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Emerald Academy

Location: Angel Island

Established: 1947

Enrollment: 2093

'Enrollment as of today: 2094'

A hedgehog sighed as she read the sign before following her Dad.

"Dad, I'm not sure about this." The young hedgehog said. She was quite beautiful in unique ways. Her fur was a rosy colored matching her long quills that ended at the small of her back. She was an average height with a slim, petite figure. She had emerald eyes the sparkled as she looked at the giant campus around her.

"You'll be fine Amy." Her dad's voice said in a gruff tone as they walked up the steps of the administration building.

"But I won't fit in with any of the kids here." She mumbled looking down at her new black shiny shoes. Since this was one of the most prestigious schools in all of Mobius it was bound to require a uniform. Amy predicted it would be like any other uniform she had seen before. Plaid skirt, white shirt, tie, stockings, and blazer. It was pretty typical at each school. Well, schools like this one. She did have to admit she liked the coloring the school chose.

She had a fitted black blazer with light blue trim and her tie was navy and was tucked inside her blazer. She wore the white button-up under with the plaid skirt the consisted of navy, light blue, black, white, and silver. She wore the white socks and black shoes that were required and she had half of her quills pulled back with a navy bow and let her bangs frame her face. She looked…decent. It was hard to look good with a uniform.

"You'll make friends sweetie. Don't fear these small problems." Her father said as he looked down at her with his gold eyes.

"I want to go back to my old school." She said quietly as her father put a comforting hand on her shoulder.

"Amy. This is a wonderful opportunity for you. Your mother and I are so proud of you." He said as she smiled at him. He kissed her head before leading her to her dormitory. "I'll miss you sweetheart." He said as he hugged her tightly. Amy buried herself in his shoulder as he kissed her head. He let go of her and smiled sadly before walking back to his car. Amy took a deep breath as she stood in front of her room. She slid her card through as it beeped and opened.

It was a fairly big room, bigger than Amy's room anyways. There were two giant windows on the back wall with beds right in front of them. The walls were dark blue with light blue carpeting. There were two wooden desks on either side of the room with lamps set up on them. There was a bathroom on the right side of the room which Amy admired. The curtains were pulled back from the window letting in all the light come into the room. Amy noticed the bed on the right side was made up already with suitcases on them.

"I guess my roommate left." Amy mumbled to herself walking further into the room.

"Actually your roommate is still here." A voice said making Amy jumped. Amy looked over to see an ivory bat walking out of a closet full of clothes. She had a stunning figure with legs for miles. She had shining baby blue eyes with short hair that curled at the ends and dark purple wings. She was wearing the same uniform as Amy, but she made it look amazing. She was leaning against the closet with her arms crossed eyeing Amy.

"Um…I'm Amy Rose." She said awkwardly holding out her hand. The bat pushed herself off the wall and walked over to Amy. She circled Amy eyeing her up and down as Amy let her arm drop.

"Do you like Miley Cyrus?" The bat asked as Amy looked down uncomfortably.

"Um…not particularly, but if you like her I don't mind." Amy said quickly as Rouge raised an eyebrow.

"Have you ever had or have an interest in being a cheerleader?" She asked as Amy shook her head. "Last question: How many pages were in the longest book you ever read?" She asked as Amy thought about it.

"Maybe eight hundred." She said as the bat stopped right in front of her. She held out her hand smiling a bright straight smile.

"I'm Rouge the Bat. Pleased to meet you." She said as Amy looked at her confused before shaking her hand. "Sorry for all that. My last roommate was a nightmare." She said collapsing on her own bed. "Are you a sophomore?" She asked as Amy sat on her unmade bed.

"Yeah, are you?" She asked as Rouge sat up to face her.

"Yep! My friend Cream is a freshman, but you'll like her." She said as Amy smiled at her. "You want help unpacking?" Rouge asked pointing to Amy's bag by the door.

"Sure." Amy said as they both moved her bags near her bed. They started making her bed together as they asked questions about each other.

"So…what do your parents do?" Rouge asked as Amy bit her lip.

"They own a bakery/café together." She said as Rouge looked at her confused.

"Is it really the successful to send you to a school like this?" She asked as Amy scratched the back of her head.

"I actually got a scholarship here." She said as Rouge eyes widened.

"You're the super-smart student that Dean Vanilla gave the scholarship to!" Rouge exclaimed as Amy blushed and nodded. "Wow, well you're going to be helping me with math." Rouge said as Amy sighed in relief and smiled.

"What does your family do?" Amy asked as they started putting her clothes in the closet.

"My dad is an ambassador between Mobius and Earth and my mom is a representative for Knothole." Rouge said as Amy looked at her in amazement. "If you think that's amazing you should see what others' parents do." Rouge said as Amy laughed a bit. When they finished Rouge grabbed Amy's arm and led her out the dorms.

"Where are we going?" Amy asked confused as Rouge kept walking.

"We're going to meet my friend Cream and then we'll show you around campus." Rouge said as Amy shrugged her shoulders. They soon stopped at the cafeteria – which was more like a six star buffet – to see a cream colored rabbit sitting on one of the tables. She had brown circles around her hazel eyes with ribbons tied around her ears. She was wearing the same uniform as Amy and Rouge and was kicking her legs in the air.

"Took you long enough!" She exclaimed bouncing off the table. "Hi! I'm Cream." The rabbit said holding out her hand as Amy shook it.

"I'm Amy." Amy said as Cream smiled at her.

"Ok, introductions are done. Let's go show her the campus." Rouge said as they walked out of the cafeteria. They showed her the different buildings such as the Science and English building. They showed her the other dorms, the auditorium, and two gyms. They were walking through the Foreign Language building when Amy noticed something strange.

"What's with the lines of girls?" Amy asked as Rouge and Cream stopped. They all looked to see a small line of girls giggling excitedly that led into the room.

"Oh…that's The Escorts Club." Cream said as Amy looked at her confused.

"Escorts club?" She asked confused as Rouge and Cream rolled their eyes. They pushed through the lines of girls walking right in as some of the girls sneered. Amy looked around to see different set up couches and tables. They were all spread out throughout the room and in groups of four.

"Hey Blaze." Rouge said as the small group approached a lavender cat behind a desk. She had a red jewel on her forehead with her hair tied in a navy ribbon and gold eyes. She smiled happily at Rouge before looking at Amy.

"How may I help you today?" She asked politely as Rouge snorted.

"She's not a client. She's new to the school." Rouge said as Blaze nodded understandingly.

"Uh…what's all this?" Amy asked as Blaze walked around her desk and leaned against it.

"This is The Escorts Club." Blaze said motioning to the different groups. "It's a group of the guys you see entertaining the girls on campus." Blaze said as Amy made a disgusted face. "Not like that. It's not a player thing. They're making the girls feel better about themselves sometimes even helping them land the guy they want." Blaze said as Amy looked around at the guys.

"Yep, they're actually pretty nice guys. They do a lot of charity work and with all the fan-girls they make a lot of money." Cream said motioning to the group outside as Amy laughed a bit.

"There's different types of guys for every girl to choose." Rouge said as they all turned to face the groups. She pointed to a blue hedgehog with quills that were slicked back. He had jade eyes and a bright smile on his face. He was wearing the boys' uniform which was basically the same except they had black pants. "That's Sonic the Hedgehog and he's a junior. Captain of the basketball team and track team and super funny. He's what you called the 'Athletic Clown'. He's funny, charming, and one hell of an athlete." Rouge said as Amy looked at him.

"And there I was three seconds left. I only had one shot. I shot it and it went in!" Sonic said as the girls cheered for him.

"Oh Sonic how do you get so athletic?" One fox asked as Sonic smiled down at her.

"Practice baby. And all you girls. Without you I wouldn't be the man I am. Or…hedgehog." He said as they all swooned for him. Amy couldn't help, but to laugh at how all the girls were acting.

"Sonic is the one who made the club in the first place. Everybody calls him the president, but he doesn't take credit for anything." Cream said as Amy nodded. She pointed over to a golden color fox with sky blue eyes. He was shorter than the other guys and had two tails behind him. "That's Miles Prower or Tails. He's a freshman like me. He's super smart and unlike the other guys cute instead of hot. He's the 'Nerdy Cutie' to most girls." Cream explained as Amy look over at the table Tails was sitting at.

"It's actually quite simple. You just multiple this percentage to this square root and add two." He said as he smiled brightly at the girls around him.

"Ohh…Tails you're so cute!" A mongoose squealed as Tails blushed and scratched his cheek.

"Thanks, but you women surpass my standards of cute." He said as they all squealed.

"He handles all the financial things with the club." Cream said as Rouge and Blaze cleared their throats.

"And is Cream's crush." Blaze coughed as Cream whipped around and glared at her.

"Don't listen to them. I don't like him. We're just good friends." She said as Amy laughed as Rouge and Blaze shook their heads no.

"Anyways, that guy over there-" Blaze said pointing a red echidna that was lounging back on a couch with three girls sitting next to him. He had lavender eyes and dreads that ended at his shoulders. He was bigger than the other guys and had a big smile. "-is Knuckles the Echidna. He's the manly man with the goofy side to him. The girls call him the "Teddy Bear" because he's so tough yet so nice and funny. He's a senior and on the football team. He promotes all the charity events for the club and makes sure people come." Blaze said as Amy looked over towards him.

"Yep, I lifted about three-fifty today. A little weak for me, but I just got through helping ladies like you move in." He said with a bright smile as the girls giggled. Rouge rolled her eyes as Cream laughed.

"Rouge likes him, but is too prideful to admit it." Cream said as Rouge growled at her.

"He's a stupid bear. I don't and never will like him." Rouge said whipping around to face another group. She pointed over to a silver hedgehog with five spines sticking up on his forehead. He had gold eyes and sparkling white teeth as he leaned on the table where three girls sat. "That's Silver the Hedgehog. He's smart, but not as smart as Tails and he's the nicest guy you'll ever meet. The guys here are all nice, but Silver is extremely nice. He's the typical 'Nice Guy-Good Guy' for girls. Polite and the perfect gentleman." She said as Amy looked over to the table. He was pulling out a chair as a new girl walked over to the table.

"Hello Angel. I believe you're new. I'm Silver and I'll be your escort. And may I say you have beautiful eyes. Like pools of sapphire." He said pushing in her chair for her and kissing her hand. The girls blushed and smiled shyly at him as Amy laughed. "He's a senior and handles all the event planning and conducts the meetings and such." Rouge said as Amy turned to face them.

"I kind of just like watching the girls react." Amy said as Cream stepped forward.

"Then you'll love the next person." Cream said pointing over to a black hedgehog leaning against the window. He had red streaks through his quills which were pointed up. He had ruby colored eyes which were staring outside at the sky. "That's Shadow the Hedgehog." Cream said as Rouge put her arm around Amy and her other hand on her forehead dramatically.

"He's the brooding; I write poems in my disparity even though my parents are the top Forensics Scientists at the FBI: Mobius Sector and insanely rich." Rouge said as Amy laughed a bit. "He's the 'Lone Wolf' to most girls. The guy who girls like to comfort and listen to his smooth and deep voice." Rouge said acting dramatically as Blaze chuckled.

"He's a junior and is a really good artist. He plays guitar and all that jazz about singing and writing songs." Blaze said as Amy looked over to him.

"Why does the sky mock me with its sun when my heart cries inside?" He said as all the girls watched sympathetically. "Luckily I have you all to heal my heart and make it warm again." He said as all the girls sighed dreamily when he smiled slightly.

"Wow…he puts on a good show." Amy said with a small laugh. "What happens when they get asked out or something?" Amy asked as they all shook their heads.

"It's a rule that everybody knows. The Escorts can't fall for their clients. The only exception to that rule is Silver." Cream said as Amy looked at her confused.

"Why?" Amy asked as Rouge rested her arm on Blaze's shoulder.

"He was with Blaze before he joined the club and Sonic thought he was perfect for the club. They really wanted him to join the club and didn't object to him having a girlfriend. Blaze was ok with it because she knew that he really loves her. So, now she does all the grump work. Like sending each girl to the right guys and handling all the E.P.T's." Rouge said as Amy looked at her confused.

"E.P.T's?" She asked as Blaze picked up a piece of paper.

"If a girl can't decide what guy they want to be 'escorted' by they fill out this survey – Escort Placement Test – and we match them up with the guy that fits them best." Blaze said showing her a copy.

"Have you guys been escorted?" Amy asked as she looked at Cream and Rouge.

"Yes." Cream said as Rouge grumbled her answer.

"Oh and who was yours?" Amy asked with a knowing smile as Blaze laughed a bit.

"Tails." Cream said turning her head away with a blush.

"Knuckles." Rouge said with an eye roll. "With what I know about you, I think you'll end up with Sonic." Rouge said as Amy put her hands in front of her.

"I think I'm fine. I'll be fine without being escorted." Amy said making her way out the door, but Rouge and Cream grabbed her arms and brought her back. "Guys! I'm perfectly fine. I don't need an escort." She said as she crossed her arms.

"Of course you don't need one, but it's like a right of passage when you come here. At least every girl does it once. C'mon we can even manage to get you a private one." Rouge said as Amy groaned.

"Fine, just give the stupid survey." Amy said as Blaze smiled and handed her the piece of paper. Amy quickly filled it out answering all the generic questions and passed it towards Blaze. Blaze quickly evaluated at as Amy waited impatiently.

"Whoa…" Blaze said as Rouge and Cream gather around her.

"Wow…" Rouge and Cream said as Amy looked at all three of them.

"What?" She asked as they all looked at her and back at the paper then back at her. "Guys…" She whined as Rouge grabbed the paper out of Blaze's hand.

"You're paired up with Shadow." She said as Amy looked at her confused.

"So?" Amy said as they looked at her in shock.

"You into the 'Lone Wolf'? Who would have expected it?" Cream said as Amy shrugged her shoulders. "I was thinking Sonic for sure." Cream said as Amy rolled her eyes.

"That's because you guys have only known for like two hours." Amy said as they both looked at each other and shrugged their shoulders.

"Well…go then. He's by himself." Blaze said as Amy sighed and walked over to him. Shadow was leaning against the window as Amy stood across from him.

"You must be new." He said emotionlessly as Amy rolled her eyes.

"You can drop the act." She said as he looked at her confused. Amy had her arms crossed and was looking at him with a raised eyebrow. "I'm friends with them and they filled me in on all this." Amy said motioning to the whole room.

"Ah, so you got the whole spiel about the Escorts." Shadow said as he turned with his back to the window. He had his arms crossed over his chest and was facing Amy.

"Yep. Unless you think there's more?" She said as she leaned next to Shadow on the window sill.

"Hmm…I don't think so. The most important thing is that you don't think we're a bunch of players." Shadow said as Amy nodded.

"Do you guys do this everyday?" Amy asked as they watched the people interact in front of them.

"Yeah…except on the weekends, but sometimes we do charity events on the weekend." Shadow said as he shrugged his shoulders. "So, you know my name and about me. What about you?" He asked turning his head to look at Amy.

"I'm Amy Rose. I'm a sophomore and you might as well know I'm the scholarship student." Amy said as Shadow's eyes widened.

"Really now? I heard about that. I guess Cream had an idea about who you were then." He said as Amy looked at him confused. "You didn't know Dean Vanilla is Cream's Mom didn't you?" He said apprehensively as Amy shook her head. "I guess you know now." He said sheepishly as Amy laughed a bit.

"I probably would have found out." Amy said with a shrug of her shoulders.

"Do you think you might have classes with me?" Shadow asked as Amy looked over to him.

"Maybe. I'm taking a lot of APs." She said as Shadow raised his eyebrows.

"How many?" Shadow asked as Amy pursed her lips.

"Everything besides Gym." She said as Shadow raised his eyebrows.

"Wow…I have all APs except IMI and Gym." Shadow said as Amy looked at him confused.

"What's IMI?" Amy asked as Shadow smiled a bit.

"Instrumental Music Instruction." Shadow said as Amy's eyebrows shot up into her hairline. "Quite a mouthful right?" Shadow said with a small chuckle.

"Nothing you can't handle probably." Amy said as Shadow looked at her. She looked back at him as they just stared at each other.

"How long are they going to stare at each other?" Blaze asked as Rouge and Cream looked over to them.

"I bet five minutes." Rouge said as she slapped a ten on the table.

"Ten minutes." Cream said as she slapped a ten down.

"Twenty seconds." Blaze said as they looked at her confused. Blaze motioned back to them to see a familiar girl walking over.

"Oh crap." Rouge said slapping her hand over her eyes as Cream and Blaze just watched.

"Excuse me." An annoying voice said as Amy and Shadow whipped their heads towards the source. A slim red fox with brown hair and blue eyes glaring at Amy. She had the school's uniform on with her skirt shorter than necessary. "I believe your time is up." She hissed at Amy.

"Oh…sorry." Amy said biting her lip nervously as she focused her gaze down to see the girl's killer black heels.

"Hold on for a second Fiona." Shadow said coldly as she gaped at him. She huffed and turned around walking away, but not too far away. "I'll see you around Amy." Shadow said once Fiona was gone. "Hopefully we have some classes together." He said as Amy smiled.

"Hopefully." She said looking up at Shadow who gave her a small smile.

"As an escort I have to do this." Shadow whispered as he leaned down and kissed Amy on the cheek. Amy blushed like a tomato as she smiled shyly at Shadow.

"I'll see y-you Shadow." She stuttered cursing herself for sounding like and idiot. Amy passed by Fiona who sneered at her before walking towards Shadow.

"I hate that bitch." Rouge growled as Amy entered the group.

"Who's that?" Amy asked confused as Blaze sighed.

"Fiona Fox. Heiress to the Johnson-Fox Company. She's rich, of course, but unlike most kids here she's a real showy with it. She believes social status makes a person and if you're not high ranked she's a real bitch towards you." Blaze said as Rouge snorted. "Unless you're Rouge." Blaze said as Amy looked over to Rouge.

"She thinks she's so high and mighty. Someone has to knock her ego down a few pegs." Rouge said as she glared at Fiona. "Every time she's here she demands to have her weekly private session with Shadow." Rouge said as Amy looked back at Fiona. She was basically throwing herself at Shadow while he maintained a respectable distance putting on his "Lone Wolf" act.

"Oh who cares? What really matter is that Shadow kissed you on the cheek!" Cream squealed as they all had bright smiles on their faces.

"So…he does that with all his clients. He's an escort." Amy said as they looked at her confused.

"No he doesn't." Rouge said as Amy looked at her confused.

"Yes he does. He said to me before it, 'As an escort I have to do this'." Amy said as Rouge rolled her eyes and turned towards Blaze.

"Escorts are not obligated to kiss their clients. They actually don't have to touch them at all." Blaze said as Amy looked at her in shocked.

"So…he…but…why…that's-"Cream interrupted her by hugging her tightly.

"Oh my God! He's interested in you!" Cream exclaimed as Amy pushed her off.

"Whoa there, you guys said yourself, 'The Escorts can't fall for their clients'." Amy said using air quotes as the three girls rolled their eyes. "Besides, who says I'm interested?" Amy said as she turned her back towards them. They all exchanged looks as Rouge and Cream got up.

"You're right. Let's just go back and get you settled." Rouge said as Cream looked back at Blaze.

"Bye! See you tomorrow." Cream said as Blaze logged onto her computer and winked at Cream.

"Let's see, Amy Rose." She said as she typed it into the school's database. "Shadow the Hedgehog." She said as she typed his name into the school's database. Both of their schedules popped up as Blaze smirked and began to work her magic.

(A/N): First chapter done. I really hope you guys enjoy this and before anyone says anything, yes this is based off Ouran High School Host Club. It's not going to be exactly like it though.