Chapter 14

It felt good to know that Bella and I were on the same page, liberating. We weren't going to beat around the bush and hide out from people, not so much confront them, but do what we want and if they see us fine. Okay so maybe going to the same place Afton has lunch is slightly confrontational. I don't care, the prick is going to leave her alone and move on to another student.

Due to the fact that I was spying on Bella walking across campus, I entered my afternoon class from the back of the auditorium instead of the front. I was surprised at the topic of conversation most of the class was engaged in.

"I'm telling you, I was there last night and saw him with my own eyes. He was with a girl and she looked young, young enough to be a student." Mary, Mabel, I can't remember her name but I'm sure it starts with an M said.

"Professor Cullen was at the Flying Squirrel last night with a student? Really? I find that hard to believe, I mean I have been sending him signals and he doesn't even acknowledge me." Another female student said.

"That's because you're a ho." One of the guys shouted.

"She looked older, like a senior or maybe a graduate student, but definitely no older than 25. He ignores you because you dress like a slut Becca and have you even finished your most recent round of penicillin? Give your cooch a chance get healthy." Most of the class laughed.

"Who cares, as long as she's over 18 and wants to be with him. He's allowed to have a life outside this classroom." Thank you red haired guy that I think is named Sean. I only remembered the names from Bella's class because I was trying to figure out who she was, I prefer not bothering with them too much, like I did with this class.

"I think with what I'm hearing from this conversation we will start off today discussing the social networking of sex. Why do people know who is sleeping together? Was it a one-night stand or are they together? Why do people, especially young people, feel the need to dissect the sexual relationships of others?" They jumped and I chuckle as I make my way to the front of the room. "And let me stress, not only are questions about me off limits, I will deduct 5 points each time you ask one. Who wants to go first?"

The rest of the class was…interesting. Several times I could tell a student was on the verge of asking me but thought better of it.

Friday morning I left expecting an easy day, class in the morning, pick up Isabella's collar for the club, return home and set the playroom up for tonight. Class went fine, her collar looks great, and waiting for me at home on the front porch is my brother Jasper and Alice. Great. A quick glance at the clock let me know I had several hours before Isabella arrived and I want them gone before then.

"Hey, Jasper, Alice I didn't know you were going to be in town this weekend?" I say as I unlock the house and let them enter.

"Alice won't be able to travel much longer and we need to decide on a house. We have it down to three," he said, looking at Alice, "so we are taking one more look at all of them before putting an offer on one."

I nod to let him know I understand and move us into the living room. Everyone sat and no one spoke. I wasn't starting this conversation, one of them needed to get the ball rolling.

"Listen Edward," Jasper starts, looking uncomfortable. "I don't know what the hell happened last weekend. I was clueless when it was happening and I don't feel much more informed now. Having said that, I don't care about what you're into or Bella's age. I have never seen you as happy, with any woman, as you were when you walked into the house last weekend, if that happiness is due to Bella then more power to you. I just want you happy Edward and while I can't say you were miserable before, the change is more than obvious."

"What do you mean you were clueless? I knew something was up when we were golfing. You guys knew Rose and Alice were going to my house to try to see Bella."

"He knew we were looking at a house in the area and if her car was there we were going to drop in and meet her. He had no idea about looking through the house. Hell, I had no idea until Rose insisted. I wanted to leave and wait until the brunch, but Rose had to know what she was doing. I'm so sorry Edward."

"Surely you told him about it that night? I mean you searched my house and looked through Bella's personal things. That is not okay, on any level."

"I know and I am sorry Edward. To answer your question, no I didn't tell him about it until after the brunch and I had no idea Rose invited Kate either. I really am sorry and Bella seems very nice."

"She is Alice, but I still don't understand why you waited to say anything to Jasper."

"The house has ears Edward, that's why she waited." I was confused as hell and it must have shown on my face. "Come on Edward remember growing up we would sit next to one of the vents and listen as mom and dad debated if we could do whatever we had ask them to do. Sound carried then and it still does. She didn't talk to me about it because the odds of it being a truly private conversation were slim to none."

I nodded because what he was saying is true. I did remember listening to our parents conversations, among other things a kid never wanted to hear his parents do.

"We didn't have an in-depth talk about things until the flight home." Alice took a deep breath before continuing. "I want you happy Edward, that's all I want. I admit in the past I have agreed to try setting you up and have been onboard with most of Rose's ideas, but not this time. It speaks volumes that you met someone you want to introduce to the family, to us at least." She waved her hand between herself and my brother.

"I appreciate that Alice, I do, but you have to know Rose isn't going to give up that easily."

"No, she won't." Alice said with a harsh laugh.

"We understand that," Jasper said as he reached for Alice's hand, "and I guess you could say that this issue, you and Bella, is the one we decided to take our stand on."


"We live in Texas Edward, we visit a few times a year, and our motto has been to visit, get along, and above all not stir up a big pot of trouble then leave town. That motto is why Alice goes along with Rose and we don't comment a lot on other things that happen. Emmett lives and visits much more often and hell you live here. We didn't feel we had the right to start problems and then go home to leave you guys to deal with them."

"Okay, I see that. But why pick the 'Bella issue' as you called it to stand on."

"Bella isn't an issue, not to us, but we are moving here in a few months, things can't go on as they have thus far. We won't be able to sit on the sidelines anymore and to be honest, I'm not at all looking forward to the shakeup that is coming when we all live so close to each other." I couldn't help but laugh.

"I've been thinking the exact same thing. I don't think all these changes are going to go over well with Rose, or mom for that matter." I noticed the confused looks and continued. "They both enjoy running the show and once you move closer and start rebelling against the status quo, well, I see rough seas ahead for the parental Cullen household." I couldn't help but chuckle, things would definitely be changing in the next few months and I was sure not all of us would see them as positive.

"I know why we went along with things and bit our tongues more than I ever wanted to, but why did you Edward? How do you live with this…interference every day?"

"It isn't every day. Actually, they leave me alone except for when Rose or Mom is trying to set me up with someone. I went along with those because it was easier and I truly didn't care. I never had any intention of asking them for another date and it made things simpler than fighting their attempts. I also never had anyone else I wanted to date until Bella, she is why I want all the setups to stop. I could never hurt her by agreeing to one just because it didn't rock the boat with Rose, or Mom."

"I can see that." Jasper said. I could tell there was something else on his mind, he looked hesitant to bring it up.

"What J, whatever it is just ask."

"Well," he was rubbing the back of his neck and I had no idea what would come out of his mouth next. "About what the girl said, about the S & M club." I stiffened and began to wonder if I was going to be throwing my brother and pregnant sister-in-law out of my house in the next few minutes. "I'm not judging, or looking down on you, or looking for confirmation of anything. But I think you should know that before she got pregnant Alice and I sort of dabbled, I guess you could say, in BDSM. We've done a lot of research and are just starting to try different things to see how it fit with who we are. We noticed more than a few similarities between the Dom sites we looked at and you, seeing you and Bella together cemented things even more for us."

"What exactly are you saying Jasper." I recognized the venom in my voice but did nothing to stop it.

"We want you happy Edward. Like I said I'm not asking for confirmation or anything. From what we read if you are a Dom and have found someone that you can have that and more with, well, that isn't an easy thing to find. Either way we will support you guys."

"That's all I ask. If you give her a chance I think you will really like Bella. I realize she's young, but her maturity and intelligence may surprise you."

"We would like to get to know her Edward." Alice offered. "Anyone who can take on Rose and your mother is definitely someone I want in my corner when we move here. Is there any way we could get together with you guys this weekend? Even if just for a quick visit."

"We have plans for tonight and tomorrow night." I told them.

"And we need to take one last look and make an offer tomorrow afternoon." Jasper pointed out.

"Depending on when your flight is Sunday, we could have an early lunch before you fly out."

"That would be great. We fly out at 4 so we could meet you guys around 11:30." Alice offered.

"That's fine, why don't have lunch here though, it will be more relaxed."

"Good, we'll see you then." Jasper said and I walk them out before hurrying to set up the playroom and put the note in Isabella's bedroom with her instructions for the night.

I was in the kitchen putting the finishing touches on dinner when I hear her arrive. Tonight would be different than other meals we had together but an important part of her training. A few private play parties we could attend require the protocols we will be practicing tonight. Fifteen minutes later she walks into the kitchen and waits for me to acknowledge her.

"Good evening Isabella." Silence. "You may answer."

"Good evening Master." She was gloriously naked, with only her cuffs on and her hair in a high ponytail.

"Answer any direct questions, otherwise you are to remain silent. Are you ready to begin?"

"Yes Master."

I kiss her head softly as I move past her into the dining room, sit and wait. She didn't disappoint. A few minutes later she enters carrying the platter I prepared and the carafe of ice water. After placing everything in front of me, she gracefully took her resting position on the cushion next to my chair. I fill the water glass and look over the assortment of finger foods, several of which I know Isabella doesn't like, but she had no food allergies, she would eat them. I pop a stuffed mushroom in my mouth and decide what to give her first.

"The first part of our night is…training, for lack of a better word. There are several couples at the club that start their play parties out with a formal dinner." I place an oyster shell at her lips. "Open Isabella, it's raw so don't chew, let it slide down your throat." She hesitates, she doesn't like oysters, I don't care. "Either open your mouth or safe word Isabella." She opens and I let the oyster slide in, she swallows and grimaces. "Good girl." I choose a stuffed grape for myself.

"As I was saying, we were invited to such a party next week." I saw her stiffen and hold a stuffed mushroom to her mouth. "I declined because we haven't had a chance to practice until tonight and I would never take you into that kind of situation without practicing a few times first." I take a drink and then offer her one. I next put a cracker with pate to her lips, she hesitates again, as expected.

"This is why we are practicing Isabella. I know you don't like oysters, pate, and several items that are on the platter, but, you will eat them or safe word. Those are your only options." She opened her mouth and ate the pate, but was obviously not happy about it.

"I am being lenient with you this time because it is your first time. However, you need to understand that when we do attend a party with a dinner first, I expect you to not make faces or hesitate when I give a bite to eat. It would be disrespectful to me, as your Dom, and to the party host. I don't think you want to find out how harsh the punishment would be for disrespecting me at a party. Would you?"

"No Master, I will do better." She sounds sad and that wasn't how I want the rest of dinner to go.

"I know you will pet." I told her as I tug her ponytail then tweak a nipple.

She didn't hesitate anymore with anything I put to her lips, but she couldn't stop the grimace on some items. She would get there, with practice. As I alternate morsels between us, I am surprise at the pride I feel in watching Isabella improve with each bite. If I was being honest I had never given much thought to feeding my subs, even at the dinners I occasionally attended. They would eat whatever I fed them and if they didn't they were punished, end of story.

I suppose the feelings I have for Isabella make the difference. I take pride in the fact that she tries to do better because she knows it is what I want. She wants to please me and she does please me, immensely.

"You did well for your first time Isabella. Clear the table and load the dishwasher. I expect you in position in the playroom in 30 minutes."

While Isabella was busy in the kitchen, I went upstairs picking up her journal along the way to place in my bedroom. I couldn't help but think of the other journals I needed to read and cringe, I missed having her in my class. When that was taken care of I go to the playroom and wait. I was seated slightly behind the door, she wouldn't see me unless she turned around and looked.

I notice the slight stumble in her step when she notices what is on the floor in front of her kneeling pillow. I have definite plans to tease my pet tonight. I wait the full 30 minutes before standing and retrieving her playroom collar.

"You look lovely, pet." I tell her, as I fasten her collar. I also notice her shiver as I lock it in place. "We are going to have fun tonight, Isabella. The machine in front of you has a wand mounted to it. This particular wand is remote controlled, with different speeds and angles." As I spoke I used the wide, sheep-skinned cuffs around her ankles and right below her knees before attaching them to the floor.

"I hope you have found something to focus on to help with orgasm control, because this machine will definitely test your limits.' I pull the ropes down and slide them over her wrists before pulling them taut. "Are you comfortable? Your arms should be stretched but not uncomfortably so."

"I'm comfortable Master."

"Good." I move in front of her and lift her head up by her ponytail. "First things first though. I have been hard since you walked naked into the kitchen. We are taking care of that right now." I unbutton my jeans and pull out my cock.

"Open Pet, suck me good or instead of having the pleasure of swallowing my cum, you'll be licking it off the floor when we are done." She opens her mouth and as soon as my cock enters she begins sucking. Fuck she gave good head.

"That feels good pet." I slowly thrust into her mouth as I push the wand into place. I pull out until my tip is resting against her lips as I start the wand, the last thing I want is her biting me. She jumps at the contact rubbing against her clit and clamps her mouth shut. I give her a moment to recover before pressing against her lips again.

"Open up Isabella and remember, do not cum." I thrust into her mouth deeply and hold her head against me for a few moments. "Damn I love your hot little mouth pet." I see her grip tighten on the ropes holding her wrists, if that didn't tell me she was close her whimpers and moans around me would have. I click the remote and the wand moves off her clit to just barely inside her pussy, frustrating the hell out of her by her muffled sounds.

"I'm close Isabella, take everything I give you like a good pet." I hold her head still and thrust faster and deeper. Her mouth is almost as good as her pussy, almost. My balls tighten, Isabella hallows out her cheeks sucking me hard and gently applies her teeth at the base of my cock. "Fucking great!" I shout as I hold her head to me and cum as she runs her tongue up my shaft.

I slowly pull out, Isabella is panting hard, and I can tell she wants me to let her cum. Not happening. I squat down to her eye level.


"Green Master."

"Does my pet like our new toy?" I ask as I hold the remote up and click it, moving the wand back to her clit.

"Yes Master!" She yells and I notice her grip tighten on the ropes as she tries to steady her breathing.

"Is my pet going to cum without permission? Is she going to disappoint her Master?" I ask and kick the wand speed up a notch.

"No Master." She says and I hear determination in her voice.

"Good." I stand and walk to the wall behind her. "I want tonight to be about pleasure, not discipline. I want my pet to enjoy how well I tease her." I lay the flogger on the table and move in front of her again to give her a drink. "Open." I turn the wand off as she drinks. "Color."

"Green Master."

"Good, let's continue then." I pick up the flogger and slowly run it up her spine, enjoying her shiver.

"Oohh, my pet enjoys the rabbit fur flogger." I lean in close to her ear. "Let's see if she enjoys it as much when it's turning her fine ass pink." I give her two good licks before turning the wand on again.

As her skin turns a lovely shade of pink, I remember something she wrote in her journal about missing the feel of a flogger on her skin. I watch her body closely and notice that she is arching into some of the strikes for the first time. As I continue to work over her back, ass, and thighs I can't help but smile, her trust in me is growing.

I start moving the strokes to her front and as the first one lands on her breasts I hear a rather loud moan. That's a no-no.

"Do you need to safe word Isabella?"

"No Master."

"Then keep quiet." I order her and land a firmer swat on her ass. "My, my, my pet does love the flogger." I say and run a finger up her wet thighs. "Does my pet want to cum?" I tease.

"Yes master, please may your pet cum?" I click off the wand.


"Please Mas…"

"No." I repeat in a sterner voice. "Silence."

She promptly shuts her mouth and I begin lightly landing strokes on her breasts and stomach. When the wand has adjusted so it is off her clit and barely inside her pussy I turn it back on. I see her jaw twitch with her effort to remain silent. I don't want her to fail so I keep the strokes to her front light and teasing. After five minutes I walk behind her and place the flogger on the table before removing my jeans and crouching down behind her.

"Is my pet ready to cum for me?" I whisper in her ear.

"Yes Master, so ready." She moans.

"I'm not sure I believe you." I tease.

"I'm Master, I am. Please let me cum." She was whining and the sound made my cock even harder.

"Then cum Isabella." I whisper in her ear as I pull roughly on her nipple rings.

"Yeesss Massster." She shouts and her juices pour out of her. I quickly undo her hands and lean her against me as she rides out her orgasm and I massage her shoulders.

"What color are we Isabella?" I ask when her breathing returns to a more natural pace.

"Green Master."

"Good." I move the machine out of the way as I push on her back so she would be on her hands and knees. "I want you vocal pet, very vocal." I tell her as I straddle her legs and grab her hips. "Do not ask to cum, I won't allow it." I say as I slam into her. "You may cum after I do and not one second before."

Having warned her not to cum I set a hard, fast pace. Watching her skin turn pink and the effort she puts into not disappointing me has me harder than I have ever been. I need to cum and with the strength of her orgasm I am sure she is sensitive and needs to also.

I push on the top part of her back until she is resting her head on her hands. She is definitely enjoying things by the sounds she is making but she is tired and the new position is easier for her, deeper for me.

"Fuck you feel good Pet. I could spend all night in your pussy." I tell her. She is too far gone to do more than make sounds and grunts. Her juices are all over both of us. Our combined smell, sounds, and the sight of me pumping into her do me in and before I can warn her I slam into her one last time and yell "cum Isabella". She instantly locks on my cock, milking me with more force than normal.

"Fuck." She milks another small orgasm out of me before slumping on the floor, or as much as she can, given the position she is in. I unbuckle the cuffs and quickly lift her to the table.

"You make me so proud, Pet, such a good girl." I speak softly to her as I massage her leg and thigh muscles and hear the tub filling. I see the small smile on her face. "You did very well Isabella. We're going to relax in the tub for a bit then it's off to bed." She nods and I help her off the table and into the bathroom. She is still a little wobbly and if I am honest with myself I probably need to pick up my morning jog, I'm slightly wobbly too.

I woke the next morning to the strong smell of coffee and open my eyes to a naked Bella, in her waiting position, next to me on the bed with a breakfast try in front of her.

"Good morning Master, I have your breakfast ready."

"It is a good morning Pet." I watch the blush spread across her chest. "Stuffed French toast, I must have been a good boy."

"Master is always good to his pet."

"Thank you Isabella." I took a bite of breakfast and it was beyond good. "This is delicious." I give her a quick kiss on the forehead.

"Thank you Master."

"The morning is yours to do as you please, don't leave the house. I'll be around doing some grading." She giggles at that, I know she is probably remembering me grumbling about the journals this year. "We'll meet in the kitchen at noon for lunch, spend the afternoon going over our trip to the club tonight, and then I want you to take a nap before we leave for the evening. I'll lay out your clothes and other items for tonight in your room."

"Yes Master." As she walks out of the room the saying 'hate to see you go but love to watch you leave' comes to mind. She has a fine, fine ass.

Preferring not to ruin my breakfast, the first journal I decide to read is Isabella's.

Assignment #1

What is your biggest concern about going public with our relationship?

My biggest fear is that it will reflect badly on you, that I will disappoint you. I don't want to be the cause of problems for you at the University. I don't want people to judge you harshly because of my age, or the fact that I am a student, and I worry they will.

To be honest the ones I worry about the least are your family, especially after brunch. They judged me and us based on the fact that it wasn't some they picked. I never stood a chance with them and I refuse to let their views bother me.

I expected this to be her biggest concern. Only time and going out in public would prove to her it didn't bother me. The few times we had been in public together most people didn't seem to give us a second look. I think I look good for my age and Isabella doesn't look or act 23. I think she is more concerned because people at the University may know she was my student. It isn't the problem she imagines and should it become one I told her I have the information necessary to turn it into a nonissue.

What is the biggest gain when we go public?

Hands down the biggest gain is being able to say you are mine. I know it won't stop women from flirting and hitting on you, but to able to step up next to you, as your girlfriend…I am definitely looking forward to that day.

That made me chuckle. I was looking forward to that day also. I was going to take great satisfaction in rubbing that fact in Afton's face on Thursday. He wouldn't be able to keep his mouth shut and that would be more than enough to start the ball rolling on us being public.

I spent the rest of the morning grading tests and thinking over the outfit I want Isabella to wear tonight. Subs would be in all manner of dress or undress tonight, not Isabella though, she would be fully covered. She may be skimpily covered but all parts would be covered. I wouldn't parade her around in any state of undress until it was made clear to everyone that she is mine and not to be touched.

Over lunch I fill Bella in on Jasper and Alice's visit, as well their invitation to lunch. She was leery of their motives, especially when I explain the part about them implying I was a Dom, but agreed that it was a first step in getting my family to understand our relationship. While I believe all of us are sincere in wanting to get along I hope the awkwardness of the situation wouldn't have someone saying something stupid. How can the lunch be anything but awkward, at least in the beginning, given what happened the last time. The only change she suggests is that we go out instead of having it at the house, it forces everyone to play nice and we can leave any time if things go bad. We decide the Flying Squirrel would be good, it's casual enough that everyone could relax but still public enough to force everyone to be civil at least.

We spend the rest of the afternoon reviewing hand signals and what was expected of her at the club tonight. It was simple really, stay next to me and don't talk to anyone without asking permission first, no exceptions. Normally I wouldn't be so strict, she would be able to talk to Alastair and a few other Doms without permission, but I was sure everyone would be watching us with a critical eye. I wasn't going to give them anything to complain about. After I was satisfied that we were as ready as possible I sent Isabella to her bedroom for a nap.

I spend the next hours putting together her outfit, her new club collar, and deciding if we would play or not when we return to the house. Oh she was definitely getting fucked when we return, a good and hard fucking, but should we play in the playroom? I ultimately decide against playing, tonight will more than likely be stressful for both of us. Fucking would relieve the stress, I worry play will add to it and I wasn't 100% sure either of us would be in the right frame of mind to play.

I make a light dinner of soup and sandwiches, put Isabella's on a tray and go to her room to wake her. I lay out her clothes, tell her how to do her hair, and to meet me in the foyer in two hours in position. I return to my own room to shower and dress. Since I have no intention of doing any type of scene at the club I dress in black dress slacks and a blue button down shirt, my standard dress when I was visiting and not playing. I assume the outfit will tip most people off that we wouldn't be playing tonight.

She was a vision. Her hair up in a bun high on her head showing off her long neck. The black leather shorts hug her ass perfectly and the hint of cheek showing makes me want to bite it. I move in front of her and the red leather halter style vest push her tits up so far I could almost see her nipple rings.

"Very nice, My Pet. Rise." With the red heels she looks like she has legs up to her ears. "I have a new collar for you to wear when we are at the club or a play party." I hold it up for her to see, it is a thick velvet choker about 3" wide with a lock on the back. It has 'Cullen's' stitched in red on the front and a small ring under the name for the dainty leash I also purchased. Her eyes widen at the leash, but she doesn't say anything. The leash has a delicate chain and the clip part is in the shape of a red bow, the other end will be cuffed to my wrist. "Do you accept my collar?"

"Yes Master." I lock it in place and lead her out to the car.

The silence in the car was starting to become uncomfortable and Isabella was beginning to fidget. I hit a button on my IPod and couldn't help the smirk I was wearing as Shinedown's Sounds of Madness filter through the speakers. Her full on belly laugh breaks the tension.

"I don't think tonight will be quite that bad, but I'm prepared just in case."

"Thank you Master."

"You're welcome Isabella." The rest of the ride was quiet, but not uncomfortable. Upon arriving at the club I give her a final reminder as we approach the entrance. "Remember, don't leave my side and no talking to anyone, not even subs."

"Yes Master."

"I spoke with Alastair and a few other Dom's you would normally be allowed to interact with on Monday. They know you aren't allowed to speak to anyone and won't be surprised when you look for permission first or ignore them altogether." She nods and I open the door, let the games begin.

I check our coats and glance around to see who is here, it was ten so most of the Dom's I associate with should be here by now. We would be staying in the main area tonight and not playing so I went to the bar and order a beer for me and a glass of red wine for Isabella. After collecting our drinks I lead my Pet to the area where Garrett and his sub are sitting. It's impossible not to notice the stares and whispers as we walk through the club, we are definitely making a statement.

"Edward," Benjamin stood to shake hands. "And this must be the lovely Isabella I have heard so much about."

"Benjamin, Garrett, good to see you." I set our drinks on the table before sitting in one of the armchairs, Isabella takes her resting position on the pillow next to my chair. "Yes, she is very lovely. If you've heard about her than I'm sure you have also heard the problems some people have with us being together?"

"I've heard the grumblings, yes."

"Due to those grumblings she is on strict restriction tonight. I apologize since she is unable to look or speak to anyone tonight, but it's necessary to avoid problems. We are staying just long enough so everyone realizes we are together and hopefully they will leave her alone when she is working."

"Understandable," Garrett stated looking around the room. "Judging by the looks on some faces I believe they are getting the point."

"Good." They were getting the point and not happy about things, the phrase 'if looks could kill' has never been more accurate. Black looked as if he wanted to say something, but wisely kept his ass on the other side of the room.

For the next hour I converse with Ben and Garrett, drink my beer, give my Pet sips of her wine, and play with her hair. An hour, that's how long it took to be approached.

"Master Edward," Uley's sub approaches our group and waits for me to acknowledge her.


"We were hoping Isabella would be able to join us, Sir." When I continue to look at her she quickly continues. "Some of the other subs and myself, by the bar, to talk." I look in the direction she was pointing and most of the subs there were ones that have harassed her in the past. They want to grill her, not talk.

"No. I want my Pet close to me tonight."

I consider the subject closed and returned to my conversation. Less than fifteen minutes later Jacob Black decides to join our group. I notice he is by himself tonight and hasn't said anything, Garrett however couldn't stop himself from rubbing salt in Jacob's obviously open wound.

"No sub tonight Jacob?"

"No, I don't want to play with just anyone." He turned his head to look directly at Isabella. "I did have someone I was hoping would be my permanent sub, but she decided on a different Master."

Isabella held her composure and kept her head down, if I hadn't been touching her arm at the time I'm not sure I would have seen the shiver that went through her at his words. I was proud of her because his words definitely held a challenging undertone.

"You'll have to attend the munch later this month, I hear there should be several new people attending that are looking to be trained as subs." Garrett offers and Jacob makes some sort of non-committal grunt.

When Sam Uley and Embry Call walk up to our group I know it is time for us to leave, they wouldn't stop staring at Isabella. I give the signal we would be leaving soon and she let me know she needs to use the ladies room before we leave. I give her the okay and stood as she did to say our goodbyes.

"Leaving so soon Cullen?" Uley asks and only an idiot couldn't hear the sneer in his voice.

"Yes, Isabella and I have an early lunch tomorrow."

"I see you kept her to yourself tonight. Are you sure she can be trusted to go the bathroom on her own? Maybe I should Emily to keep her company."

"That won't be necessary, I trust Isabella implicitly. She will be kept close to me until people realize that if they want to know about our dynamic so bad I am the one they should be asking. She won't answer any questions and, truthfully, it isn't anyone's fucking business but ours."

I didn't wait for him to answer, I shook the hands of the Doms' I respected and moved to stand by the bar to wait for Isabella. I heard the giggling coming from the hallway before I saw her. She was walking with her head high and ignoring the two women behind her. They however look terrified when they saw me and scamper off in the other direction.

"Are you alright Pet?"

"Yes Master."

"Were they bothering you? Do I need to speak with their Doms'?"

"No Master." I cock an eyebrow at her.

"They were bothersome in the way a gnat is that won't go away, but they weren't rude or hateful. Just curious. I didn't acknowledge them and there is no reason for you to talk to their Masters'. Were they annoying, yes. Was there a problem, no."

"Okay, let's get our coats and go home then." I tell her and reattach her leash before retrieving our coats and leading her out to the car.

"I want us to speak freely about tonight Isabella, be honest but remember to be respectful."

"Yes Master."

"How do you feel about tonight?"

"I think it well, overall Master. It felt…weird not to acknowledge anyone but I understand why it was necessary. It helped that you were always touching me in some way."

"You made me proud tonight Isabella. My well behaved Pet will get a reward when we get home." I notice she blushed and her breathing was faster as well. "Continue with your thoughts on tonight."

"I don't understand their fascination. I'm not even sure if it's with you, or me, or us together, but it totally creeps me out. Did you hear how Jacob sounded when he said that about a sub he wanted? Creeper."

"I agree, I'm not sure why they feel the need to butt in either, however, I won't allow them to bother you Isabella. Have you ever seen them outside the club?"

"No Master. I mean I saw Jacob at Christmas in Forks, but nothing aside from that time."

"If you do I want you to tell me immediately Isabella. I don't want them trying to see you without me." I wouldn't put it pass those fuckers to try to talk to her, just turn up somewhere. The question is why.

"Of course Master, I wouldn't keep something like that from you."

"I know Pet, I just want to stress that this is important." She nodded and I move on to the giggling women. "So, what were the subs giggling about coming out of the restroom?" Her blush had me even more curious. "Now I insist you tell me what is causing you to blush."

"It isn't very respectful Master." That statement only increased my curiosity.

"You didn't speak to them?"

"No Master."

"Then you are just telling me something someone else said and I will take into account they weren't very respectful."

"Okay Master. When I entered the bathroom they were already talking about you, speculating about you is probably a better way to put it. I heard them say how I was a lucky girl if the rumors about your, um, the size or more specifically the, uh, girth of…" She was beet red and even though I was 99% positive what they were talking about hearing her stammer out an explanation was too cute to pass up.

"Go on Pet, they were talking about…" I let the statement hang there.

"Your penis, okay. They were discussing the size of your dick and how lucky I was to have access to it. They actually seemed to be pretty accurate on their measurements before they noticed me and decided to ask me if what they heard was true, since and I quote 'if our Master's shared we wouldn't have to ask'. I stopped listening after that, used the facilities and came out to meet you." She started out almost shouting the beginning of her rant but by the end her voice was low and she sounded rather angry.

"That wasn't very respectful Isabella. How are you to address me?"

"Master. I'm sorry I yelled and got upset Master."

"Much better." I say as I pull the car into the garage. "You have five minutes to strip everything except your heels off and get your ass on the desk in my office."

"Yes Master." She hurried out of the car.

"I want my pussy on display Pet." I yell after her.

I take my time changing into jeans and walking to my office. Fuck but she is a sight to see, so tempting, feet planted at the end of one side, knees spread wide, ass on the desk, and her pussy lips pulled wide open to give me an excellent view of her dripping core. I tread silently into the room. I know the second she realizes I've entered, her slight shiver gives her away.

"My pretty Pet was naughty in the car." I tell her and tug on her clit ring. "What should be done about that?" I slap her pussy and my fingers are soaked. "Fuck Pet, you are messing up my desk with your pussy juices. Definitely not a spanking," I say as I slap her pussy fast three more times and she moans. "No, definitely not, that is causing you to get wetter."

I was lazily playing with clit ring, tugging, flicking it up and down. I barely touch her and she is shaking from the effort to not cum. "Hmmmm, if not a spanking than what is adequate punishment for getting rude with your Master? Maybe I should just send you to bed, but why deny myself? Pet's mouth is always a good alternative but she is so fucking wet." I say to myself as I shove two fingers in her and instantly start rubbing her g-spot. She whimpers and clamps her hands on the side of the desk to keep from moving.

"Maybe I should ask Pet what she thinks? No that won't help. She'll just tell me that she wants whatever I want. Isn't that right Pet?" I ask her and add a third finger.

"Yes Master," she screeches and her breathing picks up, again.

"Look at my naughty Pet, leaking all over my desk. My naughty, naughty, slutty little Pet, whose pussy just wants to be fucked." I'm hard as stone and leaking so badly there is an expanding wet spot on my jeans. I pop the buttons open as silently as possible. Isabella is concentrating so hard on not cumming I don't think she heard them drop to the floor.

"You are mine Isabella." I tell her in a feral voice as I grab hold of her hips. "No one will ever touch you but me." I slam into her and set a fast, grueling, pounding pace. "No one will take you from me. I won't allow it." I couldn't get the way Black & Co. looked at my Isabella out of my head. "You are mine Pet." I all but shout at her.

"Please Master, please." She begs.

"Do. Not. Cum." I stress and thrust on each word. "Who do you belong to Pet?"

"You Master." She screams.

"Who fucks this pussy?" I want to crawl inside her.

"You Master." Her walls that have been fluttering start to tighten.

"Don't you fucking cum. Who takes care of you?"

"You Master." My Pet grits out.

I'm so close and know I'm going to cum harder than ever, this is pure primal fucking. I adjust my hold on her waist, using my arms to push her knees up and back. "Mine." I shout as I feel my balls tighten and thrust into Isabella one last time before lifting her up to look in her eyes. "Who can take better care of you than me?" I grind out as I pump my release into her.

"No one Master." She shouts and I can feel her tighten even more and know she isn't going to be able to keep from cumming this time.

After I empty myself into her I look into her eyes and softly give her the order to cum. God she is glorious, tears leaking from her eyes, her head thrown back with her mouth open in a silent scream, her pussy clamped on my cock so tight I'm not able to pull out until she finishes and I lay her limp body on the desk. I have to lay against the desk myself until I'm sure I can get us both upstairs without falling.

I carefully sit Isabella in the tub in her bedroom as I start the water. She has her eyes closed and hasn't uttered a word since we left the office.

"Are you alright Isabella? I didn't hurt you did I?" I have to ask. Yes, we have done rough things in the playroom but I was always totally in control. The last thing I had in my office was control, I would have fucked her harder if I physically could have. I was jealous as fuck of the way she had been ogled and that feeling had overridden any control I started out with.

"Mmmm, yes Master, I feel great." The smile on her fact let me know she was a very satisfied pet.

"Nothing hurts? No pulled muscles?"

"No Master, a little achy, but in the best of ways. May I speak freely Master?" I was surprised by her question, did she not realize where we were.

"Of course Pet, we are in your room after all." That causes her eyes to pop open and look around. When she realizes we are indeed in her bathroom she rolls over quickly putting her head on the side of the tub to see me better.

"That was fucking hot Master. I have never felt so…possessed as I did in your office. It felt like you were branding me from the inside, so everyone would know that I will never belong to another." She was acknowledging my jealousy without calling me out for it. "Hottest thing ever." She stressed with a squeeze of my hand. I felt my body relax and began to wash her down.

"You need to get to bed Pet." I tell her as I dry her off. "Just a light breakfast in the morning, we are having an early lunch with Alice and Jasper."

"Yes Master," she said with a yawn and I chuckle.

"Sweet Dreams, my lovely Isabella."

"Good night Master."

As I'm downstairs cleaning off the desk and righting my office I thought over the night and what it meant. I couldn't help but think of how possessive I was of Isabella and how much I hated the way they had looked at her. Benjamin and most of the other Doms didn't bother me, they admired her respectfully, but Black and his crowd leered at her, as if they couldn't wait to get their hands on her. That is what pissed me off, they had no respect for us what so ever. Part of me wanted to have her wear a snowsuit the next time we went to the club and they were there. The rest of me wanted to go back to the club right now, bind her to the cross on the main floor and fuck her until she couldn't take any more to show them she was mine. No one will ever do to her the things I do, I would be her last master, ever. Those thoughts run through my head as I drift off to sleep, to dream of a lifetime with Isabella.

In the morning I'm greeted by the aroma of fresh brewed coffee and smile. She brewed the special Hawaiian blend and it smells fantastic, this is her way of letting me know everything is fine between us, that there is no need to discuss last night again.

I take my cup and make my way to the kitchen to find my precious Pet. She is making oatmeal and cutting fresh fruit, I wait for her to notice my arrival.

"Oh, good morning Master." She wasn't expecting me to be in the doorway when she turned.

"Great morning Isabella." I tell her and give her a quick kiss on the cheek. "Breakfast looks good."

"Thank you Master. If you have a seat I'll bring everything over."

I nod and made my way to the kitchen table. I wait until we start eating to bring up lunch.

"I text Jasper and we're going to meet them at the Flying Squirrel at 11:30 for lunch."

"I love the Flying Squirrel."

"I know, I thought it might relax us both to go to a more casual place and somewhere we have been before."

"Thank you for putting me at ease Master."

"You're welcome Pet. That's another thing I want to discuss. I think we should end our playtime for the weekend as soon as we leave the house. I know they suspect I'm a Dom, but as this point in time, that isn't something I want to discuss with them and definitely not in public."

"That's fine Master. To be honest I was a little nervous about being with them for the first time as your sub. I don't ever want to do anything that embarrasses you." I start to speak and she holds up her hand asking me to wait. "I realize I will make mistakes and some of those will be public but, I really don't want the first time to be in front of one of your family members. Especially since they already have issues with our relationship."

"Good, we'll meet as a couple then, a normal, everyday couple." She laughs at that statement.

"We are many things Master, but a normal, everyday couple isn't one of them."

"Pet is feeling rather sassy today isn't she?" I laugh and pull her into my lap as she nods to me. "Fine then. I'm going to get a shower while you clear the dishes. Meet me in the foyer at 11:00"

"Yes Master."

As I shower I think over how I hope lunch will go, if they give her an honest chance I know they will see how good Bella is for me. The question is, will they give her an honest chance. If anyone would so soon after that disastrous brunch it will be these two, I believe them when they say they just want me happy.

I leave the bedroom to retrieve some class journals to read until it's time to leave. I hear music coming from Isabella's room the moment I step into the hall. It almost sounds like she is humming along. As I approach her room I realize the door is open and the scent of that lotion she uses, the one that drives me insane because she used it in our first test scene, hit me and I was instantly hard. I peek in her room and sure enough, she was standing at the end of the bed with one foot planted firmly on the bed rubbing that lotion on her leg. I pull my shirt over my head before entering her room, she is surprised to see me.

"Hands and knees on the bed now pet." She scrambles to do as ordered as I unbutton my pants and let them drop. I pull her to the edge of the bed and plunge right into her waiting pussy.

"Fuck Isabella, you're drenched. Were you playing with my pussy in the shower?" I ask and give her ass a hard slap.

"No Master."

"I smelled that lotion you know drives up the fucking wall and come in here to find my pussy soaked and ready for me." I pull out and thrust back in harder with a slap to the opposite cheek. "Either you're lying to me and you did play with my pussy without permission, that will get your ass turned a bright red Pet, or my Pet is really a dirty, dirty girl this morning. My naughty, nasty, dirty, little slut that is always ready for her Master's cock." Again I pull out and slam back in, tugging her nipple rings.

"Which is it Pet, touching my pussy without permission or dirty, slutty Pet that weeps for my cock?"

"Dirty, slutty Pet Master."

"I like slutty Pet, I do." I growl out at her as I slam back in and use her hair to pull her to my chest. "But, did I not give you enough of my cock last night? Was my slutty Pet not satisfied, left wanting?" I pull on her nipple rings, hard.

"No Master," she screamed.

"No what?"

"I was satisfied Master, very satisfied."

"Then why is my pussy acting like it was left wanting last night?" I release her nipples and push her back onto her knees.

"It always wants more of your cock Master."

"Slutty Pet should remember the saying," I maneuver us so I have one foot planted on the bed and am straddling her leg hanging off the end. Her other leg I lift until it is almost wrapped around my waist, resting on my bent leg. "Be careful what you wish for," I slam into her, "you just might get it." I tighten my hold on her waist and set a hard, brutal pace.

"Fuck it's deep this way." I feel her walls flutter. "Don't you fucking cum until after I do."

It is raw, it's primal, and I'm pretty sure both of us will be sore when I was finished. Isabella had her hands fisted in the comforter, hanging on for dear life and damn she has never felt better. I couldn't believe when she got wetter. The smell of her lotion and sex along with the wet sound of my balls slapping her pussy fuel the caveman in me. We are both beyond words, I can't form a coherent thought in my head let alone speak. We are reduced to grunts, groans, and moans. I move one thumb through the juices dripping out of her and slowly start tapping her little pucker hole. Her leg tightens around me and she is moving back into me as I slam into her, that's all it takes.

"Cum!" I shout, pump into her one more time and came until I thought I was going to pass out. After we both got our breathing under control I lower her leg to the bed and rub her hip to make sure she isn't sore.

"Is my pussy satisfied now?" I lean over and smugly whisper in her ear.

"Yes Master, always." Isabella purrs at me.

"Good," I look at her clock and realize we are now running close on time. "Get cleaned up and meet me downstairs, it's almost time to go." I tell her and give her sopping pussy a light slap.

Thirty minutes later Isabella comes down the stairs, slowly. I couldn't stop my chuckle, nor did I want to. "How's my pussy Pet? Ready for more?" Even though her head was down, I was sure her eyes widen.

"Not at the moment Master?" I tilt her chin up so she could see my raised eyebrow. "Unless, of course Master wants more," There's the correct response.

"I'm good for now." I could tell she wanted to say something snarky so I let her off the hook, "Bella."

"You're good for now," she slapped my chest lightly. "You should be good for now I don't think I'm capable of going another round like that." I laughed.

"You're okay though?"

"I'm fine, a little sore, but I think that was the point."

"Not really," I say as we make our way to the car. "The lotion, you naked, and fuck your pussy was drenched. It all combined to bring out the caveman in me, you woman, me man."

"Well, I like your caveman." She said with a laugh.

Lunch went even better than I hoped. While driving to the restaurant I watch as Bella fidgets with her fingers and generally works herself into a tizzy. I grab her hands in an effort to comfort her, I think she tried to smile but I didn't have the heart to tell her she looked constipated. Thankfully, Alice and Jasper were already seated when we arrive and Bella couldn't work herself up any more.

At first things were…awkward doesn't come close to describing the tension in the air. They knew the things they had said to me before meeting Bella, she knew because I told her and yet no one knew where to start the conversation. When the silence became too much Bella blurted out an exhibition of word vomit I know she hopes to never repeat.

"I just need to get this out so…I realize I'm young and was once his student. However, I am not a money grabbing ho, I do not have daddy issues, and I am not looking to achieve some social status by getting my claws into a Cullen. I realize things could get tricky with the university but I care for Edward and am willing to put up with whatever you, the university, or anyone throws at us. I will not give him up because we may have a rough path to follow."

Having said her piece, she sat back and let out a breath. Her stomach chose that moment to let out a loud growl. She squeezed my hand, picked up her menu and said, "Let's eat." It broke the tension, brought Alice and Jasper out of the stupor them had been in since she started and got the most awkward part of the conversation out of the way. She was red and embarrassed about her rant but it just drew me to her even more. I was falling in love with Bella Swan.

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