When Harry awoke again, there were no healers in his room. Breathing a sigh of relief, he sat up, and was encouraged by the lack of pain. Quickly, he got out of bed, found his wand (which was merely held in a cabinet on the other side of the room) and transfigured his clothes into basic robes.

Before he could leave however, he heard footsteps coming towards his room. Mentally cursing, he disillusioned himself and then slid under his recently vacated bed-not a moment too soon.

The door opened and Harry saw five pairs of feet enter; two healers (if their green robes were any indication), two aurors (indicated by the red robes), and Dumbledore (because no one else would wear dark yellow and orange robes with twinkling yellow and purple stars on them).

"Where is he?" asked one of the aurors sharply. The healer sputtered for a moment then blustered, "He was right here!" The auror's and healer's feet started moving franticly around the room. Harry held his breath. If one of them even thought to cast a detection charm he would be found.

"He can't have gotten far, secure the entrances and the floo." One of the aurors ordered.

"Is he really that dangerous?" the other healer asked obviously frightened. Then Dumbledore spoke.

"Harry is not dangerous per say, however he is a danger to others around him because he inspires violence and rebellion wherever he goes."

Harry couldn't see the healer's face, but he hoped the man wasn't buying that load of bull. The group swept out and Harry relaxed by an infinitesimal margin. He had avoided capture by Dumbledore, who was clearly not on his side, but; on the other hand, he was now more or less trapped in a building that appeared to be under Dumbledore's control. That being said, he did have his wand, so he wasn't completely helpless.

He got out from under the bed, wincing as some of his new wounds pulled on the skin. They were closed, but still tender, and felt like scar tissue even though they looked fine. Still, a few cuts and bruises were not going to stop him. Sticking his head out the door, he saw there were no guards, and the hall way was empty.

Quickly, Harry left his room and began walking down the hallway. After a couple of turns, he heard a group moving down the hall. Cursing his lack of invisibility cloak, he ducked into a ward off the hallway. Feeling temporarily secure he spared a brief glance for the room, to make sure he was alone, and did a double take. Even after the group passed, Harry stayed frozen. Finally, he moved to the bed on the far side of the ward and looked down at Luna.

The girl was in bad shape. From the potion bottles she had been given skele-grow and blood replenishers by the bucket load, and a dozen others he vaguely remembered from his time in the hospital wing. Her chest was open to the air, and there was still a blackened circle of burned flesh marring her skin. Still, even with that, she was peacefully asleep, and if the smile on her face was any indication she was having good dreams.

Wishing he had a portkey on him to take them both out of St. Mungos, Harry cursed.

"I promise you Luna, I'll come back for you, it's the least you deserve." Having said that, Harry turned and left the ward. Though he didn't see it, Luna's smile slowly grew wider.


In Diagon Alley unrest was growing. The people of Diagon Alley had by and large supported the revolution, but Dumbledore had reversed most of what they had been fighting for in the name of "order". Most people were so used to following his orders that they didn't think about it until later, but now, they were getting pissed off. After fighting a war for the better part of a year to end a corrupt pureblood regime, Dumbledore was establishing exactly what they had fought against.

was one of the shop keepers who had fought in a minute man squad, defending not only his business, but his neighbors as well. It wasn't long after Dumbledore reestablished a pure blood government (based in Hogwarts) that started speaking to his friends and members of various other minute man squads. His argument was simple and profound. "We fought, bled, and died to end the bigoted, corrupt, pureblood Ministry are you really going to let all that be in vain?"

Those he spoke to repeated his message, and the people of Diagon Alley prepared to fight once again.


The combined forces of the AL, German Liberation Force and French Revolution Force moved from the Ministry of Magic to Longbottom manor. There, they planned a multi-pronged attack to bring down the pureblood government that was rapidly being reestablished.

The AL planned to move on St. Mungos to rescue Harry and Luna, assuming either of them were still alive, and also to secure a place for the injured to recover.

The French forces would move to Diagon Alley where they would clear out the holdouts in Knockturn Alley.

The German forces were moving to fully secure Hogsmead, and prepare for a siege on Hogwarts. Once the French and British completed their missions, they would move to join the Germans, and the combined might of the revolutionary forces would march on Hogwarts. They hoped it would be enough.

Hermione and Neville spent the days leading up to the third round of hostilities training with the French and German forces, most of the AL did the same. In spite of the training they had done themselves, they knew that one-on-one most of the AL members were no match for a truly dedicated combat force like the reconstituted aurors of the new Ministry. Fortunately, there would be very few one-on-one duels in the coming battles, but the AL members were not about to say no to some solid high end training.


Dumbledore stepped into an empty field on the edge of Hogsmead. Waiting for him were the leaders of the troops given to the British Ministry to fight against the revolution.

Some had returned home after the British Ministry fell, others had been ordered to stay, and others still had no place to go as their own nation's Ministries had fallen since their arrival in Britain.

Because of the chaos and unrest, in spite of believing him to be a Dark Lord, the foreign troops had agreed to open negotiations with Dumbledore. The reason for this was simple; Dumbledore was the only one actively acting in the interest of the pureblood agenda. Given that a pureblood government was what they had been sent to defend, and Dumbledore was now the defacto head of said government, the foreign troops had to either join him, or leave the country because they didn't have the numbers, resources or political will to become a fourth side to this civil war.

Dumbledore of course was thrilled with this, as it meant that nearly three hundred veteran troops would come under his control. Better yet, they were all pureblood supporters so would be unlikely to join the rebels.

"Gentlemen" Dumbledore said as he conjured a number of chairs and sat down, "shall we get down to business?"


Snape closed the door behind him as quietly as he knew how.

"How is he?" a voice spoke from the darkness. Snape jumped, his hand going almost instinctively to his wand.

Rabastan Lestrange stood there, wand already in hand. "I wouldn't do that Snape." he said warningly.

Blinking and calming a bit Snape released his wand. "He will live" Snape said quietly "but it will take him at least a week to wake up and probably over a month to recover."

Rabastan cursed. "There's nothing more you can do?"

Snape sneered "If there was something more I could do I wouldn't be standing here, I'd be in there doing it." Snape said gesturing at the door in a careless manner. Rabastan nodded sharply and stepped back into the shadows.

Snape swept down the hall-cloak billowing. This was not how he planned to end his days. Voldemort would take too long to recover from his injuries; and, by the time he did, the war would probably be over. Even if he recovered tomorrow it wouldn't help Snape.

The Death Eaters were largely broken. A few dozen were all that was left, and most were now either hiding, or pretending they were never part of the Ministry forces. With Dumbledore in charge of the new pureblood Ministry, Snape knew his days were numbered. It was a choice between two powers, both of which wanted him dead. Potter because he was a Death Eater and pureblood, Dumbledore because he betrayed the Order.

Voldemort's "protection" had turned out to be little more than smoke and mirrors, and now the Death Eaters were as few and as ineffectual as Dumbledore's Order.

Snape entered into his room and lay down on his bed exhausted from days caring for the mutilated body of the Dark Lord. He never thought it would end this way.


Ron sat in his room at Grimmauld Place, trying to piece together where his life changed. No, that's not right; he knew when, he didn't know why. As the boycott of Defense Against the Dark Arts took off, he had been one of the key members helping to organize it. He had been jealous of Harry and Hermione for suddenly being so popular, but he was still involved. Then, he had tried to read a letter Harry had gotten, just like he had dozens of times before, only for Harry to refuse. That of course set off his temper. At the time he couldn't understand why his best friend was suddenly keeping secrets from him. They got into a fight, Ron said some things he shouldn't have, and Harry overreacted in an unexpected manner.

Ron had never thought that Harry might break off their friendship. They had been together through everything; adventuress of life, death, adventure, and more besides, but apparently that wasn't enough. A few weeks later Ron heard about something called the AL, apparently some kind of DA revival. The fact that he hadn't been invited or even informed cut deeply and made Ron realize that the break in the Golden Trio was permanent this time.

A couple of months passed, with Ron trying to form new friendships outside his dorm, and by and large failing. His dorm mates were all clearly taking Harry's side, and Ron would be damned if he was going to follow someone who didn't trust him. So when fighting broke out, and many students signed up to fight, Ron refused on the principle that if Harry wanted his help he could bloody well ask for it. Besides, everyone knew that he was the best strategist in the school; Harry needed him and so Ron waited, and waited, and waited. Finally, just as he was realizing that Harry wasn't going to come to him and beg for help, the Christmas break came around and his mother refused to let him return to school.

Since then, Ron had been waiting for news on the revolution, and his former friends. The Order didn't do much, and what information they had made little to no sense. Why would Harry lead a revolution? He hated attention, and Hermione was hardly a radical revolutionary, with the possible exception of her house elf crusade. Why would they ally themselves with dark creatures like werewolves? Nothing made sense.

When the Ministry fell, Dumbledore and the Order took it as their signal to do something (no one would tell him or Ginny what) and so he, Ginny and his mother spent most of the last few weeks in an empty house waiting for news.


Percy fled Britain within hours of the Ministry falling to the revolutionaries. His first thought was to flee to other pureblood nations within Europe, only to realize even the best of them were none to stable. So then he looked west to find a country in the America's he could flee to. Canada was right out as they had close ties and an extradition treaty with Britain (although how they would hold up under the new government was debatable) and the Union and Republic of Louisiana were both far too muggle to grant asylum to a former blood purist terrorist.

The Republic of Texas was an option, but there were so many former "terrorists" and "freedom fighters" taking refuge there that Texas was one of the first places magical law enforcement looked when trying to find criminals on the run. Might explain why the muggles there were always up in arms over something or other, though Percy had heard that on the muggle-side Texas was a province not a country, very strange.

Still, in the end, the Confederacy looked like the best bet. Yes, muggles were still legally considered animals under the law (and thus could be owned or hunted) but they had no extradition treaties (with anyone) and they were also considered somewhat of a backwater society. Thus, it was a perfect place for a former Death Eater to hide for the rest of his days, from the new British Government, his former master, and most importantly, his mother.


In an ancient castle hidden from mortal eyes by powerful blood wards, a council of elder vampires met. Among the topics discussed, between threats, boasts, and the negotiations over new hunting ground borders, the various leaders of the major European vampire covens discussed the implications of the revolutions sweeping Europe. Two of the six great powers had fallen, with a third teetering back and forth. Now, if only Italy, Greece, and Spain would fall, the vampires might actually be able to negotiate with the wizards who once hunted them to near extinction. The debates on what to do lasted far into the morning.


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