A First

A.N. - I recently got into an anime called Psychic Detective Yakumo and I read all the manga I could find on it as well. There is one part in the manga I wondered what Yakumo was thinking its when his contact lens gets knocked out.(there are 2 manga versions so just in case you don't understand some of it)

While he and Haruka caught there breath back at the club room his mind was going over two things 1. someone really did not want them in that room and 2. he lost his contact lens. He moved his hand automatically to cover his eye, and couldn't stop the noise he made from the flash of pain.

He was considering the reaction this girl would have to his eye if she noticed, when he was jerked from his musings by a handkerchief trying to wipe up the blood. He looked up and noticed her kneeling in front of him, her face worried. "are you alright?"

He took the handkerchief from her, "I'll do it" he said ignoring her question and looking to the side. He was unused to someone who was not his uncle asking him that. He noticed though while though she still looked worried she was crying.

"Were you that scared?" he asked placing a hand on her shoulder. He really didn't know what to do about tears. She covered her face slightly "I'm fi-" she stopped wiped her tears, and managed a weak smile though her eyebrows were still knit together. "I'm sorry. I won't cry anymore."

"good to know you're calm now. Ouch!" stupid head wounds. Haruka leaned forward and reached for the hand covering the handkerchief. "Show me your wound!"

"I'm Alright!" Please I just don't was to deal with the look in her eyes once she sees my eye, but she is stubborn. She grabbed his arm pulling it away. "No, Show me! You might need to go to the hospital and. . .!" there was the shock as she froze when she saw his left eye.

She turned away quickly probably couldn't stand the sight of it. "this is Horrible! Your left eye is all red! We must get you to the hospital" he looked down slightly, now he had to explain to keep her from calling an ambulance. "There's no need." she turned back to look at him confusion showing clearly on her face.

He didn't even bother to turn to look at her as he continued, what was the point. "I was born with this red eye. I usually hide its color with a contact lens, but when I was hit it fell off. I know that its disgusting to-" he was gonna continue on to cut off the usual 'its hideous!' comment but was interrupted.

"Oh, Heavens, I'm so glad!" she said relief coloring her voice "i thought you were hurt so I was shocked!" his eyes widened slightly, and he turned to stare at her. "Glad. . .? don't you think that this red eye is disgusting. . .?" he was so confused he couldn't help but ask.

She smiled brightly "why? There are people with red eyes! And There are many cats who have different colors for their left and right eye!" this was a first. He could only stare in slight shock as she continued. "I even think it's pretty that one of the two is red!"

He looked forward and couldn't help the slight chuckle that escaped him. He couldn't believe this person, "You are a genius at play dumb aren't you?" did she think it was normal to think that way? He couldn't help but smile at the face she made cause of being called dumb. "You are the first person to tell me such a thing." he would never admit he was smiling cause of that little detail.

He looked at her for a second she had a curious look on her face. She was naïve and airheaded, but she was stubborn and loyal to her friends. She was the first to see his mirror trick, the first to not be disgusted by his eye, and the first to call it pretty. What an interesting person.

A.N. I know it was dumb and short but I hope I got his character right. I tried to actually make sure it stayed real close to his real character.