Ok I am going to try to write a story based off the tv show The Boondocks. Now I have never ever ever wrote a shota fiction so I am more then likely going to mess this whole thing up so if I do sorry lol.

Disclaimer: I do not own the right or anything associated to the creators of The Boondocks in other words don't sue me please. Also if you aren't old enough and shouldn't be reading this then please exit. If you don't like The Boondocks or Shotacon then don't read this and please don't complain.

It was a warm quiet night in the Freeman household and everyone was asleep except for one. Being vary careful not to awaken anyone Riley slid his bed sheets down to his feet. After he was fully uncovered he then slid his pj bottoms down his soft eight year old legs. As he looked down at himself he noticed that his circumcised penis was already standing up reaching full length at about 2 1/2 inches. He was excited to try out a new thing he saw when his idol Gangstaliscious and himself were kidnapped. When they were kidnapped they were taken out into the woods and the guys that kidnapped them pushed them all out the car. They all pointed there gun's at Gangstaliscious but before shooting at him the leader went up to him and started to kiss him. Riley turned his head away but found himself looking at one of the other thugs stroken his cock. As Riley watched the man he started to feel his own little soldier rise to attention. The thugs then stripped Gangstaliscious and proceeded to shoot at him... and all missed. Gangstaliscious then ran like hell and got his ass out of there. That was a week ago and Riley has been thinkin about what that guy was doin and how it looked like it could feel good.

Riley reached his right hand down his little body and started to gently feel and stroke his penis. Riley shuddered a bit as he touched his swollen glans. He let his finger's run up and down his shaft feeling every inch of himself before finally grasping his hand around it. He started to slowly move his hand up and down releasing small quiet moans as he works himself. He started to move a bit faster but it didn't seem to be moving to well. Riley thought for a sec and thought it might move a bit better if he had something to get himself a bit wet. Riley looked around the room and saw nothing he could use. Then the idea occurred to him. Riley sat up a little and pooled spit into his mouth. He then spit it all into his hand. Riley then put his hand on his penis rubbing the spit all over it the sudden jolt of having something wet and slippery on his already sensitive glans made him moan loudly. Right as Riley moan his brother Huey turned over. As Riley caught himself mid moan he looked over to his brother with fear that he may have woken up to his loud moan. After a moment of intense and exciting waiting Riley sighed as Huey showed no signs of wakening up. Riley then went back to his swollen member and started to stroke again this time feeling even better. He stroked faster up and down up and down. As his right hand went away at stroking his penis he then used his left hand to start and explore the rest of his body losing himself in his own world of euphoria.

As Riley pleasured himself Huey awoke silently shocked to see his brother jerking off. He was tempted to jump up and act all shocked but he decided not to. Huey knew what masturbation was but he never thought that Riley would know about it let alone be doing it while he was in the room. Huey just laid there watching his little brother manipulate himself. He never thought it would happen but he started to feel his own erection starting to grow in his pj's. Huey has always had feelings for other boys he just never told any one cause he was afraid. The only person he ever told was a friend that he knew back where they used to live. It turned out his friend had the same feelings and that opened whole new doors of sexual play in Huey's life but since they moved he has only had himself to play with and without another person to have fun with sexual tension has been welling up in Huey to the point he is even looking at his brother now as a possible play mate.

"Not tonight." Huey thought to himself being slightly content as to just watching his little brother get off for the moment.

Riley started to go even faster as his left hand found its was to his butt. Riley traced his index finger around his hole giving him even more carnal pleasure. As his mind went wild with new feeling of pleasure he started to think about all the things that are giving him pleasure and then another thought came to him. He started to then move his finger around his hole some more. After a moment of this he then inserted his finger about half an inch. It felt good and painful all at the same time. Riley then pulled his finger out and used some of his left over spit running down his smooth hairless sack to lube up his finger. He then inserted his finger again this time sliding in a lot easier but only about an inch in he felt a bit of pain but he also felt an immense pleasure so he continued. He wiggled his finger around reveling in its warmth and tightness. He then started to move his finger in and out of his hole making him feel even more pleasure. As his finger moved in and out of his hole his hand was going mad at his cock. Riley started to feel a strange new pressure start to build up inside of him like he had to pee. He for a second thought of stopping but thought that the pleasure was just to good so he kept going his hand moving swiftly over his sensitive glans as his finger moved in and out of his hole. After only a minute longer Riley hit a wall of pure pleasure making him remove his finger from his hole as he slightly arched his back. Wave upon waves of sensations ran through him starting from his penis going through the rest of his body and back though his penis. After about thirty seconds the feelings started to go away. Riley kept his hand around his penis not moving it just holding it in amazement of how much amazing pleasure he could get from it. He could barely move but after about two minutes he was able to pull back up his pj's and his cover and fall quietly asleep.

On the other side of the room Huey was wide awake and amazed at the show his little brother just gave him.

"I defiantly have to have some fun with Riley soon." Huey thought to himself as he tossed off his cover and started to jerk himself off.

After he was done he wiped himself up and pulled back up his pj's and his cover and fell asleep with a smile.

Ok there it is lol. I hope at least this was a little good for some of you to read but if not I am vary sorry like I said I have never done this and I am most likely ain't any good so again sorry lol.