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I'll let you go, I'll set you free.' Deep coal colored eyes stared in agony at the soft white ribbon being held so tightly. There stood a young man, standing on a hill in front of the seemingly never ending deep blue sea. He held the ribbon so tightly, in front of the orange settling sun, almost like he was grasping for his last breath. As his arms stretched out to the sun and the beautiful endless sea, his stiff fingers wrapped around the ribbon slowly relaxed as the hold on the piece of white silk slowly slipped out of his porcelain hand. In a quick second, the strip of fabric danced along with the mid-september wind, as it slowly became in sync with mother nature.

"Rest In Peace, Sakura Haruno." His soothing calming voice, broke apart like a guitar out of tune as he finally gave his farewell. Finally, after 4 years.


7 years ago...

"You definitely have talent! Sasuke, this is your opportunity! Take it! Why are you hesitating?" the little voice screeched in excitement.

Emerald eyes stared at the sheet of paper her dear friend was holding. The life changing opportunity pass, was what the little 13 year old boy held.

"I don't know, Sakura. That'll mean I'll have to leave. Leave home, my family and you..." He said as he shied away from embarrassment, admitting the important role his adolescent friend played.

Her wide and excited eyes softened as she stared at him in awe, her small dainty fingers combed through her naturally pink hair as she took a quick moment to find the words to comfort him.

"What are you so scared of? You're only leaving for a while, you'll come back before I can count to 10. Sasuke this is your dream! Don't throw it away! I promise you, I'll be here waiting for you patiently." Her voice was soft and comforting.

He lost his voice, as he stared at his best friend.

"Besides! When you become famous you can get me a nice car and a big house with a cute little dog!" She tried her best to cheer him up.

His silent, frowning face inevitably turned into a smile.

End Flashback

If he would only know, that leaving her that instant moment would turn out like this, he'd take it back in a second.

The young man sat down on the hill. He stared at the sun slowly setting down hiding beneath the outstretched water. The cool autumn breeze moved around him, almost to give him a chilling hug. His hand ran through his naturally black spiked hair, as he remembered her last hug and touch.


7 years ago...

The two stood there silent, unable to speak or make a move, because both of them knew they were torn apart. One quick movement might kill their strong exterior, it'll be a risk of breaking down, and unable to letting each other go.

"Well I guess this is goodbye?" He started first, his deep black eyes stared down at her.

She quickly looked up, with a strained smile.

"NO it's not goodbye, it's a 'see ya later'" He smiled back at her,

"Well I guess this is it." He spoke in the awkward situation they were in.

"It certainly is! Remember become real famous and get me a nice car! I'll be your first fan, and the first person to purchase your CD." she still said jokingly, although her pink lips pouted through her laughs and smiles.

"I definitely will! Perhaps get you a ticket to visit me in L.A! you'll be my loser fan, that begs to touch me as I ignore you!" He jokingly said, they both laughed, but both of them knew, this was it, this was goodbye.

Sasuke's smile slowly faded as they had to face reality.

"Sakura, I'll miss you. A lot."

"I'll miss you too. I'll wait for you Sasuke, I promise! We'll live the celebrity life when you're back! We'll live happily forever and ever." She quietly says as her long pink hair danced with the wind.

Both stared at the sea, they watched the sun go down on the beautiful green hill. In the mid-september air.

"Tell your Mom and Dad I said goodbye, and that I'll miss them a lot too." he added in.

"I will, and me and Itachi will try our best to write you letters. I'll make sure your mom and dad are okay, I'll keep them company" she looked at him cheerfully, as he frowned.

"Sakura, they'll be fine. It's you that I'm worried about"

"Sasuke...I love-" her first confession was interrupted with a call.

Sasuke irritated, picked up his phone,

"What?" his angry face, became soft again.

He hung up, and stared at her.

"Is it time already?" She stared at her cherry blossom watch, he gave to her on her 10th birthday.

"It is" he softly said to her.

She softly smiled, and gently took off a strip of white fabric that she wore as a head band. She held it tight, between her dainty fingers and took Sasuke's hand with her other hand.

"I want you to have this, it's nothing big, but it's something that will hopefully make you feel like I'm there for you. I'm there with you, on stage or off. I'm alway with and there for you in spirit."

She handed him the ribbon, and looked at him in distress. Her glowing jade eyes dimmed as she realized that this was reality. This was it.

Her hands ran through his jet black hair one last time. She tiptoed and placed her pink lips on his right cheek for a split second and whispered,

"I'll always love and miss you, forever and always."

He wrapped his arms around her tiny, fragile waist. His beautiful face dug into the crook of her neck, one last inhale, and one last comforting moment.

End Flashback

His fingers curled and formed a fist, he stared at the now semi dark sky. Why did this have to happen? How did everything turn into his biggest nightmare. How could he have lost her?


4 years ago...

It's been a while since he had contacted with anyone back home. Being one of the most wanted teen, and most well known it was hard to get anywhere.

He was the typical most wanted rock star living in Los Angeles. Things changed, as much as it is not needed, it happens.

When you're wanted by everyone, and when money comes in as easy as breathing in and out, you change.

But there are certain people he'll never forget, because they were once tattooed in his heart. As much as things changed, as much as he changed she'll always be in his heart. No one can replace her.

"Sasuke-" his brother couldn't choke up the words.

"What the fuck is this? Itachi tell me what the fuck is going on?" he lost his state of mind, as he stared at three tombstone.

This was not the welcome back he expected or would ever ask for.

"I tried to contact you-" Itachi was interrupted once again.

"Stop fucking joking! Where are they? come on. No more jokes, I'm tired Itachi. I don't want to be wasting my breath on a joke. I just arrived home and this isn't even a funny joke." He smiled nervously, horrified at this sickening joke. He stared at his older brother, his eyes begging, pleading for him to admit that this was all a joke.

"Sasuke. Both Mr. and Mrs. Haruno was murdered," the older almost replica of Sasuke said in a soft voice, as his words were raspy and desperate for his brother to take this all in,

Onyx eyes stared deeply into his brother's, as he continued to speak,

" Sakura wasn't found, but it was concluded that she was also murdered, only she was thrown into the ocean." Itachi tried his best to be strong for his younger brother. But it killed him to see his younger brother stand still, a statue in front of him. Only life like characteristic about Sasuke was the flooded tears that formed.

"What ever piece of clothing that was found floating in the sea was used as a substitution for her body. We've been searching for months, but it's too hard to find her remains in this impossibly massive body of water. Sasuke. I'm sorry. I miss her as much as you do" he said as he hugged his brother tightly.

"Sasuke!" he screamed, alert that his brother lost consciousness.

End flashback

The stars above him shone on his face, revealing a smirk that crept his thin lips, ever since then. He knew. The acknowledgement that both had disappeared. One physically, and the other emotionally.

His back faced the settling water, silence took over, only the sound of his foot ruffled in the autumn colored leaves. This was him, walking away from his past. The grip and the pain would all be numb, no more feelings.

No more pain.


"Students today we have a special guest here to speak to you about an issue that has been occurring these past few years. It is human trafficking, please be respectful to this special guest as she was a victim, we are very fortunate to have her here." The professor spoke to the class of students as he pushed his glasses over his nose bridge.

"I'm pleased to present Sakura Haruno, once again, I am very thankful that you agreed to speak to us."

All eyes stared up at the stage with curiosity as the young woman slowly walked towards the spotlight. Faces were in awe, her strawberry colored hair gave her a unique characteristic with emerald eyes that stood out. She gave an obvious artificial smile, trying her best to not break down in front of an audience.

She was strong, she was there to help those that were still in that situation. She wanted change.

The auditorium like room was filled with tension, it was quiet. Dead silence is ironically the loudest and most noticeable noise you can ever hear.

She cleared her throat,

" As you know I'm Sakura Haruno." she squinted her eyes to keep herself from being blinded from manmade lighting.

"So what is woman trafficking?" She swallowed as the tension slowly crept up her body, as if death had a grip on her fragile body.

"It's forced prostitution, at any age really. No matter who you were, what you did, or where you were you can be their target" She choked on her words.

"I did nothing wrong, I was only 16. Barely a teen, but I never had the chance to be the typical teen. My teenage years was to sell myself, while I was drugged and abused. I was a tool, a merchandise for others. I was an asset to be profitable. I lost everyone I loved." the sorrow was painted on her porcelain skin, the agony she held onto.

"I'm here to tell you my story" she closed her eyes,


4 years ago...

"Sasuke the growing star is already one of the youngest wanted male out there! ladies keep your spirits up because this hunk is single!" The television screen went black, as the teenaged girl threw the converter onto the sofa.

"I don't need that bullshit" she muttered to herself.

"Sakura, please you told him this was the right choice, why are you changing your mind now sweet heart?" the middle aged woman asked her 16 year old daughter, as she was not oblivious to the pain her own daughter was going through.

"I don't care, he has nothing to do with me, I never want to see his face ever again. What? Just because he's Mr. Big shot now, he can't even give me a call? Mom, I've been waiting for a whole year for his stupid phone call. I'm over it! I'm tired of waiting in front of a damn telephone, or a stupid piece of paper in the mail that tells me he's doing alright. It's not hard!" Her unwanted tears flooded her vision as her anger and pain grew.

"I'm not his doormat. I'm tired of waiting, I don't need him in my life ever." she screamed.

"Sakura, please-"

"No mom! stop it! I don't want to hear all the lies! I'm sick and tired of it!" she interrupted her mother and stormed upstairs.

"Sakura! Don't do this please!" her mother begged, but her only reply was a slamming door.

"I predicted this" the middle aged man said to the red haired woman as he was as tired of this as anyone in the family.

End Flashback

"I wasn't able to at least give them a fair well, it was unexpected and out of no where. I would give the world to go back in time and tell them how much I loved them" her breath became short as she poured her heart out. The feeling of losing her to genuine best friends.

"I remember so precisely when I woke up after my angered sleep from this loud scream." her hands shook as she tried to be mentally stable at that very moment.

"Going downstairs to see your parents lifeless...that nightmare every person goes through, it was supposed to only be in a horror film, but this was real. That was the last time my life was ever normal, everything went black that day." She whispered hoarsely through the microphone as her pale hand clutched onto her thin silver necklace.


4 years ago

"Mom! Dad!" The teenager shot up, her eyes filled with tears. She blinked and readjusted her vision, it was dark and definitely not a nightmare.

Her consciousness finally hit her with the horrible stench around her and the sharp pains constantly going through her fragile head.

Still in denial, she clutched her head, praying to God to end this nightmare.

"I'll be a good girl!" she screamed, this couldn't be real.

A chuckle could be heard from a corner. Her eyes shifted to where the voice came from.

End flashback

"That was all that I could remember, that must be the last day my life was ever normal. What happened after that didn't seem real. It shouldn't have happened to me. It was something you'd think would happen to someone else, never you." Her voice weakened as she looked up at the light.

A slight sigh came from her trembling lips,

"I was made into a slave, a sex slave. Drugged and raped everyday. Starved and tortured every moment. Being dead would've been a million times better than what I and other girls had to face. It was dark and torturous, inhumane, worse than hell. I was the fortunate one to actually have an american investigator rescue me. He who I call him my second father for saving my life." She smiled, that was her miracle.


"I'll be good" the pink haired girl mumbled to the man who stared, traumatized.

"Shhh...I'll get you out of here, but you need to cooperate"

"I'll be good" she mumbled, her eyes blood shot red. He knew that she was drugged, lost and hurt. She was just a body.

His body shook, it was a terrifying sight. But he had to be strong and get her out of here. It was only supposed to be investigation, but she was different, her beauty and innocence was still there, he could see it in her eyes.

"Come on I'll get you out of here"

End flashback

She opened her mouth in an attempt to speak but nothing came out, only tears.

"Peter Rosh is my hero. I pray everyday that other girls will be saved, and that no more will have to suffer what I suffered. That is why I stand here to tell all of you ladies and gentlemen. Because human trafficking is not illegal, and I would like to change that."


"Sasuke Kun! I missed you so much! Where were you? I was so worried!" Arms wrapped around his neck, the girl stared up at his onyx eyes.

His hand ran through her red hair, he savagely pressed his thin lips against hers.

"Karin, I want you...I need you" he desperately whispered to her ears as he started to kiss her delicate neck.

She smirked as he pushed her onto the bed. She quickly unbuttoned his shirt, as they continued to kiss, his hands roamed her body as he stripped her clothes off swiftly.

He needed his pain killer. He wanted to let go, and this was his way.


The world spun around, she tried to stable her self in the washroom.

She knew the upcoming event, she knew it'll never stop. Ever. She gagged, her hands clenched the sides of the sink. This feeling, the withdrawal. She couldn't stand it anymore.

Her shaken hands quickly grabbed the prescription drugs out of her purse. Quickly she shoved the pill into her mouth, she stared at herself in the mirror. She looked possessed, she looked like a person who lost control. Her hands grabbed the water bottle beside her, she quickly took a gulp.

She stared again, minutes later the rotating torture room came to her senses, it was just a washroom, she panted in relief.

She stood up straight, and smiled to herself, forcefully disregarding reality. Reality of the past, of her life as it is now.

Heels clicked onto the marble floor, hidden emerald green eyes behind Dior sun glasses. Skinny dark jeans hugged her slim legs, a smile goes a long way.

Everything happens for a reason...

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