SUMMARY: Lady gives Dante a job. Something simple. Act as body guard to a girl named Selene, who is being chased by demons. Lady has been asked to investigate ... and she needs Dante to guard her 'subject' while the investigation into what exactly the demons want with Selene is found. But Selene is less than impressed with her body guard. And ... it seems she has tricks of her own ... including a powerful set of guns with enough power to hold off even a greater demon. More confusing is that there are some demons ... who think she is the key to unlocking the 'Myth of the Seraphim' a divine weapon which if in the wrong hands ... could mean the end of the human world forever. Dante is soon going to discover that this may be the strangest and wildest job he has ever undertaken.


It was dark in the city. Even the blinking streetlights could not seem to throw the oppressive, heavy darkness that leaned against them. Her light green eyes surveyed her surroundings. She wandered the boardwalk at the dock. Her booted feet tapped loudly in the still, sullen silence. Her breath came out in steaming puffs which she watched slowly fade before her.

She wore a woollen hat of black and white stripes, with a black rose stitched to the bottom corner. It was pulled down over her ears. Her fiery red, wavy hair coiled down all the way to her lower back. She wore stone wash skinny jeans, a short cut black t-shirt reading 'what ever doesn't kill me better run fast' and over that a shawl clasped shut with a pendent depicting a praying angel to cover her shoulders. The back of the shawl trailed down her back, but the front side was a little shorter reaching only her waist. It created a v-shape where the clasp held it, but hid her arms, sides and shoulders.

On her arms she wore elbow length, tight fitting white gloves, the middle and ring fingers uncovered.

She could tell without turning that someone was following her. Someone ... or something. She stopped.

"Why don't you just come out. There's nobody here. You might as well let me see your ugly face ..." She said.

Her voice, though laced with a warning was soft and pleasing to listen to. It didn't even seem possible that such an angelic voice could drop to that kind of tone. Yet there it was, her expression drawn into hostility.

A spindly demon slinked down a street light. It's body was thin and winding like a lizards. It had three sets of arms, and a large, flat head. It's two pairs of eyes set on the front of it's face watched her as it's wide jaws twisted into a smirk.

"You shouldn't be out here alone … Selene. You just make it easier for us …" It hissed in a rasping, grating voice.

The girl smiled slowly as more of them slunk beside the first, hissing and quaking in excitement.

"I think you misunderstand." She said. "Perhaps it is you who have made it so easy."

"Your brother is no longer here … nobody will protect you."

"I do not need anyone to protect me." She turned to them. "So … if this measly little brigade of yours is all you can muster then lets be done with it, shall we …?"

A series of sharp, hoarse barks crackled in the air. She guessed she had made them laugh. Then … they charged.


Dante yawned, slouched in the chair at his office. That was when the door opened, and Lady walked in.

"Well, well. Very busy today, aren't we, Dante …?" Lady said.

"Yeah, yeah." Dante didn't move. "What is it you want? If it's another crap job then forget about it. That last one was a waste of time."

"It's not my fault you cause more damage than solving the problem." Lady shrugged, wandering over to his desk. She propped her hips against it. "I have a client who requested help. It's an unusual case … but it will pay very well. And it's so simple even you can't screw it up."

Dante pulled himself up, putting the chair right, leaning towards her menacingly. "What's that supposed to mean …?"

"Now, now. Aren't you interested in clearing your debt? This job pays enough to clear it twice over. If you do it right." Lady noticed she had gotten his undivided attention. "It's a bodyguard job. It seems there is a girl who is being targeted by demons. While an investigation is underway as to why, she needs to be kept safe. Here … this is the girl … before you decline."

Lady threw a photo to him, which he caught. He glanced at it. Good curving body. Gorgeous red hair. Beautiful cat green eyes. Probably about twenty-one … and a complete babe. He whistled. "I'll admit she's a looker. But one question: why won't you take this job?"

"I've been asked to help with the investigation side of it. I can't very well investigate why so many demons want her and protect her. So … you help me… and do this job right … I'll write off your debt and you'll still have enough for a large wad of spare change."

"And Trish? Why didn't you ask her?"

"Trish is helping with the investigation."

Dante whistled again. "Whoa … the two of you are needed? Must be a BIG investigation. But alright. I'll do this job. Nothing like getting paid to watch over a babe. I'm sure we'll hit it off."

Lady smiled. "I though I could count on you. But Dante … screw up and I'll double your debt."

Dante stood, ignoring her last comment. He grabbed rebellion and strapped it to his back, preparing to start the job.


Dante sighed, staring at his new clients photo. It seemed the girl had gone missing. Great. His client was a spoilt brat who didn't know what was good for her. As he understood it, she was descended from an insanely rich family, and Lady had explained the job was passed down by her brother, who had been murdered not long after issuing the job. The family accountant, who was also a dear friend of the family, verified the request and still offered it out, with the original reward sum regardless. He had expressed he did not want the younger sister to meet the same fate.

Cindy, the waitress sailed over on her skates, handing Dante his strawberry sundae.

"Hey Dante!" She beamed. "You look a little blue. What's up?"

Dante glanced up at her. "Oh. Just a job isn't going very well. I'm looking for a girl."

"Really? Can't find her huh? What's that picture …?" Dante turned it so Cindy could see. She squealed then regained herself, leaning forwards, keeping her voice low. "Dante … that woman is sitting at the very end! She ordered the same strawberry sundae! She's been here since before you got here!"

Dante surged to his feet and looked to the end of the diner. True to Cindy's word, at the very end booth was the red haired beauty in the picture. He could see that she had already demolished two other ice cream sundae's, their glasses pushed to one side now empty, and was half way through a third.

Part of him wanted to strangle her … the other just wanted to talk to her. It seemed that simply looking at her cooled his anger. He couldn't describe what looking at her made him feel. The way the light glinted off her … there was an air to her … that made her so ethereal.

He strode over and she glanced up. He slumped into the opposite seat, catching her look of indignation.

"Excuse me, who do you think you are …?" She asked with a raised brow.

"You're Selene Whitchurch … aren't you …?" Dante grinned when he caught her look of surprise. "And I'm pretty sure your dearly departed brother asked me to be your body guard. So … I don't know what you seem to think skipping out on me will accomplish, because I intend to be paid for doing this job."

Selene smiled. "Oh. So you're my big strong body guard."

"That's right."

She sighed. "I really don't mean this to insult you … honestly I don't … but I'd rather not have a bodyguard, it's just more people to get hurt. I can protect myself."

Dante barely stifled a laugh. "You? Then why did you butler Jeeves or what ever his name is pay such a hefty price for me to be your bodyguard?"

"My brother was always over protective of me." She spooned in some sundae. "I'll make sure you get paid either way. I have my own money too, you know. My brother and I did inherit half the estate of our late mother. Whatever he can pay you, I can too. If not … double."

"Double ay … well … I'm afraid that just won't cut it. I've been asked to protect you. You do know it's demon after you, right …?" Dante leaned forwards. "Cold blooded killing machines. They won't hesitate to pick off a slip of a girl."

Selene smiled breezily. "Oh … is that so. Well …" She scraped the last of the sundae into her mouth. "If that's the case then I guess I have no choice but to put myself in your care. You are …?"


They had both finished their sundaes, and Selene picked up the bill. Now they headed back through the smoky alleyways to his shop.

"So … you picked up the job because of the money …?" Selene said, breaking the somewhat awkward silence.

"Yeah. Something like that." Dante said.

Selene chuckled softly. "And they told you about the demons …?"


Selene laughter a little harder. "Strange. Belmont must be getting desperate. He usually leaves that part out."

"Usually?" Dante looked intrigued.

"My brother and I have been … accosted by many demons. However, in the last year it has increased … more than we care to think. Before … we would probably get one demon a month at best … now … I count it a good day to just get one demon encounter in a day. It would be good … if we just knew why. We don't have anything they would want. We're a fairly normal family. But … since the day my brother and I were born … the day our mother died … we have been tracked down." Selene explained.

"And your father …?" Dante asked.

"I don't know. Our mother never spoke of him … only that shortly after I was conceived … he left. She doesn't keep any pictures … nothing. They weren't even married. So my guess is he was a dead beat she felt sorry for, fed him up on her wealth, and then he split after news of a second noose around his neck." Selene sighed. "Not that it matters … either way."

They continued on. Dante could certainly relate to losing a mother. He could tell that beneath her good looks, she was probably a mess. No wonder she didn't want any help even though she needed it. Humans had a funny habit of self destruction when they experienced loss. It never really made sense to him. When he was in a bad mood it worked the other way – he just wanted to slay as many demons as he could. Maybe it was his demonic side.

It was only when he snapped out of his reverie that he could feel her eyes were on him. He turned his head to look at her.

"What …? Am I too good looking for you, babe?" He asked.

She made a disgusted face. "Don't be ridiculous … and do not refer to me in such a … such a heinous manner."

Dante burst into laughter. "What ever you say, babe."

Just as she was about to retort … she stopped. Dante halted at the same time. He could feel a demon presence. Had she felt it too …? Humans were usually oblivious to them until it was too late … but she had definitely stopped for a reason. Probably … for somebody who was used to being chased by demons for as long as she had … it was a developed instinct.

Dante drew his guns. In that moment, two Scythes materialised before him, shrieking eerily, grasping their giant sheers. Their burning red eyes glared at him.

"Ha. Jackpot." He grinned.

He wasted no time firing at them, placing himself between them and Selene. The Scythes scuttled, trying to get by him, but he gave no such ground. He fired at one, while dispatching the one behind him without a backward glance with his other gun. The second one died with a wail … and the scissors spun and then landed into the ground before burning away.

He holstered Ebony and Ivory. As he turned to see if Selene was okay, he caught a glimmer of a demon from the corner of his eye. It was too late to draw his weapon … he had been so occupied with the Scythes … he hadn't anticipated a different demon would be with them.

He braced himself to grapple it … and as it lunged at him, long teeth bared into a snarl … a loud shot rang out. A flash of light rippled in the air … and the demon disintegrated.

"What …?" He breathed.

He whirled around to find that Selene had drawn a twinkling white hand gun. It looked like an antique … with gold gilding and images of roses and feathers coiling up the barrel. She smiled sweetly at him.

"You … you've been packing some heat this whole time?" Dante was grinning boyishly at her.

Selene pulled open her white fur shawl to reveal two gun holsters strapped around her waist. The other held an identical wonderfully detailed gun.

"They're called 'The Seraphim'." She said, kissing the back of the gun. "They're … family heirlooms I've had customised."

Dante could here more of the sloping, dog like demons skulking from the shadows in the alleyway. He drew his guns, and Selene drew her other one two. They stood back to back.

"I'll make you a bet." Dante said. "Who ever kills the most … gets treated to dinner."

Selene grinned. "You're on."

The fight was on. Selene got first kill … but Dante took out two with one shot. Soon, as the number of demons grew, the two broke apart. It was chaos … demons were everywhere. But the two ducked, dived and somersaulted. Dante was impressed with her shooting skill. She certainly wasn't the sheltered spoilt rich girl he first thought she was.

By the end … they were even. When the numbers died down … the two were facing one another, still holding their weapons ready.

"Well … it seems … we're at a tie." Selene said.

Dante grinned … and then fired a shot near her head. Selene spun, shocked …. And then saw a demon body slump to the floor. It had obviously been creeping up on her. Dante's smile grew wider.

"I'll take a pizza with everything on it … except olives." He said, drawing Ebony and Ivory.

Selene rolled her eyes, drawing hers too.

Selene and Dante settled on the beat up sofa inside Devil May Cry. Dante's weapons were on his desk, beside Selene's. There were three boxes of pizza that the two were sharing, compliments of Selene

"So … you're not quite so helpless as that butler of yours seems to make out." Dante said. "That was some serious sharp shooting."

"Well … you were very good yourself. It's been a while since I lost a shoot out." Selene took a bite of pizza. "It seems demons don't really bother you all that much, Mr Dante."

"It's kinda what I do for a living … kill demons." Dante shoved a large chunk of pizza into his mouth.

Selene looked at the macabre décor of the place … and thought what an understatement that was. Demon skulls mounted to the walls along with weapons of all sorts. The office was a mess. She couldn't believe somebody who lived like this was her body guard.

"You don't actually think that I'm really letting you guard me … do you?" Selene said.

"I don't think you have all that much choice. You might be a good shot … but there are far more stronger demons than those. And if it is as you say … that the demons do want you … they'll send even a demon lord after you if they have to." Dante shrugged. "I'm not letting a good pay go to waste because you have a death wish."

Selene glared at him. "Look … I don't need anyone's protection … least of all some cocky, chauvinistic pig who lives like a homeless man. I came with you because I wanted to see what kind of person Belmont had hired. I'm not that impressed."

"Whoa, babe. There's no need to be insulting." Dante said, knowing she hated being called that.

Selene's cheeks flushed. "I told you not to refer to me that way."

"And I told you … like it or not … I'm your body guard. So get some rest, princess. I'll tie you to a bed if you want. I'm sure that'd really make your day." Dante grinned as she threw an empty pizza box at him, and hurled herself up from the seat. Dante jumped up and grasped her arm as she ran to go. "I don't know what your problem is, babe, but like I said … I'm not letting you out of here, you are not leaving here without me. And I'm real fast if you try to bolt. You might be a good shot … but you won't beat me." He watched as her cheeks flushed with indignation. "And between you and me, that little show in the alley … I was holding back."

She swerved round to strike him across the face, but he caught her wrist. Her cat green eyes were alight … and he couldn't help but think that no matter her mood … there was still some kind of … aura to her. He couldn't put his finger on it … but it was there.

"Are you going to go to make this difficult …?" Dante asked.

Selene looked away from him. "I'm not tired."

"Fine … then we'll stay up. But you're still not going out of my sight, babe."

Selene huffed, her shoulders sinking. She passed him the most venomous glance she could muster. He released her as he felt her relax. They stood for a long time before she would so much as blink. Then, in sync, they sank into the sofa. Selene refused to look at him, instead she glared at the wall. She only wished she had picked a different one to look at because this one was plastered with posters of topless women. But she would not give him the benefit of meeting his gaze.

Dante laughed and relaxed in his seat, continuing to eat the last of the pizza himself.

Selene sighed haughtily and then slumped in the seat.

"That's very unlady like." Dante said, amusement tinting his voice.

"Ugh. I don't need some … some … pig headed, egotistical slob telling me how I should and shouldn't sit. I'll bet I'm the only woman who wasn't trying to kill you or that you had to pay that you've had in here." Selene smirked.

"Well I wouldn't say that. This sofa has seen a lot of action … in fact the spot where you're on is where Suzy and I-" Dante watched as she got off the sofa as if it were diseased. "I was going to say where I had Suzy and I ate lunch together … but I guess you had something far dirtier in mind. That's definitely not lady like."

"How dare you!" Selene spluttered. "You filthy … degenerate!"

"Spoilt brat." Dante countered.

"Whore magnet!"


The insults continued to bounce back and forth for most of the night, each able to hit something back. In the end … it was Selene who stopped, burying her head in her hands.

"Oh what did I ever do to deserve this …?" She mumbled.

"Like I said, you can make the most of it, or you can make life difficult. But I've dealt with worse than a girl born with s silver spoon in her mouth." Dante shrugged and stood.

"I … I …" She turned her head away form him, folding her arms over her chest. "I'm not speaking to you."

Dante laughed. "As you wish."

Later that evening, Selene said she felt tired … so … Dante had tied her to him. They squeezed onto his tiny bed (much to her annoyance) and he waited until she was fast asleep … her breathing shallow. He studied her delicate face. She certainly was a live wire. He was really enjoying this work. He knew he probably should rile her as much as he had been but he couldn't help it. She looked … like an angel when she was asleep.

Eventually … he fell asleep.