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So, Welcome to the sequel to HIGH SCHOOL DAYS! As you may or may not have realized, there was slight foreshadowing in the last chapter of High School Days because I wanted to do a sequel with the group in college… good times, good times… 1, 2, CHICKEN, 16, annnnnnd ACTION!


Kagome stared blankly out the window as Rin drove her and her Imouto downtown. Tomorrow, a big change was happening in Kagome's life. Her sister was going to America and she was starting her first day of college without her loving supporting sister by her side. Just great… Kagome felt her phone vibrate in her pocket.

"Hello?" Kagome asked without checking the Caller iD.

"Where the hell are you?" Sango and Ayame yelled into the receiver. Kagome held the phone away from her ear. Rin took her eyes off the road to stare down the phone weirdly.

"We're coming Give us two minutes!" Rin yelled into the car. Kagome hung up her phone without listening to her friends replies.

"They're anxious," Rin said.

"No kidding. As Ayame put it, we're three female best friends taking the world by storm, sweeping all the men off their feet, and knocking bitches on their asses….Are you sure you don't wanna stay?" Kagome asked.

"I'm sorry Imouto. You know I can't. I'll come visit."

"Oh, joy," Kagome said dryly & sarcastically.

Rin saw her little sister frown and go back to staring out the window. The scene looked like it need rain and dark clouds to make it complete.

Rin smiled and said, "You know you're gonna be partying with all kinds of guys, Ms. Single Lady." Rin bumped into Kagome's back playfully.

"Stop," Kagome said and went back to her depression. Rin could tell that meant 'conversation over'. Rin felt bad for her Imouto. Kagome had been down since her breakup with Inuyasha last month. Kagome wouldn't say what happened, but Rin had her ways…she asked Ayame. It wasn't her fault Ayame couldn't shut up with the right persuasion.

"We're here!" Rin yelled and pulled into the parking lot. Kagome unbuckled her seat belt and went to the trunk of the car. Sango and Ayame were smiling brightly, but the Sango frowned angrily. Kagome got her bags out of the trunk and headed towards the building. Ayame and Sango stood in her way. The door man for the building took Kagome's bags inside. Rin smiled at the girls.

"Where have you been?" Sango asked.

"Yeah. The doorman was getting his old people diapers in a tight ass knot. He must be on his fucking period or something. He was getting mad at us for standing in the parking lot," Ayame said.

"Hey! No cursing in my presence! Fuck, you guys! You bitches and your fucking language pisses me the fuck off! Shit!" Rin said, walking into the building. Ayame and Sango laughed and followed Rin inside. Kagome did a dry laugh and followed everyone.


"Ladies, I welcome you to your new home!" Rin said dramatically, opening the door.

Everyone stepped in to the apartment. The white carpet felt warm and inviting under their feet. The air was chilled with the air-conditioning. They were in a dark hallway that had two doors on the side and an archway that led elsewhere at the end. The walls were bare and the doors where black.

"Okay. Sorry 'bout the lack of coloring. I was going through an "enlightened" faze when I decorated. Feel free to paint what you want, but please be practical," Rin said, staring directly at Ayame.

Ayame looked shocked, but after a second shrugged in agreement.

"Follow me. This door leads to a bedroom *opens door*. The mattress is a queen-sized," Rin said.

The room was black and white. The sheets, curtains, and doors were black. The walls and carpet were white. It had bedroom necessities like a TV, dresser, desk, and new laptop. Rin continued out the room and opened the second door in the hallway, "This is a bathroom."

"It's purple," Sango pointed out.

"Yeah. Purple's an awesome color," Rin said. The bathroom had two sinks with a lengthy mirror above them. There was a toilet next to the sink and a Jacuzzi tub in the far corner. Rin left again and headed down the short hallway.

"This is the living room," Rain said. The room had more carpets, a 42" flat screen, black and white leather couches, a glass coffee table in the center, a mahogany table with a with table cloth strewed across it and chairs surrounding it in the far right corner. An arch way that led into the bedroom was at the far left bottom corner of the room. A sliding glass door led to a patio that went around the apartment and had a view of the whole city. Another archway led to the kitchen. Rin went into the kitchen.

"The kitchen and the bathrooms are the only places with no carpet. The only thing the kitchen needs is someone to cook your food for you," Rin said sitting on the island counter in the middle of the kitchen.

"Hey, get your ass off the counter. We have to eat food off of that," Kagome said. Rin rubbed her backside on it once more and jumped off.

"Let's continue," Rin said, leading them into the other archway. "This is a bedroom, this is a bedroom, this is a bathroom with a shower instead of a tub, and another bedroom." Rin said touching all of the doors.

"We can't see inside?" Sango asked.

"They're all the same except the second bathroom is pink. Here you go," Rin said, digging into her pocket. She produced three key rings that each had a letter on them. "For you…you…and you," Rin said giving each girl a key with the letter of their first name in a different color on it.

"My own key! It's purple!" Ayame yelled.

"This room's mine!" Sango yelled. Ayame rushed to claim her room and Kagome took the last room in the hall. Rin frowned and followed Kagome into her room. When she got in, she saw Kagome laying on her black bed sheets and instantly regretted choosing the depressing color. Rin sat on the edge of her bed. "Hey, Little Feets. I know something's wrong. Obviously. Talk to me, please," Rin said. She knew Kagome would talk. She always talked after Rin called her by her childhood nickname. Kagome sat up slowly and crossed her legs, "I don't want you to go. You finally came home and now you're leaving again. I feel like we're finally together again and now you want to separate us again."

Rin couldn't help but notice the similarities between what Kagome was saying and what was happening with Inuyasha. "This isn't only about me is it?"

"Of course it is. What else would it be about?" Kagome asked, wiping away a tear.

"You were fine a month ago. And-"

"I know where you're going with this, but you're wrong. I don't miss him. I miss you," Kagome said.

"But I haven't left yet" Rin wanted to say, but instead she pulled her sister into a hug. Kagome buried her face into her sister's shoulder and a small sob broke out. Rin ran her hand through her sister's hair gently.

"Okay, Little Feets. If you say it has nothing to do with him then fine. I'll leave it alone. I'm just glad you're crying, at least showing emotion. You've been so out of it lately. It kinda creeps me out. You just sit there with a blank look on your face. Dinner has never been so uncomfortable. Well, other than the time Jii-chan was teaching us about a woman's menstrual cycle," Rin said.

"Eww," Kagome said, pulling away. She instantly wanted to hug her sister again. Rin always smelled of Japanese Cherry blossoms. The scent made Kagome calm and she felt like nothing was going so wrong around her.

"There! See? Don't you feel better? Come on. Let's go out for a while. Just you and me."

"But don't you have to pack for your trip? Your flight's tomorrow," Kagome said.

"Already packed. C'mon! We can get ice cream and get our nails and hair done and maybe some harmless, shameless flirting," Rin suggested.

Kagome made a face.

"Come on! I've spent the last year completely isolatedfrom the male population so I could work on my fashion line! Do you want your only sister to grow old and have to move in with you? Just this once! Please? I'm begging you!, "Rin said, strewing herself across Kagome's lap and stating an obviously fake cry.

Kagome rolled her eyes, "You're such a drama queen."

"Is that a yes?" Rin asked, stopping her crying at once.

Before Kagome could answer, Rin shot off the bed and grabbed Kagome's hand. Rin pulled her sister out into the hall and yelled quick words to Sango and Ayame inside their rooms. "Going out for a while with Kagome! Be back later! We'll bring back ice cream!"

~5 o' clock~

Ayame sat on the whit love seat in a white tank top and brown sweatpants. Her hair was in a ponytail. She was talking on her new cell phone. Sango was in the kitchen in a big green t-shirt that went down to her knees that Miroku gave her. Her hair was up with two chopsticks holding it. They were the picture of relaxed.


"Can you get that, Ayame? I'm making fruit kabobs!" Sango yelled from the kitchen.

Ayame ended her call and got off the couch. She dropped the phone onto her seat and walked slowly to the door. Ayame looked through the peephole, but someone was covering it with their finger. She couldn't hear anyone talking on the other side of the door. Slowly she opened the door. As soon as she did, she was enveloped in a massive bear hug from her boyfriend. She laughed as he brought her inside. Sango came to see what was going on. Miroku and Inuyasha walked inside and closed the door behind them. Miroku took a fruit kabob, kissed Sango on her cheek and sat down on the black couch. Sango sat next to him. Kouga sat on the whit love seat Ayame inhabited earlier and placed his girlfriend on his lap. Inuyasha sat on the remaining white couch.

"What are you guys doing here?" Sango asked.

"We came to visit you," Miroku said.

"How sweet," Ayame said from Kouga's lap.

"Where's Kagome and Rin?" Kouga asked.

"They went out to Kami knows where. They didn't say when they'd be back," Sango said.

"Probably went out for one last ride cause Rin's leaving tomorrow," Ayame said, taking a fruit kabob. Kouga bit off a fruit when she wasn't looking. Inuyasha sat horizontally in his chair and took out his phone for who knows what. Sango threw a pillow at him.

"What the hell?" Inuyasha yelled.

"I haven't heard a 'hi, sister' or 'how are you sister' yet!" Sango said. Inuyasha watched her dead in the face and took a fruit kabob off the plate. "You could at least say 'thank you'," Sango continued.

"Miroku didn't have to say 'thank you'," Inuyasha said.

"Believe me. I have my ways of 'thanking' her," Miroku said. Sango slapped him upside his head.


The new freshmen to college, minus Kagome, were sitting in the girls' living room. Ayame and Kouga were sucking face and Sango made Miroku sit on the floor for touching her ass. Now he was caressing her feet.

"Don't you ever get tired of touching me?" Sango said.

"My dear Sango, there are so many places on your beloved body I have not explored. And until I familiarize myself with your gorgeous body I shall never get tired," Miroku answered. Sango kicked stomach. Miroku groaned and went down. Idiot… Inuyasha thought.

Click. Giggle. Laugh.

Inuyasha muted the TV. Sango turned and Kagome and Rin came out of the archway. They were hanging on to each other laughing. They looked completely bonkers…(try reading it with a British accent. It makes it koolio)

Inuyasha was momentarily stunned by Kagome. Her hair was still its black-bluish self he remembered and she was still the cute girl he dated for over a year. She and Rin had bags in their hands.

"Where have you two been?" Sango asked.

"Calm down, Sango," Kagome said. Inuyasha missed hearing her voice. "We were getting ice cream."

"For eight hours?" Sango yelled.

"That's not caaalllmmm," Rin sang. Kagome and Rin started laughing again.

"Here you go. One pint of Cookies n' Crème ice cream for you," Rin said, giving Sango a plastic bag. Kagome gave Ayame a plastic bag ,also. "-and Mint Chocolate Chip for you," Kagome said. Inuyasha wanted ice cream…

"I hate Mint Chocolate Chip," Ayame said, "Thanks!"

Ayame opened her jar and dug in greedily. "I am a happy fat kid," Ayame said. Ayame had weird tastes, that she hated, but couldn't get enough of. Sango opened her jar and saw half her ice cream was gone.

"What the hell?" Sango yelled. She looked at Kagome and Rin questioningly.

"You see? Here's what happened; we were walking and we got hungry so we thought you wouldn't mind," Rin said.

"You're so generous," Kagome said ruffling Sango's hair. Kagome's eyes widened, "oops." Sango looked confused and went into her bedroom.

"You have ten seconds," Rin said. Kagome backed away slowly.

"Kagome!" Sango screamed. Ayame started laughing. Kagome ran into the purple bathroom and locked the door.

"Kagome, get out the bathroom!" Sango yelled.

"No, leave me alone!"



"Who wipes their ice cream covered hand in someone's hair? Get out here now!"

"Go away!"


Miroku, Sango, and Kagome sat on the three seat, black couch while Ayame and Kouga sat on their loveseat. Inuyasha laid on the floor. Rin was on Inuyasha's old love seat.

"Fluffalupalumps," Rin said.

"Lumps," Kagome said.

"Yeah, just take the obvious one why dontch ya," Ayame said.

"Lupa. Like chalupa," Kouga said.

"That doesn't count," Inuyasha said.

"Yes, it does!" Kouga responded.

"Pal," Miroku said.

"Fall," Ayame said.

"Fluffy," Sango said.

"There's no "Y" in Fluffalupalumps," Inuyasha said.

"How do you know? It's probably silent!" Sango argued.

"Why would there be a "y"?" Inuyasha asked, sitting up.

"Why is phone spelled, P-H-O-N-E? Don't ask me! I'm not the crackpot who mad up the rules!" Sango yelled.

"Hey! If you guys can't follow the rules we won't play! Kagome your final ruling?" Rin said.

"Inuyasha's right. There's no "y"," Kagome said.

"Ha!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Whatever," Sango said.

"Okay, new word. Borgusflorg," Rin said.

"Bogus," Ayame said.

"Boogus," Kouga said.

"Boogus isn't a word!" Inuyasha yelled.

"Yes, it is!" Kouga yelled back.

"Stop making up words so you'll win!" Inuyasha yelled from the floor.

"It's not made up! It's an actual word!" Kouga yelled.

"Let me check," Rin said, checking her phone's dictionary, "…Inuyasha's right it's not a word."

"Ha!" Inuyasha said, "take that!" Kagome giggled at him. Inuyasha was momentarily stunned by her from his place on the floor.

"This game's rigged," Kouga said, grumpily.

"How is it rigged? You have to make real words out of a fake one!" Kagome said.

"New word. Shmupelle," Rin said.

"Pee," Ayame said.

"Five points for Ayame," Inuyasha said.

"Yay!" Ayame said.

"What's the final score, Kagome?" Rin asked.

"Um… 35 for Ayame, 32 for Sango, 28 for Miroku, 29 for me, and 2 for Kouga," Kagome read off her sheet of paper, but pulled it away when Sango tried to peek.

"How come I have 2?" Kouga yelled.

"Cause you keep making up words!" Inuyasha yelled.

"They're not made up! There real!" Kouga argued back.

"Boogus, lupa, shmerp, fleeger, gorfnar, and foob are not real words!" Inuyasha yelled. Kouga and Inuyasha kept arguing over there words for the next three minutes.

"How stupid can you be?" Inuyasha yelled.

"They are real words! I made them up myself!" Kouga yelled.

"If you made them up then they're not real!"

Rin sighed in exhaustion and pulled out her phone to text Daisuke, who was already in America.

To Daisuke:

Inuyasha and Little Feets r doin okay in the same room… I have a feelin if they're alone 2 gether may b dey can work out their probs. I can tell he still looves her. She's still crazy bout him even tho she insists that she's not… they'll get 2gether, im sure of it. It'll b bout tyme 2! I need mi lil sister bak! I'll see u 2marrow…


Moi-Moi: Dum-dee-de-dum-dum da! The first chapter of All Our Days is completed. The first Chapter shall be a part one of the introduction into the scene. I have decided to do the sequel AND 4!

4)Canon; Tired of their men cheating on them, Sango proposes an idea to Kagome. As the saying goes, you don't know what you have until it's gone. Inuyasha and Miroku learn that the hard way….