"Naruto, you look great" her voice was soft this time. Jade pair of eyes travelled head to toe and smiled at her best friend. His naturally blonde hair was spiked evenly, the grey buttoned shirt made his baby blue orbs stand out more than usual. He gave his trademark cheeky grin,

"Do I look like a good best man or what?" He took a step back for her to analyze him, and did a turn. The black slacks were fitted properly and accessorized with a slim black belt with shiny leather shoes to match. His grey shirt was accompanied by the velvet red skinny tie along with his blazer.

"You do, but why don't you tell me whose wedding you're going to?" her slender fingers twirled a pink strand of hair that was in front of her face. Her body leaned against the wall as she popped the bubble gum between her perfect pink lips.

"I'm doing you a favour" he thanked god that she's not one to ever pay attention to any celebrity magazines or what not. Sakura was too busy with her school, work and volunteer life to care. It wasn't that he would be on the front page of the magazine, but his 'friend' must be on there, and that wedding was being talked all over. Maybe he was being over paranoid. Although he was going to be a best man on the same day Uchiha Sasuke is getting married. The biggest day. But then again, Sasuke is one of the most famous man out there, and even if she never looked into it herself, Naruto was sure she's heard about Sasuke's wedding from others around her. It's been the big talk for months ever since the big engagement party.

"What ever you say Naruto, you should go now. Hinata is probably waiting for you right now." her hands fiddled with his tie one last time,

"Are you going to be alright?" his voice seemed concerned, ever since the incident of Sakura not showing up to her therapist it had been weird at the apartment. He wanted to give her some space, make her feel normal. That way she would go to visit Sara.

"Yes, I'll be fine! Besides the space you've provided me lately made me feel special. Even though it's literally only an hour and you're usually calling me every five minutes, it's still a progress from you!" she smiled at him.

"Well what are you gonna do when I leave? I'm gonna be out for the whole day, I called Ino and -" her index finger pressed against his thin lips to quiet him down.

"I will be fine Naruto. I will call Ino to hang out with her tonight after I go to see Sara. Happy now?"

"Let me drive you." he grabbed the keys on the counter in the kitchen,

"Wasn't planning to walk or bus" She grabbed her Talula short black wool jacket and put on her steve madden high heel black leather boots that hugged her black skinny jeans.

"Alrighty, let's go!" he yelled into her ears which earned a scowl from the tiny pinkette. She took her hand under her hair to pull out the strands that were under the collar of her jacket. Her pink haired was loosely curled and split in half as her bangs were already grown out, her longest layer reached her mid back. Underneath her jacket was a fitted plain beige sweater paired with a gold necklace along with a big heart pendant that reached right below her chest.


"Call me if you need anything, I don't care when you do it, no matter what I'll pick up your phone call." he said to her before she stepped out of the car.

"Naruto, I'm not going to call you while you're at the wedding! Relax, I'll be fine. Just have fun and stop being a father and for the love of GOD, JUST HAVE FUN!" she exaggerated the last part before closing the door behind her. Her heels clicked against the cold cement ground as she walked towards the big building. The revolving door moved slowly as she went inside, but instead of walking towards the elevator, she stared at the black Audi. Her eyes intently waited for the car to slowly drive off and as soon as it did, she pulled out her phone and dialled an unusual number she pulled out of her left jacket pocket. A bare exhale escaped from her as she pulled the phone up to her ears and waited.

'Hello Sakura, I'm glad you called' the voice on the other line was dry and hoarse

"Hi" she managed to speak, her body shook and her breathing was uneven.

'What's the verdict, do I get good news my love? Will you be returning?'

"I made up my mind, and yes. I will come, I will join back" her eyes blurred as tears formed, she was afraid.

"That's a good girl. Don't be ashamed of yourself. You're just used to the life you had in the past. It's hard for girls like you to get accustomed to the 'normal' life. When should I pick you up and where should I pick you up?"

She wanted to take it back, she wanted to hang up and maybe take her decision back. But it was too late. What's done is done, she already made her decision to contact her captor. It was too late to turn back, because either way now she'll be the target. It's too late because now they know where exactly she is, and to make it worse she didn't want Naruto involved.

"P-Pick me up at 10th street avenue along Bettington at 5 o'clock. I'll be there" she bit her bottom lip and cried. She knew that this was going to happen eventually. Eventually they would've found her and either kill her or take her back. She wasn't just a number back then, she was more than a number. Her pink hair and green eyes made her exotic, meaning the money coming in for her owners were plenty. Losing her was a big deal,
but they were smart to leave it for years and return quietly. They were smart criminals, they waited for her to make friends, and have a life. They waited for her to value things that she would be afraid to lose, that way she herself would sacrifice willingly without a fight and that way there would be no havoc.

"I will see you then, Sakura Chan" his voice sounded hungry and desperate. She cupped her mouth and sobbed. She didn't want this, she wanted all of this to end. Why did he have to find her? Why did he have to put Naruto on the line?


"Sakura..." emeralds stared in disbelief, her eyes travelled for anyone to help her.

"You remember me don't you?" his beard unshaven, and black eyes hallow and cold.

"Why are you being so quiet Sakura? Thought you can move on forever? You thought you can go talking like a little bitch to people about human trafficking? Geez, you should know that I need to put food on the table too you know? And losing you was a big loss for our business Sakura." his dirty hand brushed her cheek as she was in complete shock that she was unmoving and un-reactive. Tears slowly rolled down her cheek as she stared in horror,

"You need to come back Sakura, you've caused a lot of trouble these couple of years. Don't you think you owe us something? All these girls aren't paying their due like you sweetheart." his chapped lips inches away from hers.

"Leave now, or I'll scream" she forced herself to speak,

"Scream? Honey, I'm going to admit that it was a fucking burden trying to get you alone. I mean that fucking blonde retard of yours is always by your side! FInally I can get some time with you, sadly it had to be in this empty classroom." Sakura's eyes grew wide at Naruto's mentioning which the 40 year old man smiled in amazement at her reaction.

"Oh, you didn't think that I knew about your blond friend? What's his name again? Uzumaki Naruto? You don't value him do you? Do you care if we, lets say...kill him? I mean he is always in our way...-"

"Don't you dare touch him!" she interrupted through her clenched teeth.

"Oh, that name really does make you brave." he chuckled a sick manic laugh.

"Let's make a deal Sakura Chan. If you come with us quietly then I won't have our men kill him. Trust me, I will know if you tell Naruto or the cops. We will be watching your every move. Any fucking stupid move and your fucking little friend there is gone." he ripped a piece of paper from the desk beside them and took a pen and wrote down a number.
"Call me and make the right decision. Don't be stupid and selfish and putting other people on the line. People like your best friend or lover, whatever you call him. One month is your expiry date, don't be stupid and naive. We all know how smart you are."

End Flashback

Never would she let anyone touch Naruto, if it meant putting her life on the line for him, she'll have to do so. There was no way she is ever going to let anything happen to him. Afterall, he's put his all into helping her heal and protecting her.

She walked right back outside and waved down a yellow colored car. Within minutes the typical yellow new york cab parked right in front of her. She stepped in and closed the door.

"5th avenue to the Valente Condominium please." her eyes swollen, but the cab driver only nodded and drove away, asking no questions. As the car started to move she started to think about Sara, she wondered if Sara was upset with her from what she had said to Sara last month.


"Sara, by law you aren't allowed to contact anyone that I know without my permission. I didn't sign any paperwork. If you ever call Naruto about me missing my sessions, I will take legal actions." her voice stern, Sara was in too much shock to say anything but stare at her patient.

"From here on out, I'm cancelling my session, you will not be seeing me anymore." and before Sara can even object, Sakura was already out the door.

End Flashback

"I'm sorry Sara..." she whispered to herself as the car drove past many buildings, the only thought process was that this would be her last time seeing these buildings.


"I can't believe we're already here. You're getting married Teme! It's a little soon though, it's only 2 months after your engagement, it's like your doing a shot gun wedding" Naruto obnoxiously laughed only to be so oblivious to the irony of his comment. The groom contemplated whether or not to tell his best man the real reasoning to his marriage as he sat on he leather couch in the groom's dressing room. His father had decided against announcing Karin's pregnancy since it would publicly look bad.

"Fuck man, I can't believe this is happening! we just had a bachelor party like literally last week too! where the hell were you the whole time? Me and Neji were trying to look for you" he laughed obliviously until he paused to rethink about the question and the situation.

"Wait- you didn't..." he carefully analyzed Sasuke's reaction and hoped for one that he was not expecting.

"You did...What the fuck Sasuke. You're going to be a married man, what are you thinking? That's messed up on every level. I thought you were better than that. You're marrying the girl, which means you choose her to live with you forever. Only her." Naruto whispered in frustration, his eye travelled back and forth in case anyone heard even though really it was just the two in the room.

"It's not what you think Naruto. Besides, what makes you think being married with someone means that I have to be faithful? Marriage is just a social standard, it has no real meaning." his onyx orbs stared at the beer bottle in his left hand, his soft black locks was combed back and held down with hair wax. His tuxedo was fitted perfectly. He looked like a man that just stepped out of some fairy tail. If Prince Charming was an actual person, he would be it.

"Sasuke, you might as well not be married, what the fuck is the point? Save the girl already. Karin would be broken hearted. That's so cruel, come on Sasuke you're better than that." Naruto paused as he thought back to all the time he was playing around all the time, playing with a different girl every night, even when he was with her. Even when he showed so much affection to one girl, he was always lusting over a new one.

"Naruto, she's pregnant with my child" before Naruto could even say anything else, Sasuke confessed to his best friend.

"What?" Naruto asked in disbelief.

"Karin, she's pregnant. I'm fucked." his knuckles white as he squeezed the beer bottle in anger.

"I'm sorry...but that just makes my point even more clear. Sasuke you need to clean up your act. You're going to be a father in a couple months, you can't have your child think of you as a bad role model. This wedding, you love Karin, I know you do. Right?" he questioned himself.

"Naruto, I do love her...I'm just fucked up. Really fucked up in the head." Ever since that incident, the only way to numb his pain was to sleep with various girls and think of nothing else. Ever since his best friend and love of his life passed away all he would do was sleep around and drug himself to a different world, a world where he could forget about reality. Even though everyone judged him for being a ladie's men, heart breaker and heart throb or even a rock star doing a line almost every day or shooting up, no one but his family knows that this was him acting up. His way of healing, and running away. He was forever scarred. That is she was still alive maybe things would've been completely different. Maybe his cold heart wouldn't exists.

"Either way this is happening, and when I say this is happening, I mean it's time to greet her at the church, in front of the pastor. We'll talk about this after your ceremony" Naruto got up and fixed his tie. He gave a long breath and realized what a mess Sasuke was in. Sasuke walked down the long walkway with red silk along the way decorated with red rose pedals. He gave a quick nod to the pastor who did so in return with his innocent yet wise smile. The music slowly came in, the classic tune was playing softly on the grand piano. The church was set nicely with authentic cream coloured silk on every seating on both sides with a long silk ribbon tied into a bow on each seat. The walk way was covered in red rose pedals, the church had a 50 foot ceiling with large pure sworovski chandelier decorated for this one special event. Everyone stood up and looked towards where Sasuke's eyes laid. Quietly the door slowly opened, first came Naruto and Ami, Naruto in his red velvet tie and Ami in a long halter top dress that hugged her curves, the dress colour she wore matched Naruto's tie. Her dyed purple hair neatly done up in a bun, Naruto's eyes quickly gazed at the woman who had the naturally rose colour creep up her face as she continued to walk towards the front of the church. Her eyes stuck on Sasuke as Naruto gave a look of disgust. Even Karin's friends are low lives to be dreaming of their best friend's man on her wedding day. Naruto wouldn't be surprised if Sasuke did already sleep with all of them. But of course that's not his business. Behind Naruto was Neji, young gentlemen with long brown hair tied into a low pony tail, his light grey eyes matched his grey buttoned shirt. Beside him was another girl that looked almost exactly like the girl beside Naruto except with dark amber brown. Behind Neji was two more couple, the men split their way to stand next to Sasuke while the women went to stand across Sasuke with the same glazed lustful look towards Sasuke. His eyes stared at the door way, and there she was. The most beautiful girl dressed in a long white vera wang dress that draped across the floor appeared at the door, her red hair in perfect curls accessorized with a diamond covered tiara and a veil that matched the length of the dress. Her long lashes were thick and made her crimson red eyes almost glow. Her smile was stunning, with her cheeks lightly colored, two little girls behind her held her dress and veil so that it wouldn't drag onto the floor. As the wedding bells began to make it's way into a soft tune, she began to walk down the 70 foot long aisle as everyone stared at her in awe.

Sasuke stared at her, she was gorgeous. For a moment he was actually happy again. For that gut moment, it felt right and that maybe this was the right thing to do. For that second, he only wanted her and perhaps only loved her. Sasuke finally felt like he can move on with life. While the piano was playing the wedding bells and Karin was walking towards Sasuke, he thought that he finally can accept the past and finally just move on and stop living like a miserable scum. Maybe he can be happy like how he used to be with her..

Vows were said and prayers were done, now Sasuke and Karin were staring at each other.

"Do you Karin Osaki take Sasuke Uchiha as your beloved husband?"

"I Do"

"Do you Sasuke Uchiha take Karin Osaki as your beloved wife?" the old man stared at the man everyone awed to be or be with.

" I do" as if all the women in the church were a little bummed out, and Karin had her grin cheek to cheek. She was that lucky woman. Because now she was Karin Uchiha; basically the most lucky person in the world. Carrying that name was an honour.

"I now pronouce you Husband and Wife, Uchiha Sasuke you may kiss the bride" with that, he pressed his perfect lips on to his wife's.


The sound of the water dripping from the faucet was loud and clear, every drip was a pound in the quiet apartment. Shaky hands pulled onto pink locks, her head down and her eyes shut. She wanted to wake up from this nightmare of hers. But this was no nightmare...this was reality. The clock was ticking and every second felt like minutes and minutes felt like hours. But finally it was time. She stared at her phone...4:30. Her breath was sharp as she took a piece of paper from the counter and a pen, she wrote a quick note before she stormed into her room and dug in her dresser. Sakura pulled out a black box deep under her clothing and opened it up. Her frail hands continued to shake as she pulled out a black pistol. She swallowed that lump stuck on her throat and closed her eyes. She counted to ten, green emeralds opened this time with no frightened expression. This time it was a relaxed expression as if she was fearless. Quickly, she put on the jacket she had on this morning and hid the gun in her inside pocket next to her right rib cage area.

Sakura put on her heels and opened the apartment door, "Thank you for everything Naruto" she whispered without looking back at the apartment and walked away. Her fingers quickly moved and dialled Ino's number.


"Hey Ino-pig!" her voice was cheery,

"Hey I'm coming to pick you up soon, I hear theres a really good movie out and I thought we could watch that and then go bar hopping and meet some hot guys!" Sakura smiled over the phone at her hyper overly happy friend.

"Oh Ino, I love you so much! You're an amazing friend. Thank you so much for everything!"

"okay...why are you randomly confessing your love to me? I already know everyone loves me" Ino jokingly said.

"Anyways, point is I can't come today. I just forgot about my assignment due on Monday. Can we postpone?"

"Postpone? No! It's okay I'll just come over and hang out then"
"You'll distract me! You always do! Seriously Ino, I kinda want to just be on my own today" Sakura bit her pink lips, nervous that Ino would catch on. The phone went quiet for seconds before Ino finally agreed.

"Alrighty fine! Call me soon though! I have so much to tell you! I met this guy at the bar last night and he's so cute!"

"You can tell me that later. Okay Ino I have to go and do my studies! I'll call you soon" she lied.

"Bye forehead!"

With that Sakura hung up and walked into the elevator. The ride down was quiet, but relaxing. It was something about knowing that you'll finally be set free from life that seemed relaxing and everything seemed more enjoyable. This was the last time she'd be here, the last time she'd hear that ding to notify that she was down to the lobby. Everything to her was in trance, walking out to the streets and calling the cab with a smile. Quickly she got into one of the yellow cab,

"Where to?"

"Bettington street. Do you mind if I sit in front?" The cab driver looked shocked, no one ever sits in front.


She sat up front and smiled,

"It's nice isn't it?" he began to drive as she asked him a general question.

"What's nice?" his voice was deep and he looked overworked. In his mid 40s and already his hair was patched with grey.

"Having company" her soft voice spoke over the radio noises.

"I guess it is. Bettington, what takes you there?"

"A spontaneous thing I guess" she lied once more


"Do you have kids? or a family?" Sakura asked

"I do, two kids a boy and a girl. Twins. A loving wife as well." he seemed to be so happy and warm talking about his family.

"Nice! You must be so happy to see them after work! What time are you done today?"

"Unfortunately I don't think I will be seeing them today. I usually work extra hours to make money to support the family. My wife's blind, so she can't work. It's all on me. I do overtime, so I work from 7 am to 10pm sometimes."

"That sure is a long shift huh,"

"What's a father to do, I got to support my family. Seriously though what takes you to Bettington, and what takes you to sit here in the front seat?"

"Is it that weird to sit in the front seat? Don't you find it sad that society has turn to rubbish? I mean you cannot help anyone out on the streets anymore because of the fear for your life. We're all judgemental now, and everyone does their own thing. Life now is about money and looks. It's so ridiculous I hate it." she began to vent to her new friend whose eyes were stuck on the road but had a smile slowly forming on his face.

"You're right. It's refreshing and different to see such a young lady like you with that kind of mindset. You're a breath of fresh air. Keep yourself that way. It's a very special characteristic"

As the ride continued, they bonded more and spoke of none sense from work to life and then to death. Soon it was already time.

"You know, your wife is really lucky to have a husband like you. I wish you all the best." green orbs however never left the view of the window, her voice soft and low as they slowly reached Beddington Street. Such a short ride it felt like. The one time she wished the street lights would always hit the red light, it seemed to all go green. She didn't mind paying the extra few bucks to stay in the cab longer. To bond with the last humane man she'll ever meet ever again.

"Thank you, I didn't get your name?"

"Sakura. Sakura Haruno. And thank you for such a pleasant ride James" her eyes travelled to his name tag, she gave one last smile before she got out and shut the door of the cab.

She walked towards the sign and waited there patiently as James drove away. A heavy sigh escaped her lips as the cool breeze brushed her pink cooled cheeks. Everything was a blur and all she could hear was her heart beat beating through her ear drums. The sound of cars and chattering was numb to her, this was the end. This was the day she'd meet her parents, a scary but relieving thought as well.

She will end his life, she will end this torture and pain. Maybe not for the whole world but at least to a group of lost females. She will make this statement, she will be the sacrifice.

"Sakura my baby, come in" she blinked a couple times to realize that the raspy voice belonged to that same man, that horrendous man. He was already there and she didn't even realize. The door was opened for her to step into the limousine, his hand reached out. She swallowed the lump stuck in her throat and forced herself to smile. Her fragile hand held onto his dirtied ones, and stepped into the car.

Her eyes met brown dull eyes, a rasp inhale went through her dry throat as she stared at a mere teenage girl who was already drugged and by the side of another man, her body limp and lifeless almost. The mans hand placed on her revealing thigh as she only wore a simple lingerie that barely covered her chest or bottom.

"I thought it was only going to be me" she tried her best to hold her anger,

"Relax Sakura my angel. You're still the only important one." his breath tickled her right ear as his fingers tucked the pink strands behind her ear.

"That's not what I meant" her hands place on his chest to miserably try and pry him away but it was too late. His lips were already planting onto her neck, his slimy tongue trailing all over her bare skin.

"What do you mean then?" he parted from her skin for a split second and waited for an answer.

"The deal was that you take me with you, no other girls. I thought you only needed me. Why are you taking her too?" she stared at the girl in front of her, Sakura's heart pained as she looked at the girl. How badly she wanted to just get her out of here.

"I come here to do my job Sakura, she's a fresh one and will make me some side cash too. Girl's from Europe, came here to travel on her own...How naive of the slut"

"Obito...Please. Let her go" she choked on her words as his hands trailed her body.

"Not a chance my love, she's a gem... just like you."

She tried her hardest not to cry, but the tears continued to roll down her already damp cheek, as she stared at the girl that gave her the shivers of her past. That nightmare. Obito's hands roughly took off Sakura's jacket, for a second she gasp afraid that the pistol was going to fall out, but relaxed when it stayed put. His lips trailed all over her body, but he paused and grabbed something from the side of the car,

"Here sweetheart, take this." he popped a pill into her mouth, and from there it only took seconds for her to feel that relaxation she once felt. The feeling of escaping reality. Her body went numb, her vision blurred and that was it.


Ino decided to come over to Sakura's apartment anyways. As a worried friend she'd rather come over and watch over her friend. Even if it meant her friend being annoyed. Besides it was already 7, Sakura must be done studying.

"Forehead! Open the door!" her knocks were louder this time, but there was no noise.

"You are such a hermit! Get out of your room! I know you can hear me stop avoiding me! If you do I'm just going to barge in and break your door!" Her knocks her continuous, but this time Ino had an uneasy feeling. Usually after a minute of her making a scene Sakura usually opens the door afraid her neighbours would hear and be annoyed. But this time it has been over 5 minutes and still no one. Irritated the blonde pulled out a key that Naruto had given her only to use in extreme emergencies.

"This is an emergency." she convinced herself that breaking into someones home is a good idea, somewhat.

"I am going to kill you, if you went out with someone else and not me! you better be in there studying with headphones in you ear" she inserted the key and unlocked the door. The apartment was dark, Sakura's door to her room was opened and it was dark as well.

"Sakura?" Ino's voice this time was calm, her baby blue eyes searched for the light switch,

"You bitch! You ditched me!" Ino said in anger as she turned on the lights of the living room. She looked around for a bit, but her eyes laid onto a note that was placed on the black marbled countertop.

"What is this?" this time her voice lower, her heart raced. Ino's trembling hand picked up the note.

Dear Naruto,

My best friend and big brother. I want to thank you for being such an amazing friend to me. You've been there through my roughest time and I owe it to you to write this letter. You have changed my life, and made me have faith in humanity again. I'm sorry for always being such a grouch to you when you are realistically just looking out for me. You waste so much time to have such an unnecessary responsibility when you don't need to. Ever since you brought me home all you do is stress about me. You're such a kind hearted man that deserves better. I want you to have a good life with Hinata and have cute little children. I'm sorry that I'm such a burden and are always bringing you such pain. I brought you into a dark world that no one should experience. You fought through an enormous amount of hurt for me. You are always there for me, you are a hero to many people always trying to help others. But it's time for me to set you free, let you live and have a life. I won't burden you anymore. You can go and have fun with your 'friends'. I've never met them before, you never let me meet them. I hope this doesn't mean they're bad people. Because you deserve only the best.

Naruto, he came back. Obito, He came back for me. But this time I'm ready. I will be the hero this time. I decided to deal with him on my own, and save the hundred of women from pain. This time I'm going to sacrifice myself. I will miss you a lot Naruto, by the time you read this I will already be looking over your shoulders and protecting you. This time I can actually meet your friends, although not in person but in spirit. Please don't be sad. I'm happy I'm doing this. I get to not only end this misery and this evil, but I also get to see my parents again. I've been dying to see them, and finally I can. I can be alongside my mother and father.

I don't have a lot of time to write to you. So I have to keep this short. If I could this letter would be endless for you. You have given me such great memories. I will forever keep them in my heart. You were able to heal a part of me.

I love you Naruto, thank you for everything. I'll set you free now.

Your Sister and best friend,

Sakura Haruno

P.S Ino Pig is definitely going to kill me for blowing her off for someone else. Apologize for me.

P.P.S This is my favorite photo of us, did you know that?

This has to be a dream, what Ino read didn't seem real. Her eyes must be fooling her. It was just an illusion.

Her fingers fumbles and quickly dialled 911. Her eyes flooded with tears, and within second she was already in hysteria.

"911 what's your emergency?"

"Please! There is a missing girl! Sakura Haruno is missing. she's missing! You need to find her before it's to late! PLEASE PLEASE HELP ME! PLEASE!" She shrieked over the phone,

"M'am please calm down, I cannot hear what you are saying."


"O-Obito...M'am this is a very serious situation please confirm that Obito is in New York CIty and how did you find out. Please describe everything you know."


"M'am I'm doing the best I can, I have reported to the police department, they are on alert for Obito. He is an international criminal, and we will try out best to catch him. Can you describe the woman we are looking for, this will help us find your friend. "

"Pink long hair and green eyes, around 5 feet and very petite. She is of japanese decent. But she looked mixed, her features are very Caucasian like."

"Thank you m'am. Can you describe what she was wearing? "

"I don't know. I didn't see her. I just have this letter. please! please help me find her" she was sobbing uncontrollably.

"M'am you need to calm down in order for us to help you. Does she have any family members? You need to contact them. Please leave your phone on, I will be contacting you very soon. The police department is in action right now. Please stay put."


"M'am I will be hanging up now. Please do as I say."

"Please, please save her."

"We will try our best."

With that the conversation ended and Ino dialled Naruto's phone number. She waited on the other end but no one picked up, only voice mail.

"Naruto please pick up!" she cried and stepped out of the apartment, where the neighbours came out to see what the ruckus is all about.

"Excuse me, what are you doing in Naruto's apartment." an older lady asked.

"Where is he, please let me know. Sakura is kidnapped! I need your help!" everyone stared in horror. They all knew the duo as the friendly neighbour and of course this was now a serious situation.
Chattering began to stir,

"DId you call the police already?!" A man's voice was heard this time.

"They're looking for her now! Please does anyone know where Naruto is?" Naruto never told Ino or Sakura where exactly the wedding was. Due to the type of wedding it was, and the fact that Ino was one of Sasuke's biggest fan. It wouldn't go well if she knew exactly who his friend was, knowing Ino she'd be those crazy fans who would try her best to break into the wedding. But Naruto was always prepared and chose who to tell where exactly he was for every situation.

"Here, this is what Naruto had given me." an older lady handed her the note.

"What is it?"

"He asked me to give it to Sakura or her blonde friend in case of any emergencies. That kid, he's so paranoid he's prepared for any situation." She was around her 60s, and Ino questioned why he would give it to this woman.

She opened the piece of paper that was folded in half and realized how smart Naruto was. Seemed like he chose one of the few people who don't follow celebrity gossip.

"Thank you so much!" before she even looked back at the people she had already ran down the flights of stairs and called down on a cab.

"Please to this place! HURRY THIS IS AN EMERGENCY" She threw the paper to him and continued to cry.

"A little too late young lady, he's already taken now, should've driven to the church. That would make more sense." the cab driver just assumed she was crying over the news of a married Sasuke Uchiha.

"JUST GO! JUST GO! PLEASE! AS FAST AS YOU CAN!" the man sped through the lights as Ino cried out, this was a real emergency. He realized when she just threw him a wad of cash told him to take it all. Either she was some crazy fan that had gone crazy over the news or someone who is actually in an emergency situation. Either way it wasn't his place to ask anymore questions. Within ten minutes they reached to a closed road, and just stop traffic.

"I'm sorry lady, I can't help you, You're asking me to drive you to the world's most wanted man's wedding. The 3 intersections next to the area are closed and it's maximum security. They're serious about this. This is much worse than the royal wedding" she didn't care, what the man had to say. She opened the door and sprinted through the honking cars and crowd of screaming girls. She pushed and shoved and ignored all the foul language given to her for budding to the front of the securities.

"Let me through!"

The she tried to push agains the riot shield the police men were holding up. But failed.


But they still held their ground and ignored her. She pushed and shoved but nothing worked, she was desperate. Her heart was racing and there was no time to waste. She stared at the time. It was already 8, the time was ticking and right now every minute would make a difference. For Sakura she would do this. There was no time to waste. As the crowd pushed and the news station and all other cameras were trying to catch a shot, Ino stuck her hand through the side for the shield and forced herself to grab the hand gun on the side of the police. He didn't even notice her struggles to grab it from his belt. She grasped the gun and walked back into the crowd and before they knew it she shot the gun towards the sky.

Within a split second the crowd all ran screaming for their lives and the police men finally split apart. This was her chance, her chance to run in. So she did as riot ensued into chaos. She ran as fast as she could to reach the doors with more securities, but before they could stop her she raised the gun.

"Get the fuck out of my way!" they slightly moved and let her through in shock. As she made her way through the building, the police quickly formed the line again and used tear gas against the chaotic crowd. However one noticed Ino running into the apartment and realized she was the one with the gun. He quickly chased her and shot at the door, but missed her by a couple inches.

"Ryo! DO NOT RAISE THE GUN! NOT IN THE BUILDING!" Another cop screamed at him, but they both ran towards the building before Ino does any damage.

"We need back up! Call for back up!" One screamed to the other cop, as he was running towards the building.


"I would like to thank everyone for coming out and for being here to see the most beautiful woman in here and I getting married. Karin, you truly are an amazing person, I am so happy to be able to live with you for the rest of my life. You are a kind hearted woman who is strong and is my back bone. I'm glad that I will be growing old with you. Thank you for supporting me since day one." his voice was melody to the ears as he spoke so highly of his wife. His porcelain skin shone against the spot light, as people looked in awe at his astonishing facial features. His deep black orbs bored into his bride's with his perfect smile, his nose touched hers right before he planted his flawless lips onto hers.

The woman around her mid forties cried onto her husband's shoulder as she stared at her youngest son.

"We can finally see him happy again..." Mikoto wiped her tears away. Sasuke was always the quiet type. Being part the son of an extremely wealthy family was never easy for Sasuke as a child. But of course the little pink haired girl saved him from his misery. They took a whole summer and moved to a quiet neighbourhood for a little break back when Sasuke was only 4. They tried to give Sasuke a normal life for the summer, and that was when he met little Sakura. Being so young, Sakura had no idea who the Uchiha family was, or who Sasuke exactly was. For all she knew he was her best friend who would build forts with her and told scary stories under the blankets at night. They grew fond of each other and up until Sakura's teen years she never knew a thing. They went to separate schools, Sakura public while Sasuke private. He never spoke to her about where he moved back to after the summer, he would only meet her at her house and Mikoto and Fugaku along side with Itachi would always come over to her house. Never the other way around. The Uchiha's never wanted to burden the Huranos. During school she was always teased, no one talked to her so she never had the chance to know who her best friend was, even though it was always the gossip. She was his back bone, and someone who he can escape from reality for a bit. As they grew older, he just went along with it, Sakura never ever questioned him, she always thought he was an ordinary little boy along her side. Her parents decided to keep it that way as well, for her own sake.

But he was finally happy again. Even though she doesn't know if it's genuine, she never expected him to speak out those words like he did.

Naruto stared as well, his hand held onto Hinata tightly as Sasuke continued his speech.

"I cannot express the words I have for you Karin. You are my saviour, you know it's a crazy world out there, but I feel like you know me most. You understand my true nature and accept me for who I am. No matter how many mistakes are made in the past, you still accept me for who I am. Karin I love you. You are-" before Sasuke could finish the door all the way at the end burst open,

"NARUTO!" All heads turn towards the entry, chattering began as she continued to scream Naruto's name in despair.

"Are you serious? At our wedding? Babe what kind of police officers are watching over us?" Karin kissed her teeth and stared pathetically at the door.

"NARUT-" Five cops jumped on her and pushed her onto the floor as she screamed and cried.

"STOP!" Naruto yelled, his gut twisted as he watched the scene. She was supposed to be with Sakura, not here. Not here, not crying and screaming.

"Sasuke, what's going on?" Karin asked, he placed his lips on her forehead and asked her to wait for him. Sasuke strutted over to where Naruto was as fast as possible. Naruto's body shook as he helped the blonde girl up. She looked distraught as she continued to cry.

"Naruto, not here too. This is my wedding what are you doing? Who is this? A fan?" Naruto ignored Sasuke all together, as his only attention was towards Ino.

"Ino, what's wrong. Please tell me. Where is Sakura?" Naruto place his two hand on the girl's shoulder to hold her up. Nothing came out of her, the cops all ready to arrest her and stared at her.

"Sasuke, can you please get the fucking police men to step away from her?!" he snapped, Sasuke however felt a sick feeling with that name Naruto mentioned. That name stung him, he hated hearing it, weather it was used as a name or a plant.

"Step away, she's good." Sasuke said as he knelt down with Naruto,

"Naruto, what's going on." Hinata and Neji were by the door as well now.

"Sakura...Obito..."She managed to only choke up names as she cried.


Her hands shakily took a letter out of her pocket and handed it to him.

"What- what is this?" Naruto took the piece of paper, but within minutes he had already dropped the letter onto the floor and had already ran out of the building ignoring everyone's call.

"M'am you're being arrested for not only taking a weapon from a police officer but also using it against the force." the police came through and hand cuffed Ino.

"Neji, what should we do?" Hinata asked softly

"We go with Naruto, call the police and tell them the situation. I'm thinking Ino already did, but it's good to keep contact with them. Come on Hinata, let's go." Neji quickly grabbed Hinata and ran out as well. No one acknowledging Sasuke's presence.

"What on earth is going on? This imbecile just walks in and causes a scene at our wedding. Just give her a damn autograph and let's get over it? Naruto should really learn how to teach his friends." Karin's voice was bitter as she stared at her quiet husband.

Sasuke shakily stared at the letter. The paper quality was thick, he read it and had to reread the name a couple of times. Sakura Haruno. The glossy feeling between his fingers made him slowly turn the letter around, and there it was. A photo of Naruto and a pink haired girl with those strikingly emerald orbs.

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