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- Full Submission -

"Eli, what the hell are you doing!" Clare yelled at the dark haired boy hovered over her, his smirk angering her even more with each passing second. Eli's fingers ghosted over her left thigh. He sat up, admiring his handiwork.

"No need for such a rude tone, Clare Bear," he teased in a husky tone, "I'm just teaching you a lesson." Clare has been very defiant towards Eli in the past months and he has had enough. Every intimate moment they had together was minimized by the need for her to cover every sound she made by biting her lip or covering her hand with her mouth. If Clare felt like she couldn't handle the heat surrounding her and Eli, she would push him away and tell him some bogus excuse about having to go home. This time, she was not going to get away. She was his play thing today.

"Elijah Goldworthy! You let me go right now!" Clare hissed, "Where did you get handcuffs from anyway!" Eli knew just pinning her to the bed would not be enough, he had to go to drastic measures. Currently, Clare was handcuffed to Eli's head rest. Her wrists pinned uncomfortably above her head. Eli planted small kisses on her neck, forehead, and cheeks until he made his way to her lips.

"Ha, it's amazing what you find when you're not looking." Eli's smirk grew. He knew he finally had her all to himself. No distracting resistance, no last minute lunch dates with the family, she was his and his alone.

"Eli! If you don't let me go this instance I will-," Clare's rant was cut off by a heated kiss. Heated lips met her cold ones and the sensations were already creating a heat in her stomach that she was trying to will away. Eli's tongue demanded entrance as he plunged his tongue through her lips. Clare squeaked and her eye's widened at the sudden intrusion but she let herself melt back into the kiss. Their tongues went to war, fighting each other with who can make the most extravagant patterns or who will cover more territory. Eli was not going to let her win this one. When a moan exited Clare's mouth, he smirked into the kiss, knowing that she has put up her white flag. Eli pulled away from the kiss, needing oxygen.

"What was it you were going to do, Clare?" Eli asked breathlessly. Clare simply blinked her eyes, not knowing what to say. The haze that fogged her mind clouded all of her judgment. Eli chuckled darkly and started to attack her neck. Not giving her time to get used to the sensation, he roughly bit her neck, making her scream out. That was what he wanted. His tongue licked the newly formed bruise. Eli sat up a bit the revel in his newly marked property. He snapped out of his thoughts as he noticed Clare getting restless. She was struggling to get out of the handcuffs and her squirming gave Eli the heads up of how truly turned on she was. He leaned down and whispered in her ear.

"You want to touch me don't you?" Clare shivered at his words and the only thing she could do was whimper. "You're wearing too many clothes for my taste." With that, he ripped off her white snap button blouse and jean skirt, exposing her matching teal blue underwear set. He slowly placed his hand on her stomach, caressing the skin there. He felt her stomach clench under his touch. Her breathing picked up as he inched closer and closer to her breasts.

"Eli," Clare whispered. Her eyes were closed and she allowed herself to be under Eli's control, just for a little while. Eli smirked dangerously and Eli moved his mouth over to the tops of her breasts, kissing each one, teasing her. Clare whined in anticipation. Eli ignored her silent pleas and moved his hand slowly over the top of her bra. He watched as her chest moved up and down and she chewed on her bottom lip. Eli abruptly pulled his hand away to unlatch her bottom lip from her teeth.

"We will have none of that, Clare Edwards," Eli growled. He finally unclasped Clare's bra from the middle and his mouth immediately attached to her left nipple, teasing it as his other hand caressed her right one. The nibbles and licks were driving her crazy. He would occasionally look up from his progressions, making sure she was not biting her lip. Clare was writhing beneath him, begging for more. She had almost forgotten about the handcuffs, but she wanted so badly to run her fingers through his hair.

"Eli, please let me go," Clare begged.

"Not until I'm done with you, tonight, you're my play thing," he whispered huskily. He sat up once more and Clare gasped at the loss of body heat. Eli took the opportunity to thrust his tongue into her mouth again. After a few seconds of intense exploration, he started to kiss down her neck, to the valley between her breasts, to her stomach, finally making his way down to the hem of her underwear. Clare's cheeks flushed and her heartbeat sped up in anticipation as Eli hooked his fingers under her boy shorts and slowly pulled them down.

"Eliiii," Clare whined.

"Yes dear?" Eli taunted. When he finally pulled them down all the way, he pulled her thighs apart. He kissed both her inner thighs and chuckled at how wet Clare was. His agonizingly slow licks were making Clare impatient, but there wasn't much she could do about it. That was exactly what Eli wanted. He picked up pace and thrust his tongue into her. Pumping in and out at a pace that Clare couldn't handle. He grabbed her behind to get more room. Clare's moans grew louder and he internally smirked at how sensitive she was. Eli felt her walls tighten. His name becoming a chant that made him moan. At the last minute, he drew back from her.

"Eli, w-what…what the…hell are you doing!" Clare said as she squirmed around. Clare blushed at how needy she sounded. Eli smirked at her before planting a small kiss on her lips and bringing her fingers to her lips. Clare hesitantly opened her mouth. Eli made sure to get his fingers coated and pulled his hand away from her. Without as much as a warning, they found their way inside her. She screamed in pleasure as he moved them in and out of her.

"God, Clare, you're so...tight."

"Oh…god," Clare moaned as she felt Eli hit that particular spot that made her want to submit to him more often. Eli attacked her neck once more as his fingers pumped even faster. Clare was close, she felt it. She bit her lip once more, enough to draw blood. Eli growled at her open defiance. Eli wiped his tongue across her bottom lip, licking the forming blood.

"Just let go, Clare. That's an order," he said with a dark smirk. He thrust his fingers harder into her and her walls tightened once more. Clare let out a primal scream and her entire body shook as Eli helped her ride out her orgasm. Clare's arched body became limp and looked at ceiling, dazed. Eli took the key from his bed stand and took the cuffs off of Clare. He brought Clare's sweaty body to his own and stroked her damp hair.

"I didn't know you were a screamer, Clare," Eli taunted.

"Shut…up…Goldsworthy," Clare said breathlessly.

"So is this the part where I apologize or is it already forgiven?" Eli said with a smirk.

"Karma's a bitch, Eli, just know that," Clare said playfully.

"You little devil," Eli said as he captured her lips once more.

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