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Story: Poseidon couldn't let Percy go unprotected any longer. What better way to escape death than to ask a favor of the God of Death himself? Now Thanatos sends out his only demigod son to play bodyguard for the Son of Poseidon. Only Harry Potter hasn't quite recovered from his stay in Azkaban.
Set AU for HP after the fifth book, AU for PJO from the third book onwards.
Spoilers: Definitely for the first book for now.
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Pairings: Hermes/Harry, Luke/Percy, Chris/Clarisse, Charles/Silena…

Saints and Angels
Chapter Two: When the Wizards Come Marching In

"Why do you build me up –build me up, buttercup baby –just to let me down, and mess me around~"

"…Oh God, this is just some dark irony going on," Rachel blanched.

And it really was. With Build Me Up, Buttercup by The Temptations playing in the background of the hijacked car of Paul's, the three of them seemingly kidnapped by his former cat, and the odd execution of the two monsters that had formerly been cheerleaders –Percy was tempted to say that the Fates were once again having a laugh at his expense.

"How did we get from the school to my car? I don't even remember how we suddenly got into here," Paul muttered.

Neither did the other two. They stared in horrified fascination at this…Harry…who sat quietly driving up in front as the three of them huddled in fear at the back.

"Build me up, Buttercup –"

"Turn off the radio, please!" Percy asked, voice embarrassingly high-pitched.

Harry did, which helped to ease the tension somewhat. They relaxed a fraction, though they were still wary.

"Where…where are we going, sir?" Rachel whimpered, staring at the dark-haired man.

"We'll be heading to…an embassy," Harry murmured. "I was asked to protect you, Perseus Jackson. And therefore, part of that would be helped if I kept you out of the war somehow."

Rachel was confused still and Paul, knowing a little bit, was still confused as well. But Percy relaxed even more at this, not able to help it. A part of him, even after it was discovered his cat wasn't really a cat, had felt safe around this stranger for some reason and he couldn't make himself not feel safe.

"Your father approached mine," Harry continued to explain. "And as Thanatos cannot actually do it himself, as his son, I was asked to do something. So long as you are with me, Perseus, you will be safe from the war."

It actually felt like a relief, though Percy felt a bit guilty that so much was being done for him to keep him safe.

"It would help if you explain a bit more to your friend and your mother's boyfriend about things, so they know I'm not really a kidnapper," Harry hinted to him.

Percy took the time to explain about the other "world" he lived in, glad that Paul knew some of it already, and then explained what he could infer about Harry's presence with them.

"So you're like…Percy's bodyguard?" Rachel asked, in the process of wrapping her mind around the information she just learned.

"Yes, essentially," Harry gave a half-shrug.

Paul smiled brightly, now much more at ease. "Sally will be very pleased about this. Oh, will it be alright if I could call her or something, so I can make sure she knows what's going on and that she doesn't panic about our disappearance?"

Harry sighed, reluctant to allow it. "Yes, that will be fine. Just let me find a more secure way so that you can contact her."

"I need to call my dad too," Rachel chirped up.

"Very well," Harry refrained from sighing again. "However, as he is out of the loop, you will have to find a way to placate him and also come up with an excuse that will satisfy him. But if you wait, I can also quickly return you soon. Both you and Mr. Blofis will be returned quietly, though there will still need some sort of explanation for the explosion back in the school."

"Gas leak," Paul said easily, looking confident. "The three of us managed to get away unscathed, and if you get us back to the hospital, it'll be easy to say that I drove there to make sure the kids were alright as one of them was unconscious and I was worried. I currently don't have a cell phone at hand and didn't have time to go looking for a phone, so I couldn't call 911."

"And no one else was around," Percy concluded, before looking at Paul oddly. "Paul…you came up with that excuse a little too quickly and a little too well. Something I should know?" he teased, smirking.

Paul blushed. "…I read…a lot…There's some really interesting crime novels around, you know…"

Percy stifled a laugh at Paul's expense, patting the man's shoulder comfortingly while looking at him approvingly. He really wasn't such a bad guy…he approved for his mother.

"I'll drive to the point and then transport you and Miss Dare nearby the hospital. I can modify some memories to have Percy be seen and then having to leave for an emergency with his father overseas, as that is where we'll be going, Perseus," Harry directed the last bit to him.

Percy perked up in interest, though he inwardly pouted at the continuous formal usage of his first name.

"Cool. I know you'll probably tell me more about it later, so I won't ask much now. And call me just Percy please. No one really calls me Perseus."

Harry nodded sharply.

"Harry, are you okay?" Rachel asked in concern.

Percy blinked, before looking closer at his new guardian, seeing how pale the man was and if he looked a little closer, Harry actually seemed to be a little shaky. He leaned over the front seat and reached over to touch his shoulder in concern.

"Percy, please don't –"

Too late to move back, one touch and Harry panicked, quickly transforming into an adorable black kitten that hung onto the wheel and made the car go zigzag for a moment, scaring the crap out of the rest of the people in the car. And then, miraculously and skillfully, Harry the Cat managed to maneuver the wheel expertly and drove with his cat body perfectly fine, landing an unmarked box from the side to drop onto the gas pedal to keep the car going.

Nerves on edge, all three in the back sat ramrod straight and tensed as a cat drove them to their final destination. It was a very silent ride.

In what passed as a blur, Harry managed to quickly bring back Rachel and Paul, modify the memories, and all that other jazz he'd had planned. It was lucky that he'd calmed down enough to change back to his human form.

It was also lucky that no one commented or asked about his freak out.

After he'd finished, he led Percy into the embassy, after having left him at the entrance to wait for him, and then nervously glanced around. Without a word to Percy, he found the apparation port and Side-Apparated Percy to his home.

He blankly glanced down at the vomiting teenager, vaguely remembering a time where he really hated wizarding travel himself. Dispassionately, he waited until Percy was done and then vanished the mess, hauling the younger male to his feet and dragging him behind him.

"Hey! Lighten up a little; that hurts. And where are we going?" Percy asked him in bewilderment, confused at the sudden change in demeanor of his new guardian.

Harry let go abruptly, taking a moment to calm himself and his nerves, before he smiled in a strained manner at the boy.

"I apologize. We are…at my home. I was going to show you your room and let you get acquainted, while I got things together to finalize and get ready for your long stay here. Again, I'm sorry for the rough handling. I'm not used to being around others or interacting with anyone."

Still confused and not sure how or what Harry meant, Percy just nodded and went along with it, giving a hesitant smile back. Although, it was rather strange how calmly he was taking everything, and how he and the others hadn't been too panicked or had come to accept Harry so easily after the initial panicking…

He asked Harry about that.

"Oh. I manipulated your emotions a bit, mostly to keep all of you calm, and it's still in effect a little. You'll most likely panic more later, unless, under the spell, you've come to relax and accept everything already."

Percy felt a surge of alarm before he shrugged it off. Damn it, that was probably him…

"Anyways," Harry continued nonchalantly. "You can explore around, if you wish. Any door you're not supposed to go through is already locked, so you don't have to worry about going into a room you're not supposed to. And don't worry about accidental force entry or curiosities being too much to handle. Nothing can get through those doors."

Still, Percy felt that Harry was underestimating him. He was a demigod too, and who's to say that Percy wouldn't be able to open those doors anyway? What would Harry have guarding those doors? Cerberus himself?

Harry led him to a room and then left without another word –geez, he was kind of antisocial or something –and then Percy was left to gape at his new room. Holy Olympus, he didn't think mortals could make or live in a kickass place like this. And if he had been paying attention through the walk, he probably would've noticed the trend through the home.

The room was larger than the outside of the door suggested. He had a king-sized bed he was daydreaming of jumping on, a large redwood wardrobe (even with a walk-in closet right next to it) that was so tall it nearly reached the ceiling, and soft, plush carpet for his flooring. There were soft shades of blue and a little of green, and somehow it reminded and felt like home. A smile twitched at his lips and he wondered how his father and the others were doing.

Seeing a water fountain similar to one in his cabin, he eagerly went over and found a pouch of drachmas nearby. He tossed one in and called for his father, relief flooding him when his father immediately appeared. He looked anxious and a little weary, though he hid his weariness upon seeing him.

"Percy," it was clear the anxiety was on his behalf and Percy went kind of pink because of it.

"Hey, Dad," he greeted warmly. "I had some questions…"

"Go ahead. You're with your new guardian, right? I've been worried about you, Percy. I kind of went behind the others' backs for this, so I hope that at least you are okay and being treated well," Poseidon echoed his warm smile, though a little smaller.

"Well, that answers one of my questions," Percy said. "I was just making sure about Harry. He's okay, kind of…shy? Something like that. I don't think he's too used to being around people actually. I've been treated okay so far, so don't worry too much. Really –thanks, Dad. Although, you really shouldn't have. I don't want to get you in trouble with the others and I can take care of myself, you know?"

Poseidon sighed. "I'm glad of him and I'd much rather go through this route, Percy, regardless of the others either. I know you can take care of yourself…but trust me when I say that things are going to escalate and there are more to this than you know…things that will particularly focus on you and drag you into extreme danger I'd rather not have you in. I would prefer it if the burden of this war doesn't fall to you, or that things will end up depending on you."

Percy was intrigued and slightly irritated that things about him were being kept from him, but he held his tongue and thought he could probably find out somehow around where he was, than if he were to be thrust back to camp and with the other demigods. In fact, he might even be able to find something out from Harry, and he had a feeling the older man wouldn't keep it from him and have no problems telling him what he wanted.

He and Poseidon talked a little bit more, traded information on what had been going on in their lives. He could see that his dad was particularly interested in what his mom was doing nowadays, and could hesitantly guessed that his dad probably still held a torch for his mom. But as a god and all, Percy could suppose that Poseidon couldn't actually be with her, especially as a forever. And he was sure that his dad would want his mom to find her happiness and wouldn't stop her from finally finding it just because he was selfish and jealous. Percy liked Paul too. He wouldn't want to see the other man unhappy and left behind, especially after having to get to know him. Paul and his mom deserved each other and to be happy together.

He finished up and then went to go do the first thing on his list –jump on the bed, just like he'd been wanting to do since spotting the monstrous thing.

Harry ran a hand in exhaustion down his face, sighing heavily as he sat back in his chair in his study. He rummaged around in his desk, retrieving a bottle of firewhiskey and a shot glass to drink out of, trying not to wonder what his next action was going to be. And he had a feeling he knew what direction he had already chosen to go through –but it wasn't one he wanted to do.

In some ways…a lot of ways…he could really see himself in Percy.

The weight of the world would weigh heavily on Percy's shoulders like it had on him, though perhaps not as much just yet. Percy was a bit…lighter at his age, more optimistic than Harry had been. He worried about other things, normal things, and lived more like a normal teen than Harry ever had.

And if Percy was like him, then he could already predict how the boy would act after a few months living there. Neither he nor Sirius had enjoyed being kept away and left to their own devices. And information kept from him had made him volatile, while not contributing had made Sirius reckless. With Percy living here by himself, with minimal contact with the world outside and only Harry with company (which is not as much as you would think, considering Harry would much rather hide away himself), he just knew that the younger demigod would grow to be frustrated and upset not too long in the unchanging and lonely environment.

Something and somewhere would be needed to distract Percy and keep his attention locked away from the Second Titanomachy brewing. Enough so that Percy would be able to relax away from the war and not worry about it every second of the day. Some place full of people, different people, Percy could interact with and somewhere that was always exciting, always changing somehow…

Grunting, Harry hesitantly pilfered through his desk again and took out a familiar parchment, opening up and looking at the letter blankly. The familiar crest of a badger, a lion, a raven, and a snake greeted him before he looked inside to see familiar emerald ink that was written in familiar writing.

Dear Mr. Harrison Augustus,

We, here at Hogwarts, are an esteemed group of professors, renowned as some of the best in their fields. We strive to teach our students the best they can be to the best of our abilities. It is to our dearest ambition that our students reach their dreams and goals by doing this, and that they too will be able to become leading and innovative forces in our world. I humbly request that you come to Hogwarts with the intent of sharing your own knowledge and lending your expertise to the school, so that the students may have a competent Defense Against the Dark Arts teacher this year. You may send your reply by a week before the new school term is to begin.


Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

It was as professional and stern sounding as he remembered the professor to be, but he was surprised by how slightly less formal the letter and the presentation overall was. It somehow made everything…less stuffy.

He bit his lip and glanced at the door, remembering his new charge. He took out some parchment and reluctantly started to draft a letter, accepting the position as that year's DADA professor. It had been a long time since he had taught though…

Afterwards, Harry nervously paced his study before seeing a barn owl heading his way. He let it in and conjured a bowl and spelled some water in it, before getting the letter and starting to read. He was surprised at the quick reply, but he knew that Hogwarts was not only close by, but they would be desperate to have that position filled and filled in well. Seeing the letter, more a note, he knew that McGonagall had penned a quick, short reply, which contributed to how quick it got back to him.

Dear Mr. Harrison Augustus,

Thank you. Please find an available time to come to the school, so any additional changes and notes may be discussed and arranged.


Headmistress Minerva McGonagall

Prim and proper as always, even after a quick note. He made quick work of his desk, making sure it was clean and nothing was out for Percy to look at, he cast a sobering charm and then started his way out. He had one of his house-elves on the lookout for Percy and to help the kid with whatever he wanted, also to let him know where Harry had gone.

He made it to Hogwarts in no time, going through the stairs and corridors like he had just been there the day before, never forgetting a thing about his first home. It was like he'd never left the castle and he could feel the air shift and feel it almost welcoming him in a way.

He smiled grimly and found the entrance to the Headmistress' office, seeing the gargoyle. He found the notch at the back of its neck, something no one knew about except for him and Dumbledore, and ignored the baleful look the gargoyle gave him as he pressed the notch. Then it slid aside and he made it to the stairway and began to become nostalgic about all the times he had had to go onto the thing. It wasn't long until he reached the doorway.

He knocked and waited, hearing a surprised "Come in." Doing so, he could see her look surprise at his appearance before her eyes flickered to his eyes and a flash of pain went through hers. She quickly gathered herself together and gave him a small, professional smile that he returned. His was actually smaller, which was kind of funny considering who she was and that smiles were very rare for her.

"Mr. Augustus, what a pleasant surprise," she stood up to greet him.

"Headmistress," he nodded slightly at her.

They shook hands and he could see her vaguely glance at his eyes again before averting them.

"I'm sorry," she apologized suddenly, startling him. "But you have the same exact shade of eyes that were unique to a student I once taught."

Harry stiffened up, but made sure that it was unnoticeable.

"Someone I might know?" he smiled wider, well aware that his father would call it fake. No one else would notice the difference though…

"No…I doubt it," she said quietly, almost staring off into space. "…He'd been my most favorite student."

"Did you think he'd deserved that place?" he asked almost sharply, eyes staring intensely at her.

She looked taken aback at his intensity and wary that his answer said he knew who she was talking about without her having to say so.

"No," she said firmly. But she continued in a regretful tone. "But I am not Albus Dumbledore and I don't have the power he did to be able to get people to listen."

"And not just power magically," he murmured, unconsciously reaching out to pat her hand comfortingly. She'd tensed before relaxing, when that was when Harry finally noticed what he'd done. Clearing his throat uncomfortably, he tried to turn it to business.

It was strange to know that a little makeup to cover his scar and changing his hair to snow white was enough that not even the sharpest professor at Hogwarts had been able to recognize him.

"If I were to do this, I have no real requirements that need fulfilling, other than the fact I must bring my charge along. He is non-magical, so he won't be attending Hogwarts, but I can't leave him behind."

She nodded in acceptance and they went over a few more things before she told him that a staff meeting was about to be scheduled and he should probably attend.

"You could get your introduction out of the way, and know who your colleagues are already," she pointed out and he reluctantly agreed, following behind her to the staff room with something vaguely resembling dread.

The long walk seemed longer than usual, and almost like he was going to his execution. Which was rather ironic considering that it felt more so like it than his own transfer to Azkaban and his cell had been like.

With his wandering thoughts, he hadn't noticed that they had already reached the door to the staff room and McGonagall had just gone to go turn the doorknob and open it. He tensed, watching it all as if in slow motion, and ignored the heavy swallow he did. He didn't feel prepared enough for this. He didn't feel prepared to thrust himself back into a world he'd resented for the last few years, just for a boy he met and was charged with the safety of, especially with no attachment to the kid.

The door opened and he straightened up, forcing himself to face it anyway.

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