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Chapter 1: Senior year is finally over.

(Jimmy POV)

I gulped, pushing down a lump in my throat. It was the final day, the infamous graduation day. The day that meant I would no longer have to go to classes where I already knew the information, and I would finally be with people I'm equal to. Now I was sitting in the heat, waiting for the ceremony to start. I glanced over to my best friends, Carl and Sheen, smiling. Carl was in the row behind me, while Sheen was in front of me. The two of them had changed so much since elementary school. Carl no longer was round and short with big glasses. Instead, he had hit a growth spurt, causing him to lose most of the roundness. He also ended up getting contacts, which he proved to like more due to the fact that he constantly was losing his glasses. Most amazingly, Carl had a girlfriend. They met during our sophomore year, when she was a junior. My guess, believe me I went over this several times in my lab, was that they had just clicked. She balanced him out, and he was her source of peace. I could help but smile whenever I saw them together.

Then there was Sheen. He still looked a lot of the same, but taller. The only major difference was his behavior. Sure he was still hyper active, but after sophomore year he seemed to calm down drastically. Now he could sit still for more than five minutes. He still somehow was dating Libby; they now had the record for dating the longest. I watched as Sheen turned his head towards Libby, whispering something in her ear. Moments later, Libby turned back at me and smiled. "So Sheen tells me that you plan on purposing to Cindy tonight. Can't wait till after college can you?" she joked. I glared at Sheen, sending death rays towards him.

"Yeah, that's the plan. I mean I can't really see myself being in love with someone else, I hate to admit." I said softly. I had it planned out carefully, every little detail. Tonight was going to be perfect and it started off with my old hover car.

"Are you talking about me Nerdtron?" a familiar voice said. A pair of slender pale arms wrapped around my arms. I smiled instantly. Cindy, my beautiful Cindy. I looked up and nodded.

"Of course Vortex, who else would I be talking about?" I asked. She smirked, and pointed over to Betty Quinlan. I rolled my eyes. Betty had been my ex girlfriend. We dated freshman through the end of sophomore year, till it got to the point where I just wasn't interested in her anymore.

"Right. You think that, go ahead, but you're the only one on my mind." I said softly. Her faced seemed to soften as she looked down at me. It was almost as if she was going to cry. I turned around in my flimsy seat, to stroke Cindy's face. "Are you ok?" I asked quietly. She swallowed and nodded.

"I guess I'm just nervous, that's all." She whispered. I smiled, standing up to hug her. "When did you get so much taller than me?" she joked. I shrugged. To tell the truth, I had been taller than her since middle school.

Looking up at me she blushed. "I love you Jimmy." She said softly, while trailing off.

"I know." I whispered. Turning around, I saw the first set of people starting to line up for the start of the ceremony. A pinch of confidence sailed through me, knowing tonight was going to be the best night of my life.

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