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Helen woke later from the best period of sleep she'd had in ages. She had no idea how much time had passed, but she was now lying on the slightly squishy mat, head resting on a bunched up towel. She heard movement and started to sit up, but she saw that it was just Will, sitting cross legged beside her. He was still wearing only his shirt, hanging open, so not much time must have passed. He smiled at her when he realized she was awake, and she smiled back, relaxed. For a while they simply stayed where they were, sitting and lying, thinking about nothing in particular except for the fact that it was nice to be in the other's presence. As Helen continued to wake up, however, she became more and more aware. Her body was sore, still tired despite her nap, and the smell of sweat and sex permeated the air. Her body hummed at the memories of what they'd done, what he'd done to her.

She reached out to touch his knee, trying to formulate what to say to him, but he jumped as soon as her fingers brushed his skin, making a strange noise. She sat up, worried.

"Will, I'm sorry, what…"

She cut herself off as she looked at his expression. She slid her eyes down his body to rest on his lap. A massive hard-on greeted her gaze, and she couldn't help but gulp a little bit. She really must not have been asleep long… She looked up to his face, and he looked almost as if he were about to run away, embarrassed, and perhaps slightly guilty at his state of arousal.

"Will," she admonished, softly. "You don't have to hide that from me." She grinned, and it was his turn to gulp. She didn't think she'd be up for anymore herself, but she could at the very least take care of him. She turned over onto her hands and knees, crawling the few feet towards him like a cat approaching its prey. She took hold of his knees and forced him to uncross his legs and spread them. She leaned up to kiss him, still tasting of her, as she took his erection firmly in hand. He jumped and groaned as soon as her fist closed around him. She knew he must be in pain, holding himself back like he had, not taking care of himself while she'd selfishly passed out. She wanted to give him a tiny taste of the slow torture he'd put her through. Afterall, the pay-off would be worth a little suffering!

She stroked up and down his length a few times before leaving him, running her hand up his lower stomach, his abs, up to his chest. She pinched his nipples with both hands lightly before smoothing her hands over him, up to his shoulders, where she slid them under his shirt. She slowly drew the final piece of clothing down his muscled arms, working her tongue wetly against his. When his shirt was by his hands, she took them in hers and squeezed lightly before taking hold of the shirt again and pulling it the final distance. She pulled away from his mouth, amused when his head followed hers, begging for more, but not receiving. She balled up his shirt before throwing it as far away behind his head as possible. She was pleased to finally have him naked and took the opportunity to smooth her hands gingerly over his gloriously bare torso, wrapping her arms around him and leaning forward to press her body against his, chest to chest. He immediately pulled her closer, both running their hands all over the other's back, trying to map out all the new skin, digging in, kneading muscles. The feel of her nipples being crushed against his made Helen suddenly feel a little less tired, a little less sore. She rubbed herself against him and he moaned helplessly into her mouth.

He was pleased with himself for his performance at the incline bench, but he was reminded again how much of a woman Magnus was, how powerful and experienced. He doubted he would ever be able to please her as much as some of her past lovers had, one in particular. Will banished these melancholy thoughts when she sunk her fingers into his thick hair, digging into his scalp and all but swallowing his tongue. He was here right now and was once again being called on to perform. She was pressed against him so closely that she brushed against his erection, and his grip on her tightened even more, desperately turned on.

As soon as Helen realized how close they were, she tore her mouth away from his, shifting her hips so he could no longer feel her. He narrowed his eyes at her and gritted his teeth when she grinned cheekily back, her lips swollen and red from the power of their kisses. Her energy was returning again. His eyes narrowed even further.

"Magnus…" he warned. She full out smiled as she placed her hands on his chest and shoved, tipping him over to lay flat on his back. She quickly slithered down his body until her face was at groin level. He looked down at her, holding his breath in anticipation. She looked straight at him and slowly slid her tongue out of her mouth, running it lightly over her lips before leaning over just a bit more. She opened her mouth and breathed out. Her hot breath flowed over his cock, making it strain impossibly closer to the wet haven her mouth presented. She pursed her lips and blew out, this time cooler air hit him, and every muscle in his body tensed trying to keep himself still, hold himself together. He would NOT come just from her blowing air around him, damnit! She moved a few millimetres closer and breathed the hot air again, lowering her head so that she travelled all the way down and back up his shaft. He was practically sobbing by the time she made it back to the top.

"Magnus, please!" he whispered.

"Will, honestly. Don't you think we're past the point of you calling me Magnus?"

As she spoke, little puffs of air hit him at irregular intervals. Oh god!

He could only manage a strangled, choking noise in reply.

"Call me Helen, Will," she commanded.

He squeezed his eyes shut, unable to form the words to comply.


But he still couldn't answer. She shook her head in exasperation. He wasn't going to grant her request in his current state.

She moved her mouth down and stuck her tongue out, licking him firmly from base to head. His hips bucked up and a strain of unintelligible words escaped him. She pushed down on his hips with her hands, laying her forearms over his thighs, holding him firmly in place as she licked him again, lapping up the pre-cum that dripped out and swirling her tongue once around the head when she was done. She waited a second or two before taking the first inch into her mouth and sucking hard. He cried out and she let go of his hips, taking in the full length of him as his hips jerked up. She kept a tight pressure on him as she slowly sucked her way upwards. As he had with her, she found herself loving the taste of him, feeling a wave of wetness gush out of her at the feel of the velvety soft skin stretched over rock hard man. She gave an extra hard squeeze to the head before her mouth popped wetly off of him.

She looked up the expanse of his shaking body to his sweaty, flushed face. She crawled up his body so that her face was right above his, quickly flinging her hair over one shoulder, onto her back so it wouldn't hit his face.

"Call me Helen," she whispered.

His eyelids flew open, startled at the sudden closeness of her face, but his eyes were glazed and she could tell he hadn't understood her.

"Call me Helen," she repeated, louder and firmer.


His face was a picture of pained effort, and she thought he looked adorable. She didn't repeat her question, just raised one eyebrow expectantly and waited.

He groaned, raising a hand to scrub across his face.

"Can't that wait?" he implored.


"What does it matter?"

She didn't answer. As time passed, she saw him calm down a bit, could tell his mind was clearing from the haze of sexual desire. She liked when he was aware enough to respond to her, and grinned, suddenly hopping off of him and standing up.

"What the… Magnus!" He was getting frustrated now, and it only fuelled her humour.

"No more fun till I hear my name, Will!"

She took a few steps backwards away from him, and he muttered something that might have been "Damn woman," as he sat up. She heard him, and shook her head.

"Ooh, being cheeky now are we?"

She took a few steps back as Will glared at her, noticing the glistening at the apex of her thighs. Target in sight, he stood up and started to stalk towards her. She laughed and took several more quick steps back and to the side.

"What the hell, Magnus?" he hissed through clenched teeth, quickening his pace as she continued to prance out of the way.

"Say my name, William."

"Can we please do this after!"

"After what?"

"After… After I…" He halted his pursuit of her. She was standing beside a rack of free weights on the edge of the sparring mat. He was standing on the side of the mat furthest away from the huge mirrored wall. She stopped as well, seeing his pause.

"After what?" she asked, her voice deep and husky.

His eyes were black with pent up lust and frustration.

"After I fuck you," he growled.

Her eyebrows rose, light glinting in her eyes as she stayed still, letting his long legs swiftly eat up the distance between them. She expected him to stop when they were face- to- face, but he kept ploughing forward, grabbing her by the waist and picking her clean up off the ground. She squeaked in surprise and had no choice but to wrap her legs and arms around him, holding on as he carried her to the mirrored wall. She cried out as he slammed her against it, her head jerking back at the unexpected contact, bouncing off of it. She had no time to recover as he bent his knees and lunged forcefully up into her, sheathing himself completely inside of her tight sex.

"YES!" she cried out.

Will started a strong, steady rhythm, banging her against the mirror with every hard thrust. She closed her eyes in ecstasy, beaming. At the sight, Will's flare of anger faded completely. She wasn't really testing him; he didn't really have anything to prove anymore. She'd just wanted to rile him up, give him a little payback for what he'd inflicted upon her earlier. Well, she'd certainly succeeded. He'd been on the verge of climax since they'd been making out! The thought that he'd been heartily making out with her, with Magnus, spurred him on.

Holy shit, he hadn't just made out with her, he'd gone down on her!

In a whirlwind of comprehension, Will, who had been lost in a daze all night, woke up and realized exactly what had happened.

He'd had sex with her!

He was HAVING sex with her AGAIN!

Adrenaline burst through him and he started thrusting with a vengeance. The gym was alive with the sounds of their laboured breathing and the slick noise of their bodies working against one another.

"God YES, Will!" she shrieked, no longer recognizing the pain of being repeatedly slammed into the wall.

"Deeper!" she ordered, and he did, grunting and sweating. With every thrust she fell down on him, gravity forcing him further than he'd even thought possible, hitting her cervix every time. She was still tender from earlier, but it was fantastic.

She clawed at his back and he dug his fingers into her hips, trying to find a good hold. He gave up, sliding his hands down to grab her ass, something he'd always wanted to do, squeezing it and forcing her down on him every time he lunged upwards. He leaned in and kissed whatever skin he could find, her lips, her chin, biting down on her neck and shoulder.

Within no time at all they were both shaking. Helen felt a low coiling within her core, building rapidly and Will's thrusts were getting shorter and faster. Her orgasm hit her like a freight train, out of nowhere, cracking across her senses like a livewire, causing her to scream for the second time that night. Her inner muscles clamped down on him like a vice, and the sight of her with her head tilted back into the mirror, screaming in ecstasy while her nails burrowed into his back tipped him over the edge.

He screamed, "Helen!" as he came, filling her with his hot seed. He miraculously managed to stay upright until he'd completely spent himself, drawing out their climaxes as long as possible before his knees gave out and they slid down the wall, Magnus' sweaty back making squeaky wet trails down its surface. They lay in a tangled heap at its base, panting and trembling, quaking in the aftermath.

The air in the gym was hot and humid and they both felt the lulling temptation of sleep, but refused to give in. Eventually, one of them managed to sit upright, leaning heavily against the wall and the other followed. When Helen's heart had stopped trying to beat its way out of her chest, she looked over at Will. Her sweaty hair stuck to the mirror as she turned. Will moved to look at her, and she did the last thing he would have ever expected.

She burst out laughing.

His face must have shown his shock, because she just started laughing even harder. After a minute or two she managed to reign in her merriment, wiping away tears from her eyes.

"I'm sorry, Will," she said, reaching out and touching his arm. "It's just… well, this whole situation really."

Will wasn't sure if he should be offended or not.

"It's not a bad thing," she said quickly, sensing his worry. "But we just had a wild romp, three, in fact, all over my very open gym."

He looked around seeing the open double doorways leading into the hall, the stack of free-for-all water bottles in a corner, the exercise band someone had forgotten to put away earlier in the day. Over a dozen people/abnormals used this place, and they had just gone and thrown themselves all over it. The ridiculousness of the situation, combined with his intense exhaustion, made him laugh too, reigniting her laughter. If anyone had walked in, they would have thought that the Boss and her protégé had gone insane, sitting slumped against the mirror, in their birthday suits, hysterical. The physical and emotional build-up of the evening had finally peaked, and now they were riding the high of the fallout.

"At least we didn't break the mirror!" he hooted, and her stomach hurt from the amusement of it all.

"Imagine how many years of bad luck that would have been!" she agreed gleefully.

They didn't realize that their legs and arms occasionally brushed against each other as they shook with mirth, taking quite a while to calm down, to start breathing again.

"Dear God," Magnus chuckled, shaking her head, "Quite intense there for a while wasn't it?"

Will sobered a little as he remembered all the reasons this had happened in the first place.

"Yeah," he replied.

She reached out and touched his shoulder, squeezing it.

"Look, Will…"

"I know this can't happen again, it's ok," he quickly interjected.

She regarded him silently for a moment.

"I wasn't going to say that," she said softly. His head whipped to the side, frowning at her. She took a deep breath.

"Look, Will, I know that my reasons for letting this happen were selfish and disgraceful at best, and I'm incredibly sorry for that." He tried to interrupt her but she wouldn't let him. "But you're smart enough to have realized what they were. You knew I was acting irresponsibly, but could tell that I…. that I needed help. You comforted me in the only way I would let you, and believe it or not, it really did help."

But had it really? Had she worked out any of her problems, or had this just been a temporary fix?

He didn't know what to say, so he remained silent.

"Thank you," she finished.

"Anytime?" he offered with a self-deprecating shrug.

Helen smiled sadly, knowing they had issues to work out after tonight. Before all that, though, they'd have to thoroughly clean the sparring mat... and the incline bench… and the wall and floor… This was a cleaning job she was not going to ask the Big Guy to do, although she realized that he must have seen Will as the young doctor was coming in and thus probably knew that something like this might have happened. She'd have to have a talk with him in the morning.

Then she would have to talk to Will, really talk. They'd brushed the surface just now, but it would be too difficult to figure out what, if anything, about their relationship had changed while they were both still naked and covered in the evidence of their indiscretion. She needed at least a full day to process what her rage against John and the way she'd lost herself to it had meant. She sighed, resisting the urge to cross her legs to try and quell the buzzing she still felt.

There was hope for her and Will, though.

After all, he'd called her Helen.

The End

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