Nala layed there sobbing from the pain. She heard a loud crack and shrieked in agony. Just then she saw a familier little blue hornbill flying over head. "Zazu," she grunted. "Zazu, ZAZU!" She roared. The bird glanced down.

"Miss Nala!" Zazu skwaked. "Can i do anything!" Tears were now flowing freely down Zazus face.

"Get Simba, and kovu!" She grunted.

"Right away," He shouted over his shoulder already taking flight. Zazu flew for what felt like hours before he found Simba and Kovu doing patrols. "SIRE!" He yelled.

"Zazu? What has you panicked my friend? Is Vitani trying to eat you again?" Simba and Kovu burst out laughing.

"Nala is birthing the cub as we speak!" Simba shot him a look and within seconds they were running to Nala.

Kiara sat at the edge of their home every day she saw it she was breath taken. The huge waterfall, The tangled vines that made hammocks, a cave inside the water fall that had a pool of crystal clear water to lay in and the most beautiful atribute was the lions them selves. "Kiara?" Stark said quietly. "Whats that look on you face?"

"I have to go back," She turned with tears streaked down her face. "I have a mate there and my parents will be so worried, i wish i could stay, with all my heart i truely do." She looked down at her swollen belly. Only a month, two at most until her little cub is born. Suddenly Slet slunk in.

"Did i hear correctly princess? You finally going to get your furry ass outta here opps i mean tragically leaving us?" She said smirking.

"Must be so devastating for you Slet," Kiara said acidly. Slet was now inspecting her claws looking down right bored.

"Yep Tragic," She said sarcastically. Stark motioned for kiara to follow him. She did so shooting a dirty look at Slet. Slet beamed at her insincearly. When they were out of ear shot of Slet Stark resumed talking.

"Why leave? I could protect you as well as your mate, I'm as attractive as your mate, I would treat the cub as my own and we could be happy. I could make you very happy."

"You have made me very happy but theres no logical reason why i love kovu. I just do!" her voice got louder and louder. "Please escort me back now, i wish to go home."
Stark nodded sadly.

Simba sat by Nalas side as she panted away trying to birth the cub. Simba stroked her soothingly while kovu went for Rafiki. It was half an hour before the old monkey and the young lion finally arrived. "Now der. We need you to push! Oder wise dere will be no prince!" He said angrilly.

"I can't it hurts!" She let out another roar of pain.

"DO IT or de baby will die!" He skrieked. With one finale push the baby came out. Nala licked the cub completely clean before she'd even look at it, let alone any body else.

She Gasped in horror as she finally looked at the cub. The cub was identical in every way to kovu. Simba could take no more suspension and finally looked at the cub as he did his claws unsheathed. He whipped his head feriously and turned to snarl viciously at Kovu. "YOU BETRAY MY DAUGHTER WITH MY WIFE!" He roared

"Simba please i can explain!" he pleaded.

"NO YOU CANT!" He boomed

"Simba please don't hurt him! It was my fault i asked him!" Nala sobbed pulling the cub closer.


"Yeah Simba real honorable threatening a lioness and her cub!" Kovu hisses. That was it Simba cracked he lept at kovus' throat.