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-Full Submission: Part II-

Clare and Eli were busy working on their English assignment. Ms. Dawes assigned them a word that they had to make a story from. To Clare's satisfaction, they got 'Revenge.' Ever since the incident that took place a few weeks ago, Clare has been itching to get Eli back for what he did to her. How dare he take advantage and take all power from her! Clare's mind has been preoccupied with how she will exact her revenge and this was the perfect opportunity. Clare bit her lip, her dazed expression caught Eli's attention.

"You okay there, Blue Eyes?" Eli asked with concern. Clare snapped out of her thoughts. She shook her head slightly and plastered on a quick smile.

"Oh yeah, I'm just fine," she said ironically sweet. Little did Eli know, Clare had a few tricks up her sleeve. "Hey, how about we take a little break."

"Wow, Clare Edwards doesn't want to do work?" Eli said in sarcastic shock. Clare rolled her eyes as he continued. "That sounds good, this is getting pretty monotonous."

"Good, I have something to show you," Clare said innocently. Eli missed the slight mischievousness in her voice. Eli shrugged his shoulders and followed her up the stairs to her bedroom. Eli cocked an eyebrow when he saw a black chair in the middle of her room.

"Clare?" Eli asked inquiringly.

"I've been…working on something; I just wanted your opinion on it." Clare walked over to her stereo. When she felt Eli's stare still on her, she turned around. "Well, go on," she said as she gestured to the seat. Eli hesitantly did as he was told and sat down. Clare clicked the play button and the room was instantly filled with 'Love Love Love (Love Love) by As Tall As Lions.

"Clare?" Eli asked quietly. He didn't know what to expect but when Clare turned around with a sultry smirk planted on her face, he knew to not ask anymore questions.

Have I ever told you before I think you're beautiful when you're sleeping?

Clare walked slowly to where Eli was sitting. Eli's breathing picked up as Clare sexily moved her hips to the beat of the song. The rotations making his head spin. Eli watched as Clare's hands moved out of her hair to their resting place on her stomach. The fluid motions mesmerized Eli. Clare turned on her heel to face away from Eli, hips continuing to make the same motions. Eli licked his bottom lip as his eyes looked her up and down. He's never really seen Clare like this, so he knew he wasn't handling himself well. Clare walked up to Eli and bent down at her knees, a sly smile on her face. Clare whipped her hair, dangerously close to Eli's crotch. Eli squirmed, even though he was barely even touched. Clare's hands made their way up Eli's thighs, Eli groaning in anticipation. She abruptly pulled her hands away and stood up, moving the back of the chair. She slid her hands down his chest and pulled them up so they rested on his shoulders. Clare leaned down and Eli felt Clare's breath tickling the back of his neck.

"How do you like it so far?" Clare asked in a mocking innocent tone. Eli stayed silent, not knowing what to say. Clare giggled and walked in front of Eli again, only this time she straddled him, moving her hips in the same motion as before. Eli groaned; his arousal painfully throbbing in his tight skinny jeans.

"Close your eyes," Clare whispered. Eli shut them immediately. Clare got up and quietly grabbed the rope from underneath her bed. She hastily put herself back in the same position. Clare licked her bottom lip, anxious to have Eli under her control. She planted kisses along her jawline until she reached the right of his neck. Eli gasped at the contact but soon melted at the pleasure he felt. Clare's light kisses became harder as she opened her mouth, swirling her tongue experimentally in different shapes. Eli moaned and Clare felt accomplished that she could make him feel this way. She then sunk her teeth in little by little, sucking on his sensitive skin.

"Harder," Eli gasped. 'He is such a masochist,' Clare thought as she did as she was asked, well, told. Clare bit down even harder, eliciting an even louder moan from Eli. Clare reveled in the sound, but soon snapped out of it and went back to the task at hand. While Eli was lost in his own world, Clare sneakily wrapped the rope around Eli's wrist gently, this was easy as Eli's hands were gripping the arm of the chair. She did it loose enough to where Eli couldn't feel it. She tied a knot at the end of the rope and then wrapped it around the back to his other wrist. She did the same process but then she tightened it, creating a chain effect of it tightening the whole thing. Eli's eyes shot open at Clare hastily tying the last knot.

"Clare! What the hell are you doing!" Eli yelled as he attempted to get out of the rope.

"Remember that little stunt you pulled a few weeks ago? Well this is my payback, Eli," Clare said nonchalantly.

"What the f-," Eli was cut off by Clare's lips, roughly kissing his. He tried to resist, but eventually gave in when Clare's tongue plunged into his mouth, tracing geometric shapes. In these situations, Eli would have one hand on the back of her head and the other on her hip. Eli grew disgruntled when he realized he couldn't touch her in this moment. He growled and Clare drew back, a smirk playing on her lips.

"What's wrong, Goldsworthy? Getting riled up?" Clare asked sarcastically.

"Let. Me. Go. Clare," Eli clipped. Clare's smirk only grew at how agitated he was. He finally felt how she felt.

"Not until I'm done with you," Clare mocked. Clare's hands found their way to the buttons on Eli's shirt, unbuttoning each one as slowly as possible, all while chewing on his earlobe. Clare finally reached the final button and she raked her hands down his exposed upper body, making him shiver. Clare slowly placed open mouthed kisses on his toned chest, down to his belt buckle.

"Clare," Eli said in a halfhearted warning tone.

"Yes sweetie?" Clare asked sarcastically as she narrowed her eyes.


"Don't do what? This?" Clare asked as she undid his belt buckle, "Or this?" Clare unzipped his skinny jeans, moving them down just to reveal his black boxer briefs. Clare slowly rubbed Eli's arousal over the cloth and Eli groaned on contact. 'This is enough,' Eli thought as he expertly worked on the knots. Clare did not notice as she was too busy working her mouth up and down his shaft. Eli moaned and his task became more erratic. Clare opened her eyes to look at his reaction and was elated to see Eli's mouth parted and eye's shut. Clare closed her eyes once more and circled her tongue around the head. Eli growled and smirked a bit when he felt the rope on his left hand getting looser with each passing second, same with the right. He felt himself getting close. Eli wrapped his fingers around the knots once more and he opened his eyes when he successfully untied both knots. He put his hand on the back of Clare's head and she flew up from her progressions, shocked and frankly, a bit scared. Eli grunted a bit at the sudden pain from not having his release.

"Who told you to stop, Edwards?" Eli growled.

"E-Eli, I-I-." Clare couldn't finish her sentence as Eli covered her mouth with his hand and threw her on the bed.

"Not. Another. Word," Eli demanded. Clare whimpered as she felt her clothes being ripped from her body. Eli pinned Clare's wrists above her head, breathing heavily. "You honestly thought your little plan would work," Eli said, thrusting into her, "didn't you." Clare moaned in response. Eli's harsh, grinding rhythm made Clare see stars. Eli leaned down and kissed Clare forcefully, thrusting his tongue into hers. Eli obviously was not going to let her have dominance. In fact, Clare backed down. Eli thrust his hips even harder than before, making Clare scream his name. Eli's signature smirk appeared on his face.

"Eli. Please. Faster."

"Say you're sorry, Clare," Eli whispered harshly.


"'I'm sorry, Eli' Say It!" Eli said in a demanding tone.

"I'm sorry, Eli!"

"Fuck!" Eli was about to burst but he held back just enough to reach his hand down and rub Clare's center. Clare's core exploded as she clawed Eli's back and collapsed on her bed.

"Clare!" Eli moaned as he found his release, with a few more erratic thrusts. Eli collapsed next to Clare, pulling her back to him. For a few minutes, all that was heard in the room was the sound of heavy breathing.

"That…was not…fair," Clare breathed out. Eli pressed lazy kisses on the back of Clare's neck; his hands rubbing up and down Clare's waist.

"That was your fault," Eli said with a devilish smirk.

"I had you there for a while," Clare said as she turned around to face the green eyed boy.

"You will never win, Clare," Eli said, capturing her lips in his once more.

-Full Submission: Part II-

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