Another day, another good night at The House Of Mouse as far as Mickey and Donald were concerned. As the regular patrons left for their homes in Toontown Don turned to Mickey giving him back The Magic Hat and wand he "borrowed" earlier in the evening after the botch up he did on stage as a magician. The crowd never laughed so hard watching every trick he conjured or in this case misconjured up.

"At least my nephews know I tried," he said glumly. The kids who were easedropping in began snickering and then howled with laughter at this.

Donald seeing them ran out to catch them as they headed out the door.

Mickey sighed and smiled. "It's certainly nice to have family even when it seems like they support you," he thought. He stared at the small photo with his own nephews Morty and Ferdie. He decided then and there to take them on a camping trip over the weekend.

The next day he left Donald in charge of the club and went back home to start packing for the trip. Morty and Ferdy were excited of course and went upstairs into the attic to look for the fishing poles. There was a lot of junk in the small cramped space but there was enough history in it to keep anyone amused for hours.

Coming down they also carried something else. A little box Mickey hadn't seen before.

"Open it Uncle Mickey," they cried. They were anxious to see what was in it.

Inside were notes mostly and a little diary. In the inside back of the front cover was a small picture. They were all taken aback by the person in the photograph.

"Why do you have long ears, Uncle Mickey?" Morty asked.

"This isn't me guys. I've NEVER seen this person before. And yet he looks so familiar, " he said.

He held onto the diary and would investigate it later after the weekend trip.

To be continued...