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"Tony, Ziva come here, you want to see this!"

Tony looked up from the corpse , glad for a distraction from the gruesome scene.

Ziva was standing under a big tree, looking up at Mc Gee with a mixture of pity and annoyance on her face.
" Mc Gee, if you're stuck up there just say so, no need to make something up to get us stuck with you" Ziva yelled up to Mc Gee, who was perched on a branch amongst the leaves.
"I'm not stuck!" he yelled back at her indignantly, "I'm a scout, I'm more comfortable up a tree than on the ground"
" That doesn't say much" I commented as I joined Ziva and McGee "have you ever seen him on skates? NOT pretty"
Ziva gave me a wry smile and a small laugh before focussing on McGee.
" So if you're not stuck, why are you up there?" The tone of her voice told me Ziva really didn't feel like climbing the smooth tree; she looked good, as always, hair tied up and clothes fresh; but I could tell she was tired. I knew she had enjoyed maybe 6 hours sleep over the last four days, and even then it was curled up on the floor behind her desk. For a moment I was thrilled we found the body of the missing person, at least now maybe Gibbs would let us sleep.

I shook my head, to much caffeine I told myself: focus. I realised McGee had started explaining what the heck he was doing up that bloody tree.
"... so then I noticed that thick patch of grass, and then another, and well you have to come up here to understand..." he drifted off.
I exchanged a glance with Ziva and shrugged, we might as well. Ziva glanced at the tree and looked at me quizzically; I had to agree it wasn't going to be pretty getting up there, the lowest branch was above our head. I sighed and positioned myself under the tree, my back against the tree trunk for support. I crouched down and linked my fingers; I gave Ziva a quick smile and nodded for her to get up. Ziva smiled at me thankfully; I felt the pressure of her army boots first in my linked hands, then on my shoulder, before seeing her gracefully slide onto one of the lower branches.
" thanks, but how are you going to get up?"
" I'll be fine" I said, grinning up at her.

I pulled out my strong knife and punched it into the tree, just above waist height. I placed my foot on the hilt of the knife and nimbly launched myself up. Ziva and I linked hands as she pulled me onto the branch beside her. I let the physical contact draw out for a split second before leaning down and pulling my knife out of the tree trunk.
Glancing over Ziva's shoulder I saw Gibbs standing on the ground where Ducky had parked the Van, some how he caught my eye and gave me an almost unperceivable nod of approval, my chest swelled with pride as I turned to look in the same direction as Ziva as McGee explained:
" As I said, I saw the patches where vegetation was thickest, as if someone has put fertiliser on just those area's. Then I noticed their size, roughly the same as that of a grave. I... I don't think this was his first murder." McGee ended with an uncertain gesture at the land around us, we looked around us, all around us where flat grasslands, marked with hundreds of one by two meter patches of lush green vegetation.


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