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So you want to know how Jimmy and I ended up? You want to know if we had our happily ever after? We did, I promise. We are happy, completely happy. We got married a couple months from the end of our story. It was a town wedding, and this time, no one objected. No one told us we were wrong for each other and no one called me anything bad. We were happy, all of us. We honeymooned on our island. A year later, after the both of us finished college, we had a first child. It was a little baby boy that we named, or rather I named, James Isaac Neutron, Jr. He looked exactly like his father, there was no doubt about that. He had his fathers brains, but you could tell he was also my son. A few years later we had twins, blonde baby girls we named Jenny and Alyandra. We had one more child after the twins, Kaylin Markus. They were all pretty smart kids, just like Jimmy. We watched them grow up, we watched them go through school, drama, romances, both of us, together. Together we had our ups and downs, went through many of the same arguments we had had when we were kids, and fell in love just as much as we did when we were kids. Now were older, but were still together. James just had his third child, Jenny just graduated from law school, Alyandra just had her first child, and Kaylin just got married. It seemed time had flown by quickly.

Chrissie and Jimmy's brother, Timothy, both married also. It was like watching a mirror of ourselves. Only this time, Chrissie didn't run away. She didn't leave a trace. Once they finished high school, the two got married. It was clear from the start the two would be together, just like Jimmy and I.

Oh, you want to know about Betty and Jack? Well they got married too, had their baby and one more. Only they didn't end up with a happily ever after. Less then two years of being married, the two got a divorce. The two's kids went back and forth, until one day it just stopped. Betty ran off with some man from Italy, and Jack couldn't handle kids on his own. Jimmy and I, even though we both dislike the parents, took up their kids. I never heard what happened to them after that, and frankly I really didn't care. We raised them with our own kids, and everything turned out okay.

We had our happily ever after, and you know, I think we're still living it.

A/N: Sorry it's a crappy epilogue. I really didn't know what to write about it. I wasn't planning on writing it actually. It's set about forty years after the story, so they would be about grandparent age(based on my calculation, about 63 or 64). I guess I just wanted to give you a basic look of their life. I might, and I say might write something either based off the kids lives and adventures or I might write about the Betty-Jack thing. Who knows? Now I have a request for anyone who cares: PLEASE go read my newest story. Its still JN, but its crossed over with Harry Potter. Let me know what you think about it. It's called: Stolen Twin.

Thank you everyone who stuck by this story the whole time. I hope everyone liked it, and can't wait to have more stories and here what you have to say.