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This is my first Avonlea fanfiction, surprisingly. I had to get one snippet idea out of my head to satisfy me until I can write my big stuff. Enjoy! If it's well received I may turn it into a real story.


For the first time in Felix King's young life he knew what jealousy was. For the first time he knew what it was to be sick with grief. Only months previous he'd lost someone who'd been a brother and a role model to him but his bereavement over Gus Pike couldn't compete with the foreign pain that seemed to grip his chest like an invisible fist. The jolt of anguish was enough to make him clutch his stomach. There. Under the covered bridge that connected town to the rest of Avonlea. Izzy. And that blonde man. That old stuffed shirt, Sam Dahl. . . kissing. Just thinking the word churned Felix' stomach. He winced.

No. No, no, no, no. Not Izzy. It's not Izzy.

But it was. He knew it was. He couldn't tear his eyes away. Partially hidden in the shadows of the covered bridge, there in the heart of town, that philanderer stood a foot taller than her, tipping her chin up with his fingers- The vile sickness overwhelmed him. Feeling his own vulnerability, Felix considered heading back to the post office until he gathered his bearings, or even the General Store. No, he didn't want to face Mrs. Pettibone right now. All he wanted was to be back in the privacy of his room where he could collapse and sort out what was happening to him.

Sorrow temporarily gave away to anger. What was she doing with someone so old? What did her father have to say about it? She was fifteen! Mr. Dahl was at least 25. He was taking advantage of her! Felix fought the compulsion to march over and tear him limb from limb. He wanted to hurt him. He wanted to kill him. Never had he hated someone so much. Only slightly taken aback by his own shameful bloodlust, Felix clenched his fists and decided to walk right by them. They were in his way, after all. But as his approach grew closer his anger dissipated back to mourning. How it cut short his breath to see her there with him! Closer and closer. He had to remind himself to breathe. She looked just as he loved her. She was wearing her short pants with knickers and boots. Her feminine blazer with the gathering in the back was that shade of green that suited her so well. He came closer to their alcove. In and out. Breathing isn't this hard! And her hair. He loved when she pulled back just the front of her hair with a ribbon. . . But it was all for him. . . That long, tall, winsome man with the sad blue eyes that saw through him. Her smiles were for him. . .

He could feel his heart beating in his ears and he had begun perspiring. He relaxed and clenched his fists to get a grip on himself. He couldn't let her see that he was shaking. What would he say? What would he say? As he was upon them he heard her stifled giggle indicating something Sam had said had amused them both. He grimaced. Sam looked over at him from where he was leaning with his back against the structure. His expression was always near blank. There was always a knowing in his eyes and when he looked at him his previous violent fantasies returned. Then Izzy turned to face him. He couldn't swallow. Surely he would vomit there in front of them. She had to be able to see his distress- he could feel it in himself so dramatically. But she merely gave him a quick smile and a, "Hi, Felix" as she took Sam Dahl's hand and led him back towards town. Somehow Felix knew they were headed to her home.

He made it all the way home with a set jaw and only a few privately shed tears. Not even Janet noticed his detachment until he insisted he wasn't hungry that evening.