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Wanda's POV

A few months had passed since we met Nate and his clan of rebels. We began trading supplies and coordinating raids so that the humans could benefit the most from each trip. Jared and Mel as well as many others from Jeb's cave never really trusted the other clans with the location of the cave hide out and also pressed the issue of them not revealing their location to us. It wasn't that we thought they would purposely turn us in to the seekers, but with the survival of the human race we didn't want to put all the eggs into one basket. In other words, one human caught would expose all of us. So getting around the secrecy of locations made it difficult to plan group raids but it was accomplished. There was a secret location for each group to contact each other with a coded message. If someone was caught only the location of the messages would be revealed as well as what the code was, but it changed frequently.

Burns and I had become close. He was the only one I agreed to go on a raid with from the other clan. I still felt wary of humans even in my own clan. Surprisingly, Kyle no longer was one of those I didn't trust to be alone with, unfortunately Sharon and Magnolia still were. It was odd how they accepted Mel back in their lives although Mel was not as forgiving. She took their assault on me personally. Mel and I were as close as sisters could ever get and anyone that hurt me was hurting her by association.

Sunny was still attached to Kyle and was very fearful of being away from him, but it was time she made herself useful and joined Burns and I on a simple food shopping trip.

"I don't want to go! Kyle, tell them not to make me," Sunny begged.

"No one is telling you that you have to do anything," he responded.

"Kyle, we need a third. The more of us together the more supplies we could get in one place. Less stops will be required and we could get back home sooner," I explained. "Sunny, you don't have to worry. It is just like shopping before you and Kyle got together. And it's not like Kyle will be far off. He is going to be in the van waiting."

"That's true sweetie. I won't let anyone harm you."

"The souls in the store won't suspect a thing because we are not doing anything wrong," I said. Ian turned his face at the obvious lie I said so not to give it away. He knew full well that I felt I was not giving back to the community and hence I felt I was stealing. Kyle caught on and helped convince Sunny of the least bit of danger she would be in. After all, if there was any danger at all, Ian wouldn't let me step foot close to anywhere risky. Kyle trusted his brother's cautiousness.

Jared, Melanie, Kyle, Ian, Sunny, and I all went out to go meet up with Burns, Rachel, and Avery in our always changing meeting place. We were three vans together, three clans, three souls. We were on our way to our first location which took a couple of days to get there. The three of us had our lists and walked into the first food store. The story was that we three were throwing a college party and required supplies to make the party a success.

"Go on Sunny. We need to split up and go up and down the aisles as quickly as possible without arousing suspicion," I told her.

"Please Wanda, I can't go alone. Just let me tag along with you for the first couple of places. I will feel more comfortable and we won't get caught." She shook as she held onto my arm.

"What do you think Burns?" I asked.

"I don't think she is ready to be on her own. We are risking the lives of the people out in those vans if she messes up."

"I guess we will stick together," I assured her. She immediately relaxed and a smile found its way to her worried face. I knew how she felt. We all worried for the humans we loved so dearly.

We walked as quickly as we could, gathering supplies right and left, smiling as we passed other souls, even making some small talk on occasion. I thought we were making good time, but apparently we weren't fast enough for our human company waiting in the car. I spotted Melanie approaching us in the corner of my eye and turned to her worried. She was smiling as she greeted those she passed and was wearing a pair of sunglasses. Any human would have known she was hiding something while wearing those glasses in doors, but we souls were so trusting.

"What is keeping you guy so long?" she asked.

"It's a very long list and I'm doing double time," I explained. She took Sunny's list and began roaming the aisle alone. This made me very wary and I picked up the pace with Sunny at my side.

We finished in no time and as soon as we got to the vans the humans came out to help load the supplies. Kyle was first out of course grabbing Sunny in a true embrace that I didn't know he was capable of. Ian and Jared were tied for second. I caught a peek at Jared's apprehensive face after exiting the van. I could tell coming inside to get us was Melanie's idea and even though Jared was against it he knew she was the only one that would be able to mimic a soul so perfectly and hurry us along. As soon as Ian was with me, he couldn't help covering my face in kisses. He knew I was a pro at this type of raid, but it still bothered him to be away from me.

Even though Ian knew that Burns was a soul that had "gone native" as Burns put it, Ian refused to allow me to be in close proximity of him for long stretches of time. Ian would always hold me close when Burns was around. I recognized the look of the jealousy in Ian's eyes. No matter how many times I insisted that I only loved him, he still worried.

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