-She Showed Me All-

Author's Notes: Yep, I'm back again with another Harry Potter fan fiction. Due to my success (or rather, pre-success—hehe) of A Walk to Remember', I'm writing another fan fiction—about Draco, of course! But this time, it's Ginny and him—yep.. Lots of the quotes are stole from the A Walk to Remember' movie so –don't sue me!

I would like to remind you that this story is almost similar as my A Walk to Remember' HP fan fic. So please, if you've read my A Walk to Remember' HP fan fic, don't read this one.

-*Laughing My Head Off*-

* * *

I never believed in love—I never believed in faith—until I met someone—someone truly amazing—someone truly incredible—someone who I was deeply in love. I still love her—even though I can't see it—it's like the wind, as she said—you can feel a deep sensation in your heart—and that's love.

* * *

It was at the end of our seventh year—I was now Harry's friend—but I still detest that Ron Weasley—but I try not to show it. Voldemort was now defeated. Everything seemed so perfect. But I wasn't changed. Even though I'm still Harry's friend, I'm not his friends' friend. I was still disobedient, and I never believed in love. And I was quite sure I was never going to believe in it..

Until one fateful day..

* * *

"You're the man, Draco!" Evans Parkinson, Pansy Parkinson's brother, told me when we won the Quidditch match against Ravenclaw that day. He slapped my back heartily and laughed amicably. I wondered what was wrong with him. Maybe he had too many of those Muggle drinks that was actually selling in Hogsmeade. What was it again—Nyquil. I thought only Ravenclaws loved those.

"I am the man," I said proudly. I was proud that I didn't change, even after I'm Harry's friend –which was rather weird enough, and even though I helped him killed Voldemort. Nope, I'm still the same old Draco—the popular one from Slytherin and the one who detests Mudbloods, Muggle-Lovers, and losers.

I spotted the Ravenclaw captain, Parker Anderson, addressing his teammates in a would-be cheerful voice. "It's okay, guys. Even though we didn't win, We're the best team in the school! Now let's go get some Nyquils!" The Ravenclaw team cheered loudly and went, in a rather eager manner, towards the Great Hall.

I rolled my eyes. Their obsession was far off the limit they were supposed to have. "Losers," Evans hissed under his breath. I grinned at him and said, "Give me high five, man," Evans gave me high five and said, "Look, I've got to run. Have a date with Irene at Hogsmeade. I'll catch you later?"

"Sure," I said, grinning at him. "Later,"

As I walked towards the Slytherin's Tower, I wondered why God didn't make me die when I tried to protect Harry and his friends. I didn't have a life, I still don't. Why wouldn't He just make me die? I would rather die right now.

"Just let me die," I groaned.

"When you die, you will be alone, without anyone. Darkness will shroud upon you, and if you're a good person, then a blinding light will protect you," I heard a voice. I looked up and saw Ginny Weasley, looking at me strangely.

"It's you," I said darkly. How I detested her. Always acting so goody-goody. In my opinion, she was probably the most unpopular girl in the school. "The words of Ellen Mcfadden—the Death Enchantress," she said. I rolled my eyes.

"Will you stop acting like a total freak, please?" I said in an irritated voice.

"Will you stop acting like you didn't save us?" Ginny shot back.

"It was an accident," I denied.

"Stay in your denial. It's something that will keep you away from the real vision of life," she said, shrugging. I gritted my teeth and said, in a sarcastic voice, "Oh, right. I forgot—you're the One with All the Quotes."

"They're not quotes. They're words and sentences that were said by famous wizards, witches, warlocks, enchantresses and enchanters, goblins—

"Whatever, Weasley!" I said. "Just hearing your voice makes me want to barf."

"Stop acting like you know me," she said, chuckling a little.

"Oh, of course I do—lets see—you often sit alone in the classroom—you don't mix with the others for some reason, and you always wear that stupid necklace around your neck," I said bluntly. She wore her plain silver necklace all the time, for some reason.

"That's very predictable," she said.

I was amazed that she didn't start to throw curses at me, or glare at me, for that matter. Because all of the girls I've jeered at did that kind of stuff. "You don't care what people say to you?" I asked quietly.

She just smiled at me, and said, "Not at all," and walked away. I decided to bother her a little more—to make her temper rise more and more.

I went after her, and said, "Oh, really?"

"Really, and why are you following me?" Ginny asked, halting to a stop.

"Just want to be aggravating," I said. "So what's your top three desires?" She stared at me, looking rather surprised. "Let me see—I think it'll be—spending time with Death Enchantresses and being gothic like all those other seriously religious Muggles."

"I'm not religious, Malfoy," she said quietly. "My number three is to graduate from Hogwarts and go to Wizard Medical University—

"Mmhmm, that U is very, very special and advanced." I cut her off.

"My number two is to have healing powers," she said, and to my surprise, she looked away from me, as though she was feeling uncomfortable—as though she was afraid that I might suspect something.

"And number one?" I pressed.

"I'd tell you, but I'd have to kill you after that," she said, smiling faintly at me, and walking away. This time, I didn't stop her though.

I wondered whether she really is a freak or whether she wasn't something that I thought she was

Author's Notes: OK, finished! Let me know what you think, okay? Ehm—some quotes belongs to the movie, A Walk to Remember' so spare me!!!!!!