Rebirth Abner x Finas

It was a strange feeling, the hunter couldn't deny it. But it was beginning to become second nature and it was as though he was seeing his life for the first time. Before this.… He paused, looking himself over in the mirror. Paradox sat on his shoulder, chattering in annoyance. But the hunter just shook his head and tugged on his gloves, leaving his humble abode.

He met with Finas at the coffee shop they usually met at—the vampire was sitting at their table, waiting quietly. Abner took his seat across from the other, and as habit, the seat facing the door. He always wanted to keep an eye on who came in and who walked out. The two shared in light conversation, easy banter… But the thought was still in the back of the hunter's mind. It was as though he were actually living for the first time in ages. At least once a week, meeting with a vampire, the very thing he hunted, for idle conversation… And sometime since this had started a month ago, he'd realized he liked the new feeling it brought—like a rose blooming in his chest, making him feel… new, almost. No… that wasn't the right word.

In an out of character action, he reached a gloved hand across the table and took Finas's hand. The first time he'd done such a thing… But it was getting late and he still had a job to do. Maybe this made him a hypocrite… maybe he didn't care. Bidding farewell to Finas after nearly two hours of innocent conversation, he rose and left the coffee shop. And then, in the crisp night air, he realized what it was. It was a rebirth of sorts, as he saw the world through new eyes. Did it change everything? Well, no… but it changed how he felt, and gave new meaning to the things he'd hardly considered before. And that thought made him smile as he went off to work.