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A/N: This story discards everything that happened in Book 6 and 7.

Title: Alexander Draco Malfoy
Author: Aoi Megami
Beta Reader: ladyelainemalfoy
Chapter: 1
Chapter Title: Saving Harry Potter

It was a starless night as was observed by a pair of hazel brown eyes. The same pair of eyes looked down at the abandoned street; you can barely see anything due to the thick coating of fog that enveloped it. Her wavy light brown hair framed her worried heart shaped-face, and her skin normally a porcelain color, but now as pale as a ghost with worry.

She was gazing from her room at the second floor of Number 12 Grimmauld's Place, worrying, wondering, if they would come back alive. Her eyes were lifeless, drained, exhausted, devoid of any emotion, blank. But as she gazed out in the foggy street, her eyes narrowed when she noticed dark silhouettes outlining the thick fog. A barely audible gasp was heard as she got up from her seat on the window sill and rushed down the steps to the first floor.

Due to the sudden haste and the creaking stairs, people from different rooms emerged, wondering what the commotion was all about. "They're here," Hermione Granger announced to the confused stares the other people around her were giving her. Their eyes lit up in realization and they followed her to the front door, waiting. Their breaths hitched when the door knob twisted and the door swung open. Five tall figures, whose faces were covered under their black hoods, entered the headquarters, and everyone who had their breaths held, breathed in relief. Hermione's eyes watered, as recognition hit her. They're all here, they're all accountable, they're all alive.

"Now, now," a raspy voice boomed through all the silent relief in the hallway. "I believe that these men deserve some good food and rest," the old wizard, who wore robes a size too big for him, emerged through the tens of people who were gathered for the men's return. With the mention of food, the red-haired, motherly Molly Weasley, woke from her relief and walked to the kitchen to cook up some meal for the five men.

"Dumbledore," one of the men said. He took his hood off, revealing an aging, dirty blonde haired, blue-eyed Remus Lupin. "We need to discuss what happened in our mission," he started, but Dumbledore raised a hand to silence him.

"Later, after you've all been fed," he said as he started walking away towards the room where their Order meetings were held, as it was also Dumbledore's own personal office.

"Are you all alright?" Hermione stepped forward towards the group with a worried expression.

The tallest one in their group took his hood and robe off and laid it dangling in his arm. "None of us were hurt that bad Hermione," the youngest of the Weasley males gave her an assuring grin, his blue eyes bearing the truth of his words. Hermione nodded in much needed relief.

"You worry too much," she turned to the source of the voice, hood already gone showing the visible lightning bolt on his forehead, green eyes smiled at her hazel brown ones. Behind Harry Potter, she can clearly see the oily and sneering, former Potions professor untangling himself from his dark robes and placing it at the hook behind the closet door, before walking after Remus Lupin into the kitchens.

Hermione turned to the remaining man. Hood still on with his face hidden, he walked past her and her worried face. "Draco?" she called to him, staring worried at his back.

Draco Malfoy stopped in his tracks with his back to her. He took his hood off, showing his sleek platinum blonde hair. He turned to her, his silver-blue eyes boring into her concerned ones. He sighed and told her, "I'm fine Granger, nothing to worry about," he then turned and walked his way towards the kitchen, where they can already smell the sweet aroma of Molly's cooking.

The Golden Trio followed after their former school-mate. "Why even bother worrying about him?" Ronald Weasley sneered at the direction the blonde had disappeared into. "He's not worth it."

"Ron!" Hermione scolded. "He's done a lot for our cause," Hermione reminded him.

"Harry!" Ron turned to his best mate for help.

Harry just smiled and said, "He's a git," Harry said truthfully, earning a grin from Ron and a scowl from Hermione. "But he's a bearable git," thus earning a scowl from Ron and a smile from Hermione. He laughed and walked his way towards the kitchen, Hermione and Ron following right behind him.

Remus Lupin, Severus Snape, Draco Malfoy, Harry Potter, Hermione Granger, Ron, Molly, and Arthur Weasley, were the only occupants in the kitchen when Dumbledore came in thirty minutes later.

"Have you all eaten and rested a bit?" he asked the men. All of them nodded and Dumbledore sat at the head of the table. To his right, Severus Snape sat, next to Severus, his protégé, Draco Malfoy and next to Draco, sat Hermione Granger. Dumbledore smiled and looked to his left. Remus Lupin sat at his left side, next to him Harry Potter, and next to Harry was Ronald Weasley. Molly was washing the dishes by sink and starring intently at them. Arthur Weasley was helping Molly clean up all the dishes and when realizing the meeting of what happened in tonight's mission was about to start, he stopped and took a seat next to his son. "What must we discuss?" the former headmaster asked.

"It was there," Remus started.

"Based on the number of death eaters positioned there," Severus added. Dumbledore nodded in understanding.

"What was it?" the headmaster asked.

"What is it?" Draco corrected. "We weren't able to destroy it," he stated afterwards.

"You weren't?" Dumbledore asked confusedly.

"We were about to," Harry interjected. "But—"

He wasn't able to finish when Draco sneered, and said, "I was about to, Iwas close, but then Weasley," he looked back at the glaring blue eyes of the young Weasley male.

"Me!" Ron growled and stood to tower over the blonde.

"Yes, you!" Draco stood to stand a few inches short of Ron, but it gave him a good eye to eye level with his long time enemy. Just because you're in the same side, fighting for the same cause, doesn't mean you have to get along and be friends. That's what the two had figured out on the past year they've been working together since their graduation from Hogwarts. "It was right under my nose and you just had to come barreling in and alerting every death eater of my presence," he stopped and heard the female body next to him gasped in fright.

"I didn't know there were death eaters around the corner!" Ron argued. Draco scoffed in disbelief.

"You didn't—" Draco stammered in disbelief. "Are you stupid?" he asked genuinely. "We were after a Horcrux, heavily protect by death eaters, and you didn't think that there were death eaters around?" he asked him. "This is a part of the Dark Lord's soul; of course it will be heavily guarded! Wake up and smell reality Weasley. This is war, he knows we're after it. You shouldn't assume anything! You and you're Gryffindor pride and bravery. Has it blinded you to the point of stupidity? This isn't school anymore, this isn't a chance to become the hero of the day!" he scolded; Ron couldn't get a word in to his tirade. "Try looking at this missions the Slytherin way, we don't assume, we try to expect the worse. And the worse told me that there would be numerous death eaters around which is why I entered the way I did, and not like you, practically alerting everyone in that room of my presence." He sneered. "We almost got caught, we could've been killed!"

"It was a mistake Malfoy," Harry intercepted. "We didn't—"

"Didn't get killed anyways?" Draco finished. "A mistake?" Draco scoffed. "Don't try to butter up his mistakes Potter," he spat. "Are you waiting for the day that he makes another mistake and get one of us killed?" he angrily stated. Harry couldn't say anything to that. Ron was fuming in anger. Hermione, Arthur and Molly, were frigid in shock. "The next time we go on a mission, expect me not to come with him tagging along." He pointed with a nod in Ron's direction.

"Good!" Ron finally spoke. "We don't need you anyways."

"Well, good luck finding another skilled Curse Breaker," Draco sneered at him. "A Dark Magic Curse Breaker!" he growled and was about to leave the room, only to be stopped by Hermione's hand, grabbing into his arm. He looked at her in the eyes and breathed in. He closed his eyes and willed himself to calm down and sat back next to her, crossing his arms over his chest and scowling at the plate of food before him. As if it was the one at fault. Ron scowled and took his own seat.

"Now that that's out of our system," the headmaster spoke after the young ones tirades. "Is it to our knowledge that they would try and move the object in question?" he asked the men in the room. "What is the object in question?" he asked.

"Hufflepuff's teacup," Ron answered.

"After tonight," Severus drawled. "They will surely move it again," he sighed in agitation.

"If it disappears after tonight, it would disappear in our radar, again," Hermione said worriedly.

"There's only one solution eh?" Draco turned to her with a smirk gracing his pale face. Hermione returned his smirk.

"We have to get it, again, tonight," she told them. "Before it disappears from our radar," she stated. "It'll take weeks, months to retrace it again."

"Miss Granger's right Albus," Remus turned to the aging man. Dumbledore nodded in understanding.

"They'll be prepared for us," Draco said.

"How would you know?" Ron sneered. "They already knew we tried, they—"

"Expect the worse Weasley," Draco said with a bored tone. "How many times do I have to tell you that?" he eyed him. "You may want to die early, but I don't intend to." He said with a smirk.

Ron was about to retort, but Severus beat him to the punch before this turned to another heated argument. "Mister Malfoy is right, we have to prepare for the worse," Severus said with his own bored tone. "But what they will not expect is that we will be coming back with more numbers."

"Right," Remus agreed. "Hermione," he turned to the young witch. "Will you be accompanying us?" he asked. Hermione smiled and nodded in agreement. Draco scowled in her direction. Harry and Ron gave her worried glances. "Who else?" Remus pondered. His gaze suddenly drifted to the barely noticeable extendable ears on the floor by the kitchen entrance. Everyone's gazes turned to said object. Molly shook her head with worry.

"I believe two more of my sons are willing to participate," Arthur Weasley said with worry. They heard a loud 'Yes!' and enthusiastic cheers a few doors down.

Dumbledore chuckled before his face turned serious. "Start preparing," he instructed them. "The earlier you leave, the better," he said with a worried face. "And be careful," he told them with finality.

Draco jeered as he stood. "Tell that to Weasley," he said. And as soon as he did, his instincts took over, mixed in with his fast Quidditch seeker reflexes and pointed his wand under Ronald Weasley's throat. He wasn't surprised that the other had his pressed against his own throat either.

"Stop," Hermione grabbed onto his left arm that held his wand. Harry took the same initiative and grasped Ron's right arm. "Enough," she scowled at the two men. None listened. They continued to have this stare down. "Draco!"

Draco turned to look at her. He growled lowly, and lowered his wand; Ron begrudgingly did the same with Harry's help. He shook his left arm off of hers, and left the kitchen. She sighed in relief and looked to his two best friends. "What are you standing there for?" she asked. "Didn't you hear? Start preparing," and with that she started to head for room, followed by the two boys who went to their own room.

"Granger," a smooth voice called, just as Hermione was about to fasten her cloak on. Hermione turned to the source of the voice and smiled.

"Pansy," she greeted the raven-haired witch with smile. Hermione stared at Pansy's baby blue eyes, eyes that she had always been envious of.

"Off to another mission?" Pansy asked as she sat down on her bed on her side of the room. Hermione and Pansy shared a room together, as did Ron and Harry, Ginny and Luna, Draco and Blaise, and so forth. Hermione nodded at Pansy. "Be careful," Pansy said sincerely.

"Don't worry," Hermione told her. Ever since the war started and Pansy had joined the forces of the Order together with Blaise and Draco, she and Pansy had been close friends. It was practically safe to say that they were best friends, much to Ron's annoyance.

"Come back alive and flawless," Pansy told her. "I've practically given you a makeover and I don't want that wasted with you dying on me," she told her playfully, eyeing the wavy brown hair, heart-shaped face, and slender figure of her friend. "I practically had to torch that bushy head of yours just so that we'll be able to use a hairbrush to brush it, and now look, it's not frizzy anymore. It's soft and wavy—"

"I get it Pansy," Hermione playfully glared at her friend. "I'll come back unscathed."

"Good," Pansy smiled sadly as her friend gave her hug before walking out the door.

"See you later," Hermione called after. Pansy smiled. It was a promise.

"Granger," Draco hissed as they neared the old mansion. "Stay close to us and don't wander off," their hoods hid their faces, and the dark cloaks they wore were a perfect camouflage in the early morning.

"Don't worry Malfoy," Hermione smirked.

"I'm not worried," Draco defended. "I don't want another Weasley mishap," he stated. Hermione rolled her eyes.

"Shhh," Remus looked at the group when they heard footsteps in the forest where they were. They all hid behind the closest tree. They were closing into the mansion; they were a good hundred feet away from two death eaters that guarded the back door. Remus stood by himself, the twins together in another, Severus alone, a few feet away, Ron and Harry in another, and Draco and Hermione being the nearest to each other, huddle together behind a large oak tree. The footsteps were near and they held their breaths when the third Death Eater passed them without noticing their presence.

Once he was out of ear shot, Draco hissed to the group. "Patrol watch," everyone nodded in understanding.

"I'll take care of him," Severus said, eyeing the group before disappearing after the Death Eater.

"We'll split up," Remus instructed. "Fred, George and I, will try the side doors to the mansion," he said to the young group. The Weasley look alike nodded in excitement. "The four of you try this back door," he pointed. "Take them out carefully and with as less noise as possible," he practically pleaded with them. "And break the protection they have in this house," he said mostly to Draco. "I'm pretty sure there's magic protecting this house so we'll keep watch on the doors," he told Draco. "And please be careful," he told them, holding each of their gazes.

"Don't worry Remus," Hermione assured. Remus left with the twins, assured.

"Let's go," Ron started and was about to take off when Draco grabbed him by his hood and hauled him back.

"Silencio," Hermione whispered, pointing her wand at the two, before they started hurling insults at each other. When both had calmed down and Harry had a grip on Ron and Hermione on Draco, Hermione took the Silencing charm off of Draco.

"Are you mad?" he harshly whispered to the red head. "Are you really, trying to get us killed?" he asked incredulously. "You do not just rush in without a plan!" he stated the obvious.

Ron looked to Hermione to take his silencing charm off, and with a flick of her wrist, Ron was able to speak again. But what he said had surprised them all. "Sorry," he mumbled and looked away from the group. Harry grasped his shoulder and turned to the stunned faces of Hermione and Draco.

"So what now?" he asked them both.

"Distraction," Hermione and Draco said in unison. Harry and Ron nodded.

"We have to separate them both," Ron added to the plan. Draco nodded in agreement.

"So how exactly do we do that?" Harry asked.

"We'll split up," Hermione suggested. "Make noise on the other side so one of them will go check it out, and then take them both down at the same time?"

"That sounds simple," Draco agreed with her plan.

"Yeah," Ron and Harry agreed.

"So who's going with whom?" Ron asked.

"I am definitely not going with you," Draco stated.

"I couldn't agree more," Ron answered, as both men glared at each other.

"Uhh," Harry thought. "Hermione, you go with Ron and I go with Malfoy?" he asked her.

Before Hermione could agree, Draco declined. "No way," he said.

"Why not?" Harry asked him. Draco paused, as if trying to find an answer to the question.

"You're as worse as Weasley," he stated poorly. Hermione narrowed her eyes at him and Harry shook his head, not believing his excuse.

"Okay, forget that then," Harry shook his head. "I'll go with Ron then, Hermione goes with you."

"If she must," Draco drawled, Hermione rolled her eyes, and started walking to the other side of the forest, with Draco trailing behind her. Ron and Harry stayed rooted on their spot to wait for the plan to take place.

And just as planned, when the rustling of bushes and caught the Death Eater's attention, one walked away from the other to check out the noise. Ron and Harry emerged swiftly with Harry performing the silencing spell, while Ron performed the petrifying spell. The man fell with a thud as they saw Draco and Hermione walked up to them.

"Not bad Weasley," Draco complimented as he headed for the back door. He used his wand as a scanner for magic protecting the doors, and when the tip of his wand glowed a bright red color, a prominent scowl graced his features.

"What is it?" Hermione asked.

"Step back," he instructed her. "You might want to sit; it may take a while to break the magic protection."

"Will it be difficult?" she asked him.

"Difficult," he nodded. "But not impossible," he said, as the Golden Trio took a step back and let Malfoy do his Curse-Breaking. After a good fifteen minutes of mumbling spells and few flicks of the wrist, the door glowed white and then it was gone, thus earning a victorious smirk from Draco.

The four nineteen year olds entered the house with full caution. But little did they know that a shadow approached, closely and quietly, following behind them.

Remus, Fred and George saw the white glow that surrounded the side doors of the house. The twins grinned in anticipation, it was time to enter.

"Now boys," Remus started, but before he could finish, the two had already jumped from their hiding places and were able to take down the two death eaters that guarded the doors. Remus sighed but was nonetheless relieved that they did it without as so much as a squeak.

"Let's go," both boys eagerly declared to the older man. Remus nodded and followed the boys into the house.

It all happened so fast. They all gathered at the ballroom of the house, where the Horcrux had been. But obviously, it wasn't there anymore. The eager chance that they took had turned into a trap. It wasn't an intentional trap, but more or less, death eaters had gather in the ballroom, wands pointed, and before they knew it, they were casting out charms, hexes, and evading the death-eater's unforgivables.

Draco pulled Hermione into a column, where it served as a barrier and protection from the death eater's sight and their incoming spells. They would emerge from behind the column and would stun a few clueless death eaters on the way. Ron and Harry were separated and were running around, dodging and throwing spells at the enemy, Fred and George were in the balcony, serving as back up protection from a spell or a death eater you have not seen coming. Unfortunately, Remus was knocked unconscious, and Severus Snape was in the same position as Draco and Hermione. There were about ten death eaters who had started attacking them, and unfortunately, one of them was Draco's mentally-ill Aunt Bellatrix, Sirius Black's cousin and killer.

Her laugh alerted Harry of her presence, and seeing everything red, Harry ran after her. She was cackling hard and evaded his attempted attacks.

"Can't catch me now, Potter," she said in a sing-song voice, as she walked away from him skipping. Harry growled and continued to run after her.

"Potter, no!" Draco exclaimed and ran after them.

"Draco!" Hermione followed suit, thus stunning two death eaters who had their wands pointed at the Malfoy heir.

"Harry, Hermione!" Ron ran after them, but before they could reach the exit of the ballroom, a flashing green light froze them on their tracks.

Draco's eyes widened, Hermione held her breath in fright, and Ron did both. The green light, the killing curse, was headed straight towards Harry Potter.

"Harry!" Hermione finally found her voice. But it was too late. As if in slow motion, three pairs of eyes followed the green light closing in for the kill. Nearer and nearer, until…


Chapter Word Count: 3,635