The town once known as The Wasteland got a proper name after Mickey and Oswald got rid of The Blot the first time around.

"Welcome To Magic Memories Land," Ozzie told Mickey.
"So it's not a Wasteland anymore?" Mickey asked.
"Only one section is still called The Wasteland. The place where The Mad Doctor worked in Lonely Manor." Oswald explained.
"I could see that. The ghosts probably drove him out of there as it was their terror-tory."
"It's funny. After you came here the first time I've spent every day wishing I was back in The Real Toon World. I know Yen Sid meant this to be a sanctuary for us when he created it. But even though I got my heart back I still sort of feel confined."

"You have to know that he never meant to hurt you, right? There was no way he could bring you back," Mickey said in a calm serious voice. He was refering to their True Father.
"I know," he sighed. "But let's focus on getting you back home."
"If we can go together, Brother," Mickey said smiling. Oswald gasped.
"I'll make sure you come this time, Ozzie," the mouse said. "In fact I'd like this place to be put in the same borders where I live now, Mouseton. Os Town could be part of Calisota."
"You'd do that for us?"
"If you want it."
"You bet I do," he said joyfully.

And back in Toontown at The House Of Mouse:

"Get ready everyone to go Country with The Swingiest Band in town," Mike Microphone shouted out to the audience.
The Country Bear Jamboree proceeded to get on stage when they were run over by Goofy and the Robots dressed up in Hillbilly attire.
"Here's a number you all remember. Sang it on an album called Splashdance dedicated to Summertime. And what better way to wile away thuh summer then just dancin'," he said happily.

"And a one and a two..."


Goofy: Come on in, y'all

First you hear a clink Then you hear a clunk Well there's no cause for alarm Because all the crashin'
And all that smashin'
Is a hoedown at the robot farm

Loosen your joints if they're too tight Oil your elbows left and right Pick yourself a partner with plenty of charm It's a hoedown at the robot farm

CHORUS Hoe down!
Well everybody swing Don't slow down Just stretch those strings Let's raise the roof Whoops! There goes the barn It's a hoedown at the robot farm

Well you robot gals, don't wait for a man If you can't find a partner swing an old trashcan Promenade those gears, dosie doe to the right The cows won't be home tonight


Swing your partner, grab a wrench When you get tired, sit on the bench If you get thirsty, you know what to do Have a little robot brew


Swing your partner Promenade to the right Dosie doe Hoedown Don't slow down Hoedown Don't slow down

Goofy: Garsh.

The Hillbilly robots were spinning so wildly towards the end of the tune that their parts were flying all over the stage and into the control room. Thankfully most of the pieces didn't hit anyone in the front rows.

'MEDIC!" Clarabelle Cow shouted.

That couldn't be said for Pete, Donald and Mortimer who was about to rip a one new one on Goofy backstage. He needed the most band aids out of the other two.

To be continued...

If you have the CD and cassette this is one of the many tunes from the aforementioned album Goofy mentioned. It was re-released in limited quantites at Disneyland and Disney World back in The Early 2000s in CD Kiosk booths on Main Street USA.