In The Absence Of Sam

Written graciously by: Shannanigans

Summary: Season six spoiler - Drunk - soulless Sammy. So sweet.

Disclaimer. Not the owner.


Several beers and a few shots later, Sam and Dean were back in their motel room after a trip to the liquor store.

"Whattaya feel Sammy?" Dean asked, trying to keep any kind of hope out of his voice.

"Mmmmm. Huh. I feel… dizzy, uncoordinated and slightly in…c…coherent. But… that's not what you want to hear, is it Dean?" Sam looked down at his hands, trying hard to remember feeling… anything.

Dean sighed as he lay down on his bed nearest the door. "Go to sleep Sam. Your dizziness will be replaced by a headache in the morning." Dean visibly cringed, remembering that Sam no longer slept.

"I lost my soul, Dean, not my memory. I know how being drunk should feel. I know I would normally be laughing right now, asking you to gimme the bottle of Tylenol. When I'm this dizzy, you'd hold me up, make sure I got home okay. You made fun of me the whole time, but still, you took care of mmme."

With that, Sam stood to head to the bathroom. He may not sleep, but he still had to pee - like a "real boy". Only Sam didn't quite make it that far. He stumbled onto the end of Dean's bed and promptly sat down, deciding that this may be as far as he got for a while.

Dean laughed, "You've also apparently lost your ability to walk". Sam rolled his eyes at Dean. "Come on, Mr. Roboto, let's get you to the bathroom." Not quite steady himself, Dean helped Sam stand and walk the few feet to the bathroom door.

Sam exited the bathroom using first the wall then Dean's bed to return to his own. "Mr. Roboto?"

Dean snorted loudly, his eyes almost closed. "Dude, you are soooo Mr. Roboto! Would you prefer R2D2?"

Sam swayed as he lay down. "I'd like to think of myself as more of a C3PO, you know, s'classier."

One eye opened, staring at his soul-less brother. Dean huffed, "Dude! Did you just make a joke? Isn't that, like, against the rules?"

"Shut up Dean…" Sam slid down onto his side, curling up on the bed. "You know, I might give that whole 'sleeping' thing a try right now. I can't seem to keep m'eyes open."

Within seconds, Sam was fast asleep.

Dean slowly sat up staring at his brother, who (goddammit!) looked about 15 years old right now. Rubbing his hand down his face, Dean sighed. After a few minutes of watching his sleeping sibling, Dean lay back down on his own bed, a tear sliding out of his eye. "I miss you Sammy. I…will…fix...this. Fix…you".

The end…so sweet.

Thank you, friend, so much for writing this!

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