized what she was saying.

"You're pregnant?" He asked disbelievingly. She nodded, a huge grin on her beautiful face.

"I saw a healer this morning. I should warn you, I can already tell this baby is going to be more expensive than the last three." She said teasingly.

"Why?" Draco wasn't sure what she meant by this.

"Because we won't be able to use the boys hand me downs. We have to get all new things." Draco was still confused, and he was sure his face showed it. "It's a girl, Draco." Draco pulled Hermione into his arms, kissing all over her sweet face and letting out a loud whoop that he was sure would wake the kids. But he didn't care. His beautiful, amazing wife was giving him a little girl, and he couldn't be happier.


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