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Summary: Ichigo is sacrificed to the god of destruction.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Opening ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Ichigo has lived a privileged life in the village called Karakura. As the only doctors eldest son he was greatly honored. It was a big deal for the goddess the village worshiped was that of health and wisdom. He had many friends and a loving family. A caring heart, strong body and sharp wits. Not only that but he was also very handsome. The Kurosaki heir seemed like the perfect young man. So it was hard for anyone to believe how he got to where he is now.

Tied up, on his knees leaning over a sacrificial alter in some village far from his home. Several cuts and bruises covered his body. It was possible that even a few rib bones were broken as well. The warriors watched quietly with grinning faces unable to wait to watch the youths blood run over the stone. The high priest of this village was saying some sort of prayer with a dagger held in one hand and a long creepy smile across his face.

So how did Ichigo get to this point? Well in order to find out we have to go back in time. Don't worry it is only a few days.

~~~Karakura Village A Few Days Ago~~~

Ichigo had spent the whole day sparing with his friend Renji under the watch of the great warrior Ikkaku. He was able to keep up with Renjis movements but he knew if it was a real fight the red pineapple would win. It seemed that everyone held back when fighting him. Well everyone other then Rukia. When ever he said something stupid in front of her she would whap him up side the head with her sketch book.

Right now though he was walking by Renjis side heading home. It was a good thing they both lived in the same direction other wise Ichigo would get made if his friend walked him home, going out of his way. Tough his friend had a good reason to and tonight he was finally going to confess.

"Hey Ichigo, can you hold up a sec?" The orange haired teen stopped walking and turned to look at Renji.

"Can't it wait? My house is just up ahead."

"NO... I mean... I got something to tell you. I don't want anyone else to hear." Renji had a slight blush on his face.

Ichigo was confused by this. "Renji are you getting sick?"

"Uh, no. Well kind of. How to say this... Ichi... I fell in love."

Ichigo raised an eyebrow. "About time, you are already 23."

"SHUT UP!" Renji covered his mouth hoping no one heard that. A few quiet moments later he removed it with a sigh. "I've been in love for a long time just... just I have no idea how to tell them."

"Just tell Rukia plan out. She will either tell you the same or turn you down. That women is the weirdest in the village after all."

"Rukia?" It was Renjis turn to look confused.

"yeah it is real obvious. You are always hanging out by the Kuchiki house waiting for her and asking her stuff about her family."

"Ichigo." Renji's face got even redder. "I was always asking about her brother."

"Well duh, Byakuya is the only family she has."

"You don't get it Ichigo... it not Rukia... it's..."

It took Ichigo a few long moments to figure out what his long time friend was saying. "You're in love with..."

Renji only nodded.

"So that means you're..."

Renji nodded again.

"...How long has..."

"Since I was your age."


"Shhhhh... Ichigo be quiet. Someone might hear."

"GOOD, SOMEONE NEEDS TO HEAR IT! NO, BYAKUYA NEEDS TO HEAR IT! We are going over there right now." Ichigo grabbed Renjis arm and started to pull. The red head tried to pull away from him as they headed away from their homes. "I can't believe you kept this to yourself for eight years."

"That is enough Ichigo. I can't tell him. I am not ready to admit that I... am gay." Ichigo was about to yell more about it being eight years but saw something in his friends eyes.

"Renji... are you... crying?"

The red pineapple wiped his eyes on his sleeve. "You idiot. It is not as easy as just saying I love you to another man. I am supposed to be this tough warrior and he is a widower noble. The chances of him ever loving me back is slim to none. And the second I say it the whole town will know and no one will ever see me the same again. It might just be for the better if I never tell him."

"If that is how you fell... then why did you tell me?"

"Idiot, you are my best friend. If anyone could except this fact about me it would be you. I trust you with my greatest secret Ichi."

Ichigo smiled softly at the other man. "Renji..." He was cut off from what he was saying from a loud boom not to far away. Smoke was rising into the air quickly. "Isn't that near the Kuchiki home?"

Renji's eyes went wide. "IT IS THE KUCHIKI HOME!" The man left a trail of dust as he took off running. Ichigo was right behind him.

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