Hermione stood up and called out "may I have your attention please?"

The students of the DA who had been socializing before beginning class slowly sat down. They seemed to be wondering what she could possibly say that was more valuable than Harry's lesson, which was just about to start.

Hermione almost smirked, she'd shown these purebloods how to think, not just obey.

"I think that I've got a way to get rid of Umbridge." Hermione said quickly.

Everyone stopped muttering. Suddenly every eye was locked on her. Hermione gave a small smile.

"After reading about the American civil rights movement, and the Indian passive resistance movement, I propose we do something similar."

Hermione was met with blank looks.

Before she could explain Ron spoke up.

"Hey Hermione, for those of us who don't read books at breakfast lunch and dinner, why don't you tell us exactly what your grand plan is?" he said spitefully.

Hermione only sighed. "Passive resistance." She said simply. She heard gasps of comprehension from the muggle born in the room.

"We don't have to fight Umbridge directly; we only have to make her position here untenable." Hermione said slowly.

While about half the room now had exited looks, the rest were still clueless.

Harry spoke "Hermione, in order to fight Umbridge, we have to fight, that's what the DA is all about."

Hermione sighed again. "Harry, the DA is flouting Umbridge, yes, but we are not doing anything to drive her out!"

"That's because we can't." Cho said, her friend Marietta nodding alongside her.

"Wrong!" Hermione said loudly. "We DO have the power to force her out. All we have to do is call a full boycott of her classes, all of them."

Comprehension sped around the room. Gasps were heard, and suddenly everyone started talking at once.

After a few minutes, Harry stood up at the front of the class and called out. "Okay, we know that we can do this, but first we need to vote on this, who's in?" every hand in the room went up.

"Ok, then when do we want to start, remember, we need time to get the word out."

"How about Monday?" Fred, or maybe George suggested. "Gives us time to spread the word, as today is Thursday." Said is twin.

There was a murmuring of agreement.

"All in favor of begging the Umbridge Boycott on Monday?" Hermione asked loudly.

Every hand went up. Harry and Hermione shared a grin.