Author's note: CHAPTER 2 HAS BEEN REWRITTEN. I feel that this is better for the story development. It will take time for me to get used to writing properly again, but I am trying, so I do apologize for any grammar errors and run on sentences.


The lights dimmed, and the crowd cheered, cries and screamed. The music slowly entered the scene, there stood in the middle of the stage a young man who stood there with his guitar. His onyx colored eyes stared into the crowd, his voice hummed and waited. The man standing on his right had blond hair, his body very well built and muscular. He began to rap his part, as the main vocalist strummed his electric guitar and waited,


(yeah) (yo)

You were that foundation

Never gonna be another one, no.

I followed, so taken

So conditioned I could never let go

Then sorrow, then sickness

Then the shock when you flip it on me

So hollow, so vicious

So afraid I couldn't let myself see

That I could never be held

Back or up no, I'll hold myself

Check the rep, yep you know mine well

Forget the rest let them know my hell

There and back yet my soul ain't sell

Kept respect up,the best they fell,

Let the rest be the tale they tell

That I was there saying…

The crowd got louder, as the beautiful man held onto the microphone ready to sing, his eyes closed and his voice vibrated. His voice was full of emotion, so strong and clear. The singing was soothing, so calm yet at the same time heartfelt.


In these promises broken

Deep below

Each word gets lost in the echo

So one last lie I can see through

This time I finally let you

Go, go, go.

The man by the name of Juugo began to rap again,


Test my will, test my heart

Let me tell you how the odds gonna stack up

Y'all go hard, I go smart

How's that working out for y'all in the back, huh?

I've seen that frustration

Been crossed and lost and told "No"

And I've come back unshaken

Let down and lived and let go

So you can let it be known

I don't hold back, I hold my own

I can't be mapped, I can't be cloned

I can't C-flat, it ain't my tone

I can't fall back, I came too far

Hold myself up and love my scars

Let the bells ring wherever they are

'Cause I was there saying...

Sasuke began to sing again, his porcelain skin glowed under the red lights that matched his red tie that was hung loosely around his neck. His black buttoned top was undone, the heat was too much. It was his last song, the energy from singing and screaming fans made his perfect muscular torso sweat, his chest glistened as he started to sing again.


In these promises broken

Deep below

Each word gets lost in the echo

So one last lie I can see through

This time I finally let you go!

Go, go, go.

Sasuke bent down as he screamed his lungs out, his knuckles turned white as he help onto the microphone so tight.


No, you can tell 'em all now

I don't back up, I don't back down

I don't fold up, and I don't bow

I don't roll over, don't know how

I don't care where the enemies are

Can't be stopped, all I know; go hard

Won't forget how I got this far

For every time saying…


In these promises broken

Deep below

Each word gets lost in the echo

So one last lie I can see through

This time I finally let you

Go, go, go. (Go, go, go)

Go. go, go. (Go, go, go)


People cried and screamed the leader's name out, they reached their hand out and hoped that Sasuke would even graze their fingers with his. He gave a quick bow and swiftly turned around, he raised his hand to give them a farewell before heading back stage.

"Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke! Sasuke!" they chanted as he walked away.

"Sasuke Kun! you did awesome!" Red eyes stared at the sweaty flawless man ahead of her. His strong arms swooped the model like woman and kissed her red luscious lips. "Thanks babe, I wouldn't have done it without you" he whispered in her ears, his voice out of breath. Her fingers dug into his black locks not minding that it was wet and warm from his sweat. ANything that came out of Sasuke Uchiha was valuable, he himself was internationally wanted, his wealth, his unrealistic beauty and unbelievably singing talent has gotten him in the number one spot to most wanted man under the age of 25.

"Great wrap up guys," a man appeared, his silver hair pointed upwards and an eye patch covering his left eye due to an injury. He stared at the band who stood there, Sasuke gave an arrogant smirk. He knew his performance was great, and there was no doubt about it.

"Damn right it was great! We did awesome!" his sharp teeth bit through the white bandage wrapping around his wrist, a method that he uses to prevent his wrist from swelling up due to drumming. "What are we going to do now" he asked after he finished unwrapping his wrist.

"Suigetsu, you're the one with the great ideas all the time, why are you asking us?" Juugo asked before he cleared his throat and grabbed a water bottle from one of the workers that were handing them to the band.

"We should celebrate, it's your last concert for a while! Besides! Sasuke Kun has to help me plan for the next couple of weeks for our wedding and of course our engagement party!" her eyes sparkled under her thick lashes as he stared at the smiling man whose arm's she was in. He finally agreed to marrying Karin, although he still wasn't ready. He figured he'd make his family happy, marrying Karin would be god business for his father.

"There is an after party for you guys, I have told you that already. It's just downstairs. You can change and do whatever you got to do, the limousine will be downstairs waiting for you. Security will be here aligned in around a half an hour, so try your best to be on time" Their silver haired manager spoke with authority, time is of the essence, and for Hebi their time is very valuable.

"TEME! GREAT JOB!" Sasuke sighed in annoyance, without turning around he already knew exactly whose annoying obnoxious voice it belonged to.

"Me and Hinata Chan were literally in front row! Look at the support you get from your best friend! People should be jealous! You owe me ramen for the rest of my life now since I supported you out there! Poor me and Hinata were getting trampled by those stupid fan of yours! I swear they would kill just to meet you! They're not even human beings! They're crazy beasts I tell ya!" The blonde haired spiky man continued to bicker on about his experience as a front row fan for his beast friend.

"Naruto, will you please take it down a notch? My head is pounding, do you need to talk in such a high pitch?" his slim fingers pinched his nose bridge as he squinted at Naruto's voice.

"Sorry Sasuke, Naruto was right though. Your fans were a little crazy" a very quiet voice made it through the hectic environment of the backstage of the world's most well known rock band.

"Too bad those fans can't touch my Sasuke Kun." the woman in Sasuke's arms purred as she traced her fingers town his naked chest. He smirked and grabbed her tighter, making the rest of the group feel a bit uncomfortable.

"Naruto, are you going to the after party with us? It's exclusive, so it wont be as crazy. Just good music, drinks and a good time, are you and hinata in?" Suigetsu asked,

"Damn straight we're in -" his cellphone interrupted him, and suddenly his face expression changed from hyperactive to almost mature right when he looked at the caller I.D to see who was calling him.

"Sorry give me a second," Naruto excused himself, his voice much more calm and put together. Sasuke stared at his best friend who always seemed to be mysterious at certain times. He stared at his back and slightly heard the conversation going through the phone.

"Hello?" Naruto answered,

"Hi Naruto, this is Sara calling. I'm sorry for bothering you, I know it's late but I'm a little concerned." her voice was calm and very collective.

"Don't worry about it, is there something the matter." His heart beat began to race as he waited on the other line for a response.

"It's nothing big, it's just Sakura Haruno hasn't been showing up for her therapy session. Have you heard from her lately? She's missed about 4 sessions already, I've tried contacting her, but haven't been able to reach her, so I finally decided to call you."

"I...I had no idea she hasn't been showing up. I'll talk to her, and see what's going on." his voice soft,

"Thank you Naruto, It's just for her situation it's mandatory that she comes to her sessions." she explained to him,

"I understand that, don't worry I'll check up on her and make sure she will be coming to the next meeting."

"Thank you Naruto, It's late so I will let you go. Have a nice day"

"You too Sara, thanks again for notifying me, that means a lot." he genuinely thanked her with a soft smile, even though she wouldn't be able to see it.

"Don't worry about it, I know you're the only one that can really help her. I will talk to you another time, Bye."

"Bye Sara" he said before he hung up the phone, Hinata by his side.

"I can't make it, do you mind if I go home? Do you want me to drop you off or are you going to stay with Karin at the party?" His baby blue eyes stared at his timid girl friend, her grey eyes analyzed her boyfriend and knew exactly what he meant when he said he had to go. She made no objections because she knew the exact situation, without him needing to directly tell her exactly what's going on.

Naruto went back to the group chattering about their plans, "Hey guys, something came up, I can't make it"

"You're not going to show up to your best friend's after party in celebration? You haven't seen Sasuke Kun in 2 months and you're going to tell me that you're going to miss it?" Karin spoke disapprovingly, Sasuke stayed emotionless as he took a cigarette and lit it up.

" I'm sorry Karin, but I would stay if I could, I've got important matters to take care of." Naruto's voice was so calm, a very abnormal characteristic coming from a loud mouth. Sasuke said nothing, Karin isn't the only one who found it odd that he'd just leave, Naruto; he'd hate to say it, but was always supportive. He was the reason why Sasuke survived the news of Sakura. He never told Naruto what happened, but his bright personality helped a lot, it helped Sasuke think of other things, helped his brooding mood become bearable.

Flash back

"Sasuke teme! Why the gloomy look?" the boy squatted ahead of him, his face too close for Sasuke's liking. The blonde never looked away from the brooding man in front of him.

"Are you going to tell me what happened? Why are you so miserable? Did you sleep with some chick and get aids? Cause that's what comes with the package of being famous you know." once again, Sasuke stayed mute. Nothing escaped his lips, his dark circle around his eyes however said it all. Even if Sasuke wouldn't ever tell him what happened, it would take an oblivious blind man to not see that something was wrong. Sure Sasuke was born to be emotionless and cold, but never to the point of being at a breaking point. Naruto knew something serious must have happened, but he would always try to slip in a joke to help him out because Sasuke made it very clear that his life back home in Japan was personal and nothing about his past in Japan ever got passed him.

Naruto and Sasuke met when he traveled to America, of course he was stuck with the loud mouth on the plane who was bored, so of course looking to talk to someone around his age. As quiet and annoyed as Sasuke was, Naruto was always persistent.

End Flashback

Of course months after that, he continued to have that persistent personality and never left Sasuke's side, just incase Sasuke decided to do something reckless which was exactly what Sasuke wanted to do. But time will eventually heal...

"I've called Neji before and he said he was showing up to the after party. I will talk to you guys another day, congratulations Sasuke teme." Naruto patted his best friends back before turning his' towards them.

"What's up with Naruto? he's been so weird the last two years, ever since he volunteered to that big brother program" Juugo commented,

"Whatever it is we better not get involved, I've been trying to get him to tell me any details with the rescue and he would just change the topic. Has he said anything to you Sasuke kun?" the red eyed model stared at almost comparable beauty as her, only his charm was almost fanciful.

"He's actually never mentioned anything to me either" Sasuke spoke after he let out a puff of the smoke from the cigarette.

"Weird." Karin made the last comment before Sasuek went into his fitting room to shower and get ready to leave.


The phone rang on the other end continuously until someone finally answered,

"Ino speaking!"

"Ino, it's Naruto. Is Sakura chan there?" Naruto asked, his eyes on the road as he spoke through his blue tooth.

" you want to talk to her?" before Naruto could agree a new voice came onto the phone.

"Hey Naruto! What do you want?" her voice was much more soothing and soft,

"Sakura Chan! Can you come home?!" he forcefully changed his voice to become more uplifting.

"What? Why? Aren't you at some party or something?" she asked, her voice a little irritated.

"I was, but they decided to watch SAW and I don't want to sleep alone!" he made up a lame excuse, and prayed she'd agree

"No! You're the idiot that would watch something like that. Forget it! I will see you tomorrow morning!"

"Sakura Chan! pLease!? I am coming now!" He begged and quickly said.


"Too bad, I'm coming to pick you up now."He hung up before any other objections can be made.

The drive was quiet, finally he arrived to Ino's house. He stepped out of his black Audi and knocked on the door.

The door slowly opened, with a blonde female blocking the doorway,

"naruto, what the hell, why are you picking Sakura up? We were going to go out" She whined, her lips pouted in frustration.

"Sorry Ino, but i'm a pussy and don't want to sleep on my own. Where's Sakura?" his head peeked through the door, bay blue eyes wondered around the house.

"I'm here! Geez, it's like I'm babysitting." A new voice mumbled as Naruto watched the pink haired girl walk down the stairs, a bag hung loosely over her slim shoulders.


"you're what?" His voice was venomous as he stared blankly at the red haired girl in front of him, "Sasuke...this is good news isn't it?" her perfect lips curved up into a smile, no fear was shown even when the man hovering over her threatened her.

"Good fucking news? How the fuck is that good news? I'm fucking 20 years old what makes you think I'm fucking ready? Aren't you on fucking birth control?" He asked impatiently, confused. His had roughly went through his pitch black spiked hair.

"Sasuke, come on. Our engagement party is tomorrow, don't act like that! The last time you spoke to your father about marriage was 6 months ago, and we have decided to tie the knot, so what's the big deal? Besides you seemed like you were ready." She avoided answering the question, "Karin, I'm not ready to be a father. I can be a Fiance and maybe a husband in the near future. I'm not ready to be a father in 6 months or whatever." his voice calmed down, and finally he grasped the reality of the situation. After a couple months of thinking about what his father has said half a year ago, he realized that maybe it was time he got married. He loved Karin, and he could see himself with her forever. He had to move on.

"Well what do you want me to do? Abort him or her?" Her voice broke, but she only used reverse psychology on him. She knew that his parents would never let that happen, and he knew it too.

"Does my parents know? If not maybe we can put the baby for adoption or something...We'll just lie and say that we went on a year long vacation" he tried to reason with her, maybe compromise that the baby gets to live. Her expression quickly changed and stared at him bitterly,

"Over my fucking dead body that I give our baby up. I have already told our parents, our parents will be announcing it at our engagement party. There's no argument this time Sasuke, it's happening. No matter if you like it or not. It's set in stone" this time she spoke with authority, angered that this man would say something as ridiculous as he did.

His perfect features were emotionless, there really was nothing for him to do. It was exactly 6 months ago that he had the meeting with his father. It was his last warning, Sasuke knew that the news of Karin being pregnant with his child would be anything but bad news. They always wanted grandchildren, but of course Itachi was always busy with work, so what's left was him. He knew his parents will definitely see this as an opportunity for himself to mature.

"Are you sure you want to start a family with someone like me?" his voice soft and calm, he asked a genuine question.

"Of course, why wouldn't I want to be with you. You're perfect Sasuke, and you know I've loved you for years. We're perfect for each other" she took a step forward towards him, her arms wrapped around his broad shoulders, her lips inched closer to his face. His hand slowly travelled down her body towards her buttocks, his lips inching closer as he spoke. His smothering eyes concentrated on hers, her dainty fingers grabbed his soft ebony locks seductively before his teeth sunk into her lower plump lip. Karin quickly jumped up and wrapped her legs around his waist, her hands ran down his flawless chest; strong and muscular. He held her firmly with no trouble, his urges were quickening as he roughly pushed her back against the wall. His lips never left her body as he travelled down towards the crook of her porcelain neck.

"Sasuke..." she managed to moan out before his lips went back on top of hers.

His hands travelled to her chest and slowly took her clothing off,

"I love you" he whispered into her ear, his voice low. His teeth nipped at her ear before she whined, "I need you right now Sasuke!"


The sounds of laughter were heard in the living room, two figures were laying on the couch. A pink haired girl laid on her best friend's chest as his arm was wrapped our her shoulders.

"Gym, Tan, Laundry bitches!" The blond male fist pumped as they both watch the latest episode of jersey shore. "Naruto stop!" she whined, she couldn't hear anything with her obnoxious best friend had to always mock her favorite tv show to watch.

"What? I'm just doing their parade! I can't do that now bro?" He teased her as she pouted in annoyance.

"Broooo come on bro, why the pout bro?!" He abruptly got up and started to imitate one of the actors on the show. "Bro, go make me a sandwich!" his voice loud, but he knew whatever he did worked, because the frown the pink haired girl had, suddenly changed into a smile and then slowly a laugh. Naruto always knew how to make her smile, make her day. Even when she was down or had her flashbacks, he knew her like a book, even when watching television it's easy for Naruto to notice when she was getting her flashback. She would never express it, but her face would suddenly pale and her attitude would gloom, even when watching her favorite shows like Jersey Shore.

"What the fuck are you waiting for brooo, go make me a sandwich!" it was his way to motivate her to get out of her slum and be active.

"No! You go make your own sandwich!" She spat back laughing at her funny friend.

"Bro, if you want to go out, we'll go out bro. But I'm hungry so i need some food broooo" anything to get her out of this couch. "Naruto, you're exaggerating on this 'bro' thing. They don't even say it that much" she stated, her right eyebrow crooked up and stared at him.

"Well? Are we going out to eat?" he asked,

"So you can embarrass me with your 'bro' thang? Hells nah!" she mocked and swayed her body.

"Ramen it is!" his eyes bright with excitement, "not just yet mister! We're not having Ramen. We always have Ramen, its bad for our health. I honestly just don't feel like going out for dinner tonight, how about I make us something?" her voice soft, she plastered her best smile on for the man in front of her.

"Sure, why not... do you need my help?" his voice much more calm and less hyperactive than before.

"No, I'll cook myself. You can do the cleaning" she teased but he agreed. It was a fair settlement. She finally got up and walked towards the kitchen her back towards him, suddenly his facial expression changed. He let go of the face happiness he had and looked at her back, he knew today was one of those days. She was ashamed, afraid and just miserable. She didn't want to go out because she was embarrassed, even though no one knows what went on in her life.

"Sakura-" he stopped, he wasn't sure if it was the right time to ask her. Emerald eyes looked back at the figure behind her, "What's wrong?" she asked.

"I was just wondering, how are your classes with Sara?" he carefully analyzed Sakura's reaction, she paused for a split second before returning to her cooking.

"It was good" her voice was forced, one thing Naruto knows about Sakura is that she's a bad liar.

"What did she ask you?" he tested,

"She's my therapist, you therapy session. It's confidential..." she tried to do anything and everything to make him believe that she was going.

"That never stopped you from telling me back then" he watched as she started to do everything much more rough, she chopped the vegetable louder and harder.

"Well it's getting too personal now" she spat back, she tried her best to keep her calm.

"Sakura..." he held her hand to stop her from cutting anymore,

"I know..." he whispered, he was careful of his words. He didn't want her to freak out...

"But you have to understand that it's important for you to go to these nightmares and anxieties aren't healthy and definitely not normal." she still remained quiet while she prepared the pan to stir fry the ingredients.

"Sakura, please listen to me! What is gonna happen if no one is around when you get those anxieties? If you faint in the middle of the night?! Whose there to help you? Stop ignoring me!Sakura!" he could feel his heart rate increasing as the girl stood still, her back rose up and down. Her small hands clutched into a fist, her back turned to him.

"Ya...because you're not watching me like a fucking hawk. Am I right? Because I can actually walk around and be by myself for two fucking seconds right? Like a normal human being?" she spoke in a low voice, her back still turned to him.

"Sakura you have to understand that-"

"That what?! That because of my past, I have to live like I'm being watched as if I'm a criminal? Like i'm under house arrest? You think it's fun to always have to hang out with Ino or any of my friends when you're out? Like they're fucking babysitting me? I'm a fucking normal girl! I don't need you to tell me anything! I don't need you to watch me 24/7! I don't want to be a burden, I'm a woman who can watch myself.!" she interrupted, this time she turned abruptly to face his worried face.

" I want to be a normal girl! I want to have fun and party! I want to sleep peacefully! I want to not be afraid of every fucking man out there! A friendly gesture gets me so afraid that I end up getting my anxiety attacks! I don't want to faint anymore! I don't want to take sleeping pills and antidepressants anymore! I'm not a drug addict! I don't want this!" she finally let go of her emotions, she screamed and cried. He slowly walked up to the girl who was crumbling before his eyes, his arm wrapped around her.

"I'm not crazy! I don't need to talk to Sara! I don't need to talk to a stranger about my problems!" she said through her sobbing.

"Why?! Why...why do I have to be so fucked up for? What did I do wrong?" her head pressed against his chest, she hugged him tightly and cried. His thin lips touched her head, his hand lightly scratched her back.

"Come on, lets get you on the couch. We'll order take out, how does that sound?" his voice a whisper now. He helped the torn girl up to her feet, his free hand switched the stove off, and slowly walked her to the couch.

"Sakura, you're a beautiful girl, so beautiful that literally every man stares at you with desire and every girl stares at you with envy, you're just too oblivious to that. I know you're hurt now, but something good will happen, and things will be better. I promise...No one thinks you're crazy. Sometimes talking to Sara is better because she can give you better advice than I can. At this point in your life, I'm afraid I'll lead you into the wrong direction." he spoke softly to her,

"And you're not a burden. Trust me. You're anything but that, I do what I do because I would never want to see you hurt again. THe first time I met you...I didn't think I would ever get through to you, I didn't think that I could save you, or anyone could've. You were so fragile and afraid...but you eventually did, and to me that's the most important part of my life. Seeing you grow as a stronger and happier woman. I don't ever want to see you in that situation again, I care too much. I know you don't like feeling like you're under house arrest, but I'll never forgive myself if something was to happen." he smiled at her, she was the one girl he could be genuine to. The one girl who doesn't know how wanted he was, she was the one girl who never judged his good looks. It took his personality for her to like him, not his looks or success.

He was simply Naruto; the loser. To Sakura, that was what he was. She was oblivious

"I'll be fine" she weakly spoke out.

"It's been a while since we watched that 70s show, how about we do that for tonight?"

"You left early from your party didn't you?" she asked, her still glazed over emerald eyes looked up at him

"I wasn't having fun anyways." his eyes on the T.V as her used his controller to play that 70s show.

"I'm guessing Sara told on me."

"She was concerned, she tried contacting you but someone didn't answer the phone" he used his index finger to poke her swollen red nose. She gave her deceiving smile and her eyes now looked as the television screen as well.

"Don't you have an engagement party to go to tommorow? Shouldn't you be sleeping?" She asked him, her eyes still glued to the television screen as the show began to play.

"I watch you, but I don't keep you as a hermit. the engagement is during the evening, I'll drop you off at -"

"Ino's, I get it. You spoke to her already and blah blah blah." she interrupted

"Sorry" he apologized and knew she was upset that he was sending her to specific places all the time.

"Whose engagement party are you going to?"

"Does is matter?" he asked her

"Well, you know all my friends and I literally know none of yours. Neji doesn't count because that's Hinata's cousin and Hinata is my friend."

"It's unnecessary to know my friends, besides Sara said it was best if I kept that away from you."

"Why?" her eyes farrowed in annoyance of her therapist.

"It's better we focus on your life now anyways, my friends wouldn't be healthy for you" he spoke with honestly. They were famous, they were stuck up and rich. Ignorant and arrogant, especially his best guy friend. The fan girls of Sasuke's would probably kill her just because she's hanging out with him, or knows him personally. His stupid one night stands that he occasionally used to have before Hinata would probably kill her as well. Hinata can hold herself much more than timid Sakura. The torture Sakura has gone through for years and lost of her parents have made her lose hope in her own confidence, everything is a flashback; a tormenting horrible flashback.

Life wasn't treating Sakura well, the least he can do is shelter her from his crazy life.


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