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Two shadows entered the village gates, heading towards the Hokage Tower. As they pasted through, the sound of clashing caught their attention. The sound was coming from the training grounds. The two shinobi looked at each other with the same thought going through their mind: who would be out here this late? It was, after all, around 2 in the morning.

They made their way over to the training grounds to investigate. When they arrived, they were shocked to see a girl by the age of 12 in the area. It wasn't exactly the girl that shocked them, it was the damage done to the training grounds here. More than 20 fully grown trees about 50 feet tall were down on the ground with slashes all over its trunk and the ground itself was a mess. It looked like three chunnin level teams had been training here but no; they guessed as they turned their attention to the girl in the middle of the field, it was her and her alone.

From what they could see of her, she didn't look like much but like they always said, 'looks can be deceiving.'

The most eye-catching thing about this girl was the pink hair that was pulled back into a high ponytail. Several strands of hair fell into her face from the training she was doing and framed her face. She turned in a way that allowed the two Anbu members to see her face: abandonment, hurt and confusion was showing in her broken emerald eyes for all to see, they glistened with unshed tears just waiting to fall down her flawless face. Her skin was bleached white in the moonlight and shone like a star. Her upper body was clothed with an off the shoulders black kimono that ended mid thigh. The sleeves went passed her finger tips with black biker shorts that ended a few inches past the kimono. Around her neck was a black chocker that had a deep emerald green gem in the middle. There was something about that gem that looked endless, like the dark green faded into a black bottomless pit, capable of holding anything and everything captive.

One of the men cocked his head to the side and whispered to his partner, "hey Itachi, why is this girl out here?"

Itachi shook his head, a sign that even he did not know why but intended to find out.

Suddenly a dark object slashed at the tree, making the two jump and land on the ground. They looked back to where the girl was and were surprised to see that she hadn't moved except to look at them head on. Now there was a guarded look on her face.

"Who are you?" she asked

"Funny, we were about to say the same thing," Itachi's partner said

"Sakura Haruno," she answered as the two people in front of her removed their masks.

"I'm Shisui Uchiha and this is my adorable little cousin Itachi," Shisui ended with a grin while earning a glare from Itachi who was just called 'little' and 'adorable'. Sakura couldn't help the smile that crawled onto her face. She could tell that they were the best of friends and balanced each other out very well. The two Uchihas turned their attention to her once more.

"So did you cause all this?" Shisui questioned while gesturing to the area around them. Sakura looked down with a saddened face and nodded her head. Shisui, who thought she thought that they were going to rat her out, quickly said, "Hey, hey, don't worry, it's not a crime to damage a training area, it's what they're made for!"

Sakura gave him a questioning look before realizing that he mistook her downcast look as fear of being punished for the damage she caused. Itachi caught on and asked, "What caused you to do this?"

Sakura looked up at him but quickly looked away and clenched her fists, "My team."

They looked confused and asked her if she wouldn't mind elaborating.

"…they left me…again…they never even gave me a chance, they just assume that because I'm a girl that I'm so weak I can't even protect myself. They always exclude me in anything that could be dangerous," Sakura whispered.

Shisui and Itachi's eyes widened. How could a team leave a comrade behind? It was their responsibility to improve each other's strengths and overcome weaknesses. But apparently, that was not the case for Sakura and her teammates and judging by the destruction here, it was safe to say that this wasn't the first time and it's really starting to hurt the girl in front of them. Her form was trembling and a few tears created waterways down the sides of her face.

"What did your sensei say about all of this?" Itachi asked more gently. He and Shisui had moved to kneel in front of her. Shisui reached up and brushed her tears away and cocked his head to the side. She looked at them, sighed, and sat down, they followed her lead.

"Kakashi-sensei…he never paid attention to me. His main concern was Sasuke's training and Naruto's potential. In his eyes, I wasn't as important as the Kyuubi or the Sharigan," She clenched her fists tighter, "He was the one that asked me to open up to them for the better of the team, so that our teamwork could improve, and they turn around and do this to me!" when she ended, she was almost yelling. Shisui pulled her to him and wrapped his arms around her in a comforting hug and she, in return, clung to him like he was her only life line.

Itachi and Shisui watched this girl, who had ripped this training ground to pieces powered of the betrayal she felt, cry her heart out and proving that even with her power, she was still a 12 year old girl who has been abandoned by her own teammates. They couldn't believe that Kakashi, the same Kakashi who had lost his own genin team and mourned everyday, blamed himself for the what happened, and taught everything on teamwork, would willingly leave someone behind and play favorites.

Itachi and Shisui looked at each other and came to an unspoken agreement. When Sakura calmed down, she pulled back.

"I'm sorry; I've never cried like that before, I was overpowered by my emotions, in need to work on that, huh?" a bitter laugh left her lips.

"Sakura," Itachi said and paused to make sure he had her attention, "We would like for you to meet us here at 1 pm today."

Confusion was the main expression on her face, "why?"

Shisui gave her a grin, "Because, from now on you're with us, so you better start calling us sensei!"

"Remember, no later than 1 pm. Until then…" with that Itachi and Shisui disappeared, allowing Sakura to replay the conversation that just happened. When she fully registered what happened, a smile lit up her face.

"Itachi…Shisui…Thank you!"

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