Darrus lunged for Selene, but Dante swiped downwards, wrenching a chunk of flesh from the demon's arm. Darrus howled in pain. Selene stabbed Rebellion at him it a stinger move. Darrus barely managed to dodge. Instead of piercing him, Rebellion sliced through his side.

Lucifer had greatly weakened him. He did not have much power left. But he wouldn't let them spoil everything he had worked for years to achieve.

He leapt into the air, and Selene fired The Seraphim. As he fell to the mud, Dante rammed Alastor into his middle.

Darrus squealed … and then … toppled back. He looked up at the two and began laughing, hysterics wracking his body.

"You two … are quite a couple." He said.

Selene pointed one of The Seraphim at his head.

"You two don't get it do you? Let's say by some miracle you manage to defeat Lucifer. Are you going to wander off into the sunset together? Of course you are. But you don't understand a thing about anything."

"What the hell are you babbling about? I really am sick of your bullshit-"

"She drives you crazy, doesn't she, son of Sparda?" Darrus cut him up. "You can't explain the way she makes you feel. She seeps a warmth into you that you have never known … you can barely control yourself when you're with her. She is intoxicating." Darrus fell into fits of giggles. "That's the problem with being part demon, part human. You are drawn to her because she is part angel. It's called angelic charm. Your demon side is naturally intrigued by her … and your human side desires her. Your feelings for her are little more than what is in her blood. It isn't love … she is a siren … and you are a sailor steering your ship into the rocks."

"That's horse shit." Dante said.

"Think about it, Selene. Women trip over themselves to be near your brother Michael. You have seen how they faint at the mere sight of him, haven't you?" Darrus continued.

"Michael didn't inherit a lot of angelic power." Selene said.

"No … not the raw power … but he inherited enough angelic charm to send half the human world females into a chaotic frenzy if he desired. Everything about you … your voice … your body … the way you move … it is like a drug to humans. It is made even worse when somebody is part demon. Demon and angel are always drawn to one another, they can always sense a difference between one another … but … when mixed with human blood … it makes you fall even harder. No matter how hard you fight it." Darrus coughed up blood. "The great son of Sparda … felled by a red haired beauty … an angel."

Dante stared at Selene. He didn't want it to be true. He had never felt so strong a love for anyone as he did for Selene. It couldn't be just because of something as simple as her blood. But part of him knew that what Darrus said was right, how he felt about her. Selene was beautiful … sometimes maddeningly so. Everything about her made him desire her. Even when she was angry or sad.

Selene looked at Dante, shaking her head.

"No!" She said. "You're wrong! It's not true!"

Darrus chuckled … and then exhaled deeply. His body crumbled away.

"Dante …" Selene said.

Dante opened his mouth to speak … when a loud roar sounded around them. They turned to see Lucifer walking through the trees at the far end of the ruins.

"No …" Dante said. "Shit … what do we do …?"

"We have to stop him … if we can't break down the portal in time … we'll have to destroy the statue Lucifer's corporeal body is inhabiting."

"Wait … that's not actually Lucifer?" Dante said.

"No … he has imbued his power into it The Angelic Vault… it is merely a shadow of him. If we can break the statue … then we can stop him." Selene said.

The rain was slowly subsiding now that the portal had broken through the clouds. Dante switched into his devil trigger … and Selene summoned her own power. They charged or Lucifer at the same time. Dante fired electrical bolts at him, while Selene launched her blessed bullets.

They rebounded off Lucifer, who surged forwards. He grabbed Dante, forcing Selene away. Grasping him by the throat, Lucifer launched him into the air. Selene fired a shot at his head, and Lucifer released Dante.

Dante swung Alastor at Lucifer. He managed to cut into Lucifer's arm, dicing off a chunk. What appeared at first to be flesh … clattered down to the ground. It was stone. This wasn't Lucifer, just as Selene had said.

Selene was diving up wards with Rebellion. She sunk it into Lucifer's stomach. Lucifer punched her, wrenching her grip from the sword and sent her smacking into the wet muddy ground. He threw Dante down as well, the force making Alastor slip from Dante's grip. Lucifer grasped it and hurled it at Dante's body.

As Selene had almost made it to her feet and was attempting to help Dante, Lucifer pulled Rebellion from his middle, and hurled at Selene, piercing through her body and pinning her to the ground on her back beside Dante. The swords were buried through their bodies up to the hilt, the blades stuck deep into the mud.

Lucifer landed softly, a few feet away from the two. He padded to the portal. He raised his hand … and a large white window began to form.

"No …" Selene cried, pushing up, trying to push up.

The clouds had drawn back, the rain completely stopped. As they drew back … the full moon blazed above. Selene glanced to Lucifer … and she saw in better light traces of the statues beneath the glamour of his form. She saw the hole where Darrus had plunged in The Herald to summon him.

She remembered what Lucifer had said. It will take more than blessed bullets on their own.

She pushed up, pain roasting through her body … and then … Rebellion came free from the ground. She pulled the sword out and turned to Dante, helping him up.

"We have to fire together at once … see … the hole … that's a weak spot. If we hit it at the same time with our power … we will shatter him." Selene said.

Dante nodded. They stood together, drawing their guns. They focused their power into them and fired. Lucifer wheeled around, dodging the hit, inches away from the portal.

"You …" He scowled.

"We missed!" Selene shouted.

"He moves too quickly … we're too far away. We don't have time to get close enough!" Dante said.

Lucifer stepped closer to the portal.

"Hey!" A shout called, moments before a bang erupted.

A hook whirled around Lucifer, attached to a wire, and then it tightened. It pinned Lucifer's arm to his sides.

Selene and Dante turned to see Lady holding onto Kalina Ann. She looked a little beaten up and was covered in mud and demon blood …but was otherwise okay. She had launched the grappling hook attachment of Kalina Ann and arrested Lucifer's movements.

Lucifer roared with rage and pulled.

Lady stumbled forwards, struggling to keep her footing in the wet mud. She slipped and fell back, but held fast onto her weapon, pulling the wire taught.

"Hurry it up!" She shouted.

Lucifer yanked again, pulling Lady forwards.

"Oh no you don't!" Came an aggressive growl … and a bright blue hand lashed out from the distance and wrapped itself around Lucifer, holding him still. Lady scrambled to her feet and pulled on Kalina Ann, tightening the grappling wire again, slowly hauling Lucifer away from the portal.

Behind her was Nero.

Selene looked up at the moon … and the glow of The Seraphim brightened, the wings at the guns grew larger, as did the circlets winding up her body. From her back ... a hazy outline of transparent white began to form a smoky image of wings. They glistened in the light of the moon ... the sky became clear, the star blinking above.

Michael had told her when she was young … that when an angel stands beneath a full moon … miracles happen. She turned to Dante and nodded. The two charged their weapons, the light from both becoming blinding. They interlocked their arms, gun barrels aligned together.

If there could be any one miracle she would pick right now … it would be that they stopped Lucifer. She couldn't let him hurt anyone. Not Cindy the waitress and the diner or Patty. Not Lady, Trish or Nero. Not Kyrie or her unborn child. And not her brother.

The two released their triggers at the same time. The sparks of Dante's shot and hers coiled around one another again as they had done before, and then … they hit directly on target. The shot hit right into the hole in Lucifer's back and through his chest … and then … right through the portal. A huge hole burnt through the portal stone.

Lucifer stumbled backward … his body crumbling away. He watched in horror as a huge crack split down the middle of his portal, the pulsing symbols dulled and went out. A shower of large blocks of rock began tumbling down. One huge boulder plummeted down and crushed Lucifer's already crumbling body.

Dante was pulled Selene's arm … it was only when she snapped out of her awe that she realised that he was urging her to run from the hail of huge chunks of rock. Nero, Lady, Dante and Selene were running as quickly as they could out of the range of the falling stone. They ran into the tree line … and stopped.

When the loud crashes and bangs stopped, they crept out.

"We did it!" Lady screamed excitedly.

When the dust settled, they looked to the huge mound of rubble. Nero and Dante could no longer sense the power of Lucifer. They had done it.

Lady and Nero had been healed by the angel Michael … who had returned to his human form, as had Gabriel. It transpired that Isaac had gone into the Whitchurch estate to heal Michael after he had helped Lady.

When Selene got to the door, she threw her arms around her brother.

When they separated … Belmont signalled Michael to follow him. He was going to tell him the truth. Nero and Lady had left to go and call somebody at Fortuna to inform them that the situation had been controlled and the world was safe.

Dante and Selene stood in the lobby of the house alone. An awkward silence dropped between them. Selene didn't know what to say to him.

Dante ran his hand through his hair.

"I … I really do care about you." He said. "But … I need to know … if this is because of what you are. It wouldn't be fair to you … wouldn't be fair if the only thing that makes me feel this way is your blood."

Selene stared at him, feeling as though her heart were being crushed inside her chest. Tears stung her eyes. Neither spoke for a while.

"I … I understand." She said.

"Just … take care of yourself … okay?" He said, swallowing.

Selene nodded. She couldn't trust her voice to talk. She watched Dante walk out of the door … and vanish into the night. She collapsed to her knees … feeling numb all over.

"Selene …?" Nero's voice came. "Selene! Are you okay …?"

He gripped her shoulders, wondering if it was a wound. Selene pushed him away and fled into her room, where she threw herself onto the bed, and burst into tears.

"What the hell happened …?" He whispered.

Lady came out. "What was all that noise?"

"Something is wrong with Selene … she just … ran off crying." Nero said.

"Where's Dante …?" Lady asked.

"I don't know." Nero sighed. "Something must have happened to those two during the battle. Maybe … they had … you know … a lovers tiff."

Lady shook her head. "I should go and see her but … sometimes … it might be best if I left her. I'll … go and tell Michael."

"I'm going to shoot off back to Fortuna. Kyrie's waiting for me." Nero said.

"I'll meet you back there!" Lady said, waving.

Nero managed to catch Dante at the train station. He looked like hell. His face was twisted into a scowl. Nero stalked behind him as the train arrived, following him into a private carriage.

"Hey … what are you doing leaving?" Nero said.

"Things didn't work out … between Selene and I. But … she's safe … the portal and The Angelic Vault are gone … so she should be safe from the demons now." Dante sighed. "Everybody wins."

"You're walking away from her? Dante … I saw how close you two were. What the hell happened …?"

"Look it doesn't matter." Dante snapped irritably. "It just didn't work. End of Story. Now shut up and leave me the hell alone."

Nero looked at Dante and sighed. He knew it would be pointless to talk to him now.

******************* THREE MONTHS LATER ********************

Dante had gone back to Devil May Cry. As promised, the money had been paid, and he no longer owed any money to anyone. But Dante had no appetite. He barely ate. He hadn't even bothered to get his office repaired. He couldn't stop thinking about Selene, and every where he looked there was a memory of her.

He wanted nothing more than to run back to her home … but he knew that if all that made him feel this way was her angelic charm … it wouldn't be real love. And she deserved real love.

Lady didn't stop by even half as often now that he had cleared his debt with her. He had stopped taking jobs … he couldn't find the energy to do anything … not even to kill demons.

Selene stayed with her brother Michael at the estate. For the first time since the death of her mother … she could go out by herself without fear of being attacked by demons. She got to go to parties, got to meet people without worrying about dragging them into demon fights.

But now … the things she had always longed for just didn't matter. She knew that she loved Dante … but understood that he might not feel quite the same about her.

Was this the curse she was supposed to live with? Is that why Michael always turned the girls down? Because he knew deep down they would never really love him? She had noticed that men looked at her with desire, ogled her body. It only made it hurt even more.

"Selene …?" Michael's voice called softly.

Selene looked up. She was in her room at the window, peering miserably outside. The sun shone brightly outside … but it didn't cheer her up. Michael came in with a perfect hot cocoa as he always had and passed it to her.

Selene took it, peering at it. The presentation was without fault … the cream did not spill over the edges and was even, the chocolate sprinkles covered the entire top layer of cream. She sipped at it. It had always made her feel better before … but now … she felt no different.

Michael bent down, taking her hands in his. "Selene … what is wrong with you, my little angel? You haven't smiled since …"

"I'm just not feeling so good." Selene said.

"You know you can talk to me about what's on your mind." Michael said.

Selene nodded. "I know."

"Listen … I've been invited to a party and I want you to go." Michael said.

"I don't feel like it." Selene sighed wearily.

"Please … for me. It will cheer you up … and you do yourself no good locking yourself in your room like this." Michael said. "Go to to the party ... dance your troubles away ... meet some people and make some friends."

Selene nodded. "Okay. I'll go."

Michael stood, and ruffled her hair affectionately. Then he left, frowning thoughtfully.

There came a knock at the door. Dante peered up from his desk at his office. He slouched in his chair, feet on the desk.

"We're closed!" Dante shouted.

The door opened anyway. Michael strode in, smiling at Dante.

"Oh … it's you." He said. "What do you want?"

"It's probably none of my business … but … since you left that night … Selene has been unhappy. I just … wanted to know what happened." Michael said.

"Oh … you're here to rough me up for hurting your baby sister? You can take a good shot. I probably deserve it. I'll stand here and take it if you want." Dante said.

Michael shook his head. "No … I didn't come here for that. I just wanted to talk to you. That's all."

"Be my guest then." Dante said. "But there's not much to tell really."

"It's just that you seemed so … in love with her when I saw the two of you together." Michael said.

Dante scoffed. "Maybe too much in love."

Michael stiffened. "What do you mean …?"

"You know damn well what I mean. That damn angelic charm." Dante snapped.

"I'm sorry … I don't follow … what does that have to do with anything?"

"It has everything to do with it … it's the only reason I feel the way I do about her … because I'm half demon half human-"

"What are you talking about?" Michael burst. "She's an angel, not a siren."

Dante looked at him … and then he explained what Darrus had told him.

Michael looked deathly calm. And then … he broke into hysterical laughter. "Oh … I see. But let me ask you this … do you want me, Dante?"

Dante stiffened, setting the legs on his chair right. "W-What? Hell no. You're … a guy."

"Well let me tell you something. Angelic charm works on both genders the same. But not in the way you were told. All it does it just gives us an air of likeability to humans, and to demons a certain intrigue. But in no way does it make you fall in love with us. If that were true you would have dived on me the instant I got into your office." Michael said.

"What?" Dante exclaimed.

"It doesn't provide an instant deep connection. We just put people at ease. We're not walking aphrodisiacs." Michael added. "And don't you find it odd that your friend Nero didn't jump on her either? I know he's part demon too. And having a wife would do nothing to stop you if you feel so strong a desire."

Dante bunched his hands into fists and smashed them into his desk. "That bastard Darrus …"

"His last act of spite was to draw a wedge between the two of you. Darrus fed on anguish and pain." Michael said.

"Shit … she must hate me … I … I walked out on her." Dante said. "How could I face her knowing that I had allowed this to happen?"

"If the two of you truly love one another … then you need to go and talk to her at least." Michael said.

Dante frowned. Could he really face her after this? After abandoning her on the word of a demon?

"I'll … leave you with the offer. You know where to find me." Michael said, and he left.

Selene stood alone in the corner. There had been many men who had asked her to dance at the ball … but she couldn't bear to. It brought back too many memories of Dante. She had run away, pretending somebody was calling her or that she had to slip into the bathroom.

Dressed in a sparkling silver gown, and wearing a white crescent moon mask, she gazed at the people around her. Michael had dragged her to this masquerade ball to try and cheer her up. She had come because she knew he was only trying to help. But right now … she just wanted to crawl under a table and cry.

"May I?" A voice said.

Startled she looked up to see a man in a red tuxedo, wearing a red mask over his eyes. He held out a gloved hand, bending in a bow. It was too late to refuse the dance. She set her hand in his and he led her to the dance floor.

He slid his hand around her waist and then, they were dancing together. He didn't dance all that well, and couldn't keep to the beat. Half way trough the dance he flung her out … and then wheeled her back in.

Memories of dancing with Dante in Fortuna surged through her head. She swallowed trying to hold back the tears. She tried to pull away from the man … but with a firm grasp, he reeled her in again, pressing her close to him.

She gasped … feeling a longing to be closer ... to wrap her arms around him. She shook her head. She was unwilling to feel this way about anyone. As they continued to dance, her heart raced in her chest. Her cheeks were flushing.

As they sailed across the dance floor, he plucked a rose from a flower arrangement and set it in her hair. Her eyes widened as she watched him grin. So familiar ...

She pulled away again … and he again reeled her in, smiling.

"Please …" She whispered. "I need to go …"

He held her tighter to him, gripping her firmly. The waltz picked up pace … and when the music sped up … the man got better. He whirled her around, her dress billowing at her feet as she spun. Then at the end, he tipped her body down, lower and lower, his hand flat on the back of her head. His head lowered … lips making for hers.

Selene pushed him away and dashed off outside, tears streaming from her eyes.

The man chased behind her.

"Wait!" He called.

She burst through the french doors leading out to a patio and fled into a gazebo. He followed her inside.

"Please leave me alone!" She shouted at him.

He edged closer, and she made to slap him. He caught her hand, yanking her to him and then … his lips descended on hers. She struggled at first … and then … there was something so familiar to the kiss … and she relaxed … and kissed back.

When they parted, she plucked off his mask.

"Dante …" She whispered.

Dante nodded, his blue eyes searching her face … achingly taking in every detail of her.

"Please …" She said. "You shouldn't be here."

"I can't be without you." Dante said.

"But you said-"

"I don't care what I said! I don't care if you're an angel or a human or a demon. I love you. Not for how you look, your voice … but for you." Dante said. "Please … if going to parties is what you want to do, it's not my style but I'll do it. If you want to go to posh dinners … I'll go. I'll get you a castle … buy you all the dresses you could want … anything. I'll even wear a tuxedo all the time."

Selene looked at him.

"I know I don't deserve any of it for leaving. I know that … I probably deserve to be stabbed a few times … and shot in the head and in the balls … but … I want to be with you always." Dante wiped her tear away. "Nothing will ever change that."

Selene backed away. She turned and then walked away. Dante's heart wrenched in his chest. He had expected this … expected her to never forgive him. He lowered his head. He could only bite his lip to stop himself from breaking into tears himself.

All of a sudden there came the clatter of heals at a fast pace. He looked up in time to see Selene diving into his arms, throwing herself at him. Dante caught her, grasping her tightly. Her lips sought his in desperate need.

Lady sauntered up to Devil May Cry. She had a job for him … but also … she wanted to check on him. He hadn't exactly kept up contact with her for a while.

She opened the door, and found Selene with her feet up on Dante's desk, slouching back in his chair. She wore figure hugging white leather pants, with white boots, and she wore a white and silver thick top beneath, the zipper glinting in the dim light of Dante's office, and a white version of Dante's long coat trailed on the floor.

Dante stood over her, dressed in a smart, sharp butlers suit complete with white gloves, holding a tray to her with a hot cocoa and a strawberry sundae on it. Lady smirked.

"Oh. So you lost another bet, huh Dante?" She said.

Selene grinned.

"I let her win." Dante grumbled.

Lady rolled her eyes. "I have a job for you. It has the password. Lots of demons to kill. Are you game?"

Selene and Dante looked at one another.

"Jackpot." They said in unison.


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