Nala sat staring across the pridelands, her paw gentley brushed her belly. Maybe Rafiki was wronge. She and simba haven't bred in atleast two years. The lioness didn't know what to do, she couldn't ever look her daughter in the eye again. Simba came up behind her and crouched to pin her, he tensed and sprung. Nala braced for an attack with out thinking and turned her head scratching and biting. Simba tried to sooth her. Nala glanced up to see her mate. "Oh Simba, you startled me," she said apologetically.

"Thats alright love. Are you ok? Over the last few days you've been kinda... distant,"

"Im fine love just thinking," she murmered "wheres kiara? She was suposed to be back by now,"

"Im not sure but lets forget about kiara for a while lets just... talk."

So him and Nala talked for hours happily laughing the hot savanahha day away. The whole time Nala was thinking how she could keep the cub without revealing hers and kovus secret. The thought hit her like a ton of bricks she could blame it on a rouge. No one would know. She would mate with simba if she didn't know the fur would be to different. So that afternoon she thought.

Kiara came into the den in the early hours of the morning and snuggled next to her mother. Nala woke in the morning with the sun strieking her face. With a stretch and a loud yawn she got up. Todays the day she put her plan into action. She trotted softly to simbas side and nuzzeled him. "honey im gonna join the hunting party today," she said happily.

"Ok love" simba purred.

Nala walked into the warm sunlight and spotted the watering hole was clear so she slinked down and dunked her face in the water. She layed at the in the hot sun listening to the sounds of the spring cubs playing. The sun was now directly above Nala she knew the hunting party would be leaving soon. She rehearsed the scene so much in her head that she knew what she had to do word for word, paw for paw.

Nala ran to Vitani the leader of the hunting party. The lionesses nuzzeled Nala tentively saying various remarks of "My Queen its been so long since we saw you hunt" all the way to "Finally a decent leader to lead our party." Nala ran along with the lionesses and pretended to slow and smell for prey. She slowly lead away from the party and hid in the bushes. She laid down and prepared to wait.

The sky was begining to darken so she knew the party would have been at pride rock for hours. She ruffled her fur so she look light she put up a fight. From hiding under the bushes she had leaves and twigs covering her she definately looked like she put up a fight. The trouble began when the rain did. She was running though the trees trying to catch the other lionesses scents but the rain washed them away. She began to cry she was drenched, hungry, cold and just plain miserable.

By the time she got back to pride rock it was eight in the morning. There were lions every where shouting her name. She emerged from the trees and collapsed she couldn't take any more.

Her eyes fluttered open to see Simbas saddened, worried eyes blaring down at her. "Nala? NALA!" He exlaimed with joy, nuzzeling and licking every inch of her face.

"Simba" she said hoarsly.

"What happened?" He said concerned

"Well, I was with hunting party when.. when.. Simba a rogue.. i tried to fight him.. he was strong.. i failed you" she lied so smoothly it scared her. Every feature of simba swelled with pity, while all of nalas swelled with guilt.

Suddenly Kiara ran in beaming at every one in the cave. "Mother, Father... I'm pregnant!" She was absoultly bouncing with joy but her father was to grief stricken by nalas story to care at the moment. He shot kiara a "i'll care later" look. Kiaras beaming smile turned to a grimace. This was the best moment of her life and her father was ruining it. "Thanks alot father!" she shreiked. Kiara burst into tears and bolted from the cave as fast as she could. Simba stretched his paw towards her uselessly.