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I drew the gentle curve of her neck, the deep intensity of her eyes, the strong line of her jaw; I paused to smudge the dark coal into a soft shadow below her high cheek bones.
I stood back to examine the results; it would have been easier if she'd been here, but I was quietly pleased with the near perfect charcoal image of Ziva's face as she has looked down on the body of Ashley Twain. I didn't need Ziva in front of me to know the way her jaw clenches and her lips tightened every time she was confronted with a scene like the one today. No amount of Mossad training could take away the pain of a child murdered and ravaged like that.
Sighing, I closed my scetch pad, and with it all the feelings I would never admit I have.

I wake to the feeling of my phone vibrating against my chest, I flip my phone open, " Dinozzo, wassup boss?"
" move your ass from wherever you are Dinozzo, we need you here"
Gibbs's voice has the note of frustration in it that comes from the always horrible but sadly unavoidable battles when Gibbs V.S.'d bureaucracy,directors, the FBI, lawyers or ex wives.
"on it boss" I manage to slip in before the usual beep beep beep sounds of Gibbs not waiting for an answer.
I rolled out of bed and into clean clothes, I made sure I was clean shaven and looked like the charming smoothtalker I was going to have to be if I had to fix any mess GIBBS had made.
five minutes after the wake up call, I was on my way.

As I walked into the office I heard the ironed out voice of a lawyer, I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Smoothing my hair a little bit flatter I ran through some carefully compartmentalised childhood memories. Just the body language, the manners, the accent but nothing more, nothing to painful; all my history carefully put together to pacify the lawyer and whatever agency they where representing. After any length of time with Gibbs, this fake white collar persona would be a breath of fresh air, and a way for us to get what we want.
the lawyer I was facing now had something about him, he made my skin crawl; the way he leered at Ziva, the way he looked immaculate, perfect, completely unfazed by the dead girl on the computer screen. Suddenly I realised what made me dislike him so much. He reminded me of my dad, instantly memories flooded my mind, days alone and scared never knowing when I would see him next. I quickly smoothed my face out and directed my attention at Gibbs, who was standing next to Director Vance.
"The FBI want jurisdiction on this one" he said sounding pissed.
GREAT! well that was just peachy, a lawyer, the FBI, the director, bureaucracy... throw in some ex wives and Gibbs would create the next apocalypse!
I started the long political dance, of trying to explain that so far five of the victims(including the most recent one) had had navy dog tags around their neck. Their parents were marines and so we would investigate. They said their thing I said mine. A tiring half hour later I had won us our case, I was emotionally drained I hated the polished aristocratic Dinozzo I had made myself be. The whole thing was made worse by the memories of my father that had plagued me throughout the discussion, that lawyer was a spitting image of him.
I sat down and rested my head in my hands, counting my breaths to calm myself. When I looked up Gibbs gave me one of his looks, I had known him long enough to recognise it as high praise and to know he understood how hard that had been for me. Feeling comforted I looked up grinning, no trace left of my pain "McStarbucks, go get us some coffee! I'm dying of thirst!"
As McGee hurries off to get coffee I start going through all our information on the case, ready to devote myself to saving the next victim.

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