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It wasn't like she didn't know she was humiliating herself, Molly Hooper thought as she glared at the coffee cup.

Molly had spent her whole life being convinced everyone saw right through her. So why should Sherlock Holmes, the man who saw through everyone, be any different?

In school Molly was the girl who ate lunch with one or two intimate friends, was the sole person to raise their hand in class, the girl who spent more time invested in books than people. And when college and university came around she spent more time invested in dead people than live ones. It was just better. Better because everyone knew she was straight edge Molly, who'd never been drunk her life, had dated only three guys (though no one needed to know the longest had barely lasted two months), she was Molly with her cat and her nerdy interests. Everyone knew this. You didn't have to be a consulting detective to see it, didn't have to deduct to know by instinct.

Molly picked up the cup; she forced herself to walk with it down the hall. She pushed open the lab doors.

So it wasn't too hard for Molly to decide to attempt asking him out. He was a misfit too right? Though truly she realized, he didn't care. True she hadn't pictured too extensively the scenario of a date but when he misinterpreted her postulation as an offer of coffee served by her-well she was quick to wipe the lipstick off her face as quickly as possible.

She had formed a plan; hand him the coffee, walk out again, no more additional damage-

"What happened to the lipstick?"

Honestly? He was going to ask this in front of two men who were complete strangers to her? One of whom was amused and the other looking embarrassed for her?

"It wasn't working for me." She tried to smile, be social. Though it was hard and it shouldn't have been hard with a sociopath. Were they not supposed to be charming and flattering?

"Really? I thought it was a big improvement." He began to walk away, back to her, "Mouth's too small now."


Now was time to gracefully exit and let herself live this down, "Okay."

"How do you feel about the violin?"

Well maybe not everyone always saw exactly right through her. She didn't even bother to look round as she strode out the room. But, yes, she was perfectly aware she'd humiliated herself.