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~~~~~~~~~ Good Night ~~~~~~~~~~

Ichigo had left the dining hall in a hurry with out eating since all the women would not leave him alone with so many more questions. Now the teen wandered the halls still thinking about whether it was a joke or not. He was getting tired though so headed for the room that he had been staying in with the others. The white halls seemed to stretch on so much longer then before as he made his way there. He pushed the door open spotting Tesla taking apart two of the beds, his own and Ichigo's as well.

"What is going on?"

Tesla jumped at the voice and even stumbled, falling to the floor. "I-ichi...go... uh... I... I am leaving."

The orange haired teen was a bit confused by this. "Where are you going to go? It is nothing but sand and demons out there."

The other was shacking as he got up from the floor. Nnoitra sama had told him not to say a word about the demon to anyone, especially Ichigo, unless he wants his tongue to be ripped out by the god of battles bare hands. Tesla was also worried about the other boy turning into a demon and doing far worse than that. "I... I am being taken by Nnoitra sama to his realm."

After Nnoitra had saved the boy from Ichigo's demon the god took him to Grimmjows office to deal with the problem. Destruction just wanted to kill him to keep it quiet and just tell anyone that asked that he got in the way of the spar of the gods earlier. It was not like a student dying was uncommon any ways. Though the taller had the better idea of keeping the kid him self since he was not entirely useless. "Fine, but if anyone ever finds out because of him I will tie YOU to a chair and hand your sorry ass over to Szayel." That was what destruction had said before sending Tesla to get his things.

"Oh, that good then. You worshiped that guy so that kind of works well, huh? Just one more thing though."

"A-and what... would that be?" Tesla was shacking even more not knowing what the other would say or do.

"Why are you packing up my things to?"

"Oh that!" Tesla scratched the back of his head. "Lord Grimmjow asked me to since I taking care of mine anyways." Ichigo gave him a confused look not sure what was happening. The blonde was confused by the confusion. "You do not need a bed here when you are moving in to his room you know."

Soft brown eyes widened and the tanned face paled a little bit. This really was not a mean joke... or the meanest joke ever and every one was in on it. Tesla thought that the other teen was going to be sick at how white he got. "Uh... Ichigo..." He jumped when the other looked at him quickly. "...good bye."

"...Bye Tesla..."

The blonde quickly ran out of the room leaving Ichigo alone. He looked at the room at Lily, Chad and Ulquiorras beds since nothing else was in there. How quickly six became three was kind of creepy, at least none of them had died though, well not yet any ways.

Ichigo sighed before leaving the room that was no longer part his. He had planned on going to bed early so this embarrassment would end, but now going would only make it worse. The teen rubbed his face in frustration. "Now what the hell am I going to do?"

~~~~~~~~~~~ To be continued ~~~~~~~~~~ Now

Ichigo had wandered around for quite some more time and now it was getting late. Nearly everyone had gone off to bed so he was alone. Since he did not want to go share a bed with the perverted god he went to the training room instead to lift weights. It was normally full so right now would probably the only time he would get to do it. Once there though he noticed he was wrong.

"Kensei? You're still up?" He watched the white haired man's powerful arms as he lifted the dumbbells. The muscles were huge compared to Ichigos own.

"No, I am exercising in my sleep." He sounded a bit annoyed.

Ichigo crossed his arms and scowled at him. "Haha, very funny. Why are you still up?"

"My new room is not ready. A bed has not been found for it that I like." Kensei put the weights down just to pick up two that were bigger. "Why are you still up? You still got to train early in the morning kid."

"Well... I am probably not going to get much sleep in my own new room, so might as well train. Why are you getting a new room?" Ichigo tried to pick up the two dumbbells that Kensei had put down a moment ago. Tried, but failed. The teen looked at the weight on them, *ten stone. He had no clue what that weight measurement meant, but it was really heavy for dumbbells. The bad thing was these were the smallest ones not painted pink. Ichigo had no choice but to use them instead though. He went down the line of the girly ones testing their weight until he settled on picking up a couple that said four stone instead.

Kensei watched Ichigo as he did his own lifts. He really did not tell the teen the answer to his question. "The last year of training is the hardest. If you survive it your body will be stronger than any thing normal humans could dream of. The colors are for when training is complete. If one of the guys in black were to use the pink ones we would kick him out for taking up space in the gym. So do not feel embarrassed that you are using them now. Still do not recommend coming in when a bunch of them are here though. They will not kick you out, but will still make fun of you."

"Oh, okay. That is good to know. You did not answer my question."

"About the new room? Well... you are taking my old one."

Ichigo just completely stopped every thing. His brain stopped thinking and he forgot to breathe even for a moment. "...wh-what?"

"I was lord Grimmjows bunk mate for the past twelve years. No clue why, but he does not like to sleep in bed alone." Kensei seemed to get more aggressive when he lifted the weights while talking.

"But... you... you are the one that shared a bed with him?" Ichigo had thought it was Szayel ever since the time he had to go to the gods bed chambers. Grimmjow had said the normal person had been sick and the pink haired god was unseen the day before... but Kensei was the one that took the teen to the room. The white haired man looked perfectly fine at that time. "That bastard lied to me."

"It does not really matter if he lied kid. He will get his way no matter what any ways. I will give you the same advice as last time though. Do not make it worse by resisting." Kensei nodded his head to the gyms door.

Ichigo looked over and saw standing there was an angry looking blue haired god with his arms crossed. "...Crap." He put the pink weights away before heading for the door.

"Ichigo, night."

"Night Kensei."

As the teen left with his back to the white hair man, Kensei glared at Grimmjow until they were both gone. "Damn Bastard! Gave no fucking warning that he was bored with me!"

~~~~~~~~~~~ To be continued ~~~~~~~~~~

*1 stone = 14 lbs

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