Chapter 2

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Ginny's POV

Draco Malfoy walked passed Harry, who smiled at him briefly. Draco, being Draco, just nodded and went off. I watched him go and sighed. Why does a person have to be hostile to their own friend? Holding my books tightly, I walked towards Harry.

Harry apparently acknowledged my presence, because he turned around. He flashed me a friendly smile and said, "Hi, Ginny! What's up?" I smiled at him politely, not wanting him to think that I was still interested him. "Well, I was wondering if you'd like to join Professor McGonagall's Tutoring Club or whatever it's called, anyway."

Harry smiled at me rather queasily and said, "I'm not that clever," he implied. "And I'm not good at tutoring." I looked at him, dismayed. "But Professor McGonagall said she'd--

Harry seemed distracted and then, he grinned broadly. "Hi, Ron!" he said. "Would you like to practice Quidditch? Now?" I turned around and saw my older brother, Ron Weasley. I forced a smile at him and he smiled back at me. "Yeah, sure Potter!" he said to Harry, laughing. "Lets just hope you beat me this time!"

Harry grinned and said, "In your dreams, Weasley!" Both of them went off to the Quidditch Field, leaving me looking around for other volunteers.

Draco's POV

It was in Professor Sprout's class that I got into trouble. She was teaching us about Mandrakes--and we've learned about them five thousand years ago. My friend, Macolm Baddock, grinned at me mischievously and rather evilly. I arched my eyebrows at him as we put on our earmuffs.

I looked at him, confused. What was he playing at? Malcolm pointed at Padma Patil's earmuffs and mouthed, "Take it off!" I grinned--it was about time I had a little fun. Mandrakes weren't harmful at all--right? I hesitated--I wasn't sure about that. But as Padma pulled the Mandrake out of the earth, I lift her earmuffs. Padma screamed, and she fainted.

I looked at Malcolm for help, but he just shrugged. The bloody git! Professor Sprout gasped and gave us a signal to put our mandrakes into a pot. I managed to settle with mine quickly and when Professor Sprout gave another signal, we took off our earmuffs.

"Which idiot in this class took off Miss Patil's earmuffs?" Professor Sprout asked furiously. I've never seen her this mad! Every Ravenclaw were looking at me with angry, piercing eyes, while the Slytherins looked around as if nothing had happen. Damn them!

"Mr. Malfoy, did you do this?" Professor Sprout asked angrily. Unwillingly, I nodded and mumbled, "It was an accident." But Mandy Blocklehurst (A/N: I forgot her last name) cried indignantly, "Professor! I saw him, he pulled off her earmuffs! It wasn't an accident!"

Draco tried to defend himself, but it was too late. "Professor Mcgonagall will take ocare of this, as the Head Master is away! You could've killed a student, Mr. Malfoy!" Professor Sprout said, upset. She turned to Mandy and Lisa Turpin, and said, "You two, bring her up to the Hospital Wing." Lisa and Mandy nodded firmly, and carried Padma carefully out of the green house.

Professor Sprout turned to me and barked, "You! Come with me!" She practically dragged me to Professor McGonagall's office and knocked the wooden door sharply. "It's me, Sprout," she said grimly.

"Come in," I heard Professor McGonagall said in her stern voice.

Professor Sprout pulled me in and Professor Mcgonagall narrowed her eyes when she saw me. Uh-oh, this means trouble! I thought. "You again," Professor Mcgonagall said wryly. She looked at Professor Sprout and asked, "What's the problem now?"

Professor Sprout launched into her story, describing me as a mass murderer. "But he didn't kill anyone." Professor Mcgonagall interjected.

"He nearly did!" Professor Sprout spluttered.

"Very well," Professor Mcgonagall said, folding her arms. "35 points will be deducted from Slytherin, and you--Mr. Malfoy--will tutor First Years." I groaned. What a nightmare!!! "Gryffindor First Years," Professor Mcgonagall added.

More like Gryffindorks, I thought, shaking my head. "Lets just hope you wont teach the students to take off their earmuffs when they're handling a Mandrake." Professor Sprout said sarcastically. Haha... what a funny joke!

Can I puke now?

* * *

On Saturday, I walked slowly, very, very slowly towards the Transfiguration classroom. I so didn't want to tutor some stupid First Years. Period! I opened the door and looked at the teeny First Years distastefully.

"Malfoy?" I heard a voice. I looked up and saw Ginny Weasley, practically gawking at me. "Weasley," I barked. "What are you doing here?" Ginny folded her arms and said, rather stiffly, "I'm tutoring. What are you doing here?"

"Welcome to the club, I'm tutoring," I said sarcastically. I looked at the First Years, and they stare back at me, whispering to each other. "I don't want anyone to whisper anything in my class or say anything, you got that?"

"What a great tutor you are," Ginny said sarcastically.

"I'm merely insulted," I shot back.

"Will you please be quiet and get along?" Ginny whispered.

"Whatever you say, Weasley. I've never seen you this snippy." I said tartly. Ginny blushed slightly and looked away. "Okay, lets begin!"

As I watched her teach, while I merely stared at this First Year girl, Hannah, I realized that she was rather... different that she looked. It was as if she was showing her true self... and it wasn't bad.

At all.

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