Bring Me To LifeChapter OneA Normal Day in the Life of Harry Potter…This chapters summary Complete Part one

I couldn't believe it; it was too good to be true. They were in flesh, staring at me with amazed eyes, as if I couldn't get any better. But they could be imposters…but Dumbledore trusts them…but he trusted Death Eater/Moody, which ended in death…only one-way to be sure…

'How do we know it's really them?'

Part two of summary

I am dreaming, but it feels so real. Everywhere is black and I can't feel myself for start, but then... I feel an inferno running through my veins, searing. Then I feel an electric current, equivalent to the Cruciatis, but worse. I tried screaming, but no sound escaped my lips. I tried moving, but I was frozen in place. I felt-felt rocks tumbling through my body, before they froze in place, icy cold spreading through out my veins.

Then I felt acid, seeping through my blood, until turning into bouts of shadow. That's right, shadow. Crazy, I know. That morphed into cold wind, spinning inside me. Then I heard wailing, and felt fear coursing through me, before turning into a purple glow.

That felt the worse. It felt like being hit by a bus, trampled by a bull, have the Cruciatis ten times the usual pain on you for an hour, burned in fire and submerged in acid, all at once. That changed into a black glow, which felt almost as worse as the purple. Which turned into white, which WAS as painful as the purple and black combined.

I screamed silently as the different pains coursed through my body the entire night…

Part Three

I felt strange though. Anger, but I felt like I was imploding. Of course, I feel angry with him; he insulted my mother! - However, I was shaking and was seeing red and black.

I crouched in attacking spring and launched at him as someone shouted 'Harry, no!' All the sudden, I was changing. I leapt at him, but it wasn't my body. My hearing was sharper, as was my eyesight and teeth and…I could smell people. He shrieked…and I suddenly knew why. I wasn't human…

I was a dragon.

I was a black and gold dragon, with glowing white eyes.

Dumbledore walked to a room in Godrics Hollow. The room was dusty, the walls pealing. A few rats scurried at the sudden movement, but otherwise the room was silent. Or near silent. Light breathing was coming from the corner, slightly ragged but okay.

He swept over to the two bodies, taking a deep breath. He hoped this wasn't a mistake…needed them on his side…

'Now it is time for you to awaken from your deep slumber. Wake up, Lily and James…'

Their eyes fluttered open…

I was heading towards Dumbledore's office apprehensively. It was end of fourth year, three day's after Cedric's death, after the Tri-Wizard Tournament. After Voldemorts return. I was depressed. Seeing Cedric, no less my parents exit that wand, well…I wasn't faring well. Ron and Hermione were acting strange as well. Secretive. Not that they always haven't been…wait…how many secrets, though?I don't really know why Dumbledore's calling me up to his office. To tell me how brave I am? Sheer dumb luck is what got me out alive. Just as McGonagall said in first year when we battled the Troll, sheer dumb luck…what does sheer mean?I didn't realize I was giving the password to the Stone Gargoyle until I was headed up the spiral staircase, as I was wrapped up in my thoughts. I knocked on the door quietly.'Enter,' came the wizened voice from inside which made me wonder, once again, how old the Head Master was. I walked inside, standing at the doorway hesitantly.'Come have a seat, m'boy,' Dumbledore smiled jovially. Wait - smiling? There was a death three days ago and he's smiling? I think he really has gone senile. Merlin, what has the world come too? Next thing you know Voldie's going to be prancing in here wearing a tutu!'Now Harry, I have uncovered something that concerns you, which you will be extremely happy about,' Dumbledore said pleasantly. Ok, where is Voldemort? He should be prancing in here right about…now. Nope, he's late.'If I'm happy ever again, then the world's finally ended,' I said despondently. 'Ah you're wrong, m'boy, very wrong. Could you come out now?' Dumbledore spoke to the shadows.When I finally thought he went wacko, two people stood out from the shadows. Two very familiar people…

The cogs in my mind were working so loudly I was wondering how no one could hear them. They couldn't be…didn't I just see them come out've a wand? Did that have anything to do with it? Did the echoes go tot heir bodies? No, they would've died again in their coffins…what's going on?

'Lily, James, meet Harry. Harry, meet your parents,' Dumbledore introduced.

I couldn't believe it; it was too good to be true. They were in flesh, staring at me with amazed eyes, as if I couldn't get any better. But they could be imposters…but Dumbledore trusts them…but he trusted Death Eater/Moody, which ended in death…only one-way to be sure…

'How do we know it's really them?' I asked distrustfully. I had been through too much in my life to trust easily.

'Harry, no one could get a bit of hair from their heads, so Polyjuice wouldn't work,' Dumbledore explained. 'But how can they be here?' I

inquired. I had to be sure. Otherwise…

Dumbledore's smile faltered. 'That is their story to tell you,' Dumbledore declared. I eyed them skeptically. But…but they could be imposters… how? How can they be alive?

How can I trust someone I don't know?

'We're not sure either, all we knew was when we woke up, we were in a ruined house and you were gone,' James admitted. Lily nodded.

'No magic can raise the dead,' I said suddenly, remembering Dumbledore had said those exact words three years previously. Wow, I have a good memory! Or at least I think I do…

'Harry trust me, they are your parents. Your name was the first words out of their mouths,' Dumbledore promised. I was still doubtful, but what the hey, if they were Death Eaters and I found out, well…I wouldn't take it very kindly, that's for sure.

'Ok, but if the house was destroyed, where do we live?' I asked slowly. That's when James-I mean, Dad, grinned.

'That house was only for protection-' 'Not very protective,' I mumbled. 'But we live in Potter Manor,' James-I mean Dad said loudly. 'Shhh,' I hissed.

James - I means Dad - that's going to take time to get used to - looked confused. 'Why?' he asked.

'Anyone could be listening,' I explained. James - I mean Dad, groaned. 'We have a little Mad-Eye Moody here, let me guess, your going to become an Auror?' James asked. Stuff Dad.

'Either that, or teaching here,' I said indignantly. 'What position?' Lily - I mean Mom asked, finally speaking up. For a moment, I thought she had lost her voice.

'Defense against the Dark Arts,' I said proudly. Lil - I mean, Mom, frowned.

'Isn't that job jinxed?' she asked. I thought. 'Well, yes, one dead, one's memory lost, one locked in a trunk for nine months and one a werewolf, my favorite-' I was rudely interrupted by one very excited James- I mean- oh what the hell, he'll be James!

'Was that Remus?' he asked. 'Yes, that was Remus,' I sighed. He jumped up and down. 'And Sirius?' he asked. 'With Remus,' I sighed again, but a bit more sadly. My poor godfather was an innocent convicted murderer.

'And Peter?' he asked. I went tense at that one. They didn't know…

Dumbledore answered for me, what a nice man. 'He was the one who sold you to Voldemort,' he said gravely.

'You don't want to know yet,' I said hastily, knowing they were going to ask 'Why?' Pushy people.

'Now, since it is only two days away from summer holidays, I suggest you go home now. I will send your things to your house,' Dumbledore declared, getting up and opening the cupboard that held the Pensieve.

I watched as he pulled out a teapot and tapped his wand onto it. It glowed blue for a few moments before sitting there, like a normal teapot.

'This will take you home. It is a Portkey, Harry, as I'm sure you're familiar with,' Dumbledore said, the twinkle fading from his eyes.

I nodded, my throat stuck. Three days ago…the Portkey…the cauldron…red eyes…these images flew through my head as I put a hand on the teapot, followed by Mom, followed by Dad. Hey, I remembered!

A jerk behind the navel signaled the Portkey had worked, as after a few moments of sickening spinning, we landed in the foyer of a house - no mansion - of great grandeur.

The floors were made of white marble, the walls rich scarlet. Priceless vases stood on pedestals on either side of the staircase. Portraits of - I guessed - different generations lined the walls.

I looked around the house - no mansion - no, castle - in admiration. This was way different to my dreams where the mur-

Yeah, excellent place we have here, truly excellent. I looked out the large - and I'm not kidding, they're huge - glass windows to lay my eyes upon a lake rival to the one at Hogwarts, and a colossal Quidditch Pitch. Instead of Quidditch, though, I wanted to -er- surprise Dad a minute…

'Where's the library?' I asked, hiding my smirk. My Dad turned his eyes on me in incredulity. 'What about Quidditch?' he asked. I shrugged. I could say I loved it to bits, almost as much as I loved my Firebolt, or…

'I don't really like Quidditch, it's boring,' I droned, watching as Dads face fell. Then I sniggered.

'I'm not a Potter for nothing, I absolutely love Quidditch!' I laughed. Dad's face brightened considerately.

'Want a race?' he challenged. 'You're on, I'll beat you so hard you won't know what hit you,' I smirked.

We grabbed our brooms, my precious Firebolt against his Cleensweep 360 (probably bought it before he came, or it was given to him by Dumbledore). We flew to the Quidditch Pitch - hey, what are brooms for? - And waited opposite each other. Mom, who had flown with Dad, much to her protestations, stood in the bleachers, holding a microphone. Or a megaphone. Whatever.

'On your marks, get set, GO!' Mom shouted as Dad and I sped off. Of course, I won. I had a Firebolt. Dad was ages away, so I flew back and forth while I waited for him to catch up.

I'm not even sure he knew I won, but he was upset I was there, I'll tell you that. Very upset. Super upset.

'H-how'd you win?' He stammered. 'I rode on my broomstick and passed the finish line,' I said slowly and sarcastically.

'How'd you get passed me without me seeing,' He asked. I shrugged. 'My broomstick is fast. Faster than fast,' I explained, grinning.

Dad scowled. 'Lets go have dinner,' he said hastily, trying to hide his embarrassment. I mean anyone would be embarrassed if he or she lost to his or her own son.

Dinner was a pleasant affair. I ate little; being starved for days on end does that to you. Mom asked why I wasn't eating much. I think she was worried I didn't like the food.

'Don't worry, Mom,' I said quickly, 'It isn't the food, just I'm not ever really hungry,' 'Why?' they both asked. I sighed.

'I-I just don't eat much,' I lied. Mom's face went dark. 'You lived with Petunia, didn't you?' she growled. 'Uh oh, more redhead temper,' I mumbled before nodding.

'Why? You were supposed to go with Sirius,' Dad said, confused. 'He-um wasn't quite-uh-available,' I winced, remembering the Dementors.

'Huh?' Dad asked. 'Er, it's getting late, where's my bedroom?' I asked, avoiding their eyes. I couldn't tell them…it hurts too much…not more pain…

'Harry,' they said concernedly. 'I-I don't really want to talk about it,' I muttered. Dad and Mom looked at each other before giving in.

Dad led me to my room. My room was huge, but all white. I hadn't stepped in yet. 'When you walk in, it'll change to colors that suit you,' Dad explained.

I stepped in and immediately the room changed. The bed covers, pillows, and drapes were black, trimmed with gold. The walls and carpet also changed black. The curtains adjusted to the color of gold, trimmed with black, as did the dresser, desk and chair.

The bookcase, which was in the corner, was black with gold edges and books lined the shelves, which were all Defense books, Charms books, Healing (I'll need those), Creatures…one on every subject. Even a few on the Dark Arts! Talk about flashy!

Dad looked awestruck. 'I thought it'd be Gryffindor colors. Obviously, I was wrong. Why are there books on Dark Arts?' He asked, alarmed.

'Calm down, Dad. I think it's a good idea. To be able to understand the Dark, you can identify the spells they use and be able to defend yourself better. How are you supposed to defend yourself against something you don't understand?' I explained.

Dad eyed it warily, as any good parent would, but let it remain. Whew, I thought he might take it!

'Harry, what's your favorite color?' Dad asked in curio. I looked sheepish. 'Black,' I murmured. Dad looked blank.

Then he smiled. 'Your clothes are in the dresser, the house-elves put them there-' 'Don't tell Hermione that,' I muttered.

'Who?' Dad asked confusedly. 'My best friend, Hermione, she believes strongly in house-elf rights,' I clarified. 'Oh, ok. I won't mention it. Night,' Dad said, then he left.

I changed into pajamas, once I located them in the many drawers. Gees, a normal dresser would be good. As soon as I thought that, the dresser changed into a less sophisticated, simpler dresser.

Wow. Normal. I really like that word. I could say it all day. Normal. Normal. Normal. Now, time to go to bed. I fell asleep rather easily. Nevertheless, the dream…I'm not even sure it's a dream….

I am dreaming, but it feels so real. Everywhere is black and I can't feel myself for start, but then... I feel an inferno running through my veins, searing. Then I feel an electric current, equivalent to the Cruciatis, but worse. I tried screaming, but no sound escaped my lips. I tried moving, but I was frozen in place. I felt-felt rocks tumbling through my body, before they froze in place, icy cold spreading through out my veins.

Then I felt acid, seeping through my blood, until turning into bouts of shadow. That's right, shadow. Crazy, I know. That morphed into cold wind, spinning inside me. Then I heard wailing, and felt fear coursing through me, before turning into a purple glow.

That felt the worse. It felt like being hit by a bus, trampled by a bull, have the Cruciatis ten times the usual pain on you for an hour, burned in fire and submerged in acid, all at once. That changed into a black glow, which felt almost as worse as the purple. Which turned into white, which WAS as painful as the purple and black combined.

I screamed painfully, silently as the different pains coursed through my body the entire night…

I woke up with my body absolutely positively aching. The dream was real. Wait, scrap dream, it was a nightmare! A physical nightmare!

I decided against telling my parents, for obvious reasons. Mom would fuss and well…Dad would be Dad, which I decided against telling him as he would tell Mom which would lead to fussing. I wouldn't tell my friends, as Hermione would tell an authoritive figure, which would tell Mom, who would fuss. Ron would tell Hermione which…you know the reaction.

So here I am with my strange…uh, what'd you call something that happened when you were asleep, but you find it's real in the morning?

Uh…you know what? Lets just call it 'that bizarre thing that happened in my sleep' because I'm too sore to care! I took a shower. Ahhh… hot water, I'm glad you were invented…best way to soothe sore muscles…

I changed into black clothes. I was wearing jeans and a button-up long sleeved shirt. You want to know why black's my favorite color? Because it's normal - there's that word again - and dark and you're never noticed. You blend in. Brilliant, eh. It also has an enclosed feel to it, like…warm but cold. It's comfortable.

I walked down to the kitchen. This place was nearly as big as Hogwarts! Even has secret passageways. I'm sure Dad hasn't found many yet. The one I took led me directly into the kitchen, where Mom was cooking…CHOC-CHIP PANCAKES! YES, MY LIFE IS LOOKING UP!

Now, you know people have cravings for food. Mom-Rice, Dad-Cake, Ron-Chocolate, and Hermione - can you believe it? Sugar Quills, and Me-Pancakes. I adore pancakes, almost as much as Quidditch. I would kiss a Slytherin girl, who was willing, for pancakes! I worship them! Pancakes I mean, as I would never worship a Slytherin unless they weren't a Death Eater and were against Voldemort, like Daphne Greengrass, but I don't worship her. We get along fine, but no worshiping. She is very cute though…forget I thought that.

'Hello!' I said cheerfully. Mom nearly had a heart attack! 'Oh, Harry, don't do that!' she scolded, hand over her heart. 'Sorry!' I said, but wasn't at all.

'How'd you get in, the door always squeaks?' she asked suspiciously. 'Magic,' I said mysteriously, laughing. 'Oh, ah ha, ah ha, ah ha, hilarious,' Mom said sardonically. Dad walked in. 'Hello,' he said brightly.

'Good morning, sweet-heart,' Mom greeted Dad, kissing him. 'Bleh, hello, innocent eyes here!' I said, waving my arms. Dad shot me a dirty look. 'Deal with it,' he said, kissing Mom with more vigor. I groaned, until I was served pancakes.

I shoveled in with gusto, finishing my load in seconds. Dad looked surprised. 'Nothing gets in the way of me and my pancakes,' I said with as much dignity as I could muster, which wasn't much considering that my mouth was filled with pancakes. I shoved more on my plate, finishing in seconds.

'Want a race?' I asked Dad. He quickly agreed and guesses who won? Moi, of course. This is what I'd rather be famous for, eating pancakes. Hey, I just realized…we're the family-who-lived now! Cool!

I cleared my plate and was headed back to my room when Dad called, 'Where're you going?'

I was confused. Wait…ah; I was headed towards a wall. Duh! 'To my room,' I smirked before disappearing behind the wall. I laughed.

I was going to read, but looking for passages was all to good, so I started in my room. A ran my fingers along the walls, searching for any invisible doors, or hidden crevices.

I finally found one, just beside the bathroom door. I found a long, stone corridor. A lone torch stood at the side, the wick still standing.

I picked it up and to my amazement; it lit when I touched it. Creepy. I walked along the corridor, coming across random twists and turns. The walk lasted hours to me, but according to my watch, it had only been ten minutes. An oak door stood at the end. Wait-Oak?

I pushed it open warily only to find four life-sized portraits. For shocking life-sized portraits…

'Helga, Godric, wake up, we have a visitor. You too, Sal,' a portrait of a pretty, fair-looking woman with curly brown hair yelled at neighboring portraits.

'Really? We haven't had visitors in ages! Who are you?' A tall man with red hair and brown eyes asked kindly, whom I took to be Godric Gryffindor. I gulped. These were the founders of Hogwarts, and they were in my house!

'Uh, I'm Harry Potter, Gryffindor at Hogwarts,' I introduced myself nervously. 'Ah, the famous Harry Potter?' Salazar Slytherin asked curiously.

I sighed. 'Yes, unfortunately,' I replied glumly. 'Yes, 'tis daunting to be famous,' Salazar agreed. 'Sorry for asking, but why are you here, at Potter Manor?' I asked.

They looked astounded. 'That's where we are, are we?' Godric asked. 'Yes, you are,' I replied matter-of-factly.

'Well, young Harry, welcome to the Founders Chamber. You know who we are, right?' Rowena Ravenclaw asked worriedly. 'Yes, I do. You are Rowena Ravenclaw, Godric Gryffindor, Salazar Slytherin and Helga Hufflepuff, founders of Hogwarts,' I said.

'Whew, now, you can only access this place if you have the elements. Do you?' Salazar asked sharply. 'Well,' I began uncertainly, 'Last night I had a dream, or nightmare where I felt fire, electricity, ice, earth, acid, wind, fear and shadow going through me. Then I felt three strange glowing things that were purple, black and white, which felt painful like being hit by a bus, trampled by a bull, have the Cruciatis ten times the usual pain on you for an hour, burned in fire and submerged in acid, all at once. Never want to try that again' I said, shuddering.

Rowena looked scornful. 'Show us you right forearm, that'll prove you have all those,' she said haughtily. I pulled up my sleeve and nearly jumped out of my skin.

A dragon was wrapped around my arm, fading from orange, to yellow, to olive green, to ice blue, to neon green, to light grey, to vibrant red, to black, then glowed purple, then glowed black, then glowed white, then to orange again. It was bearing its teeth.

The founders nearly fell out of their portraits. Really, they could've. It would've been funny is the situation wasn't so serious. 'You are the white dragon,' Helga breathed.

'You have our power!' Godric exclaimed. 'Our rightful heir,' Rowena squealed, jumping up and down with Helga while Godric and Salazar looked on in amusement. 'Hold it, I know I'm breaking up you happy-jumping-squealing party, but what the hell is happening to me!' I shouted.

'Oh, yes, you don't know, well,' Rowena started, 'There was a prophecy, in our time, that in a thousand years, evil would rise again and a boy would strike back, and he'll be the most powerful person on earth, in the universe, and he could stop this rising evil with a flick of his hand. When he is trained,' she added on as an after thought.

'Why can't I be normal?' I groaned. Another thing added to my unordinary list, which I pulled out of my pocket to show the founders.

Unordinary List


-Famous for surviving Killing Curse

-Always lands on arse when using Floo or Portkey

-Trouble finds me

-I can change my appearance at will

-I speak to snakes

-I speak to animals

-I speak to phoenixes

-I speak to weird, black, shadowy wolves

-I speak to winged lions (or Griffins)

-I speak to birds

-I speak to animaguses

-I turn into horse-sized wolf

-I am somewhat powerful

-I am white dragon

-I can control elements

When I reach 10, I am strange, when I reach 15, I am a freak, and when I reach 20, and I am insane.


Harry Potter

'You can speak to all those animals!' Helga exclaimed. 'You land on your arse when using Floo or Portkey.' Godric deadpanned. 'You turn into a horse-sized wolf, right, and I'm-WHAT THE?' Rowena shrieked as I morphed into the wolf.

I had sleek black fur, sharp emerald green eyes, and razor-sharp claws. I bared my teeth, but stuck my tongue to the side to make a goofy grin. Godric laughed.

I changed back and looked at them. 'That wasn't an Animagus form, was it?' Rowena squeaked. I shook my head has Godric roared with laughter. 'You should've seen your face,' he gasped, grinning, 'How are you able to turn into that?' he asked, still grinning.

'Well, I wanted to be left alone, so I went into the Forbidden Forest. Then a swarm of Bowtruckles started attacking, so I started running. Then I just thought I needed to get away faster then bang! I was that mutant wolf! Not sure how or why.' I admitted.

I looked at my watch. It was eleven. 'Guys, I'll be back, but it's eleven and I need to get back,' I said anxiously. 'Promise to come back,' Helga asked anxiously. 'I promise,' I vowed, then ran out of the room.

'Nightmare he is,' Rowena shook her head. Godric grinned. 'Only to people who are scared of horse-sized wolves,'

If looks could kill, Godric would be dead by now.

'Where were you, we were looking for you everywhere!' Mom screeched. I winced. My dear mother was interrogating me. Oh my, I hate red head temper.

'I was walking around the house?' I said. It sounded more like a question to me.


'I was in a secret passageway,' I clarified. It wasn't a complete lie, just not the complete truth.

'Which one?' she pressed.

'The one on the third floor,' I lied. I wasn't even sure there was one on the third floor. Please don't ask…

'Show me,' she declared. Uh oh. MERLIN HELP ME. 'I'm not sure where it was, I was just running along a corridor when I slipped over and fell through a wall,' I said slowly, inventing wildly.

Mom's eyebrows rose skeptically. 'Ok. Right, there's going to be an Order meeting, and you're attending. No ifs, no buts,' she ordered. The Order? Oh yeah, the organization founded by Dumbledore. That Order.

'Why am I attending? I thought only Order members could attend, and that you had to have left school as well,' I asked, confused. Why am I attending?

'I don't know why, I just know Dumbledore wants you to attend,' Mom elucidated. 'When does it start?' I asked. 'Now, that's why I was looking for you,' Mom sighed.

She led me into the dining room, showing me my chair. This was strange. Then people started filing in. Remus, a girl with pink hair, Moody, Dedalus Diggle, Sirius -YAY SIRIUS IS HERE! I mean, um, cool-, Ron, Hermione and Ginny? And Snape- wait, SNAPE! That slime-bag! And many others.

'What are you doing in here, Potter?' Snape sneered. 'I honestly don't know, Dumbledore wanted me here,' I answered truthfully. Now, what are you doing here? I thought slime balls weren't allowed, I finished in my head.

I heard Snape mumble something under his breath then take the seat furthest away from me. Yeah, I don't want to be near you either.

'Everyone here? Good, now we have business to attend to. If you haven't noticed, Harry, Ron, Hermione, and Ginny will be joining us today, as with every other day. Harry is joining the Order because he has faced more than we ever have, and survived Voldemort four times, his friends helping him. Ginny has shown bravery when in the Chamber, and though it doesn't seem much, it has certain value. I think she, and her friends should be granted the opportunity to join us,' Dumbledore smiled.

The others clapped while I looked down. Gees, now when you've finished giving me more unwanted fame here, I think we should get on with the Harry Potter fan club. I mean, Order meeting.

'Why? They doesn't deserve to be here,' Snape exclaimed. Never agreed with you more, ol' Snapey ol' pal…

'Severus, you are on the same side, you must be civil,' Dumbledore sighed. 'Bet Potter's loving this, being more famous,' Snape jeered.

'Does this look like the face of someone who loves fame?' I asked, waving a hand in front of my face. Merlin, and I thought he had a bit of intelligence!

'Ok, now on with the meeting,' Dumbledore said quickly, probably sensing the tension growing around the table, 'First, the funeral for Cedric Diggory will be held in three days, and I expect everyone to be there,' Dumbledore said, looking pointedly at me, seeing that I went tense. Not more pain…

'Potter probably thinks he's too important to go to Diggorys funeral. Probably has more significant things to do with his precious time,' Snape sneered. The vase that stood in the corner erupted in flames. Everyone shrieked, minus me, who just sat there in vehemence.

'Severus, never say that!' Dumbledore commanded. Snape went silent, but shot smirks in my direction. The air around me seemed icy. I mean it, it was freezing!

'Now, I am pleased to announce that Lily will be taking the DADA class this year,' Dumbledore announced.

'Why should a Mudblood get the job?' Snape leered. If Dumbledore, Mom and Dad were angry enough to make Voldemort look like the Cowardly Lion, it was nothing compared to what I felt.

I felt strange. Anger, but I felt like I was imploding. Of course, I felt angry with him; he insulted my mother! - But I was shaking and was seeing red… and black.

I crouched in attacking spring and launched at him as someone shouted 'Harry, no!' All the sudden, I was changing. I leapt at him, but it wasn't my body. My hearing was sharper, as was my eyesight and teeth and…I could smell people. He shrieked…and I suddenly knew why. I wasn't human…

I was a dragon.

I was a black and gold dragon, with glowing white eyes.

I landed on Snape viciously, sending him to the floor. His pupils had dilated in fear as he tried to pry me off him 'Get off, Potter!' he shouted in panic.

'Apologize!' I snarled. I could still talk, but my voice was echo-like, clanging evilly, like nails screeching down a chalkboard, only deeper. I glared at him, and when he wouldn't let up, I tried to send fire at him. However, what came out was black fire.

…Shadow Fire.

He screamed as it blinded him. I jumped off so it wouldn't affect me. I flew in the air, facing everyone as I glared down at him. I was about to give a death blast when a voice yelled out from the crowd.

'Harry, no!' Ron cried.

'You can't stop me!' my voice clanged again.

'Your right, only you can do that,' Hermione admitted, 'but please Harry, don't do this!' she pleaded. I looked at her and saw the begging in her eyes, and I felt something draining away. I was white, and when I blinked, the glow left my eyes. I think they were green; I might have to check later…

I flapped to the ground just as someone pounced on me. Snape was on top of me, grinning like a maniac. I struggled and slashed at his robes. He started bleeding but didn't move.

'Well, not so cocky now!' he cackled, his eyes glinting madly. I struggled but couldn't free myself. Snape was pulling out a knife so I did the only thing I could.

I sent out a bout of flames. Snape shrieked as the fire burnt his face, searing and blazing. The fire stopped as quickly as it started and many people screamed. Snape had collapsed and it did not look pretty. He was never pretty in the first place, but this…this was over-done.

The fire had left a grotesque burn on the side of Snape's face, flesh hanging off the side of his features.

I didn't feel bad. He was going to stab me for crying aloud! Mom and Hermione had fainted while Dad, Sirius, and Remus looked shocked and…well you could say I wasn't getting out of this alive. They don't care for him but I think I nearly killed him.

Therefore, I flapped my wings, taking off into the corridor. Two floors up and I felt something draining inside of me, and I knew I wouldn't be dragon for long…

As soon as I thought that, I felt myself changing…changing human again. No sooner had the transformation completed, Dad, Sirius and Remus appeared at the end of the corridor.

I sprinted off, but slipped over and fell…through the wall? (How ironic, this is the third floor!) Oh, well THANK MERLIN! I thought I was going to die! I ran along the corridor I fell into and appeared…YES! I was in my room. My day was looking up…until Dad, Sirius, and Remus burst through the door. HOLY C-

I ran through the wall next to the door and found myself in that winding corridor. I grabbed the torch and sprinted down the passageway. The light broke through the velvety blackness, the only sounds were my rushed breath, my feet slapping against the damp floor and the footsteps behind me, the voices fading away as I kept tearing down the passage.

'HARRY JAMES POTTER! GET BACK HERE!' Remus roared from behind me. I slowed slightly, but didn't stop running. I was so close.

The door burst open as I raced in. I closed the door and locked it, panting heavily.

'Harry, what happened?' Helga cried. 'I-I-' I was panting to heavily and by the time I explained, three people slammed against the door. 'Harry, open the door!' Dad shouted.

'Open it now and you won't be punished too much!' Sirius yelled. 'Sirius!' Two voices hissed.

'NOW HARRY!' Remus bellowed. I looked at the founders and found them grinning. 'They won't be able to cross the door. You can open it, but it'll be like the door's still there. All they'll be able to see is you and a blank room,' Salazar explained, smirking.

I unlocked the door. The door opened and Dad, Sirius, and Remus stood there. Remus made to grab me, but he slammed into an invisible wall. 'What the-'

Remus gingerly put his hand up against the wall and pushed, then Sirius, then Dad. Neither of them seemed to be able to get through. Sirius turned to me and looked at me angrily.

'Let us in!' he ordered. 'I couldn't if I even wanted too,' I said calmly, standing still. 'You will come with us then,' he demanded. 'You can't get me to do anything for you. Remember, I saved your soul, you owe me, big time,' I reminded him coolly.

Sirius's face drained of all color, and then he turned to Dad and Remus. 'You try, I obviously can't,' he sighed.

'Dad can't either, he owes me thirteen years of servitude,' I shot back.

They both turned to Remus. 'You owe me too. You could've come and picked me up at the Dursley's, but you didn't. You could've given me to Dumbledore when you transformed,' I said before he could speak.

They all looked furious. 'You can't tell us what we owe you!' they shouted. 'No, but Sirius, you could ask Hermione, couldn't you? She'll tell you the risks we went through to save you. We nearly were expelled. Dad, you could ask her and Ron what you owe me, they'd tell you all the times I could use a parent, but I never had one. I've never had someone to look to for thirteen years. You could ask them too, Remus, they'd tell you how much abuse I went through,' I glared at them.

Sirius sighed. 'We'll just get Dumbledore, he'll get you,' he said confidently. 'You do that then,' I said, brushing it away as I closed the door and locked it again. They shouted loudly.

We all snorted in laughter. It was that funny! Leaning against the wall, I chatted with the other Founders. I seemed to get along well with Salazar best. It didn't really surprise me. I told them I was nearly put in Slytherin and all the evidence pointing to it. Salazar seemed proud.

'Have you ever thought of buying a snake? You can even bring it into Hogwarts as long as it's your familiar. 'Tis illegal to separate a familiar and it's bonded,' Salazar explained.

I thought a bit. It didn't seem like a bad idea. Since only I could talk to it, it could help me and I could have a companion. 'Next time I go to Diagon Alley I'll buy one. I might buy a Boa Constrictor, because I saved one from a zoo when I was younger. I'm quite attached to that species…' my voice trailed off as I heard five sets of echoing footsteps outside the door.

I stared at the door, listening hard for more sounds. Whispering, lots of whispering, yes and…OH CRAP!

'REDUCTO!' Five voices shouted. The crack in the door glowed red before exploding into a million pieces. I pulled out my wand just as the debris cleared. What was standing there was…a new door! Oh yeah, take that! Laughter rang through the room.

'What! How? How did the door not disappear? I saw it blow up!' Sirius exclaimed confusedly. I sniggered. I love magic.

They tried again, using more gorging and gruesome spells. One, two three…nothing. The door kept blowing up and appearing, good as new. You'd think they'd give up.

'Harry Potter, if you don't open this door, so help me I'll…I'll ban you from Quidditch!' Mom threatened. I grimaced. She hit a nerve there.

Gathering all my strength, I called weakly, 'I don't care. I was going to quit Quidditch this year.' I hope I don't start crying. It was one of the only things I was looking forward to. THIS WAS SNAPE'S FAULT! HE PROVOKED ME! FIRE HIM! Wait, I already did fire him. I burnt him. Ha, aren't I funny? Not.

'Liar!' Sirius called.

'Am not!'

'Are too!'




'ARE NOT! Wait – HEY!'

I laughed. Good trick, that is.

'Harry, come out! NOW! I'll ground you and you can help the house-elves work all day until eight!' Dad yelled. 'DURSLEY!' I shouted through the door.


'Got ya there. I've seen Harry's temper and he's not lying,' Sirius said seriously. No pun, it's true.

Meanings of:

Siriusly – Just like the person, joking, crazy, random. ← ← ← ←

Seriously – Un-jokingly, not kidding. Complete opposite of the one above.↑

I looked at the Founders. Helga was disapproving, Rowena calculating. Godric and Salazar were just roaring with laughter. Me? I was so angry I could blow up the castle. Actually, that doesn't sound like a bad idea.

Silence for a few seconds. Then Remus's voice rang out from the silence. It was kinda loud. 'Can you just explain what happened back there?' he asked weakly.

'I don't know. No clue,' I said firmly, 'Now leave me alone, go back, finish the meeting without me. I just want to sleep.'

I opened the door to find Mom, Dad, Remus, and Sirius standing there. Glaring at them, I pointed my wand at them. Sirius gulped, looking slightly frightened. The only one that had the sense to be. He knew me well. He knew I wouldn't hesitate to hex them if it were for there own good.

'Leave. Now.' I ordered, 'because what's the use in waiting if I won't talk? You'll be standing there for ages and I don't know about you, but I can last a long time without food. I've been starved for weeks at a time, so food won't bother me. I can sleep on the floor, as I did for the first ten years of my life. I can wait ages.'

All of their faces were blank, but their eyes betrayed their emotions. Only slight anger, sadness, confusion, and pain lay in the depths of the emerald/hazel/amber/silver eyes.

'Well? MOVE!' I commanded loudly, waving my wand threateningly. Only Sirius moved, him being the only one to understand me. Grabbing hold of Remus and Dad's wrists, he dragged them back down the tunnel. Dad quickly grabbed Mom's wrist before being hauled away.

I sighed heavily. 'I know it is harsh, but it must be done.' Rowena said softly. 'You're right. No use whining over it. I need to start training.' I said firmly.

A small smile graced her lips as Godric clapped his hands and grinned. 'It begins!' he announced.

'Ok, first you need another wand, weaponry including a sword, bow and arrows, dagger and staff, a snake, new clothing, basilisk hide vest, boots, wand holster, slacks, a watch with built in Dark Detectors and many books,' Salazar listed, 'The books in your room sound okay but you need more. You need a trunk with a built in apartment and several built in compartments. However, the most crucial thing is to find out who is your friend and who is just using you as a pawn. Oh, and contact lenses,' he finished.

'Hefty list. Okay, here's a fresh piece of parchment, quill ink…all set!' I exclaimed. Rowena rolled her eyes. I heard her mumble 'So disorganized'

'What are you saying, so disorganized? You didn't even know where you were until I told you.' I said scornfully. If looks could kill then Voldemort's job would've been finished for him.

Things to buy/do

-New wand

-Weaponry i.e. sword, bow and arrows, dagger and staff

-Snake, preferably Boa Constrictor. Or species with magical properties. Or both, if possible.

-New clothing. Robes – Casual – 6, Formal – 2 – silk, Workout – 5, Potion-making – 2. Shoes – Casual – 3, Formal – 2, silk, Work-out – 3, Potion-making – 2

-Basilisk hide vest, slacks, boots, wand holster etc

-Watch with built in Dark Detectors

-Many books on Charms, DADA, Transfiguration, Potions, Healing, Arithmancy, Ancient Runes, Legilimency, Occulmancy, History, Dark Arts, Herbology and CoMC. Include schoolbooks.

-Trunk with built in apartment. Add different compartments for books, clothes, and weaponry

-Find out who is friend and who is foe

-Contact lenses

Dotting the 'i', I blew on the parchment, waiting for it to dry.

'Finished,' I said, looking at the Founders. 'Finally,' murmured Rowena. I spat my tongue at her. Salazar cleared his throat loudly. 'Ok, tonight you need to grab your Gringotts key and take out as much money as you can hold. When you've done that, you need to visit the following shops. Write these down.''

Need to go to the following places: Denvelle's Wand Shop, Knockturn Alley, Snakes, Spiders and other Dark Creatures, Knockturn Alley, Madam Malkins and Muggle clothing shop, Diagon Alley and London, Allan's Armory, Diagon Alley, Vanessa's Gems, Diagon Alley, Flourish and Blotts, Diagon Alley, Travelers Trunks and other equipment, Diagon Alley, Magical Eye Lenses, Diagon Alley.

I blew on the parchment and rolled it up along with the other. Slipping it in my pocket, I turned to the Founders.

'I'll be back. That is, if I don't get caught.' I said ruefully, smiling at them. With a wave, I left the room to face my sudden death. I wonder if I'll get lunch before I die?

Or Maybe Not. Yes, definitely not.

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