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"Yes, Lavi"

"Have you ever kissed someone?"

"La-Lavi, why are you asking me that?"

"Don't stray off our topic Allen. You didn't answer my question"


"Is it a no or a yes?"


"Alllllllen! Answer me is it a yes or a no?"

"Wh-Why are you asking me that?"

""Cause I'm a bookman and a Bookman records history"

"I don't think what you're asking me is important to record, Lavi"

"Yes it is! I will be the bookman who will record 'Allen Walker, The Destroyer of Time Record of Kisses!'"

"You- You don't need to record that"

"Of Course I do. So, have you ever kissed someone?"

"Well… I did kiss Mana on the cheek back, when I was small to say goodnight"

"The only person you kissed on the cheek was Mana?"

"Um Yeah"

"How about on the lips? Have you kissed someone there?"

"Only once, and it was way back when were fighting the Earl and Noahs on the Ark. And it was Rhode who kissed me."

"That's it? Those weren't even real kisses!"

"Why are you disappointed? That I haven't kissed anyone for real?"

"Nope. I'm quite happy actually"

"Happy? Why?"

"Because I still have a chance"

"Chance? What chance?"

"To do 'it'"

"It? What 'it'? I don't know what you're talking about"

"To do this" Lavi leans forward and pecks Allen's lips

"Wha-What was that?"

"A kiss of course. Now you had your first real kiss and I'll be the one to record it."


Author's Note: I know this story is very cliché. I've encountered a lot of stories, which has the same theme and style. So, I tired my best to make mine different. Though, I don't think I succeeded.

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