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"I can't believe you just did that!"

Bella spilled through the door into the parking lot, her cheeks high with color. She didn't look back at the festivities we'd left behind, not even to wave goodbye to Alice.

"What? Refused to put my arms around another girl?"

She stopped and turned, the skirt of her dress swinging invitingly. I had to rip my gaze from the sparkling sequins to see the surprise on her face.

"Well, that's what it was. You weren't all gung-ho about being Prom Queen or anything. I knew you didn't care about that. It was all about holding her when I wanted to hold you."

"But it was just a dance, Edward. The king always dances with the queen. You didn't have to abdicate. I mean, you threw your scepter in protest." She stepped closer and put a hand on my arm.

I slid my fingers through hers and brushed my lips over her knuckles. "I did not throw it. I dropped it. And it's not just a dance. It's touching another girl. I swore to myself I'd never give you any reason to doubt me, and that includes an innocent dance to a stupid song."

Bella laid her head on my chest and sighed. Without words, we moved to music we couldn't hear. I released her hands and wrapped my arms around her, pulling her even closer as we swayed.

"I'm not unreasonable," she whispered. "You can have friends that are girls."

I laughed into her hair and pressed a kiss to her forehead. My beautiful, sweet, generous, understanding Bella. How she trusted me, after I'd nearly lost her because of my stupid, flirtatious ways.

"My friendships aren't suffering, baby. Friends or not, there's never a reason for me to touch any girl the way I touch you."

Fierce love and gratitude burned in her eyes. "Let's go. Let's get out of here."

And just like that, I was a fucking rock star again. How did my girl always make me feel like a king? No, not a king, since I'd abdicated my throne. A ninja. I was a ninja. I hoped I could keep that up in bed when we got to the hotel, but for at least that one moment, I kicked ass.

That feeling, that all-consuming, master-of-all-things feeling, crashed the moment I turned into the hotel parking lot. I hadn't skimped. The hotel was one of the nicest in Knoxville, even if we would only be there for a few hours. I couldn't put my finger on the problem. I was about to call Bella mine in every way possible, and she would do the same with me. We wanted nothing more than to share the last of ourselves with each other, but something was really, terribly wrong.

Bella didn't move after I parked the car. We stared up at the building in front of us, silent save for our breaths. When I got the nerve to look, I saw she was white as a sheet.

"Are you afraid?"

She jolted in her seat, and pink filled her cheeks. I grabbed for her hand and squeezed it.

"Not of you…of what we're going to do. I just…"

"Something's wrong."

"No! It's a beautiful hotel. But maybe we should… I don't know."

"I mean something feels wrong about this. About going in there to, well, you know."

Her smile returned as she realized we were on the same page. Fingers gripped and slipped as she pressed our palms together and pulled my hand to her heart.

"We can't make love here for the first time."

I thought I had spoken, but it seemed Bella had the same thought at the same time. Our words tumbled and tangled, colored with relief and happiness. I didn't give a single thought to the roses waiting in the room I'd reserved, or the bottle of sparkling cider chilling in the refrigerator. Not once did I worry about the added cost of the jetted tub, balcony, or room service I'd arranged. All that mattered was making Bella comfortable. Unfortunately, my words didn't convey this concern.

"So, we're still doing this?"

Jesus, I was a dork. This? Doing this? Could I not at least call it what it was, like an adult at least?

"If by 'this,' you mean having sex, yes. Yes, Edward. I want you. Just not here. I don't know where, but not in some random hotel in Knoxville. I mean…am I right?"

I jammed the key back in the ignition, shoved the car in reverse, and stomped on the gas. If she wanted to go anywhere but where we were, I would get her there as quickly as I could.

Bella and I were young, in love, crazy about each other, and almost forty-five minutes from home. And home meant parents. We had no clue what we were doing. About halfway there, I finally asked what the new plan was.

She laughed. Thank Christ, she laughed. I was scared out of my mind that I couldn't make the night special for her anymore, but she looked free—liberated from the possibility of being a statistic. A girl who lost her virginity in a strange bed on prom night.

"Obviously, we can't go to my place. My dad would shoot you soon as look at you."

"That would definitely ruin the night."

We sat in silence for a moment, and then she turned to me with eyes full of hope.

"The creek?"

The creek between our houses, where I'd made my first bold declaration, was where she wanted to give me everything. I couldn't think of anything or anywhere better. The moonlight on her skin, the warm May wind as our blanket, the rushing creek our soundtrack… Nothing could be more perfect. It would be just like the romantic film Emmett made me watch to prepare for the night. I could be that guy in the movie, the one more in love than in lust.

We drove right past Granny Edna's and cut through the field before we reached my driveway. I didn't think we'd been spotted, but even if we had, no one had reason to believe we were home already. We'd left Knoxville so early that we still had almost four hours before Bella's curfew. No way would Charlie expect us close to his house with so much time left on the clock.

Bella waited in the passenger seat while I ran around the front of the truck to open the door. I pulled a bag from behind her seat and grabbed several quilts from the storage bin in the bed of the truck.

Our lack of planning became obvious when she took her first step. Her high heels sank into the pine needles, and she tipped sideways into me. Her giggle indicated she wasn't hurt, but I didn't want to take chances. I shrugged the backpack over my shoulders and handed her the quilts. When we were situated, I picked her up and carried her over the ground to the edge of the creek.

For a moment, she fought against my help but then settled against my chest and laid her head on my shoulder. Her breath tickled my ear and whipped my love into lust. I tamped it down before I settled her on the ground, determined not to jump her and ruin the moment.

Love her. Love her. Show your adoration like the actor did.

It seemed so easy until I was moments away from having sex for the first time. A raging beast jumped out and ate the love, leaving only scraps of lust behind. Big scraps. Lots of lust leftover.

I forced myself to calm down, to spread the quilts carefully while I leashed the madness. She stood quietly and watched before stooping to smooth the blankets when they refused to cooperate. Her fingers trembled as she held the corners of the material, an outward sign of her nerves. I felt better and worse all at once.

"Hey. It's just us, baby." I held my hand out, inviting her to take it.

Adore her. You adore her. You do not attack her like a starving animal.

Her trust nearly killed me. Without hesitation, she reached across the little makeshift bed and grasped my fingers. I pulled her closer and turned her around. She bowed her head, and I struggled with the urge to sink my teeth into the soft spot under her ear.

"Are you ready?"


Inch by inch, the zipper revealed ivory skin, lit by moonlight and the midnight beads of her dress. She shivered as the silk and glass fell away, exposing her to the warmth of the evening and the touch of my hands. I wanted to kiss her everywhere, to taste every inch, but I started with the nape of her neck as the fabric fell to the blanket at our feet.

She wore nothing but a scrap of lace and satin beneath the dress. If I'd known that was what she considered underwear, I'd have carted her away from the stupid prom before it even began. My fingers itched to slip them from her hips, but she turned before I could.

Without breaking eye contact, she began working the first button of my shirt. Her tongue peeked between her lips as she struggled with the second, her fingers too shaky to get a good grip. When I moved to help, she shook her head and clenched her hands into fists.

"Let me," she whispered. "I really want to do this."

My hands stilled as I gave her what she needed—control over the situation.

Her fingers brushed my chest and then my stomach as she moved, and my muscles clenched and heart thumped as the fine hairs on the back of my neck stood up. Shockwaves rocketed through me, as though we touched for the first time. When she slipped the tail of my shirt from my waistband and her hands brushed over my hips, I couldn't suppress a shudder. Like a couple in a movie, we were all love and adoration.

"Are we really doing this?"

Her voice was barely louder than the creek rushing over rocks just a few feet away, but I heard her words in my soul. We were. We were about to give each other everything.

I hastily kicked off my tuxedo pants before she could feel self conscious about her state of undress, but the cuff of one leg got tangled in my shoes. I dealt with that as she pulled my shirt over my shoulders, and the clothes all joined together in a pile on the ground.

"Why does it feel so different?"

I moved closer, my hand splayed across the small of her back, and my knees buckled when her breasts pressed against my bare chest. She was right. We'd done this before, but it had never felt this way. An ache took residence behind my ribs, swelling and squeezing the breath from me, and only one thing could ease the pain.

I kissed her. She trembled, tongue shy and soft. Her control slipped, so she gave it back to me.

"It's just us, baby," I murmured, pulling away to press kisses to the tense line of her jaw. "Just like we always are. Don't be scared."

I was smooth—so smooth. Like Colin Firth in that movie my mom watched all the time.

Gross. Stop thinking of your mother when you're trying to have sex. Make love. When you're trying to make love.

"You're not nervous?" Her pulse thrummed under my lips, quick and powerful, a testament to her anxiety. "It feels so different."

"It's not. Nothing's different."

I was scared shitless. I knew how these things worked. I'd be lucky to last long enough to give her even a moment of pleasure, but I couldn't let that stop us.

"Just trust me, Bella. Please. Whatever happens, however wonderful or terrible it is, we'll still be us."

"Terrible?" Her eyes twinkled with sudden mirth. "You think I'll be terrible?"

"Fuck, no. I think I will. I'm terrified you'll hate it and never let me touch you again. But it's worth the risk, because I love you more than I ever thought possible, and I just want to give you all of me."

"You can't be bad at this, Edward. You're good at everything."

"Well, we're about to find out."

She giggled, and for a few minutes, we were Edward and Bella again, instead of playing roles. Together, we tumbled to the ground and sprawled on the thick quilt. Her arms snaked around my waist and pulled me closer, and she arched against the evidence of my arousal. We'd experienced this much, had memorized the steps to this dance. I covered her mouth with mine and lost myself in her warmth, tasting her and feeling the satin of her tongue. My hands smoothed over her back to tangle in the ends of her hair, and she gasped into my mouth.

Oh, yes. We'd been here before. I'd held her curves in the palms of my hands, had breathed her breaths and given her mine. I traced the line of her jaw with the tip of my nose and took her earlobe between my teeth, reveling in her shiver and shudder.

My hands trailed between her breasts to the front of the barrier between us, basking in the gooseflesh that erupted beneath my fingertips. I rose slowly to my knees and slipped that scrap of material away. The territory was familiar; I'd tasted her before. She made an attempt to cover herself, as she always did, and I caught her wrists gently before she could.

"You've seen this much of me before. I don't know why it feels different. More important… I can't explain it."

"You're so beautiful. There's no one here but me, Bella. Please let me see you."

I wanted to remember her this way forever: loving, shy, and open only to me. Before she became too self conscious, I removed my boxers and stretched out next to her. My touch never stilled. Over her shoulders, down her arms, circling her navel—I could never get enough. My lips followed after a moment, my tongue teasing the tips of her breasts and the valley between them, trailing over her stomach to places I'd visited only rarely.

Her breaths came more quickly and with a hysterical edge. A quick glance at her face showed she wasn't afraid or nervous anymore. I held her gaze as my mouth met the tender flesh between her thighs, and her taste filled me again and again as she arched and writhed and pressed into me.

The dance was familiar, but so very different. Her sounds—the gasps and moans, the whispers and pleas—were the same, but the meaning held so much more weight. She was mine, fully and completely, and always would be, if I had anything to say about it.

When she fell over the edge, my name a hushed wail on her lips, I covered her body and held her close until the last of the euphoria faded. She trembled and shook, her nails pressing into the skin on my back. The pain barely registered when compared to the pride of seeing her come undone. No matter how I performed, I had at least taken care of her first.

"I love you." She breathed the words into my hair, then followed them with her fingers.

"I hope you still say that after." I chuckled and reached for my bag.

She lay boneless and sated, but awareness tingled between us. I fumbled around for a condom, finally tearing my gaze from hers when she giggled at my ineptitude. The crackle of anticipation in the air faded as I cursed and turned my backpack upside down to dump the contents on the blanket between us. Lube rolled down a small incline and stopped against her leg, and I almost died of mortification.

One eyebrow rose as she picked it up and read the label. "Did you think you were getting something extra?"

She wasn't serious; I could tell by the smirk that twisted her lips. I stumbled through an explanation anyway.

"I didn't want you to hurt, you know…if I'm too big…I mean, if you weren't…"

"Come here."

I grabbed a condom and kicked the rest of the junk out of the way before obeying. She laughed into my neck and rolled over to sit on top of me. Her wet and warmth were right where I wanted them most, but I didn't dare move.

"You probably are too big, and it's going to hurt. But it will also be beautiful, Edward. No matter where or when we make love, it will hurt, so it may as well be right here and right now."

Fierce in her determination, her jaw set and her eyes flashed. She snatched the condom from my hand and ripped the packaging like an expert. Then she froze.

"I've, uh, never used one of these."

"I'm glad."

"So I just roll it on?"

"You're supposed to pinch the tip. I did it on a banana in class. I guess it's about the same."

"It doesn't look like it will fit. Should I stretch it some?"

The heat of the moment slipped away as we studied the tiny piece of latex in her hands. She pulled at it experimentally, and we both jumped as it snapped like a rubber band and flew several feet to land in the creek.

"Shit." Her cheeks filled with color and she ducked her head to hide behind her hair.

I reached up and tilted her chin so she looked at me. "Hey, it's okay. I have more. A lot more."

A grin tugged at her lips again, and she let loose a giggle. "You really did think you were getting lucky tonight, didn't you?"

"God, I hoped," I breathed.

"Well, loosen up. You're all stiff."

"That's the point, baby."

She smacked at my chest and laughed. "Stop. I mean…you're not acting like yourself. You do sometimes, but then you kind of slip into some kind of character. Like you're trying to follow a script or something."

Then she said the words I'd been using all night to make her feel better, but somehow she managed to actually get it right.

"It's just us. You and me. Now, let's figure out this condom."

After one more destroyed rubber, we figured it out. By that point, we laughed and pawed at each other desperately. The leading man had left the building, but that was okay. The leading lady had, too. We were finally just Edward and Bella, getting ready to do something amazing, even if it took a few tries.

"Help me?" I asked.

She slipped beneath me and wrapped her legs around my hips to pull me closer. When I slid through her wet heat, I nearly lost it.

Maybe now's the time to think about Mom.

Before I could gather my wits, Bella grasped me and placed me at her entrance. A quick squeeze from her thighs, and I slipped, slid…

"Fuck." I had no other words. "Fuck, Bella."

She pulled me in, pushed against my back with her palms to make the first thrust go faster. I stilled at the pain on her face, but she wouldn't allow me to stop.

"Go on, Edward. Just do it."

I did. I stretched; she squeezed. And then I exploded.

Swelling, soaring, tumbling…and then silence. The sensation came so quickly I didn't even have a chance to yell. I couldn't do anything but hang my head, but Bella's face was right there. She saw every ounce of my shame.

"That was, uh… That was even worse than I expected." I couldn't keep the disappointment from my voice.

"I'm sorry," Bella whispered. "I didn't really know—"

"You're perfect. Don't think you're not. It was me. I just… You're all hot and tight and… Jesus. The feeling was just too much."

Her lips stretched into a wide smile, and she wriggled playfully beneath me. "I can work with too good."

The movement stirred my arousal again, but I was worried about the filled condom still in place. Inside her.

"Um." I pulled slowly from between her legs and reached for a tissue to discard the condom.

She whimpered at the loss and tried to tighten her grip. "Come back. We should do it again."

I sat back and stared.

"You'd let me do that again?"

"Are you kidding? We just made love." She caressed my face, tracing my cheekbones with her fingertips, and wouldn't let me look away.

"I stuck it in you and blew my load. That's not making love." I pouted. I couldn't help it.

"Exactly. You were inside me, and it was amazing. I want to do that a million times."

Her hand covered my growing erection and stroked slowly until I was completely hard again. I panted, worried I'd lose it again before we even got to the condom, but I managed to hold off.

"See, we're already experts at foreplay. We had months of practice at that. And now we're experts at the condom."

To demonstrate, she pulled a new one from the pack and quickly sheathed me. Her hands smoothed over the rubber with deliberate friction, and she bit her lip to hide a smile.

"Stop teasing, or I won't last more than a minute again."

"We'll be experts at sex in no time. We just need practice. Now, get over here."

I started to settle between her legs again, but she pushed until I rolled onto my back. Before I could argue, she sat astride my hips and ran her hands down my chest to the hair between my navel and covered cock. I bucked into her, desperate for her heat again.

My mouth opened to let loose pleas and curses, but they stopped at my throat as she guided my length to her entrance. Perched above, she looked like a goddess in the moonlight, her breasts heaving and rosy with her blush. I reached up and cupped one, flicking my thumb across it as we joined once more.

"You okay?" she whispered.

In other words, are you about to blow?

"Yeah. Perfect."

She rose and fell, taking me into her over and over. Whispers, sighs spilled from her lips as I rolled my hips to meet her. The space between us disappeared—the doubt, the fear, the shame—as her hair fell over us and shielded us from the rest of the world. Our kisses were wild and wet, soft and sweet, nipping and biting. Skin against skin, breaths mingled and tongues tangled.

"This." Her words were barely there. "This is us."

In a move that should have ended badly, I lifted and spun to place her underneath. She opened to me again, and I surged forward, filling her again and again. The scrape of her nails over my back only served to sharpen my senses, make me more aware of every sigh, every whimper, every moan.

"Please tell me it's better this time," I groaned.

"So good," she gasped. "So good, Edward."

She fluttered and clenched around me, but never came. I waited as long as I could, hoping to take her over the edge once more, but she pressed a kiss to my chest and whispered the words that would undo me.

"Let go, Edward."

I lost control and any rhythm I'd mastered. Like the animal I didn't want to be, I slammed into her three more times before letting go with her name on my lips. Pinpricks of light exploded behind my eyelids and fused together into a wall of white as I poured out all my love…again.

When I could see again, her face filled my vision. She smiled and reached up to brush my hair out of my eyes.

"I think that's how it's supposed to be done." Her words shimmered with laughter, but it wasn't malicious.

"You still didn't come."

"Doesn't mean it wasn't amazing, baby."

I lowered myself slowly until I surrounded her—arms, legs, body, heart. She snuggled against my chest and tucked her head into my neck, where she peppered me with several tiny kisses.

"I really liked it, I promise. The pain just lasted a minute."

"So did I."

"Well, I won't tell anyone. Besides, I'll remember the sting and your, um, excitement forever and never regret either. We don't need to be perfect; we just need each other. All I wanted was this, here, tonight."

I rolled away and lay beside her, staring up at the stars visible between the branches overhead. In my haze of love and sated bliss, they shone brighter than ever, but then everything probably would. I was changed. I'd only thought I was fully hers before that night, but I'd been wrong.

"Please say you'll marry me someday."

The words came out without permission, but I didn't regret them. I half expected panic on her part, but she just snuggled in next to me and wrapped an arm around my waist.

"I think it's probably inevitable."

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