Title:: It's In His Kiss
Author:: calanor
Rating:: PG...
Characters:: Harry Potter/Severus Snape

Disclaimer:: JK Rowling owns it all.. lemon drop anyone?

Summary:: It started with a kiss... and ended with one.. this is my story of the Love that Severus and Harry shared... step by step.. Kiss by kiss..



It's In His Kiss

Part 2



"Took you long enough!"

"Well I can't help it if my body wouldn't give up the ghost!"

"Seventy-eight years!"

"Well I had little Severus who kept me going. Especially when he found all of your journals and notes at ten. Our great-great-great-grandson even has your scowl down to a science!"

"Seventy-eight years!"

"And your point is?"

Severus stepped closer to his husband. Mind you, he looked like he had in the prime of his life, after the War. Sexy, tall and a sight to the sore eyes of his husband... "I have been waiting for seventy-eight years. Your Mother and mine have been driving me daft! And Albus hasn't been helping matters! Even in here in the Summerlands, he has his lemon drops! And then there's Minerva and Poppy!"

"Well, I'm here now."

"Yes, well I plan on making up for lost time!"

Harry, again young and tossled, smiled, "Don't I get a kiss?"

Severus drew his missing husband into his arms, "That and more my Brat."

~finis.. but is it ever? Never..

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