"triple princesses"
a super mario brothers fan fiction
by inverse, various months 2010

a princess's tale
all characters are copyrighted and owned wholly by Nintendo.
no money has been made with this, and none is ever to.

Have you ever attended a party thrown for an entire country at once?

Well, try it sometime! It's a rather incredible sight to behold.

People dance in the streets, unafraid of leaving their houses deserted. Countless styles and genres of music play in just as many regions, sometimes clashing, sometimes blending. The people talk, yell, scream, laugh, run, jump, and dance. The smell of cooked food-mostly meat-flavors the air. Old relationships are strengthened, and new ones are made... or at least rented.

Every year, for an entire week, all four regions of Sarasaland are enveloped in jubilance.

And right at the center of it all, in the capital kingdom of Chai, rests the primary home of this country's ruler and the person whose idea it was to throw this giant gala in the first place...

"Ahhh, wonderful! Things are going just as well during this Festival as every other. I love it when a plan comes together."

"I still can't believe you manage to pull one of these things off every year with no hitches."

"Not just me, Peach. It's a country-wide effort. The people love it! And they'll love you two, too! Come on, let's go greet 'em, shall we?"

Princess Daisy spoke these words just as her royal chariot exited her castle, and headed towards the main square. As they rode, Peach looked out of its window to see people pointing in reverence at their ruler, and with curiosity at the two other passengers within.

Once at its destination, the chariot made its way to a special high-rise speakers' podium, conveniently already outfitted with a microphone hooked up to a speaker system set to broadcast for miles around.

"Now you guys," said Daisy as she exited the chariot and walked up the podium's steps, "make sure to appear only after I introduce you. Got it?"

The other two passengers nodded.


Daisy poked the microphone when she got to it, and one near-deafening screech later, she was able to verify that it worked.

"Heh. Sorry about that. My fellow subjects! As we near the end of this week-long Festival of Gratitude, we all indeed stand here grateful for many things. We're thankful for health and strength, both individually and as a nation. We're thankful for family, friends, loved ones, significant others... too many to list! Even so, I'd like to add one more to the pile right now.

"I'm sure you've heard through various news sources that Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom has found a long-lost sister she never knew she had. Well, guess what? Tonight, we've got them as our special guests! So please, while they're here, I ask you all to show them the same respect and love that you do me and your kingdom! 'Cause I don't know about you guys, but I'm truly glad to see my best friend have something this wonderful happen to her! What say you all?"

The assembled subjects cheered in response.

"Yeah, I thought so too," said Daisy. "Here they are right now!"

Two blonde girls, roughly the same age as Daisy, stepped onto the stage. Gathered together side-by-side with Daisy, one would think that perhaps they were all royalty... and one would be right.

Daisy, the brunette princess of Sarasaland, wore a yellow and orange gown, symbolic of the fire forever burning within in her heart. Those who lived in her domain knew that she ruled it with a fearless nature, and she would not hesitate to throw herself in the way of any danger that might threaten her people.

The girl with long blonde hair-the aforementioned "Princess Peach of the Mushroom Kingdom"-was a stranger to absolutely nobody. The most famous princess of the three wore a gown that was pink with white frills. While she was possibly most famous for being the constant target of abductions, she was also well-known for treating her people, and truly anyone she met, with a soft and caring kindness.

And finally, there was the mysterious guest, the "long-lost sister." Her gown was a light faded blue, the color of the daytime sky, but also of the stars which shone in the heavens during nightfall when viewed from a distance. Serving to only add to her mystique was the silver crown on her head, and the short blonde hair which covered exactly one of her eyes. The smallest of smiles could be seen on her face as she attempted a weak wave to the crowd.

"She seems a bit shy, Peach," said Daisy. "Why don't we have her introduce herself?" She shoved the microphone in the blue-gowned girl's face. "What's your name, little lady?" she asked, with absolutely no hint of irony.

"R-... Rosalina," said the mystery girl.

"Wow, nice name! And where are you from, Rosalina?" asked Daisy.

"Mmmm... quite far away, in all honesty."

"It's a remote country called, um... Lumaria," Peach chimed in before Rosalina could answer. "It's so small that it hasn't been documented on any map. Mushroom Kingdom explorers just discovered it, so expect that to change."

Rosalina nodded, eager to agree with Peach's words. "Y-yes! Lumaria. You might say it's a universe away from the rest of the world."

"Well, no wonder we haven't seen you before!" Daisy said. "Glad to have you with us, and we look forward to good international relations!" She looked back at the crowd in front of them. "Well, come on! Don't stop the music just 'cause I'm the princess! Get back out there and party your butts off!" She pumped a fist in the air to let everyone know she meant business.

With another cheer, the subjects obeyed. The music restarted, and things were as they had been five minutes ago.

Rosalina looked out at the festivities. She was unsure which was more chaotic at the moment: the movements of these people, or the surface of any given sun. Then again, the surface of a sun would look far less enjoyable than this-

"Oh!" she gasped as her hand was grabbed by another's. She looked to see who it was. "'Daisy,' was it?"

"The one and only. So! They have dancing in Lumaria?"

"Not as such, no," said Rosalina. "Certainly not like this."

"Then get ready. I'm going to teach you a killer custom for you to take back to your people. And trust me, they'll love it."

With a wink, Daisy led Rosalina off of the podium, and onto the grounds of the main square. It was a process at first, but soon enough, through Daisy's instruction, she became a part of the very chaos she'd just been observing.

As she moved wildly, losing herself to fun she had not had in centuries, Rosalina's body came to feel as warm as if she were approaching the sun's surface.

She didn't know it at the time, but it was a feeling she would become quite familiar with as the night wore on...